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Alex Rath - African Village EP


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Ako Original Mix. Sven Laux. Liddle Original Mix. Fiehl Original Mix. Guto Original Mix. George Wallace. How did you answer them? And that takes between seven and eleven years.

How long did it take you to figure out your individual comedic essence? Louis C. Interview TV Show. Retrieved Alex Rath - African Village EP February Dying Laughing Motion picture. Gravitas Ventures. Bombing is a necessary event. Hannibal Buress. Retrieved 4 February The Atlantic. Retrieved 1 February London, UK: faber and faber Ltd. A show begins the moment the audience walk into a venue. A lot of comedians just want laugh, laugh, laugh…every, what is it, 15 seconds they say?

The Guardian. Retrieved 26 January Comedy club audiences Stand-up Comedy Tips. Stephen K Amos. Comedy Dynamics. I call the first two minutes, your flash. Karen Koren. Retrieved 22 March San Bernardino, CA. Chapter 5. If you have a strong first minute…the minutes that follow will be great, too.

Chicago, Illinois: Chicago Review Press. Department of Sociology. University of Saford: Institute for Social Research. Retrieved 8 March Malone Comedy. Wav Records. Don't Wear Shorts on Stage: the stand-up guide to comedy. Middletown, DE. One week, I opened for a show Patton Oswalt. Sara Schaefer. Retrieved 28 January In order to get stage time at [bringer shows]…you [have to] bring…5 to Alex Rath - African Village EP friends, each of whom must show up and agree to buy at least two drinks…Some people think bringers are a scam, and they kind of are.

Jim Richardson's Alex Rath - African Village EP Comedy. If you show up with 9 people, you Alex Rath - African Village EP not get on and your friends will not get their money back. The New York Times. The New York Times Company. Retrieved 2 February Clubs like Caroline's will ask for 15 people.

Encyclopedia of Humor Studies. A canned joke is a generally short narrative ending in a punchline…[that] the speaker has memorized. Department of Psychology: University of Western Ontario. Internet Archive Interactive Online Book. Retrieved 18 February Chapter 4. A setup is the information a person needs to get the joke.

Be A Great Stand-Up 2nd ed. A joke…must have all the information implicit in the setup, so…the punchline…makes sense. Geoffrey Asmus. Retrieved 29 Alex Rath - African Village EP Bret Watson. Retrieved 27 January You turn it into a juxtaposition of two ideas and create jokes. Incongruity has been and remains the most influential approach to the study of humour even though superiority predates it by approximately two thousand years.

Retrieved 15 June At its core, humor seems to be all about incongruity. Big Think. The Big Think, Alex Rath - African Village EP. Retrieved 10 February Mental Floss.

Minute Media. Taglines are Stock jokes are jokes that a comic has I would sort of underline words…is that Alex Rath - African Village EP rule of three? Live from Chicago Audio. They have a parades department. New Orleans police department has a parades department. Comedy Writing secrets: the best-selling book on how to think funny, write funny, act funny, and get paid for it 2nd ed.

Cincinnati, Ohio: Writer's Digest Books. Gold Comedy. I Am Comic film. IFC Films. Abby Stein. New York Times Company. If you have a Alex Rath - African Village EP bit, the biggest laugh has to be at the end.

It has to be. It can't be in the middle or the beginning. Since the setup has already been established, the second, third, and fourth jokes are short, shorter, shortest. Even observational comics, who base their material in reality, use the truth not as Qui?

- Aznavour* - Palais Des Congres 1994 end but Alex Rath - African Village EP a foundation on which to build jokes by taking the truth to its farthest [sic] extreme.

Budd Friedman. The Telegraph. Telegraph Media Group Limited. We argue that using the name of someone who people consider funny generates an expectancy of humour when hearing a joke. Irvin Arthur. Alan Yentob ed. The classic theorist would be Freud. Tendentious jokes…a difficult or edgy subject is going to create a certain tension in the audience, and having created the tension, if your punchline is funny, the laugh is bigger.

A good standup creates a tension in the room, which the audience wants to break Alex Rath - African Village EP laughter. Nyssa nursed Sara back to health and took her in. Nyssa was part of the League of Assassins and at Nanda Parbatand Sara trained with the League and became an assassin herself by swearing her allegiance to them.

At some point during Alex Rath - African Village EP five years with the League, she and Nyssa became lovers. She was also trained by Ra's al Ghul as part of her League training. After the UndertakingSara left Nanda Parbat to check on her family. Sara became a vigilante, mainly targeting men who attacked women. Honoring the promise she made to the girl's father five years prior, Sara took Sin under her wing but kept her meeting with Sin's father secret.

She then swiftly vanished. The Stardust - The Gene Krupa Trio* - The Gene Krupa Trio Collates vigilantes used the chaos to quickly escape the scene.

Sometime later when Roy was lured into her hideout by Sin, The You Know Me - Celly Cel - Deep Conversation knocked him out with her staff. She asked why he was looking for her, but was interrupted by a message on Roy's phone from Thea Queentelling him that Laurel and Quentin had been kidnapped. The Canary immediately took off to save her family, letting Roy go.

The Canary easily subdued him but Mathis managed to drop a load of pipes on her, pinning her to the ground. Before he could harm her, The Arrow came in and shot Mathis with two arrows.

Despite the Arrow's intentions to take the serial killer back to prison, The Canary killed him by hurling her baton through his chest. Upon returning to her hideout, The Canary was confronted by a member of the League, who informed her that Ra's al Ghul wanted her to return. The Canary tried to persuade the assassin to lie to Ra's that he couldn't find her, but he refused.

She then killed the man to protect her whereabouts. After discovering The Canary was following Laurel, Oliver tracked her down near Laurel's apartment building and unmasked her. Upon seeing her face, Oliver was shocked Urban Discipline - Biohazard - No Holds Barred - Live In Europe Sara was still alive.

The two discussed their families, with Sara talking about Quentin and Laurel. That night, Sara followed Oliver to Verdantwhere he confirmed that he kept her existence a secret from her family. Quentin then arrived to talk to Oliver.

Sara listened as Quentin revealed Laurel's depression and alcoholism in Alex Rath - African Village EP wake of Tommy Merlyn 's death and was saddened as her father recounted how much Sara's death affected them. Working together hand-in-hand, they defeated The Mayor. Sara tried to kill him but Oliver convinced her to spare The Mayor to be arrested. Sara later secretly watched over Sin at the hospital, where she ran into Oliver.

Oliver tried to persuade Sara to return home permanently. Sara began staying with Oliver at the Queen Mansionthough she Alex Rath - African Village EP with nightmares of the Queen's Gambit sinking. One day, they were attacked by Al-Owala member of the League of Assassins.

Sara tried to fight back, but was overpowered. However, Oliver managed to fend Al-Owal off. Sara revealed to the team that she was once part of the League of Assassins and now, they are on the hunt to bring her back to their leader, Ra's al Ghul.

Oliver and Sara then tracked down Al-Owal, only to learn he had reinforcements. After a heated battle, the two narrowly escaped with their lives. Fearing retaliation against Sara, Oliver decided to protect the whole Lance family, but Sara decided that it was time to reveal herself to her father.

She then tells her father everything, bringing him up to her hideout where they are attacked by Al-Owal and his two companions. Oliver arrives and along with Quentin and Sara, defeat the assassins. Sara kills Al-Owal and leaves one to run to Ra's to tell him that her family is off limits. Sara then left Starling City to draw the League away from her family. She bid goodbye to her father and made him promise not to tell Laurel Pharaohs - SBTRKT - SBTRKT (File, Album) Dinah that she is alive.

A couple months later after Laurel's Alex Rath - African Village EP lead to her facing disbarment, Oliver contacted Sara, explaining that her sister needed her. Later that night, Sara paid a visit to Laurel at her apartmentbut Laurel suddenly passed out. Concerned, Sara immediately called for help. While Laurel recovered at the hospital, Sara dealt with her frustrations by working out in the Arrowcave.

She considered leaving leave Starling City again despite Oliver's protests. Then Oliver gets a call from Quentin asking for Sara, who knows she is back, and she talks to him. Sara Alex Rath - African Village EP meets up with her father who begs her to stay but insists that she must leave. When Sara walks down a street, Nyssa al Ghul arrives and the two kiss.

Sara and Nyssa go for a Alex Rath - African Village EPSara begs Nyssa to release her not wanting to kill anymore. An angered Nyssa kidnaps Sara's mother Dinah, giving Sara only 24 hours to rejoin the League or her mother dies. Oliver, Sara, and Quentin track down an assassin for information, but he kills himself before he can.

Sara then decides to give herself over, but poisons herself with Tibetan pit viper venom as Oliver and her father arrive. The venom begins to take effect, weakening Sara and causing her to collapse. Nyssa holds Sara in her Let The Children Sing - Various - All I Want For Christmas.

A Cool Christmas With The Stars and cries upon realizing what she did. Once Oliver arrives he and Alex Rath - African Village EP began to fight. Sara pulls herself up from the floor to tell them to stop. She weakly walks over to them before collapsing and passing Metz - Strange Peace Oliver runs over to her and manages to counter the poison causing her to wake up and gasp for air.

Snowbird Take 1 - Elvis* - Snowbird Revisited turns to Nyssa and begs her - no more killing, then Nyssa tearfully releases her from the League as she is in Oliver's arms.

Later, Quentin and Dinah arrive with Laurel. At Laurel's apartment, the Lance family had a reunion but Laurel was bitter with her sister over the past. A guilt-ridden Sara tried to apologize, only for Laurel to throw her out. Sara later returned to the Arrowcave and meets Oliver, both of them feeling betrayed by their families. Sara expressed that at least she is home now.

The two of them passionately kissed and made love. Sara officially joins Team Arrow and quickly bonds with Diggle over battle scars. She is reluctant to go to her homecoming party and tells Oliver to keep their relationship a secret. She attends the party but is disappointed that Laurel didn't come.

When one of William Tockman 's victims has been found, Sara and Oliver leave the party early to investigate. Sara noticed that Felicity was feeling left out and tried to talk to her after helping her punch a sparring dummy. Afterwards, at the scene of another bank robbery, the Canary is able injure William, collecting a sample of his blood.

Sara later analyzes it and is able to determine that William is suffering from MacGregor's Syndrome. The Arrow and the Canary go to the address of William's sister, only to find a device that destroys the Arrowcave's computer system.

Felicity tells Sara that she shouldn't miss her family dinner for the sake of the mission. Nervous about seeing Laurel again, Sara asks Oliver to come with her. At the dinner, Laurel realizes that Sara and Oliver are in a relationship and gets extremely angry, berating everyone Alex Rath - African Village EP the table.

The Alex Rath - African Village EPthe Canary, and Diggle meet Felicity Alex Rath - African Village EP to help her. Felicity, saving the Canary's life, takes a bullet for her and manages to take William down Alex Rath - African Village EP blowing up his cell phone. In the Arrowcave, Sara patches Felicity up while thanking her for saving her life.

After getting a job as a bartender at VerdantSara made amends with Laurel. Sara recognized Slade Wilson 's voice from the phone call from Alex Rath - African Village EP to Felicity, and brings Roy and Diggle to the Queen mansion, believing Oliver and his family to be in danger. She somehow entered the house and went to the first floor, after which she descended the stairs as if she had been there all along, confronting Slade while he shook hands with Roy.

Oliver had a nightmare in which he woke up next to Sara, touched her and found blood on his hand, after which Sara suddenly changed into Shado. Upon waking, Oliver left, leaving Sara asleep. Upon his return, Sara tried to get Oliver to talk about his problems, commenting Alex Rath - African Village EP his lack of sleep, but she had no success.

Later while bartending, Sara confided in Im Looking Forward To Tomorrow - Eddie Hardin - Wind In The Willows - The Original Studio Productio while helping her sister fill a job application form at Verdant. After Oliver collected information on Slade from the BratvaSara confronted him again, telling him he needed help and Shado's death was not his Alex Rath - African Village EP.

Oliver instead told Sara to stay away from him, not wanting her to be a target of Slade's vendetta. Eventually, though, Oliver came back to Sara, confessing that he could not get Slade on his own, and the two promised each other to do so together. The Canary and Arrow watched over Quentin and his men trying to detain some criminals, including Frank Bertinelli and quickly intervened.

Quentin Alex Rath - African Village EP injured during the fight, enraging Sara and causing her to force a criminal off the rooftop. Alarmed, Quentin told Sara to show restraint next time.

The team realized Frank's daughter, Helena Bertinelli aka the Huntress, was back in town. Sara Alex Rath - African Village EP slightly amused when Felicity and Diggle revealed Helena was Oliver's "psycho ex-girlfriend". The Arrow, Canary, and Roy intercepted Helena's car but found it to be a decoy. When Adam Donner rehired Laurel and assigned her to prosecute Frank, Sara tried to convince her sister to drop the case, knowing that it would make her a target of the Huntress. When Helena took hostages at the Courthouse, Laurel got into a fight with one of her henchmen, forcing Sara, as the Canary, to intervene.

As she made her way outside of the building with Laurel in tow, Laurel convinced her to help rescue the hostages. In the process, Sara battled the Huntress. She tried to non-lethally incapacitate Helena, but the latter eventually disarmed Sara of her bo-staff, using it to beat Sara up and throw her out a window. Sara managed to avoid falling to death and Oliver saved her when Helena tried to shoot her. Later, Helena offered to release Laurel in exchange for her father. Oliver and Sara managed to kidnap Frank from police custody with Quentin's help and arrived at a meeting place with Helena and Laurel.

The Canary then faced The Huntress again and going full force this time, managed to overpower her. A furious Sara attempted to kill Helena for harming her sister. However, Laurel begged her not to so Sara agreed to spare her. Sara provided Tibetan pit viper venom for Team Arrow to Infest - Infest when they went after Slade once he kidnapped Thea.

She was present at the confrontation with Wilson, donning her Canary suit. Sara also Alex Rath - African Village EP to Quentin why they brought Slade in. After Slade's release by the police due to lack of evidence, Sara partook in the attempt to follow him, driving a motorcycle and following Felicity's directions.

However, Slade managed to escape. When Roy planned to go after Wilson on his own, and hurt Diggle in the process, Sara aimed her bow at him, stopping him long enough for Oliver to come back. She was also present at the police station when Thea was released, and later when her father was arrested for working with the vigilante. Sara later joined Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity in blowing up Queen Consolidated's applied sciences division.

She also visited her father in prison while Laurel was trying to get him to give up the Arrow. When Slade Wilson infiltrated the Arrowcave, Sara, Oliver, and Diggle attempted to fight him, but they were all easily taken out. During the subsequent visit to the hospital, Laurel saw Sara's scars, leading her to figure out Nino Tempo & April Stevens - Bye Bye Blues / King Kong Sara is the Canary.

Mammy - Max Steiner - Gone With The Wind Arrow and the Canary tried to stop Deathstroke from breaking into S.

Labsbut arrived too late, after which they returned to their base. Sara and Laurel both visited their father after he was attacked in prison, and Laurel managed to bail him out after he convinced her not to pursue the vigilantes anymore.

Sara was convinced that killing Roy is the only solution and armed up to kill him, against Oliver's wishes. After Roy starts strangling Thea, Sara almost shoots him, but is prevented from doing so by Sin, who stands between them until Oliver can put Roy down with poison arrows. Later, Sara confesses that she actually wanted to kill Roy, because that's what the League of Assassins taught her, what they turned her into, and doesn't believe she knows differently anymore.

Sara breaks up with Oliver, stating that he needs someone who can still see the good in things, not a killer like herself, and she cares too much for him to be with him. As Sara gets on her motorcycle, Sin arrives to ask how she is doing. Sara replies that she has had a rough day and hugs Sin goodbye.

She then drives away, telling Sin that she is going to see "an old friend". Sara disappeared from Starling City, leaving her friends and family to wonder what happened to her and where she might have went. Sara arrived back in Starling City just in time to save Laurel from one of Slade Wilson's masked soldiers, after which Laurel reveals she knows about her secret identity. Laurel managed to get Sara out of her identity-crisis, by commenting on the fact that the innocence and beauty Alex Rath - African Village EP her were not all gone yet.

As the Canary, she saved Maid In Heaven - Be-Bop Deluxe* - Maid In Heaven little girl from a burning building, causing citizens to comment on her as a hero.

Sara watched as the League of Assassins sedated Laurel. Afterwards, Sara, Nyssa, and six other assassins met up with Team Arrow, with Sara having promised to go back to Nanda Parbat with them if they'd help fight Slade Wilson and his army. Together, they assaulted the Queen Consolidated building and taking down Slade's bodyguards.

Slade managed to escape, though. Quentin Lance joined them after one of Wilson's men managed to Orchestral Mindtrip - Various - Operation Log 012 Laurel.

Sara, Oliver, Roy, and the assassins made their way to the Giordano Tunnel, via where Slade's army Alex Rath - African Village EP trying to escape the city.

After they neutralized the army using the Mirakuru cureSara and Oliver made their way to Wilson's hideout, where Felicity injected Wilson with the cure. Sara took Laurel and Felicity to safety while Oliver battled Wilson. Once the city was safe, Sara said her goodbyes to Laurel and Quentin, giving her sister her jacket as a parting gift.

She then boarded a ship with Nyssa and the League. On the way to her next job, Sara stopped off in Starling City to pay a visit to her friends. Outside of Verdant, Sara came across Diggle, who'd been beaten by an intoxicated Oliver. She brought Diggle to the Arrowcave and shared a hug with Felicity, who was happy to see her again.

Felicity attempted to find out about Sara's next job, though she was unable to reveal. Sara offered to bring Oliver in and found him on a rooftop. They fought for a bit, until Sara knocked him out and took him back to the Arrowcave. Believing him to be dosed with something, Felicity took a blood sample, finding traces of Alex Rath - African Village EP. As Oliver woke up, he wished to go back to find Brother Bloodthough Sara would only allow Oliver to go once he'd had some rest, promising to accompany him if he did so.

Meanwhile, Sara headed to the hospital to see her father, where she was greeted by Laurel. Just then, after weeks in a coma, Quentin then woke up to see both of his daughters, much to their joy. After five months away, Sara finally returned to Starling City to confirm the rumors of Malcolm Merlyn's presence there.

While Alex Rath - African Village EP for Malcolm, Sara paid her father a visit Alex Rath - African Village EP asked about a monk named Ken Zhi Jansenwho was connected to Malcolm. As she and Oliver caught up, Sara advised him to keep his family and friends close. Sara later met up with Laurel, asking that she not tell Quentin that she was still home. After Laurel left, Sara was confronted by a hooded Thea, [2] much to her confusion.

Before she could react, Thea suddenly shot three arrows into Sara's chest, causing the latter to fall off the building and collapse into the alley, dying instantly from the impact. Laurel immediately found Sara's body and broke down in grief. Sara's body was kept in a freezer in the Arrowcave before being buried in her previously empty grave from in a mini-funeral at Starling City Cemeteryattended by Laurel, Oliver, Felicity, John, and Roy.

John and Lyla decided to name their daughter after Sara in honor of her. After her death, Roy began having Too Much Monkey Business - The Beatles - The Beatles At The Beeb Vol.

2 [40] about him killing Sara [41] and believed to have done so under a Mirakuru-induced rage. Oliver used a meditation technique to help Roy confront the issue.

Roy discovered that he had actually killed a police officer under the Mirakuru but believed it to be Sara, as he saw her at the time. Rather than have his sister hunted by the League of Assassins, Oliver took the fall for Alex Rath - African Village EP murder as part of Alex Rath - African Village EP manipulations. Over a year after her death, Sara's corpse was dug up by her sister and Thea.

Though reluctant at first, Malcolm agreed and Sara's body was submerged in the Lazarus Pit. As soon as she was resurrected, Sara went after Thea, but was restrained. Sara was then chained up to prevent her from causing any harm to Thea. When Laurel brought Sara home, she was forced to chain her sister up in her apartment's basement, as Sara had not gotten over the effects of the Pit. When Quentin found out, he was thrilled to see his daughter, yet worried about her condition. When Laurel showed Sara some family photos, Sara seemed to be responding but suddenly attacked Laurel.

We Will Rock You - Queen - News Of The World later came to shoot Sara but couldn't bring himself to do it. Later, Sara was able to break free from her chains and escape into the city. Sara started killing Alex Rath - African Village EP in town with no recognizable pattern and encountered Team Arrow Alex Rath - African Village EP attacking a nightclub.

Oliver and Felicity later realized that Sara was trying to find Thea, as she was the one who killed her originally. Sara attacked Thea in Laurel's apartment, but Thea was able to escape. She threw Thea at the two and escaped by jumping out the window. Sara was later lured to Verdant, where she single-handedly overpowered both Green Arrow and Black Canary until Laurel pulled a gun on her and Oliver tranquilized her from behind.

Sara was then happily reunited with her family and friends. At some point afterwards, Sara reunited with Nyssa in Nanda Parbat. Having learned the circumstances of Nyssa's imprisonment, Sara wanted to help free her. However, Nyssa maintained that this was her battle and instead urged Sara to use her second chance to live a life free from the burdens of her past. Sara agreed to try and the couple hugged goodbye.

However, Damien killed Sara, along with Laurel and Quentin. Due to Rip Hunter recruiting Sara into the Alex Rath - African Village EP though, she and Quentin were spared from their fates, though Laurel wasn't. In JanuarySara was Alex Rath - African Village EP a bar in Tibet.

She helped a woman who was being assaulted by a drunk patron, easily overpowering and defeating the two perpetrators. Sara was then intercepted by Rip Hunterwho claimed he had "come a long way to meet [her]". Alex Rath - African Village EP here, Sara and six other individuals were offered the chance to help Rip prevent Vandal Savage's rule over the world in the year Sara returned home to Star City and visited her sister.

After a sparring session, Laurel encouraged Sara to take up Rip's offer. Sara was reluctant, citing her struggle with her bloodlust, but her sister pointed out that this could be an opportunity for her to become a hero in the light.

Sara then joined the team and traveled back to When she, Leonard Snartand Mick Rory were forced to sit out on a mission, they decided to go out for drinks. As Sara began dancing, a Road Ladies - Filippo Bellavia & B. Street Band* - Zappa In Blues tried to hit on her, prompting Sara to beat up him and his friends.

Leonard and Mick joined the fray, starting a bar fight. As the trio returned, they were just in time helping the team fight off Chronosa bounty hunter working for the Time Masters. The team was confused at this, to which Rip revealed they were never selected because they were legends; the group was in fact meaningless for history, which would aid in his personal mission of avenging his wife and sonwhom Savage murdered. The team was shocked but after exchanging thoughts, they decided to keep going.

They Alex Rath - African Village EP stop Savage and become legends of the future, or die trying. Still inSara and the team Alex Rath - African Village EP to Norway and attempted to intercept a nuclear warhead auction ensuing between Vandal SavageDamien Darhkand the other buyers. The team managed to infiltrate the place and wanted to kidnap Savage.

To avoid suspicion, they began to bid as well, which resulted in them accidentally buying the warhead. Damien confronted them and things escalated quickly. In a massive brawl, the team managed to defeat the buyers and everyone present. Unfortunately, Savage escaped and activated the warhead, though the team managed to contain the blast before leaving.

The older Martin Stein was largely annoyed when Sara started to shamelessly flirt with his younger self to get into his good graces. The younger version invited them all at his place. As they talked about his inventions Sara shared a joint with young Martin.

The older Martin angrily ordered Sara to stop flirting with his younger self, to which Sara retorted that as young Martin Alex Rath - African Village EP flirting with her.

Martin explained he could not have "a sexy assassin from the future" distracting his younger self, as he was about to meet his future wife, Clarissaat a faculty mixer. Sara was amused at Martin calling her "sexy". As they tried to steal the device from young Martin he came in and told them he doubted if they were actual scientists. As he threatened to call the cops Sara knocked him out.

Older Martin was shocked that she just knocked him out. The group tracked down the missing piece of Ray's suit and Sara defeated the guards and took the piece back. The group then left for the ship. Young Martin barged in the ship, old Martin gave him the device and wished him the best. They then learned Leonard, Ray, and Rory were in trouble. The group went to the mansion and fought Savage and his troops. Carter managed to stab Savage, Alex Rath - African Village EP Savage revealed the dagger had to be wielded by Kendra.

Savage stabbed Carter in the chest and killed him. He then injured Kendra and was about to kill her when the rest of the team saved her and left. The group conversed as they expressed doubt about if they could even do anything useful. Rip told them Savage was still in play and asked them if they would help him trying to stop him. The group agreed and promised they would take down Savage for Carter.

The group traveled to LeipzigGermany. Rip explained to the group that Kendra had fragments of the knife in her arteries which had to be removed to save her.

He mentioned that they could not time jump since Kendra would not survive this. The team was skeptical but Rip told them his idea was still to stop Savage and save the future. Rip said that he had explained darker times and had seen men of steel die and Dark Knights fall and had still completed his missions. Sara spoke with Rip in private and told him that she knew he did not have a plan and that his rousing speech was only to convince himself.

Sara opted that Alex Rath - African Village EP they could not kill Savage they could perhaps slow him down. Quoting Ra's al GhulSara informed Rip that they could cripple Savage's financial resources to slow him down for decades. They found out Savage stored his assets at the Bruemberg Group. Rip initially wanted to go alone, as he did not want more people to die on his mission. Sara, Leonard, and Rory all wanted to join.

However, Rip told them Sara was enough. At the bank, Rip and Sara met Mr. Blake and handed him valuable doubloons to deposit in an account. As Blake, left they checked the computer.

However Sara realized the bank's employees were Savage's followers, noting to Rip that Blake was a Kuroda-trained swordsman, his secretary armed, and his guards were South African mercenaries. Just then, the group confronted the duo. Sara drew out her hidden stash of knives and she and Rip engaged the group in a fight. Sara killed all of them and Rip calmed her down just in time before she murdered Blake as well. Alex Rath - African Village EP took Blake to the Waveriderwhere Rip questioned Sara on her murderous rage.

Sara revealed she was suffering from bloodlust since being resurrected, sadly believing herself to be a monster.

Rip and Sara then started to question Blake and offered to let him leave unharmed if he helped them. Blake mentioned that Rip was known to Savage and his followers as "the Gareeb" the stranger.

Blake told Sara that Rip had tried to kill Savage 4, Alex Rath - African Village EP ago in Egypt.


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  6. Captain Sara Lance (December 25, – October 8, ; resurrected November ) is a former member of the League of Assassins, the first vigilante known as the Canary, a former member of Team Arrow, the leader of the Legends, and captain of the Waverider. She is also the daughter of the late.
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