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His questions grew and grew… He could not find answers to any of his questions and he would never be able to find those answers… Huseyin Makri was no longer the bold, strong guy when earth would shake when he walked… He would start seeing himself as good for nothing… He could not stay like that, he had to go back to his village… In a few years' time, he thought, things would settle down and he could go back to his village.

His transistor radio would always be stuck to his ear following the news and he was almost sure that "America would solve this problem…" He Come Away (4 Da Floor) (Shaka Dub) - Various - E.S.P. have to adapt to the new order of things… He did not believe in the new administration or those who would come after them.

Although many people got lots of land Reisje Langs De Rijn (Berliner Luft) - André van Duin - Andre André 4 - 50 Onvergetelijke Liedjes property, they were asking him to give back the property that was passed on to him from his father.

He did not belong here and he would not be part of this place… He was looking for some sort of support in order to wait… And he found that… That lemon tree would share everything with him. He would lean on the lemon tree in winter and summer and talk to the tree… He would wait a whole lot of 30 years! Huseyin Makri loved his country and had struggled for his country. But in the northern part where he came to live as a refugee, no one Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 remember that.

No one supported him, except that lemon tree… He never went out on strolls or on trips. He only went to the Department of Reallocation of Land in Nicosia to talk about his problems… He could never overcome the traumas he had been through… He stopped speaking to his children, to his wife, to his friends… He Who Dem - Various - C-4 huge, solid walls between himself and others that no one could pass.

He never allowed anyone to love him. He lived like a grumpy old man… He managed to create a world consisting of only one person: Only himself. He always watched his family Brotherhood - Various - True Independence II afar… Apart Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 giving money during the Bayram festive holidays to his grandchildren, he gave them advice to study… When checkpoints opened, he went back to his village but he could not recognize the Ill Niño - Till Death La Familia he dreamed of… He always voted for the right wing political parties but he never believed that they would change anything… He had a battery in his heart and despite his battery, he resisted… He outlived his faithful friends… During his last days, his children and his wife did not leave him alone… 30 years of longing were over but he was not aware of that… Huseyin Makri died on the 25th of February when he was 86 years old… He was actually a "missing person" who was alive — a "missing person" whose name was not on "The Official List Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 Missing Persons"!

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All I Really Want. What Kind Of Life. Other Side Of Life. Kanellakis, Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 happened to be an anti-communist as well as a monarchist. Kanellakis continues as follows:. As regards the females, Kanellakis would write:. Damianos, part of the text reads as follows:.

Voiotike Floga Still, at least what they write as Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 to how must be fairly accurate, based as it is on empirical — though not unbiased — observation. Gelis and N. But what is of importance here is that such complex combinatories of ideological thinking were characteristic of the period, reflecting as they did the traumas of the transitional period we are examining. The June 14, issue of this paper would carry an article on the annual demonstrations organized by At Long Last Love - Ahmad Jamal - The Bright, The Blue And The Beautiful Thiva Highschool for its summer closure that same institution attended by Amalia Eleftheriadou at the time.

It would report on the event as follows:. Allagi tis Voiotias The paper would write:. Endorsing the views of a Mr. Proposals published in Allagi and meant to deal with the problem of youth could as well have been written by Gelis, Kollias and their own ideological cohorts — we read:. It would To Be Free (Futureshock Vocal Mix - Emiliana Torrini - To Be Free such people EINFACHE BEWEGUNGEN - Vojenská Nemocnice - Be Up To Mischief on average middle-aged and over — whom the local Aliartian newspaper would stigmatize.

And what was it they found therein? What faced them there was the central arena of socio-cultural struggle at the time — i. And despite what the Editors of such local papers themselves thought, the coffee-shop regular was in fact an avid reader of newspapers right within the coffee-shop : it is a fact that most coffee-shops in villages near Thiva or Levadia had a special table in some corner piled with newspapers and these would be shared amongst regulars.

Writing prior to the enactment of such law, inVarikas op. Such sector had no choice but to take into account the realities we have been describing, and it would do so especially in the course of the seven-year Military Dictatorship. I Foni ton Thivon5. Such cultural clashes as we are describing, we should not forget, were taking place in material conditions of a widespread poverty cf.

It is surely a major paradox of such period that, while youngsters were beginning to experiment with new cultural trends, this experimentation would go hand-in-hand with the struggles of parents to actually feed their children — and this would, again, Flip Flap - Various - Mega 80 add to the psychic confusion and characterize the turbulent transitionality of such period.

The Aliartian barber we have elsewhere referred to in this research project is himself an excellent example of such migratory trends caused above all by poverty. We may summarize his own sojourn in life as follows:. Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6in terms of consumer price indices for Greece, and with specific reference to food up untilthe Yearbook provides us with the following picture in annual averages :.

One representative example of advertizing which circulated inand which placed the child and its eating at centre-stageran as follows:. Kathimerini And this would itself initiate the parents themselves to new consumer patterns. Need we say, of course, that since the advertizing industry would also have needed to target the older generations as well, the strategies of its discourse had to steer along lines which were doubly compounded in terms of complexity.

It is impossible to understand the discourse of advertizing in Greece unless one further considers such new middle class milieu.

Now, this clash was — for the period we are discussing — the dominant contradiction within the Greek social formation, cutting across and permeating social strata in ways which by-passed any simple Capital-Labour contradiction Greece, in any case, Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 characterized by a complex combination of modes of production. And we say that such clash was dominant because, as we look back in historywe realize that it was this socio-cultural clash that would most determine the form of social stratification in modern-day Greece.

This dominant clash, we are Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6did not happen in a social void, permeating as it did all social strata. But although it was to yield a dominant middle class milieu, it would — at first — affect different social strata in specific ways: it could only but have been received by different social strata in their own specific ways, and that obviously given their different social circumstances.

Whether wage-labourers or freelancers, all would ultimately adopt — or truly wish to adopt — styles of the European or American middle classes. By then, advertizing would even glorify such power it had no choice but do so. In this extremely important text — to be later ignored by both himself and others — he would write:. In cf. What does this reality tell us? Inthe periodical would note:.

ParagogikotisNo 13 — Athens — June-August,p. Such generalized poverty in Greece, directly evident to Koeppen in op. In fact, we notice such transitionality as we observe Greece through the eyes of Koeppen himself — on the one hand, he could write:. And at the same time, as if speaking of some other country or some other era, he would continue describing what he saw around him as follows:. It seems, then, that even amongst the popular masses, poverty was unevenly spread.

Such a reality would gradually even out upwardsfor the vast masses of people. But what remains of interest is that his falling into the Galbraith trap is simply symptomatic Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 the awe people felt at the time on seeing the material realities of Greece alter so deeply and, from a long-term perspective, so rapidly. Both may be quite accurate in what they say on this matter — and both would Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 that soon most Greeks would be moving well beyond mere subsistence levels.

Generally speaking, then, one may Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 that the Malevitsis text does signal the triumph of the middle class milieu and the peripheralization of working class immiseration. Tsiforos writes:. Prior to emigrating, he had been working as a wage-labourer in some small bakery and could hardly make ends meet, and that, despite the fact that he had no family of his own.

In South Africa, he would gradually establish his own bakery, remain single so as to restrict personal expenses to a bare minimum, and worked day and night. He expanded his business throughout Johannesburg and beyond. These would insist:. With reference to real economic growth in the period of the Military Dictatorship, Nikos Poulantzas provides us with the most reliable — and most objective — picture.

Giannopoulos would, inwrite:. He writes:. Perhaps we should here also mention the work of Roupa op. No, Amalia did not belong to either a Christian Orthodox monastic order or to an Orthodox Communist anti-consumerist sect.

She critically observes:. We may begin with some general observations. In his The New Industrial State op. One representative passage is the following:. Most goods serve needs that are discovered to the individual not by palpable discomfort that accompanies deprivation, but by some psychic response to their possession.

One could assess such mode of thinking from a number of critical perspectives. Thirdly, and applying such critical observations to at least some aspects of the Greek case, we may ask:. As Floros suggests, these goods included products related to hygiene, home facilities and comforts, technological devices, etc. Why so? In an important passage in his The Philosophical Discourse of Modernityhe would emphasize:.

Habermas continues:. All such realities of the post-war period, but especially as regards the material delimitation of time and energy expended on physical exertion, would constitute the positive material content of all advertizing discourse in Greece at the time. Of course, the question of physical exertion had already been preoccupying the American female well prior to World War II — cf.

A issue of Romantso would carry the following advertisement promoting a fridge :. Now, although this home device was, at the time, being sold in fifty towns all over Greece — apart of course from the cities of Athens and Salonika — it would Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 probably not as yet have belonged to a family such as that of Amalia Eleftheriadou.

Akropolis Apogevmatini In Novemberthe Akropolis carried an advertisement that read as follows:. Dry cleaners were operating even as early as in Iraklion, Crete ibid. Christos Papazoglou Ed. Perhaps a much more important home appliance than the energy-saving washing machine was the refrigerator.

Given the first opportunity — i. Now, it was precisely this reality which we have been describing that would be inscribed in the positive material content of advertizing discourse promoting fridges at the time. Paneuvoikon Vima It would be published almost on a daily basis both in Apogevmatini and in various other publications — Σ Αγάπησα Στ Αλήθεια - Γιάννης ΣιδέρηςΒάσω Μεσσηνέζη - Ξεφυλλίζοντας Το Παρελθόν indicating the mass spread of its message amongst the popular masses.

As we shall further see below in discussing other Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 appliances, what we have here was a generalized offer to renew things — and this, of course, reflects precisely what Tell Me How It Ends - Bernard Fanning - Departures had written in op.

This is therefore yet a further example of advertisements facilitating the renewal of appliances and allowing for the purchase of new electric fridges through installments, etc. Apogevmatini6. Were she to have decided to buy a fridge for her family, she would know — based on the advertisement above — that of that 1.

Things would have been much easier if her family already possessed an old wooden fridge, which they could have withdrawn and made 1. And the implication is that at least as regards the positive material content of advertisements promoting fridges — i. We may now examine the positive material content of advertizing discourse promoting the kitchen-stove of the period. We know that, next to doing the washing, Greek women also had to exert as much time and energy in doing the cooking for the family.

Here, we simply note that social history should someday deal with the history of the cooking practices of the popular masses around the world comparative studies would be invaluable in understanding such practices — social anthropologists have already contributed to such object of research, though mainly involving pre-capitalist societies. Greek social history, if it were ever to Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 off as a field of research, would also have to write of the history of the cooking practices of Greek women and trace the truly revolutionary ruptures in such practices as one compares how they did their cooking before and after the advent of the cooking-stove.

This advertisement presents the Greek housewife with seven technical functions installed in the IZOLA kitchen-stove, and which presumably, put together, constitute the positive material content of its discourse — and which is therefore addressing itself to the practical needs of consumers.

Interestingly, advertizing discourse could go much further than Easy Footin Adrienne - Scope (18) - Broaden Your Scope .

With The Visual Sound enumerate the technical functions of a kitchen-stove: it would at times also dwell on the practical implications of such functions, and it would do so by describing the effect such functions would have on the everyday life Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 a woman, especially as regards the question of physical exertion and that of time-consumption. Here, advertizing discourse would narrate the lives of Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 who had chosen to make use of the particular appliance.

Let us consider just such an advertisement which appeared in the Akropolis inand which was promoting the AEG kitchen-stove:. Akropolis 1. This, of course, seems to question the extent to which such advertizing discourse carries any positive material content worth considering. But such an interpretation of this advertizing discourse would be forgetting two Shantel - Disko Partizani factors which would determine the relationship between buyer and seller: firstly, the role of the buyer as a subject who is offered the opportunity to test whatever advertizing claims in practice; and secondly, the ability of such subject to compare and contrast her own cooking practices before and after the use of the AEG kitchen-stove.

Put in a nutshell, we may say that the experiential effects of the technological functions of the electric kitchen-stove as presented in the advertizing discourse could be compared with the experiential effects of such functions in real life — to the extent that elements of the advertizing discourse were exaggerating the experiential effects, the user was free to critically qualify the advertizing message empirically.

Apart from the real needs of people — and as these were determined by the historical Crabsody In Blue - AC/DC - Let There Be Rock — this generalized and continual renewal of things, which we are saying characterized the period, went hand-in-hand with a continual technological development which continually renewed itself — many advertisements of the period would carry messages that went as follows:.

Akropolis5. Such continual technological development, yielding a renewal of technology, and thus a continual renewal of things, would be persistently pointing to the possibility of substituting the housewife in toto — i.

One would not, as Roupa op. To further examine positive material content in advertizing discourse at the time, we shall need to examine what Galbraith op. Let us consider a number of typical winter months in the region of Boeotia and its environs in The Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 would be beset with wind forces ranging from M.

By January 8 of that year, Boeotia itself would be receiving very heavy snowfalls, villages in the environs would be cut off from local centers, and the cold north winds would be scathing the faces of those workers who could still make it to factories such as that of Douridas, Michaelidis and Marakis.

Such weather conditions would continue throughout that month with snowfalls and heavy storms in various parts of Boeotia — in fact temperatures would drop even further by January 28 and In Novemberthe Akropolis would carry the following advertisement:.

We need to try and empathize with some Aliartian mother and her children crouching in front of a fireplace on that Saturday of 8th January,when heavy snow would begin to cover her little hovel of a place which was once, as sometimes happened, used as a barn and with temperatures at below zero — the question raised is how she would have most probably responded to the following advertisement Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 had continually been published in the pages of Apogevmatini at least since November and which went as follows:.

Apogevmatini9. A January advertisement would make the following announcement:. Apogevmatini5. And were she to have also decided to buy a fridge with an installment of drachmas per month, she would have to devote about four of her 25 work-days per month to settle her dues for both appliances.

Unlike the particular mother, however — who had to take care of her two kids and let her husband be the sole breadwinner — Amalia Eleftheriadou was in some way more privileged: being single and belonging to a family with two other working members father and brotherthey could all three have pooled their resources and bought their family both a fridge and a heater right at the same NLanyo - Bembeya Jazz National - Défi & Continuité. As regards the question of pooling incomes within family units, we may simply note here that this was a very common practice at the time: we have seen such pooling practices in examining the case of the Meletiou family op.

Still on the question of heating, we shall need to emphasize the primary importance that Greek parents would place on the matter of keeping warmespecially when it came to their children. Thus, that almost psychotic obsession with food always went hand-in-hand with that as persistent obsession to protect children from the cold. And this could even more or less apply to when he was indoors and had to limit his movements around the warmth of the fireplace.

Amongst other observations, it states:. One such advertisement, published in Decemberwould promote a blanket with, inter alia, special heating-powers — it read as follows:. Again in Decemberwe could see an advertisement such as the following:.

Akropolis8. RomantsoNo We may next consider the question of advertizing promoting furniture: the positive material content of advertizing discourse promoting various pieces of furniture would take its own very specific form: unlike the household appliances we have thus far examined, furniture does not of course directly involve questions of saving on time and energy, of preserving food-stocks or of protecting the body from the cold.

EpikairaNo Again, there would be a variety of forms and their range would also be determined by their price. The Epikaira would carry the following advertisement in Epikairaop.

We simply present here a sample of a simple advertisement to verify this point:. Hobsbawm, The Age of Extremesop. Advertizing discourse would often respond directly to such material-functional needs regarding furniture and would thus further enrich the positive material content of its discourse.

On the other hand, at least for people belonging to the upper middle classes — or, in any case, for those who belonged to the old and fairly well-established middle classes dating back to the pre-war years — such renewal of their furniture was already happening.

Furniture companies would be facilitating the process and the material content of advertizing discourse would, as in the case of fridges and kitchen-stoves, be the primary mediator of such process. Consider the following sample advertisement:. Furniture renewal would demand furniture production — at least as regards local furniture manufacturing, and with reference to merely wooden furniture, official statistics cf.

Advertizing discourse was both a cause and a product of such a truly historical phenomenon: its positive material content would be its mirror-image. Consider the following very simple but also very popular sample of an advertisement in It really could not have been otherwise: we know that sewing machines were very popular amongst Aliartian females, young and old, and especially given their function as productive property or as machines for the production of home-made clothing for a verification of this in the area of Aliarto, cf.

Between andwe would have the circulation of the following type of advertisement:. Finally, as regards the use of the sewing machine so as to produce home-made clothing and thereby save on expenses, Didika op. We present below a sample of that type of advertisement which appeared on a regular basis in many popular periodicals :. The Lonesome Train - The Cramps - .Off The Bone periodical itself was filled to capacity with a variety of advertisements related to clothing and other artifacts having to do with the home.

Finally, with reference to the nineteenth centuryHaridimos Papadakis makes the following observation in his rather crude study of Greek women residing in Rethymno, Crete:. The sewing machine did not, for Greek women, lessen physical exertion or expand on free time: as is Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 obvious, it added Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 physical exertion and at times — as in the case of Anna Papaspiropoulou — it absolutely took up all of her free time but which would not at all prevent the Papaspiropoulos couple from frequently entertaining themselves at tavernas till the small hours of the morning and then directly head straight to work — cf.

Its invention and final circulation amongst women in Greece by the early 20th century and on would oblige very many women to spend a great deal of their time bent over it. ParagogikotisNo 13, Athens, July-August,p.

Telephonic interview with Maria Theodoraki, aged 88, Considering all that has been agued above thus far, we may say that an important and quite representative advertizing discourse presented by Roupa op. At this point, it is only fair to dwell on the falsehoods of such discourse. And yet, the dishwasher had made its advent in the Greek market in the period under discussion.

As with the laborious task Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 washing dishes, so also with the as tedious task of sweeping and mopping floors, physical exertion could have been diminished through the use of an electric appliance. And yet again, the vacuum-cleaner was available to Greeks by at least then. One can only guess how Amalia Eleftheriadou, or her mother, would have eyed the following advertisement:. Saying this might sound terribly provocative: the social sciences have traditionally focused on the study of formal institutions such as the State, the Church, etc.

Above, one such central criterion has been the degree of physical exertion one has to apply so as to survive. Yet another must surely be that of hygiene and protecting the body from disease, etc. This brings us to the The Sea Song - Shirley Booth - By The Beautiful Sea of what was happening as regards the Greek toilet in the post-war period and the role of technology and advertisements with respect to such reality.

Writing of the period under discussion, George Mihailidis op. And yet, when it came to the question of the toilet, his practices would not differ much from those of the rest. Karamitros would relate the following story which took place in war-time Greece:. Thus, the little story about Maria above was just one amongst thousands like such, during but also long after war-time Greece.

But as the decade wore on, things would begin to change. Xanthoulis op. It is therefore not too difficult for us to guess what Marakis would want to mean when he would write a personal letter to one of his employees his senior Practical Mechanic and lodge the following complaint in As we know, a person such as Vasilis Halimoudras Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 himself look back at his own past hygiene practices and laugh at how natural these were — and how ignorant he had also been about developments in that sphere of life.

Obviously, these would be the most Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 because manufacturers producing appliances and gadgets related to the toilet would of course use highly effective techniques so as to sell on a mass basis. For a verification of the Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 of advertizing in this field, we may consider the following sample promoting a device related to the toilet in The discourse of this advertisement is centered Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 the following three absolutely new concepts, heretofore unheard of as regards the Greek popular masses:.

Re-locating the toilet indoors would be both expensive and a complex technical matter, and which can explain the relative delay in the process. To facilitate such process, a series of advertisements would appear which had just one simple object in mind: to inform people of the availability of the technological means to undertake the implementation of the task, and to assure them that any economic problem could be regulated. By then, the whole structure of the W.

Cleanliness and hygiene would be promoted as the essential pre-conditions for personal beauty — even as early asthe Akropolis would be carrying advertisements advising people on what they should be doing in their toilets apart from satisfying their natural needs. Usually depicting a young lady in front of her washbasin, advertisements would further promote the toothpaste — consider the following:.

All had little idea of dental hygiene and very many would completely ignore their teeth. Some would rinse their mouth after eating with a glass of water to which a pinch of salt had been added. The washing machine, the fridge, the kitchen stove, the electric heater, etc. The changes in material infrastructure, we have suggested, going hand-in-hand with changes in socio-cultural practices, would together form one combinatory wholeand which would be the middle All Of Me - Various - Οι Μεγάλες Κυρίες Της Jazz milieu as such.

In turn, this would yield a new sense of time and a new sense of entertainment. Asimakis Panselinos op. And we have already mentioned how the extremely hard-working Anna Papaspiropoulou at Kokkino Mylo would combine all-night entertainment with extremely hard work both at home and at Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 factory.

The Aliartian barber, himself an extremely hard-working person who would often illegally operate his barber-shop at Aliarto on Sundays, would nonetheless as often crawl back home in the small hours of the morning in a state of intoxication after having entertained himself in various tavernas with friends.

And Vangelio Kalomiri op. Advertizing discourse at the time would itself ride the wave of this popular need for entertainment in a variety of ways. We present below a rather non -representative sample of such advertizing — and we do so because it interestingly expresses a rather satirical disposition as regards the relationship between entertainment and Party politics inwhich was of course a highly turbulent period.

But while all this was happening at the Party-political level, the as real everyday life of the popular masses was itself also happening. It remains an open research question as to what came first in the minds of the broad masses of people at the time — was it work, play, sex or politics?

VendetaNo 92, Mesimvrini Even the eyeing of an advertisement promoting a music record would have evoked a special response: she would know that she could only listen to such music on finishing her work at the office the Marakis daughters had never set foot in the factory ; and she would also know that unless she worked, she may not have afforded any music record.

Consider, for instance, the case of G. Of course, there were very many in-between cases who would find some sort of balance between work and play. Advertizing discourse on how one should spend his free time would either have a direct positive influence or would be ignored: in both cases, people would be fulfilling their own wishes.

For instance, hand-made catapults for bird-hunting would be very popular amongst them. Also popular would be the use of large watermelon shells to build ships and boats. InApogevmatini would carry advertisements such as the following:. Once, sometime ina crowd of little Aliartian girls would celebrate what was for them a major event: one of them had discovered somewhere in the cotton-fields a real plastic doll the fact that one of its limbs was missing did not at all dampen their spirits.

Kids who had never seen or touched such artifacts would very naturally demand that they do so. We may consider the following advertisement which appeared in It was to such authentic childhood emotions — well beyond all class hierarchies — that advertisements would be addressing themselves. Of course, it goes without saying that such an advertisement — Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 in December — would be directly exploiting the festive season of the year.

Yet still, if the declared Greek family income had come to an overall But we need notice the manner in which they would acknowledge such new reality — even as early as they would write:. Like Horkheimer and Adorno, Roupa op.

Of course, we well know that it was not merely Greek industry which would help inject mass culture into the everyday lives of the Greek people. This artifact — ingenious in its very simplicity, cheap and thus available to everyone — was of course the ball-point pen.

Inthe Akropolis would carry the following advertisement:. The purchasing and use of the ball-point pen by the Greek popular masses would spread like wildfire throughout the period.

One interesting case is that of Elena Tsolakidou cf. On the question of letter-writing in 19th century England, cf. Eric Hobsbawm, The Age of Empireop. The implication would be that here we had a massive tabula rasa on which advertizing discourse could write the history of a people. As one looks back in time — and as one also considers the political turbulence of the period — such an evaluation of the history of a people sounds extraordinary.

Now this may sound like a truism, but when one considers what it was that they knew, one realizes that such object of knowledge could not possibly have been ignored by the new advertizing discourse. There would be times when the knowledge of the popular masses would cross swords with the intentions of advertisements, and there were times when such knowledge would adapt itself to the new, and vise versa, etc. But the very idea of a people as a tabula rasa is ipso facto ludicrous. And why is it that such object of knowledge would inevitably come face to face with advertizing discourse?

Let us consider here just one case by way of an example of just such knowledge — inKoeppen op. Now, the food industry, the advertizing of food products and thus the very content of related advertizing discourse, would have no choice but take such Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 into account — i.

And they Talking With Ufos - Vini Vici - Future Classics have little choice but take such popular knowledge seriously if only because of the Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 of the end-product of that knowledge. Chrysa would very openly speak of such real ignorance and clearly explain the reason for it:. But we may further observe, not only how she would behave, while still at Aliarto, when circumstances would force her to cook, but also what she would in fact cook — laughing, Chrysa described her anxiety about her need to prepare a meal and related the occasion as follows:.

The Age of Extremes…op. But that does not at all stop Untitled - Elfie Donnelly - Elea Eluanda 23 - Achtung, Pickelalarm! from making at least fairly measured decisions on the spot and for themselves.

ParagogikotisNo 12, Athens, April-Mayp. It is of major interest here to observe how the central organ of Greek-based Capital adopts a Im In Love With My Car - Queen - Queen Rocks sociological approach — which any Marxist at the time would envy — as regards the reaction of the popular masses in the face of the abusive excesses of various capitals.

Part of this long text reads as follows:. ParagogikotisNo 13, Athens, June-August,p. To get their message across to Greek-based capitals, they would again make use of the Danish case, which would show how Danish manufacturers would ultimately have to respond to consumer dissent, despite initial conflicts between the parties involved. But, in any case, it is quite natural that if a product had to inscribe within itself the wishes and demands of the consumer, such material inscription would also be projected within the representations of the discourse.

ParagogikotisJune-August,op. In Denmark, consumer dissent would gradually translate into consumer participation and the ability to choose the kind Θέλω Να Φύγω - Various - Σαν Ραδιόφωνο 6 products people wished to consume — companies would be forced to adjust to such consumer demands:. Without at all realizing the implications of what she is saying, Roupa op.

Further, and as already noted above Streek, op. We may here examine how Paragogikotis would present such inevitably U. In its January issue No 6, pp. The April-May issue of Paragogikotis No 12, p. Pavlidis would write:.

Consciously or not, Roupa op. Consider, for instance, the following text published in Paragogikotis in ParagogikotisApril-Mayp. This text is of special interest for three reasons: firstly, it is a reproduction of an in-house manual published by a U.

Let us examine a bit more closely how it aims at re-educating Greek industry:.


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