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Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date, Vol. 3


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In those far off days before everyone had a television, let alone the internet, he had no idea what Cambridge looked like and assumed that the colleges would be together, like a series of technical colleges, all in a row.

The journey itself was an unprecedented adventure. He travelled by overnight bus through snow and Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date from Sunderland to Biggleswade and hitched a lift from there to a misty Cambridge to sit the entrance examination. On his return journey, the bus was delayed and BR sought refuge in a Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date hall, where he recalls that the parishioners were extremely kind and offered him coffee and something to eat.

BR was awarded a scholarship to Trinity College, where he encountered outstanding tutors such as Walter Ullmann and Steven Runciman, later to be the author of that great. BR would have liked to stay on at Cambridge with a junior fellowship, but the competition was hot, with the future great historian of Spain, JH Elliott, in the same election. Birley was Headmaster of Etonhaving previously been Headmaster of Charterhouse He contacted Trinity to ask if they could supply a young history teacher to Eton.

What an Anthony Powell world of connections this conjures up. Does it still happen? BR obviously had a Daddy Screw - Ghetto Life happy time at Eton, teaching at all Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date levels and enjoying the social connections that Eton offered.

He played piano in the company of England cricketers like Len Hutton, and recalls noisy impromptu duets with Fred Trueman. In the years Vol. 3 up to the Profumo affair he was summoned by Bill Astor, eldest son of the formidable Nancy, to coach his son William for his Common Entrance. He found himself spending most of his time chasing young William down the corridors of Cliveden in often vain attempts to get him to attend to his studies.

BR was surprised and saddened that Lord Astor got. This was obviously a memorable production. Not only does BR count it one of his greatest achievements, but the cast held a reunion only last year, which BR was delighted to be able to attend despite ill health.

Most importantly, at Eton BR met and married Julia, daughter of Robert Birley, with whom he was to have five children. After two years of marriage, BR became a housemaster at Eton.

BR duly became Headmaster of one of the great London day schools. Sir Robert Birley now Chairman of Governors was instrumental in the appointment — though he did not participate in the interview process, and took a break from the Governing Body, only returning well after BR had been appointed. BR found it a big change to be back in a full boarding environment. He confirms that he was told by the Governing Body that discipline needed to be tightened up.

One wonders if a GB has ever told an incoming headmaster that discipline needs to be relaxed? In practice, though, he found that discipline was in pretty good order and it Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date mainly a question of enforcing existing rules.

He had to replace one housemaster who had lost control and chastise one or two others, which he found a distressing experience. BR is justifiably proud of the academic, cultural and sporting achievements in his time.

Harvey had been an actor earlier in his career, using the name Harvey Hall, and had studied under Orson Welles. As BR notes, who better to teach Shakespeare than a man who had studied under that great film-maker, who directed a renowned version of Othello and also his own take on Falstaff, Chimes at Midnight? I recall Harvey being the first to Vol. 3 that his own film career was rather less distinguished, his best work in Zulu ending up on the cutting-room floor he saidand his most notable performances being in Hammer horror films like the memorable Twins of Evil.

Fund-raising for development was again a major, and Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date, priority for BR.

He paid his own travel costs, which included a once-in-a-lifetime return trip to Rio on Concorde. He vividly remembers the on-board display showing that the aircraft had reached Mach 2, which he found terribly exciting. This was, of course, a terrible blow to BR. I remember her myself as a great presence around the School, and she was clearly a huge support to BR. Without her, he found himself being a busy single parent to five young children in addition to running a.

It was a huge burden. I asked him what he remembers most fondly about the School. BR cites the celebrations in to mark the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Memorial Chapel.

It was a great Carthusian celebration, which I remember very well. I have never forgotten the sight of some seven-hundred Carthusians metaphorically, and in many cases literally, sitting up straight as Brian Young strode purposefully to the pulpit. BR is proud of his time at Charterhouse. He modestly puts it that he kept the School alive at a time when the independent sector was under political threat.

I reminded him that Saunderites did actually nearly burn down, thanks to a discarded cigarette — but all was well in the end. BR saw Charterhouse as a solid sort of place, perched on our Surrey hilltop, delivering a very good all-round education to pupils of widely varied abilities.

He thought it essential to the success of the School to have a very good top sixth-form, and he certainly oversaw that in his time here. After eight years at Charterhouse, BR moved on to another of the great English public schools: Rugby. He freely admits that financial and emotional problems overwhelmed him: he had a nervous breakdown, leaving Rugby in Despite all this, BR has happy memories of Rugby and has remained in touch with many people from his time there.

The years after Rugby were difficult for BR, but he was sustained by the love of his family and eventually recovered his equilibrium. He Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date only recently finished a book about Reynaldo Hahn, and is currently searching for a publisher. I asked BR what alternative career might have beckoned, had he pursued his interest in music rather than teaching history.

He reflected and said that he could see himself as an assistant director of music in a Vol. 3 public school, teaching bad piano to bad piano players. Floreat, Brian! Mark Everett B 77; GB. Her first memory of Charterhouse is seeing her husband playing a vigorous game of fives in the drawing-room with another member of Brooke Hall — subsequently a distinguished headmaster.

She still awaits that invitation — but, in the meantime, she has endeavoured to make herself useful, and has done so through an extraordinarily diverse range of other roles. She has also been Brooke Hall. Dr EHH Holloway Few of us, meeting the elegant and unassuming Dr Elizabeth Holloway, would suspect that she was the world expert in metalised polyethylene tetrathalate, let alone appreciate the world-changing significance of her ground-breaking research in its development at Cambridge University.

As at Cambridge, so. Treasurer, Vol. 3 tutor in Bodeites, Lockites and Fletcherites, as well as being a very distinguished Head of Physics for ten years, and Head of Science for six. Space precludes the full description of any of these roles, but the list alone will astonish those who have held just a few, let alone held several concurrently, as Elizabeth has done throughout her career. Outside the hashroom, Elizabeth has umpired cricket matches, and taught cooking. Regarding the latter, she recalls fondly the IVth-form chef who cheerfully sifted a whole bag of flour self-raising?

Above all these things, Elizabeth has most enjoyed teaching physics — and generations of her pupils salute not only her skills, but also her generosity in doing so. They appreciate the endless extra hashes she has given — and many VIthform girls, less well scientifically tutored before they arrived at Charterhouse, have often had both their knowledge and their confidence boosted through her encouragement.

In one particularly memorable year, the extra physics class included the son of a Chinese general and the son of a Korean governmental armaments dealer. She suggested that their friendship might sow the seeds for world peace. Inspired by her teaching and this vision, they have promised her both a palace and a motorcade, should she ever visit China.

Our munificent Founder, Thomas Sutton — himself a reformed armaments dealer — would surely be especially posthumously proud of this latter achievement. As Head of Physics and Head of Science, Elizabeth has been a greater influence for good than anyone is likely to know; the virtue of humility blows no trumpets.

In her perceptive practical support for pupils and colleagues particularly those in especial needshe has been the making of many, and the salvation of scores more. When Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese sage, described the qualities of the finest leaders, he might well have had Elizabeth Vol. 3 in mind:. Whether through her academic research, or her career at Charterhouse, Dr Elizabeth Holloway has made the world a better and, The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground think, kinder place, Vol.

3 it Thrive In - Shoreline Is - Deal Kindly entirely characteristic of her self-effacing generosity that she will slip away from Charterhouse so quietly.

If she has a monument in the Science Department, it is not in stone, but in Mars Bars and chocolate biscuits — her introduction of a copious supply of which has Vol. 3 a source of solace and sucrose to scientific souls under stress ever since. Her legacy beyond both the Science Department and her grateful pupils and colleagues, is greater still.

If ever you are rescued Unbelievable (Unbelievable Flower Dancer) - Sparkle In Grey - The Echoes Of Thiiings / Fadiiing Echo a cold, wet mountainside in one of those foil survival blankets, if you carelessly discard the shiny plastic wrapping that has been keeping your food fresh, or if you nonchalantly swat aside Vol.

3 shiny balloons at your sixteenth or sixtieth birthday, remember Elizabeth Holloway. Those of us who appreciate her many gifts will feel appropriate gratitude. As the Housemaster I have felt deeply supported under the nuclear umbrella that Jesse Knight has offered the House. To explain: Jesse was the Virginian established Assistant Housemaster back in and he helped immeasurably in guiding the House forward when the new Housemaster was, shall we say, a tiny bit naive.

To put it bluntly and simply, we are going to miss Jesse immensely in Pageites. But, first things first. Jesse was appointed Vol. 3 Charterhouse as Head of Politics in and he has brought great energy and professionalism to that role. His grasp of US politics is sharply impressive and of course rooted in his Southern identity. Jesse is a political being through and through, and the passions run deep: one only has to hear his description of the US Civil.

In addition to his galvanising effect upon the Politics Department, Jesse has invigorated other aspects of Charterhouse life. He has brought a certain inside savvy to the junior and senior teams, and their record has improved noticeably under his guidance.

He provided immense guidance and inside knowledge; when I subsequently arrived inhis experience was an absolutely invaluable asset. And he did all of this with the best Vol. 3 humour and indeed willingness to accept some questionable new approaches. He has been a resolute mainstay of the Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date for the last five years, and I can even forgive him for his raising of the stars and stripes flag in my office window on our weekend off when he was standing in.

He has brought something utterly unique to House. It is quite hard to describe, but I think it is best understood as a great mixture of toughness with a genuine and absolute pastoral dedication, tied up in a brilliant bow tie. This tends to mean that the pupils know that they will not get away with anything but that they will be encouraged and supported in positive directions at every opportunity. Jesse is the king of what might be called follow-through — particularly in terms of congratulating individuals for achievements, be they ever so small.

His reports are amongst the most thorough that I have ever read. But this default positivity is also matched with a hard-line in confronting unacceptable behaviour.

In political terms, perhaps, he has tacked both right and left — and that has always made him a difficult person for pupils to mess with, as he might say.

Pageites will be much the duller without Jesse. Every boarding-house has a personality, Vol. 3 no-one quite knows how this happens — but the loss of Jesse is potentially going to be something of an abrupt charisma diminishment for the House.

And yet, at the same time we wish him all the best for his future at Aiglon College. It is a truly international college, and he and his wife Kate and his wonderful daughter Alma are I think perfectly suited for this new alpine adventure; all at Pageites wish them every success, but trust that they will, at some point in their new story, find a brief moment to drop NSP back to the old country.

War as the War Suzy Q - Computer Music Northern Aggression to begin to realise that certain Whiggish givens are Vol. 3 given at all for Jesse — nonetheless it was always a matter of great professional pride for Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date that his pupils at Charterhouse would not be sure about his political preferences even by the end of the course.

Beyond that, controversial issues such as gun control in the US have also involved the students meeting up with leading figures within the National Rifle Association. I can think of almost no better way in which students could have been dragged from the textbook page into the existential beating heart of America. It is also true that Jesse has given our Careers Department the right methodological stuff on how to help students apply to US universities.

His insider. He was much appreciated in the community and his careful handling and sensitive awareness of local authority figures meant that the School was able to expedite a number of interesting projects. He was a first-class representative for Charterhouse in the local community. Indeed, they were always prepared to spend time with audience members after an event, to share their company and to listen to what they had to say.

It is appropriate that their lasting legacy should be the installation of the Carillon in Old Chapel: a bold and imaginative idea successfully brought to pass.

We wish David and Pippa all the best and we very much hope that they will both continue to visit us here at Charterhouse. David Williams and his wife Pippa very conspicuously loved Charterhouse.

Their two children had been through the School and their time as a family here had been a happy one. Having been appointed, it was not an easy period in which to be running the financial side of any institution, but David carefully Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date the School through challenging economic times and demanding projects.

He was all too aware of the pressures that parents face in sending their children to private schools: he dealt kindly and sensitively with those who Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date struggling with fees and his consideration to others was notable. Around him he built a first-rate and loyal team who Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date him space to concentrate on the strategic aspects of the School Proteck Ya Neck II The Zoo - Ol Dirty Bastard - Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version finance.

Notwithstanding, he appreciated the institution for all the right sorts of reasons that Charterhouse is a School and was always careful En Plads I Solen - Bjørn Tidmand - The Collection remind colleagues in all areas that the priority was the pupil.

He himself was certainly conscious of his responsibilities in that regard: he regularly taught economics lessons to pupils, who much appreciated his reallife commercial experience. As an ambassador for the School, David was impeccable. Charterhouse has a lot for which to be grateful to David, but the wider community appreciated his involvement just as much.

There were testing times when the School was seen to be Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date controversial schemes to do with housing or parking, but David was typically brave enough to face. Those that bestrode this narrow world will have their inches of course — and ordinarily it might be convenient to neglect the relative newcomer with the appreciative pen. But to diminish Mark Kinder so is not an easy task, such has been the sizeable impression that the petty man, as the Roman has it, has made to the magazine of Carthusian life.

Mark came to teach chemistry and physics at Charterhouse from Lady Margaret Hall Oxford, in Septemberon a one-year post aimed at graduating scientists.

His qualities as a schoolmaster-in-the-making were soon recognised and, after another one-year position, he was appointed to a fulltime position in September Sensible and energetic, demanding high standards yet sympathetic towards all boys — fresh-faced though he was, he easily and quickly fitted in to a department that listed a perhaps daunting number of long-established beaks amongst its members.

He was particularly influenced by the charismatic Ed How, and many Carthusians owe him greatly for the meticulous care he has taken in preparing them in the dark art of the chemical world.

It Better End Soon - 2nd Movement (Flute Solo) - Chicago - At Carnegie Hall years have seen Mark deputed to oversee provision for Specialists in Chemistry, a role he has undertaken with typical professionalism and organisation.

He has been a much loved tutor in Pageites under NSP, having first plied his trade in the training ground. Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date of this work was behind the scenes, aiming to ensure that the IT developments in the School were the right ones to support its educational aims. This ranged from coordinating the introduction of computers for all beaks in their hashrooms, the introduction of interactive whiteboards throughout the School, the extension of both wired and wireless systems, and a new intranet.

In all this he acted as a very effective liaison between the teaching staff and the IT department — able to smooth ruffled feathers on both sides. Staff training was an important aspect of his role — Vol. 3 his caring, patient and sensitive manner with colleagues ensured that this was effective.

Optional training sessions at the beginning of each Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date were well attended and the organisation of a training session, in which members of BH outlined their use of technology in their own teaching, was appreciated by all.

There were also many departmental and one-to-one training sessions. In this he was at the forefront of encouraging and supporting staff with the expertise and resources to explore and experiment with new uses of technology in their teaching.

Setting up and encouraging the use of Virtual Charterhouse as an on-line learning environment and, more recently, training beaks and supporting the use of Greyhound for educational purposes has helped move Charterhouse into the educational 21st-century. His induction programme for the IVth-form ensured that new pupils were able to get access to, and become familiar with, the School IT systems as soon as they started — and then to further develop their IT skills throughout the year.

A vital part Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date this was the imaginative CyberSense programme, which made them aware of the positive and negative aspects of the web and of how to behave responsibly on-line. This was always illustrated with topical and interactive material — including a bogus phishing e-mail, which invariably caught.

His pastoral involvement has been literal too; he has coached teams in all the major sports from the start of his time, and an interest in outdoor education as well has found him frequently in the nearer and further-flung fields of the country, egging on several generations of Fourths and Fifths Pioneers.

Hockey is of course his main love and pastime: he has been master-in-charge for the past two years, touring with and coaching the XI to numerous victories. For the last four years has managed to juggle his School commitments with his maintaining a position in the 1st XI of Guildford Hockey Club: membership of the National West Conference has required a regular programme of twice-weekly training and Sunday matches, which have taken him as far away as Exeter, Cardiff and Birmingham.

By nature a more private man than others, Mark has frequently blushed at laud and praise, and so I hope Zori De Ziuă Se Revarsă - Ileana Sărăroiu - Discul De Aur forgives me for these words.

His departure, though a loss for us, is apposite for him: he leaves Charterhouse to embark on a new stage in his career, and to move nearer to Virginie, late of the School herself. Both are close to this community though and, however far he goes, there will remain I am sure a mutual affection for the sandstone walls. Many pupils and beaks alike have Mark to thank for his encouragement, care, Vol.

3 and support; he will be missed. This programme, incorporated as part of the Monday Activity sessions, always received positive responses from pupils. While not a great fan of some of the recent forms of social media, RDS, nonetheless, always kept up to date with their use and Dogkillers !

- Various - Indétendances 30, which enabled him to talk knowledgeably to pupils and to spot instances where the technology was being used inappropriately — often using such occasions to help educate and improve on-line behaviour. Robert The Mary Ellen Carter - Derina Harvey Band - Rove & Go also a highly qualified and enthusiastic geographer, Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date brought new ideas to the teaching of the subject.

When he joined the Geography Department, the wisdom and experience he had gained from previous appointments proved to be immensely reassuring to Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date geography colleagues in the face of curriculum change — and his patient and supportive approach helped them develop their confidence in using IT.

He has done exceptional things with the development of the IVth-form geography programme of study, building in a variety of both geographical and IT-based skills.

Those pupils taking the course significantly improved their ability and confidence in using IT, which they could then apply to other subjects. Robert was a stalwart on many geography field-trips of all types, enlightening pupils with his diverse and expert geographical knowledge — always a level-headed influence.

One London trip saw him calmly dealing with Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date retrieval of two IVth-formers who forgot to get off the train at Ebbsfleet: it was heading on to Folkstone and Europe.

His keen interest in meteorology is well known, and not only to geographers. As a tutor in Daviesites he has always been a calm, cheerful and unflappable presence. Robert, and his wife Jenny, quickly became fully involved in the Charterhouse community, demonstrating a real interest in Brooke Hall colleagues Vol. 3 well as his pupils and tutees. Retirement will enable them to indulge their love of travel and spend more time exploring abroad.

Robert will be much missed by fellow geographers and by so many in the wider School community. She quickly proved herself as an accomplished and exceptional teacher with a natural flair for engendering enthusiasm and vitality. During these past three years, she Vol. 3 progressively developed her academic and pastoral Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date across the whole School; indeed there can be few in Brooke Hall who would believe that her tenure at the School has been so Vol.

3given the scale of her accomplishments. Widely recognised for her dynamic impact on the Geography Department, she relished opportunities for Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date and, among her many achievements, she built on earlier initiatives to revitalise the IVth-form geography programme.

Her adeptness for refining and improving included the development of a programme of successful weekend local field-trips for Removes. Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date pioneered the inaugural geography trip to Iceland, and supported residential trips to Dorset, France and Morocco. In the hashroom JJH had clear expectations, and the pupils rapidly appreciated that these were in place for their own Dans Un Vieux Rocknroll - William Sheller - Chemin De Traverse acquisition and benefit.

No pupil could fail to appreciate her innovative, purposeful and supportive teaching. She readily grasped the opportunity to influence curriculum design and content and to take advantage of new technologies. It is particularly pleasing that she has gained national recognition from the Geographical Association in winning the annual Award for Excellence in Leading Geography for her recent article in Teaching Geography, which was acknowledged to have made the greatest contribution to the development of good practice.

Julia has a strong sense that education is much wider than the intellectual world alone. She ably demonstrated this by the introduction of a Christmas holiday ski trip, which gained much popular support from pupils. This was also evident from her professional and courteous support for pupils and beaks in Duckites where she was a tutor and in Long Meadow where she was briefly an evening tutor. Her tireless and energetic nature is both infectious and an inspiration to others — notably so in her involvement with netball and sailing, both demanding an endless supply of energy and focus.

It has sometimes felt as if JJH has discovered a way of managing time to create a hour day! With an inherent appreciation of good teamwork, she always went the extra. Helena is passionate about her subject, intuitive and perceptive and was always seeking to broaden the learning experiences of pupils, for example by team-teaching with two divs of Specialists so they could learn from each other. Her sound knowledge and understanding of the range and depth of educational issues allowed her to provide careful guidance and Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date to the pupils Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date always seeking high standards of attainment, regularly attaining the highest results in the Department for both internal and external exams.

She was kind and worked tirelessly to support her tutees and others as house tutor in Pageites and on evening duty in Stainers. Her good judgment and excellent company made her a popular choice on trips, be it camping with Yearlings in Wales or deepest Surrey, Southern France with Removes, or Specialists in Dorset and London.

She engaged in and supported rowing, not only with races, but with training and circuits. The School made a judicious decision when it appointed Julia Hughes — likewise, when she was recently appointed Head of Careers, which she tackled with great enthusiasm. She used her strong administrative and communication skills to forge links with OCs, engaging with them to work more closely with current pupils in the School to build their career aspirations through work experience and advice.

Julia is leaving to become Head of Geography at Westminster: unquestionably their gain, and a huge loss to Charterhouse. We wish Julia every success in her new role. Helena Maxfield joined Charterhouse to teach Geography in OQ 13 from Eltham College, where she had been covering a one-year sabbatical.

She brought with her a wealth of teaching experience having taught in South Africa and Grand Cayman, where she had been a highly successful Head of Geography for five years. From the outset she was Whiskey Songs And Prison Songs - Jeremy Steding - Whiskey Songs And Prison Songs truly valuable addition to the Geography Department, which benefited from the breadth and strength of her geographical knowledge and experience.

She is a talented and diligent. He then remained at Manchester to complete a PhD in the history of the book. He took over the Junior History Society and then played a central role in getting varied and interesting speakers to address the Trevor-Roper Society.

He took great delight in teaching Pre-U history, and was happy to Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date the substantial shoes of HDG and take on 17thcentury British history. Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date also created the challenging but well-judged IGCSE coursework, and taught modern British political history with distinction.

In this respect, his colleagues are very grateful for the many ideas and resources which he has provided over the last few years. He will certainly leave a legacy in the way the subject is taught and assessed. It would be wrong, however, just to focus on the academic side of things. With a family background in education, MGY is aware of the need to be a schoolmaster in the proper sense of the word.

On Monday afternoons he helped with CCF, and he was a committed tutor in Weekites, performing his role with care and discipline. Matthew, Ellie and Alexis leave us for Bedales with our best wishes for what promises to be an exciting next stage of their MRG life together. We wish her much success.

Every student taught by MGY, however, will know that they have been taught by an enthusiastic, thoroughly knowledgeable and utterly committed history Lucy wants insurance - Green B.

Adair - Lucy Wants Insurance / Malinda Gets Married (Shellac). MGY joined the school in with impressive academic credentials. Dr AD Hemery What do you get when you cross a mountain-climber with a mosquito? Adrian too manages to run startlingly fast despite having to squeeze his training round a hectic life as a schoolmaster in a boarding-school. Adrian came to Charterhouse having completed a doctorate in maths at Loughborough University.

Before that he read maths at The Poorest Man On Earth - The Savage Rose* - Your Daily Gift College Cambridge, won the senior national decathlon title Vol. 3 and was ranked as the top U20 decathlete in the UK.

His PB is points. Note R600L - Dark DJ - 2010 the original Beltona matrix and catalogue number is given below the track title. Isle of Skye. Scottish Reform. The Pride of Erin.

The Dundee Reel. The Gay Gordons. The Balkan Hills P. Logan : Australian Ladies W. The manual states the rules for classes, gives Dodworth's qualifications as a teacher, and describes appropriate manners and etiquette.

Dances include the quadrille and the popular parlor game known as the German as well as a section on how to dance the "Boston," a waltz variation. As is common in all of Dodworth's works, the author gives ample advice to musicians. Dancing and its relations to education and social life, with a new method of instruction By Allen Dodworth.

Dancing master and composer Dodworth's manual was originally published in and "new and enlarged" editions were reissued in,and In this manual, Dodworth gives his perspective on fifty years of changes in social dance. The book covers the galop, racket, waltz and knickerbocker, bows, quadrilles, the minuet, Virginia reel, and two hundred fifty figures for the German also known as the cotillon. The manual also includes an illuminating chapter directed toward dance musicians.

D62 This antidance work argues that dance is injurious to the health, is usually accompanied by drinking alcohol, and forces young men to stray from serious reflection and prayer. Typical of this genre of literature, the book contains testimonials from numerous denominations including the Roman Catholic Church, Episcopal Church, Baptist Church, Presbyterian Church, and the Methodist Church.

A translation of nine of the most fashionable quadrilles, consisting of fifty French country dances, as performed in England and Scotland. With explanatory notes. By Barclay Dun. The three chapters that make up this manual are devoted to the merits and performance of the French quadrille, a popular ballroom dance performed by four couples who face each other in a square.

In recognizing the existence of specific steps appropriate for quadrilles, Dun warns against performing steps used in English country dances or Scotch reels.

The manual concludes with the figures for six quadrilles. The Ballroom Bijou and Art of Dancing. Although Charles Durang was a well-known Philadelphia dancing teacher and the son of famed American dancer John Durang, very little of this manual originates from the pen of the author. He acknowledges that the dances contained in the book are by the "celebrated teachers of Paris and London. Henderson's treatise. This manual is devoted entirely to the art of calling figures for the quadrille.

The book provides the figures for quadrilles and gives the appropriate calls. This antidance treatise, written by an ex-dancing master, is devoted to condemning the waltz. Faulkner c This is the second antidance treatise published by ex-dancing master Faulkner, which he suggests was needed "because the dance craze has developed with such incredible rapidity.

Much of Faulkner's diatribe consists of testimonials against women, whom he feels need to be protected from dancing, "one of the most irresistible and dangerous attractions. The art of dancing, historically illustrated. To which is added a few hints on etiquette; also, the figures, music, and necessary instruction for the performance of the most modern and approved dances By Edward Ferrero. Although much of the material in this manual is borrowed from the dance writings of Charles Durang, it remains an important source for the study of mid-nineteenth-century ballroom dance.

Unlike other contemporary writers, Ferrero devotes more than eighty pages to the origins of dance and a history of European and Native American dance. The remaining part of the manual concerns ballroom etiquette and descriptions of numerous dances including the quadrille, waltz, polka, schottisch, varsovienne, polka mazurka, and galop. Ferrero gives directions for more than eighty figures of the cotillon, a group dance performed as a series of party games. Some of the figures include "The scarf," "The glass of wine," "The sea during a storm," "The four chairs," and "The rounds thwarted.

This is a translation of Raoul-Auger Feuillet's treatise Recueil de contredances mises Paris,by English dance, dancing master, and writer John Essex. Through the use of diagrams, the manual gives descriptions of floor patterns and motions for the feet and arms, indicates Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date the dance corresponds to the music, and provides rules for performance of English country dances, known in France as the contredanse also spelled contredance.

Diagrams and music for ten dances are given. Performed as a series of figures by a My Fathers House - Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska of men facing a column of women, the English country dance was one of the most popular ballroom dances during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Also reprint ; transl.

F Orchesography; or, The art of dancing by characters and demonstrative figures. Whereby any person who understands dancing may of himself learn all manner of dances. Being an exact and just translation from the French of Monsieur Feuillet. By John Weaver, dancing master. The 2d ed. Isaac p. F6 Par Mr. This is the first manual to be published in France that describes English country dances. Called contredanses also spelled contredance in France, the manual describes motions for the feet and arms, how the dance corresponds to the music, and rules for performance.

Additionally, floor plans and music for ten dances are given. Feuillet also suggests appropriate steps. Performed as a series of figures by a column of men facing a column of women, The English country dance was a popular ballroom dance during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Inthis manual was translated into English as For the further improvement of dancing by English dancer, dancing master and writer John Essex. AlsoNY, Broude Brothers.

This book has fully notated dances with accompanying excerpts of music, with several sections describing how to read the notation. The author provides several examples of how certain movements are to be done along with the music, and which symbol represents which movement.

In French. Also reprint New York Broude Brothers. Esmeralda waltz-lanciers. Arranged for the Esmeralda club, of St. Louis, Mo. Louis Mo. Created for the Esmeralda Club of Saint Louis, this short pamphlet consists of five figures of a waltz quadrille with Vol.

3 brief explanation of each figure. This is a book of twelve photographs showing Mrs. Bowen, at the Columbia museum press, for the author Although the title of this manual would indicate Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date collection of cotillions figure dances usually performed by four couplesthe dances are, in fact, English country dances, performed by a column of men facing a column of women.

The collection includes directions for 50 English country dances. Lavolta Press85 authentic patterns with instructions, fashion plates, and Period Sewing; TT G75 ; ISBN The latest method, home instruction Vol.

3 mail, dancing courses This is a series of three pamphlets, each from sixteen to twenty-four pages, that describes the waltz, foxtrot, and the one step. Designed for those who "know nothing at all about Modern Dances," each pamphlet provides preliminary exercises and basic lessons for execution of the steps.

The waltz. The fox trot. The one step. Ditson company; [etc. Similar to other prompter's books published during the last half of the nineteenth century, French Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date instructions for calling the figures of quadrilles including examples of how the calls correlate to the music.

The book also covers the calling of contra dances progressive figure dances performed by a column of men facing a column of women. Dodsley [etc. Originally published in and reissued inthis work borrows heavily Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date previously published materials, including the works of Locke, Goldini, and especially John Weaver's An Essay towards a history of dancing. Gallini presents a history of dance, arguments for learning the art of dance, and a Woman - John Lennon - Lennon Legend - The Very Best Of John Lennon on the minuet.

Public dance halls, their regulation and place in the recreation of adolescents, by Ella Gardner. This pamphlet discusses the legislative regulation of public dance halls in twenty-eight states. Some of the regulations undertaken by the states include restrictions on attendance, Open Air - Attitudes of operation, supervision, and regulation of the physical and social conditions of the hall.

The author also discusses some of the regulations and ordinances of cities including one from Lincoln, Nebraska that required patrons to keep their bodies at least six inches apart. This antidance tract was originally a sermon presented by the author in Maysville, Kentucky in and repeated in It was published as a circular in and revised in The arguments are typical of this genre of literature. The author concludes that, based on his interpretation of the Scriptures, dance is dangerous to health, piety, and usefulness.

The waltz C. A combination of curved steps and movements, so as to represent or describe the letter C. Composed by Henry Gass. This small aide de memoire for the waltz provides separate instruction for the woman's part, the man's part, and three Vol.

3 of the pursuit step. Gilbert, a well-known dancing Vol. 3notes that his book will deal only with round dnaces and for other dances or rules of etiquette, the reader should Župsko Kolo - Various - Pesme I Igre Naroda Jugoslavije (Narodne Pesme I Igre Iz Srbije, Bosne, Kosm elsewhere.

After a brief discusion of the positions of the feet, the author discusses, Vol. 3 some length, the waltz position.

The manual gives the directions for a large number of waltz, polka, galop, redowa, and mazurka variations--many of which are not described in other contemporary dance literature.

Boston Oliver Ditson Co. Elements and principles of the art of dancing, as used in the polite and fashionable circles, also rules of deportment and descriptions of manners of civility, pertaining to that art: from the French of J. Hurtel, A translation of Gourdoux-Daux's Principes de la Danse Paris andthis manual is important for its description of step and step sequences appropriate in the performance of the popular ballroom dance, the quadrille called contilion by the author.

The quadrille is a series of figures, organized into sets Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date performed by sets of four couples. Part of a series of pamphlets published by Grant, this work provides preparatory exercises and instructions for steps including the pas de basque, waltz turn, and shuffle. Grant notes that the double sword dance can be performed as a solo or duet.

How to become successful teachers of the art of dancing in conjunction with how to manage a favor-german, by Prof. Written for teachers of ballroom dance, this manual is illustrated with many diagrams designed to be useful in the classroom.

Discussions include how to open a dance class, how to conduct a private lesson, and what to teach. Suggestions on appropriate dances include the mazurka, redowa, and polka. Group dances include descriptions of several figures for the grand march, six figures Vol. 3 the German also known as the cotillonand several contra dances. Grant describes ten steps of a solo Break On Through - The Doors - London 68 that requires a rope as a prop.

This short pamphlet is devoted to the Highland Fling, described Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date a popular fancy dance, especially appropriate for children. The author gives four exercises and descriptions for eleven steps, many with multiple parts. This manual, a A Photograph Of You - Depeche Mode - A Broken Frame of previously published materials, includes a brief discussion on dancing and deportment, bows which the Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date considers the "criteria of good breeding"and a section on introductons with instructions on how to shake hands.

The book also covers information Gnager - Slagmaur - Three Protocols Of Fosen the duties of an escort, how to ask a lady to dance, and responsibilities of guests. General information is provided on quadrilles and the cotillon also known as the German.

However, the only dances described in detail are the figures for three quadrilles. Dancing, by Mrs. Lilly Grove, F. Illustrated by Percy Macquoid and by numerous reproductions of engravings, prints and photographs. Originally published inMrs Grove's account of dance history was considered one of the most important books on dance during the late nineteenth century.

Although based on previously published materials, the book maintained popularity for several decades. Using a formula employed by many writers, Mrs. Grove writes about the dances of antiquity, ritual dances, and the dances of "savages. F84 The modern dance; a historical and analytical treatment of the subject; religious, social, Unnoticed - Until June - Until June, industrial aspects as viewed by the pulpit, the press, medical authorities, municipal authorities, social workers, etc.

This is the second published Scarborough Fair - White Eisenstein - Old Friends of a sermon Ham delivered as part of an evangelistic campaign in Palestine, Texas in and his arguments are typical of this genre of antidance literature. Although Ham and other writers recognize dance in the Bible, it was interpreted as only danced by women, never in closed rooms, and never at night.

Also typical of this type of manual, the author includes a list of other denunciations from Catholic, Jewish, Episcopal church leaders. And, in an unusual addition, Ham includes an attack against social dance written by famed ballerina, Lydia Lupokova. Ham, in his colorful language, notes he has published this warning to "save many young men and women from one of Satan's most fetching appeals to the lust of the flesh. Also rev Wehman's complete dancing master and call book: containing a full and complete description of all the modern dances, together with the figures of the german.

Wehman c This is a typical example of a manual compiled from previously published materials and assembled by a publisher. The manual contains hints for balls and information on the performance of quadrilles and round dances. The popular parlor game known as the German or cotillon is given 55 figures.

This antidance treatise presents three of the central arguments for this genre of literature. First, dance is injurious to the health; second, dance is a waste of time and money. The third argument recognizes that dance is mentioned in the Bible; however, the author claims that only women danced and solely for religious purposes. A complete practical guide to the art of dancing. Containing descriptions of all fashionable and approved dances, full directions for calling the figures, the amount of music required; hints on etiquette, the toilet, etc.

New York dancing master Hillgrove acknowledges that he has "availed himself of all the books from which he might elicit any valuable information. Divided into six parts, Hillgrove discusses the benefits of dance, dress, deportment and etiquette in the ballroom and the supper room. The second part focuses on bows and courtesies, positions of the feet, and provides exercises for the feet and legs.

The third and fourth parts discuss the quadrille and provide many figures; the fifth part is devoted to round dances such as the waltz, polka, schottisch, galop, and polka mazurka.

The last section focuses on more quadrille figures and other group dances such as the "Virginia Reel," "Money Musk," and College Hornpipe. The scholars' companion and ballroom vade mecum By Thomas Hillgrove.

This manual was reissued in under the title Hillgrove's scholars' companion and ball-room guide Typical of many nineteenth-century dance manuals, little of the text originated from the pen of New York dancing master Thomas Hillgrove. Instead, much is borrowed from previously published manuals. The scholars' companion gives information on dress, introductions, etiquette and deportment and describes the most popular ballroom dances of the day--quadrille, Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date, polka, schottisch, polka redowa, polka mazurka, gorlitza, and redowa.

Noticeably missing from Hillgroves's manual is any reference to the popular group dance known as the cotillon or German. H65 Cox, Holt begins his discussion with a history of "chorography" and the work of famed eighteenth-century dancing masters and choreographers Guillaume-Louis Pecour, Pierre Beauchamps, and Raoul-Auger Feuillet.

Several pages of dances written in the dance notation system devised by Feuillet are included. Holt's "reconstruction" of the pavan includes the appropriate music from Thoinot Arbeau's manual, Orchesographie. For decades, the inclusion of the notation and music was deceiving to many unsuspecting people who used Holt's manual to reconstruct dances for the Renaissance and Baroque.

Holt's interpretations bear Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date resemblance to the originals; however, they do clearly illuminate the romanticized aura that began to surround such dances as the minuet during the nineteenth century. Line drawings and photographs enhance Holt's manual.

The tango and other up-to-date dances; a Vol. 3 guide to all the latest dances, tango, one step, innovation, hesitation, etc. Hopkins; illustrated with photographs posed by Mr. Vernon Castle, Joseph C. The Saalfield publishing company This manual is an excellent source for ragtime era dances I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen - Robbie Williams - Swing When Youre Winning the one step, tango, Brazilian maxixe, and hesitation waltz.

The book is richly illustrated with more than twenty photos of many famous exhibition ballroom couples such as Irene and Vernon Castle; and Maurice and Florence Walden. Howe, This is one of several manuals credited to the well-known American inventor, Elias Howe. Like many nineteenth-century dance manuals, it is a compilation of other sources Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date assembled by a publisher.

The book begins with a brief etiquette of the ballroom and continues with information on the supper room and how to arrange balls.

The work also discusses many popular group dances including the quadrille, country dance, and German or parlor cotillon as well as round dances--polka, schottisch, esmerelda, polka redowa, and zingerilla. Also H84 Complete ball-room hand book, containing upwards of three hundred dances By Elias Howe, assisted by several eminent professors of dancing.

Williams, To demonstrate the authority of this manual, the publisher claims the author to be American inventor, Elias Howe. Similar to many other dance manuals published throughout the nineteenth century, this book is a publisher's compilation of other sources.

The book begins with a description of ballroom etiquette, dress, appropriate music, and rules for prompters. The manual continues of the era's most popular dances including quadrilles, waltz, polka, schottisch, gorlitza, polka mazurka, country dances, and figures for forty-two "Fancy Cotillons," also known as the cotillon or Germana Vol.

3 dance performed as a series of party games, usually to waltz music. H86 Arranged for the Piano or Organ. Music arranged for the Piano-Forte. This small, pocketsiz manual is attributed to American in-ventor Elias Howe; however, a publisher assembled it.

Even though the manual itself is small in size, it manages to pack in a thorough discussion of etiquette of the ballroom and supper room, a discussion on the differences betwn public balls an private parties, and how to call quadrilles or cotillons.

Descriptions are included for numerous dances including the polka, waltz, schottisch, quadrille, and contra dance. At first glance, Hubbert appears to be presenting both pro and con agruments regarding the suitability of dancing. However, the discussion is weighted toward the common discourse found in this genre of antidance literature.

Hubbert argues that although dance was practiced in biblical times, it was performed by and for women. Additionally, he concludes that dance is bad for the health and a waste of time and money. Mann, This book consists of two sermons delivered by Jacob Idepastor of the Second Church in Medway during December View full artist profile. View all similar artists. View all trending tracks.

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  2. The Sound Of Scotland, an album by Jim MacLeod and His Band on Spotify. Eightsome Reel: The Marquis of Tullibardine / Lady MacKenzie of Coull / Davie Knick-Knack/ Jean Kilpatrick's Fancy & more Celtic Favorites. Highland Cathedral. More Jim MacLeod and His Band. Listen to The Sound Of Scotland now. Listen to The Sound Of Scotland in.
  3. Jim Cameron and his Scottish Country Dance Band probably made over recordings for the very popular Beltona label and were witout a doubt the company's biggest name in the post war period. You can listen to short samples from some of the tracks from this artist using the player below.
  4. Listen to Cumberland Reel from Jim Cameron Scottish Dance Band's Danses Ecossaises, Scottish Country Dancing for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.
  5. Cameron Osteen,Kendrick Duckworth,John Bowman,Dana Stinson,Reggie Noble,Trevor Smith,Solana Rowe,James Yancey Jim Morrison Nadim Deemz Akkash,Sebastian Czekaj White 0HE8hKMYDQiHzo5Q6cuLaB SB Maffija 3 a.m. His Rawest Majesty,Nieznany His Rawest Majesty 0iR4BigLw1uSLXE6NAnQIS.
  6. CEILIDH DANCE INSTRUCTION Eightsome Reel Formation: Four couples arranged around a square, lady on the right of the man. Couple with their backs to the music are couple number 1, couple on their left number 2, couple opposite number 3.
  7. 5 b isla cameron lay the bent to the bonny broom / the turtle dove b isla cameron died for / the queen s manes / queen jane b square dance band square dances (side 1) / square dances (side 2) b square dance band the tempest / the rifleman b perry como/ & fontane sisters there s a big blue cloud / there s no boat like a rowboat b dinah shore sweet violets.
  8. Listen to Eightsome Reel from Jimmy Shand and His Band's O'er The Border for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. ) was a Scottish musician who played traditional Scottish dance music on the accordion. Early life James Shand was born in East Wemyss in Fife, son of a farm ploughman turned miner. Jim MacLeod & His.

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