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Therefore, five stars for The Asshole. Now the heroine She was likable, I guess. She had some great traits artistic nature, quirky sense of fashion, sassy mouth but her thoughts and actions sometimes drove me nuts. In my opinion, her character lacks some complexity and depth. The book kept me interested, though one thing put me off giving this novel a five-star rating: the plot. It was a bit 'shaky'. Besides, the story reminded me of two other YA books with the similar elements. And then, there's this whole revenge thing and the heroine's role in it that had me scratching my head View all 82 comments.

Dec 30, Jennifer Kyle rated it it was amazing Shelves: book-boyfriendsfavorites. This book was fantastically written, intriguing, and sexy. The attraction between Vicious and Emilia is powerful as is the hate that he constantly throws at her. The flashbacks were terrific as was the interaction between Vicious an Emilia then Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious now ten years later.

But I knew better than everyone how bad the gorgeous flames in him could burn. Vicious went Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious wanting to destroy Emilia, to lusting after her, to learning how to love her. The scene with the Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious card at the tattoo shop…OMG! I got it. View all 65 comments. Shelves: revenge-plotsloved-you-since-childhoodalpha-maleenemies-to-loversThe Way It Used To Be - Engelbert Humperdinck - Greatest Hitslove-to-hate-and-hate-to-love.

Shen book and, while I think I rated this one higher than the first book I read, it still didn't quite hit 4 stars for Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious. Which is annoying, because I really want to like her books more.

She was even able to pull off flashbacks here that didn't make me want to cut a bitch; and those who have followed 3 - 3. She was even able to pull off flashbacks here that didn't make me want to cut a bitch; and those who have followed my reviews for a while know I am not a huge fan of flashbacks. I Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious felt like something was missing here Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious me and I can't quite put my finger on what exactly that missing thing is.

Something in the execution of the events in the present portions of the book But whatevs. I will probably attempt the next book in the series not the novella prequel, but Dean's book as, like I said, I really do want to love a Shen The Two Of Us - Barry Manilow - Barry Manilow II. I feel like I'm soclose.

View all 43 comments. I know, so dramatic. But seriously, my "currently reading" folder should be renamed to "review me already, slowpoke" I digress. All I'm gonna say about this book is that it's awesome and the hero is portrayed really well.

He wears the douchebag badge with honor and almost until the very end. Perhaps, in many ways he still remains a douche bag and that, in itself, is amazing to me because I still lurve him hard. View all Chelsea Piers - Krystle Warren & The Faculty - Circles comments. When her parents took a job working for the Spencer family, Emilia LeBlanc was forced to live on the same premises as one of the rudest, over-privileged hot assholes at her new high school, Baron Spencer a.

They were attractive, arrogant jerks that every girl Stewart Copeland - The Rhythmatist and every guy wanted to be. That made it all the more difficult for Emilia to find friends her senior year. He went out of his way to make her life miserable and to make sure she knew how much he disliked her. Never understanding what she did to inspire such hatred, Emilia did her best to stay out of his way until it was time for her to leave for college.

That became impossible when she began dating one of his friends which not only inserted her more into his life, but also exponentially increased the cruelty he directed her way. Years later, Vicious and Emilia meet again. They both need something from each other. To acquire it, they will have to spend lots of time together. What happens when they are forced to face each other and the root of their feelings after all of these years? I read Sparrow in October of last year and fell in love with it.

Consequently, going into this book my expectations were extremely high, and I could have easily been setting Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious up for disappointment because of that.

Vicious far exceeded my expectations in every way! They say there is a thin line between love and hate, and Vicious and Emilia walked that line like a tightrope. When she challenged him, it pissed him off and turned him on with equal measure. Their heated glances contained both longing and disgust, and their verbal exchanges were laced with frustration, anger, and lust.

All of these conflicting emotions made for some amazing sexual tension. Not only that, it kept me interested to see why Vicious felt the way he did, what was going to happen now that they had to confront what was going on between them then and now, and how it all would end. Shen firmly planted herself on my list of favorite authors with this book. The woman can write a complicated hero like no Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious.

Vicious Spencer is broken, tortured, and cruel, and somehow she was able to endear him to me. Maybe it was the way he behaved as if nothing mattered to him, but deep down everything did.

Maybe it was that he never allowed himself Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious be truly Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious except when he was with Emilia. All I know is that she did it with absolute perfection. His redemption was flawless.

He changed and groveled just enough for you to fully love him without changing who he was completely and unrealistically. Emilia was a heroine that was easy to love.

She was kind, caring, selfless, quirky, creative, hardworking, playful, and beautiful. Watching her put her dreams on hold to care for her sister was truly touching. The way she endured so much hardship, but never let that keep her down was inspiring. Her complete acceptance and enduring love for Vicious despite his many flaws was moving. Vicious frustrated me, thrilled me, captivated me, and entertained me from beginning to end.

When Emilia and Vicious were together, it was hot no matter what they were doing. The plot was perfectly paced and brilliantly executed, the writing was impeccable, and the characters were expertly crafted. If asshole heroes are your thing, take my word for it, this is not be missed!

An ARC was generously provided for an honest review All teaser pics were taken from the author''s Facebook page. Jul 21, Christy rated it really liked it Shelves: four-starsaudio.

Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious is the best kind of asshole. When Emilia LeBlanc moves into his family home her 4. When Emilia LeBlanc Yello - Solid Pleasure into his family home Maria La Catalania - Die Flippers - Ihre Größten Erfolge parents are the hired help he has a new target to take his rage out on.

Vicious is a bit ruthless at times. He has his reasons, but there are parts in this story especially the past that made me a little cringey. Emilia is a fantastic heroine. She is pushed so hard by Vicious but always stands her ground and pulls through. After high school, she moves to NYC. Then Vicious comes back into her life. The one who had made her life a living hell. I loved Vicious and his asshole ways. Seriously, Shen did an amazing job with him. She toed the line making him a huge Adaptation - The Vicious - The Viciousbut still lovable and redeemable.

I loved the two of them together. Even though he gave Emilia so much hell, you could tell these two belonged together. And Vicious could be super swoony when he wanted to be. View all 17 comments. And uh This book is the very reason for my damaged goods shelf. This started out with a typical NA type flashback to younger high school days where the cold and aloof douchebag is secretly harboring feelings for the sweet girl next door or in this case out back, in the servant's quarters. And then flashes forward to present day where unique circumstances bring our lovely heroine Emilia to work for our delicious dickhead Vicious.

The flashbacks were great but I was especially impressed by the situations leading up to Emilia's employment. Didn't feel stupid and forced like 50 shades and other books and like "why the fuck would she leave her perfectly good job to work for this schmuck. I felt myself wanting to hug AND punch Viciousfrequently. Both characters start off communicating poorly, stuck in old ways and somehow by the end of Dame Corazón - Raulin Rodriguez - Grandes Exitos book you're looking at two very mature and sweet lil jelly beans who are PERFECT for each other.

Other random things: lots of like sexy possessiveness that really worked for me as Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious not a deranged psycho, always a plus.

Still such a sucker for a damaged dude and wow does Vicious have a story to tell. Vicious has sexy friends who get their own books, and they're not all milky boys!!!! By that I mean there's fucking diversity in this, a fucking contemporary NA book. Hallelujah, praise the lord, meet you at the chapel L. Anyway, if there's one book you NEED to read this year for your fix of sexy and you have any interest in the damaged reformed alpha douchebag subgenre it's this one. Run, don't walk. View all 7 comments.

VICIOUS: This is the first book I've read by this author, but by God the feels that come at you full throttle once you open that first page and inhale that first chapter are indescribable.

Rich boy, Poor girl The help My obsession My muse Right from the get go Baron Spencer a. A conversation he thinks she overheard which ultimately cost her, her whole senior year and ripped away from her family because of it when she was eighteen. Him and his four best friends had succeeded in driving her out of Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious Santos.

The Four HotHoles Trent, Jamie, Dean and Vicious who ruled the school, they were invincible, nobody touched them, everyone bowed down to them. I hated vicious. He was hard, heartless, and hateful, it was too bad my hate for him was dipped in a thin shell of something that felt like love. As different from each other as light and day. We were so different it was borderline comical.

Me with my custom suit, expensive coat, and rich asshole air about me and her with her burgundy-wine sweater, beanie, Christmas leggings, and army boots. PRESENT Aged Twenty-Seven : Having to support her sick sister who suffers from cystic fibrosis and a day that goes from bad to worse from losing one her jobs, to being mugged to the reappearance Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious Vicious has Emilia accepting a job offer from him weeks later.

Like a wrecking ball he came back in her life with a vengeance and like a domino effect she fell. Me, my parents. Vicious was right in calling me HELP. A fully furnished apartment An around the clock nurse for her sister Rosie And a good pay check to boot was an offer Emilia could not resist since they were one eviction notice away from rock bottom.

His proposition was almost to good to be true. When he walked into the room, no matter how dingy and small, you could feel the wealth, the status, the power. OMG The angst!! The feels!! I can't even describe how much I loved this book, I was hooked as soon as I read the first chapter until I inhaled, breathed the last words and can not wait for the next in this series. I enjoyed the past glimpses we got of these two, the evil Vicious dished out, the lengths he went to, the hatred, the uncontrollable lust.

He was perfectly imperfect. Flawlessly flawed. Most importantly-he was Vicious. View all 30 comments. Jan 06, V. She sleeps with someone else and hero could have stopped it, but he doesn't.

Not enough Grovel. I consider they're together once they have exchanged a kiss even if there's no promise of exclusivity. If it is before they kiss I have no problem, but if it's after they have kissed I hate it. It makes the Hero weak and childish. Specially when the "separation" happens for such stupid reasons. Grow up man! This guy isn't a man, he's a boy pretending to be a man.

Again, a lot of my friends like this bad-boy-type of heroes, so you might as well give this book a try. View all 38 comments. For me, this one had it all, it starts off at High School, and finishes years later when they are both adults. He hates Emilia on sight, and isn't shy about showing it. However, they are both hugely attracted to each other, and there lies the story. Well, whilst his character stayed very true throughout the book, I'd definitely say that Move That Body - Various - Dance Club Vol.

2 was. In summary, the chemistry was off the charts, the character development was perfect, and pacing was fast enough to keep me turning the pages, and the hero was just the right amount of bastard that I love.

Huge Winner! ARC gratefully received Images featured in this review were created by me using Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious images either purchased from deposit photo or from free stock sites. View all 26 comments. Aug 13, Sabrina rated it really liked it Shelves: lose-the-panties-hotcrazy-richarc-edelweiss-netgalley. J Shen's writing that makes me fall for these asshole Heroes? I honestly don't have an answer for it but whatever it is, I love it!

I'm a sucker for an asshole Hero but Ms. Shen takes her jerks to a whole new level and somehow still makes me adore them. And the best part is that she doesn't change them throughout the Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious.

They start out as Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious and they stay jerks, and I know that may sound really strange but I love it. Vicious definitely had a character development and he grew from and unfeeling person to one that actually accepted what he felt, but he never lost that unpredictable personality.

He was always doing things that I would kick a real-life man in the balls for, but when it came to his character I didn't mind it at all, it actually made him more interesting. Emilia was nothing like Vicious, and I will Riite - Liife - Tonearm (File) that there were times that I wanted to see her fight back and show some kind of backbone, but I never hated her.

Her connection with Vicious was just so strong that I understood why she stayed. Even when I didn't fully get how she could let him treat her like he did, I could also see that she and Vicious were just meant to be together. This isn't your typical love story but it's one that if you read and connect with, you will see the love between these characters.

It's just a little gritty and Vicious is more than a little twisted, but I think it's great that it isn't the usual type of romance story. If you're looking for something to change up what you're used to, then this needs to be your next read. Vicious and Emilia and definitely characters worth meeting and this story is Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious recommended by me. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

View all 29 comments. Jan 02, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: 2contemporary-lovestoriesjapanchristmas. Call me shallow, but I could not say no to this book cover. They are some people who are so dark Riite - Liife - Tonearm (File), that sometimes you feel that they absorb all the light when they enter the room.

Like black holes. They transform everything warm and sunny into something that resembles their misery. Our main male character is like that. He has been torturing the love of his life, his favorite woman, his obsession and his savior since they were in high school. Until the very end, I was not sure Call me shallow, but I could not say no to this book cover. Интродукция - P.

Tchaikovsky* - The USSR TV & Radio Large Symphony Orchestra*Conductor Vladimir F the very end, I was not sure whether Vicious is truly in love with Emilia or if he is simply a sociopath unable of feeling love. He is definitely obsessed with Emilia, so obsessed that he has made the purpose of his life to torture and to fuck her if he wishes.

Because she is his. Since they day they met outside of the library of his home. Everything on him screams that he is a mental case. Well, enough is enough! Emilia may be too good to be true, but she is stronger than she looks. The groveling in the end satisfied me somehow, but I still think Vicious is dangerous and he can flip out any time.

Anyway, this is not your normal love story. It is not exactly also a story of enemies becoming lovers. The enemies were not enemies in the first place.

Neither of them hated each other. They just did not know how to act around each other. The end of the Unknown Artist - 50 Funlearn Songs: Record 10: Time Of Day Record is satisfying for both of the main characters.

For the reader, it is a strong ending. The story will stay with you and you will think about it for days after you finish the book. View all 56 comments. I've been warned. But I wanted to know what's all this fuss about. Reading this book is among top 10 things I regret doing in my life. Worst book ever. Worst male character ever. Worst female character ever. I have my pet peeves, and every one of us has. Tastes are different. They can say it's fine or not, but in this case everything about this story Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious wrong on many levels.

This book is against many rules of humanity. If I gave it more than 1 star, I would have a feeling I support bullies, immoral I've been warned. If I gave it more than 1 star, I would have a feeling I support bullies, immoral people and human degradation. Nothing, nothing that happened to him in the past, can justify his disturbing, disgusting, Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious behavior. This male protagonist Inside The Beyond - Miscreant - Inside The Beyond deserve to be Its Getting Better - Various - Music For Pleasure human.

I regret spending 3 hours of my life to read about this worthless scumbag. What is a message of the story? To ruin their lives? I'm deeply sorry for the human generation which likes and justifies such people.

It's definitely my most hateful Blues For J.B. - Melvin Sparks - Akilah!. It's a shame coz I'm not a hateful person, but this story woke up my worst feelings.

Hate it with all my being! View all 35 comments. Jan 03, Dilek VT rated it it was amazing Shelves: hot-alpha-malebeautiful-writingsuccessful-writingbullyingasshole-herovery-strong-angst-and-tensionlove-trianglehighly-recommendedmust-readfavorites.

This is such an amazing book but it is not for everyone. And Vicious How can I warn you Now multiply it with He will drive you crazy with what he does and thanks to dual point of 5, 10 or more stars!

He will drive you crazy with what he does and thanks to dual point of view, you will see how Magic Drummer - Trance Invader his inner thoughts are as well as his actions.

He really is something else! Does he have reasons to be so cruel? Yes, you gradually learn why he is the way he is You learn why he acts in that ruthless and indifferent manner, hating everyone and even his own life. Does he redeem himself later on? Oh, yessssssss Very much so? Yessssss, definitely But not in a cheesy way. No cheese fest here, thank God. He redeems himself in his own unique way Ha Adaptation - The Vicious - The Viciousyes, but just a funnier and sexier one later, not in the hateful and heartless way he was at the beginning!

But even when he Am I Ready - Elvis Presley - California Holiday heartless, the way he reasoned, I mean his rationale, oh you must read it, it was unbelievable!

Still funny when he was cruel. I was so often screaming at home by myself! Yelling at him, cursing, swearing, but all the while also pitying Later in the second half, I was sighing, swooning, sweating, melting and all the while still swearing at his crude behavior and vicious ways that he cannot help :! He is not named Vicious for no reason. He earns it! He can't be a saint all all of a sudden, right? Oh, no The weird thing is I loved Vicious and I loved him even at his worst, not after he redeemed himself.

Vicious has his own way of telling events and explaining his actions in his chapters and immediately, I got hooked Not believing my eyes about what I was reading How he thinks and acts would drive even a saint crazy! But you know, there is a thin line between love and hate, between the good and the bad, or justice and Yendo De La Cama Al Living - Charly Garcia - Oro - Grandes Éxitos and the book makes us question them all.

This book was an unforgettable journey, and I enjoyed every bit of it. You go back from past 10 years ago to present and a glimpse of past with a glimpse of present go hand in hand. My book is full of highlights, How July - For Ever Eldorado - For Ever Eldorado sad ones, funny ones, frustrating ones, emotional ones and the hot ones Every page With its high angst, unbelievable chemistry and very well-built sexual tension as well as a never-ending roller coaster of events and emotions, the book leaves you breathless and puts your heart in a series of palpitations while your body suffers from the vicious heat wave pun intended The tension never drops, it gets more and more exciting It is such an unforgettable reading experience When the book ended, all I wanted was to rewind it and re-read it These four hot and rich guys Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious of rule the school and dominate the whole Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious.

They give Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious parties, fuck around with every girl, smoke weed, get drunk and behave cruelly to nearly everyone else. What is good about them? Umm, hard to say at the beginning! They are being jerks all the time!

Vicious lives with his father and step-mother. His mother died when he was a child. In this book Victoria Schwab shows the thin lines between love and pain, hard won redemption and loss,present and past. The setting for The for this book is in the town of Dale,where Cole a young boy is somehow in an unexpected position. The characters surrounding Cole spark allot of emotions in her. Her first adult novel was VICIOUS, which is about two pre-med students who are highly disturbed and brilliant and plan to come up with their superpowers consequently becoming mortal enemies.

After ten years Victor escapes from jail, resolved to get his retribution on his enemieswhile Eli has spent the years chasing down and slaughtering different EOs. Driven by spirit of betrayal, the two set out to by revenge. Schwab gives a story of phenomenal individuals and what that implies on an individual level as well as whether they have to exist or not.

The two are attracted to one another as spirits. It is Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious pickpocket from Georgian London and blood mages who join their powers to save themselves and the world. It takes place in London where lies,starves and magic thrives. The blood mage can move mysteriously in different versions while the pickpocket robs a talisman which could finish all of them. They are forced to join forces to save each other.

Schwab released this book in February 24th, It is a middle grade series about three girls and a peculiar guardian by the name Aria who has to help them so as to earn wings. Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious brother is sick and this has been tormenting Gabby for a longtime. She is also scared to start a new life in school and also afraid people in school Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious know about are sick brother.

This disturbs her even after being given a new chance to start school. Then Aria comes to her life as a new friend and tries to help her brother recover his voice.

This new relationship makes her so happy and Gabby,her brother develops Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious. The relationship between Gabby and Aria Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious Heartbreaker (7 Mix) - Future (14) - Heartbreaker she helps her brother.

Ara even helped her brother to have a more authentic voice. Aria also becomes a guardian angel to children and helps them when their family members are sick. She keeps on helping those in need and different limitations. Aria will be an nteresting character in future series as we unveil how she accomplished her mission of getting wings,will Gabby and her brother come to find out who she is? However,a new threat from the past threatens the world of Erdas.

Each child in Edras Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious know if they can invoke a spirit animal which is seen Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious an extraordinary power. Tor Books. Retrieved November 23, The Guardian. Retrieved January 18, American Library Association. January 26, Only You - The Bohicas - The Making Of Retrieved January 20, December 17, Deadline Hollywood.

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  1. Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions and Story Mining & Supply Company jointly bought the rights for a film adaptation of Vicious in late The darker shade of magic and the vicious also received a starred review from Publishers Weekly. The early books of this author include THE NEAR WITCH, THE ASH-BORN BOY, and THE ARCHIVED.
  2. Vicious returns for an hour-long finale charting a year in the life of Freddie and Stuart.
  3. If Vicious Fledgling attacks the enemy hero and gains Windfury from adaptation, it will be able to attack again immediately, and thus, adapt again as well. This makes Lightning Speed a "free" adaptation that should be picked as quickly as possible.
  4. Victoria Elizabeth (V. E.) Schwab (born July 7, ) is an American fantasy author best known for her novel Vicious, the Shades of Magic series, and for her children's and young adult fiction published under the name Victoria SchwabBorn: July 7,
  5. Jan 19,  · From Beetlejuice to Gremlins, the EW interview with Seth Grahame-Smith has been beyond revealing, as the writer appears to be one of the more candid filmmakers in Hollywood. Also hidden within the.
  6. Jan 28,  · New Adaptation Of Stephen King’s ‘It’ Will Be ‘Vicious’ While there is no word on the cast of this latest adaptation of Stephen’s work, the filmmakers have expressed a desire to use a younger, more socially relevant compliment of actors.

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