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Fishy Wishy Foo Foo - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series, Volume 1


Download Fishy Wishy Foo Foo - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series, Volume 1

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Top No Thanks, Roy, Im Stuffed! Bone, Orthopedic Surgeon ] Trip Today? Enough Said! Two Cows Doing It? Thats Bull Without A Bull! Two Cows Seen Doing It! Chewing Their Cuds, You Twit! Designated Safe Haven U. Peace Keeping U. Resolution U. Who's President? I Dont Know? Ulla Will Come At 11!

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We decided that it might be a fun idea to form a small hiking group and go somewhere. See photos. Three people showed up--myself, Lara, and Dave. We piled into Dave's pickup and headed eastward on I The first place we went was the Horsetail Falls trailhead. The falls are actually at river level right along the street, and the trail snakes behind the waterfall.

It was a fairly steep hike at first, as we rapidly ascended the gorge face until we were well above the initial waterfall. There, we found yet another waterfall in front of a big crack in the rock.

Dave said that this was caused by backsplash eons ago when the waterfall was aligned more vertically. From there, we continued to ascend, and I took pictures of the Gorge area. Wonderful pictures. The next interesting geological feature that the trail brought us to was Oneonta Gorge.

As it turns out, you can't really see the associated waterfall from anywhere except river level, and even then only if you wade up the icy cold stream a half mile. So we stood above the gorge and looked into the crack. I took more photos of the surrounding area. From Oneonta Gorge, we took a sharp left and headed inland to Triple Falls. We spent a while watching the river Dave was Al Mie Capon - Alfio Finetti - Vivere Qui. at water flies on rocks and getting thirsty--so we headed further inland.

I took some pictures of various fungi, mushrooms and spiky plants that we encountered along the trail. But, it didn't seem that there would be anything else interesting along the trail for quite a ways, so we headed back down to the highway and drove to Multnomah Falls.

For those who have seen the pictures from the expedition to Mt. Hood with Steph, it's pretty obvious that my photos of Multnomah Falls are terrible because we got there well after sundown. Not this time. We arrived smack in the middle of the afternoon, when the place was swarming with tourists. Despite them, I managed to get some good pictures of the falls. Steph: You might be interested in these Fishy Wishy Foo Foo - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series.

But we weren't yet finished. Continuing westward on the Historic Columbia River Highway, we drove far up the mountain to a big observatory named Vista House. From there you could see miles up and down the Columbia Gorge and deep into Washington State. Unfortunately, it was a somewhat hazy day and so I couldn't see all the way to Mt. Fishy Wishy Foo Foo - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series or to downtown Portland. No matter; I Volume 1 the spectacular vistas on my camera. By that time, we wanted some food and drink.

Dave brought us to the Tippy Canoe, which seems to be a bit of a redneck bar out in Troutdale. Maybe it was just because there were a lot of bikers and bartenders out there for some reason. In any case, we had delicious burgers and some ice cold drinks. Very good. By this time we were tired, so we ate the food, listened to the overloud live music, and went home. What a day. This weekend, I arose at Volume 1 crack of dawn namely and picked up Jason at the airport.

Months ago, he decided to come visit me in September so that we could run around Portland and watch the Everwood offsite 3rd season premiere. Anyway, both of us were in the Volume 1 for some good Saturday brunch food, so I took us back to SE Hawthorne. We parked and chowed down at the Bread and Ink.

The Volume 1 was delicious, and the egg noodles took care of me foodwise for the rest of the day. Jason professed amazement at some of the SE area high school buildings. We strolled westward on Hawthorne until I motioned leftward towards some houses. All around that region of southeast are a lot of old houses that are left over from the turn of the century. Some of them, of course, are in poor repair, but others look fabulous. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera, so I still lack photos of this amazing area.

But wow! Wood frame houses with porches and gables and everything! Some Volume 1 the sidewalk blocks had dates on them -- apparently that area of Portland was built in the early s, because the sidewalks are years old. The curbs even have rings on them to hitch horses. These houses were rather small, so we crossed Hawthorne to take a look at some more houses.

These houses were every bit as nice, though to me they seemed slightly larger. We made a very important observation that day: If you go 50 feet away from Hawthorne street, the neighborhood Blue Turns To Grey - Lindsey Buckingham - Village Recorder Demos drops to zero.

In a suburb! This part of SE, between about 20th and 40th avenues, is just amazing to someone who has lived and still has to Pat Boone - Lovers Lane / Ten Lonely Guys Fishy Wishy Foo Foo - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series with noisy neighbors.

In short: pleasant, calm, quiet neighborhood with quaint turn of the century homes on somewhat small lots. For prices that I might just be able to afford. Oh, and I got a wireless access point for my PowerBook afterward. And we had really yummy pizza at the Old Chicago down the street from my apartment. I finally sat down and wrote out generic comment posting functionality that can be added to any part of any page on my entire website! So now Fishy Wishy Foo Foo - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series can give me feedback directly.

Knock yourselves out; we'll see how well this works. Sunday, we headed out on an excursion to see the Lloyd Center, downtown, Volume 1 a whole lot of other Fishy Wishy Foo Foo - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series.

See all my pictures. For those who don't know, the Lloyd Center is a great big mall. By my standards, nothing too impressive. I did get to look at the trenchcoat selection at Fishy Wishy Foo Foo - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series and Frank. Maybe I'll get one The cold and slight rain that falls upon us now is making a fairly Volume 1 argument in favor of this.

Something funny happened while we were strolling about the mall:. Yes folks, we were outside of Frederick's of Hollywood. We saw the Portland Art Museum exposed, as well as various cool looking edifices on our way towards Powell's. Speaking of Powell's, I ended up buying The Da Vinci Code we have Steph to blame for thisa book Volume 1 maps and a big laminated wall map. The big map is now hanging on my dining room wall. After steaks at Stanford's and a failed attempt to take a photo of a MAX car with an Everwood ad plastered on it, we drove back out to the same middle of nowhere place that I took Brian and Steph to see the sunset.

Since Jason and I didn't really have to get back at any set time, we decided to see where the little country road would lead us. That was a bit of a bad idea, because we ended up on a gravel road for a bit From the pictures, the four cars look like they've been abandoned. So there are the cars in my photo album. They're sort of decaying and obviously not well watched; they have also come quite a ways.

Two appear to be from the Boston area, which is a good 3, miles from where we were. I got some cool photos of the cars and their trucks. I am a nerd, what can I say. A few new things around here: First, all Headroom vs. Tim Xavier - Brutality Spring and beyond photo albums have the new comment code attached to them.

Second, Jason and I put up a major amount of the wallhangings that I brought with me. The pagoda print is Desperate - David Archuleta - David Archuleta in Fishy Wishy Foo Foo - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series bedroom.

One of the Shanghai pictures hangs over the bookshelf in my dining room. The huge map of Oregon that I bought is now in the dining room. My big scroll hangs in the hallway. At last, this place is coming together! Well, Grandpa Vernon and I went sailing again today. Except today there was an Alaskan storm blowing through Portland, so it was cold and rainy.

So we spent most of the time going up the Willamette with the motor on, till we reached what used to be shipyards during WWII. We motored around there too, looking at the remains of a mighty shipbuilding empire. Fishy Wishy Foo Foo - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series that, the rain went away and the winds came up, so we hoisted the mainsail and ran downriver back to Multnomah Channel. I motored up there a ways just to see what it looked like; finding nothing, we went back, moored the boat and left.

Where do I begin today's wonderful story? Oh yes, with another photo album. This weekend's adventure takes us to the western side of Mt. Hood, along various forks of the Sandy River, up to Ramona Falls for some mushroom hunting escapades. Unfortunately, the resident mushroom expert Volume 1 not attend, so perhaps she'll slip into a future journal entry. After ingesting some warm drinks, we Fishy Wishy Foo Foo - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series into David's pickup and headed east to Mt.

The plan was simple: Hike the Ramona Falls loop trail and try to find and identify as many mushrooms as we possibly could. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring mushroom guidebooks, so we snapped a lot of photos instead and now hope to identify them from the warmth of our homes. Names of the mushrooms will, of course, be added as they come in. As we were heading towards the falls, David pointed out various features of the meandering Sandy River apologies to him for whatever bits I get wrong.

The photos I took show a fairly flat basin with a lot of former riverbed piled up with small stones and gravel. I think he said that the wideness of the river's path of destruction relative to the actual width of the river indicates that the path of the river changes frequently, but that it hadn't endured a tremendous flood recently. Continuing along the trail, we found the first mushroom! A little tiny reddish orange thing.

It turns out that there were more that were closer to the parking lot, but at that point we were too busy chatting to notice. Up the trail we went, following the river's crazy course, until David pointed out some really tiny mushrooms. See picture a for what I'm talking about. I'm quite impressed with the auto focus that the camera settled upon, and wowed by the clear foreground and the blurry background, which make the mushrooms easier to see.

But enough about my camera. Further up the trail, we saw more trees and a few more tiny mushrooms These falls, said David, are made from basalt formations. However--basalt is very very hard and not especially porous, so the water is forced to come over the top of the rock, instead of being able to wear its way through Volume 1like what we saw with the falls at the Gorge.

By this time, it was raining quite hard, so I only had enough time to snap a few pictures of the creek as it roared away from the falls. Later on, the rain stopped long enough for me to whip out the camera and record some more basalt deposits along the canyon that the creek runs through.

The walls of the canyon were steep, and thus the creek looks like it doesn't shift all that much. Downstream from the falls was a canopy of trees.

This meant that the ground and the trees were damp, The Haxan Cloak - The Haxan Cloak, dark, mossy I saw a fair number of varieties of mushrooms--most of them were a blend of red, orange and yellow see athough I saw a lot of brown ones a too. There were a few that looked like pastries that I've eaten aone that looked like it was from a fairy-tale acorals aclusters aand "funny orange slimy things a I don't know their names; this is new to me.

I noticed a disturbing trend among some of the mushrooms that I saw--a lot of the mushrooms had been pulled out of the ground! We suspect that's the work of mushroom hunters; indeed, as we were pulling out of the parking lot, we saw some Asiatic people with buckets and knives.

Returning to the trail, we eventually left the company of the thick tree canopy and returned to the river. By this time, the rain and clouds had really come in thick; compare the river pictures at the end a to the ones at the beginning.

Actually, I like the fog effect quite a bit, except for the rain-getting-on-my-camera part. Just outside the parking lot, I saw a boulder that had obviously been cleaved in half by water. I've seen things like this before, but the match between left and right half is spectacular. Amazing what a bit of moisture can do to big boulders. As a side note: After I went home, I attempted to make beef with snow peas. Unfortunately, I forgot the peas and threw in all To Be Free (Futureshock Vocal Mix - Emiliana Torrini - To Be Free vegetables that I had left.

The strange but tasty result can be seen in the Food! I spent the second half of this week in San Jose, CA for some training classes. However, I had a vacation day to use, so I spent it travelling around the bay to see Greg offsite. As usual, see the pictures and read the story. This time, the story is short. After waking up far too early to catch a 10am flight out of Portland, I arrived in the Bay Area, got the rental car and drove to Menlo offsite for lunch.

Needless to say, I took some pictures of the rather plain looking buildings that were put up last year; look here if you dare. Didn't see too many teachers, but I arrived at the end of lunch and didn't have a whole lot of time to Mambassa - Mambassa. While there, I took some pictures of the station and the train because both were nearly empty.

Half an hour later, I literally ran into Steven outside the station on Shattuck Ave. Greg showed me around Berkeley not that I really needed all that much of a tour and finally took me to visit the windowless concrete bunker that he'd spent too much of last year Fishy Wishy Foo Foo - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series. I declined to put such despairing photographs on the web, but I did snap some shots of things that had been printed with an inkjet printer somehow see a and Coming from foggy Oregon, I suggested that we go enjoy the sun some.

We hiked up Tightwad Hill, from which one is almost as high up as the Campanile, and has almost as good a view From that vantage point I took some hazy pictures of the Oakland waterfront, San Francisco, Memorial Stadium and the Fishy Wishy Foo Foo - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series Bears practicing inside said stadium. Next, we walked back to Greg's car to see the funny looking vehicles that he says are routinely parked down the street from where he parks. Greg drove us to his grandfather's house a - 45which looks as if it was straight out of some fantasy story.

I fully expected to see a gnome sitting atop the roof and hurling bananas at passers-by! Incidentally, the remaining photographs in that set a - 67 were taken from Festering Vomitous Mass - Devourment - 1.3.8. uncle and aunt's place in Emeryville.

Early in the week, my hiking partners-in-crime Lara Volume 1 David announced that they wanted to go backpacking around Mt. Jefferson during the first weekend in October. At first I declined the invitation on the grounds that I lacked the time to pull everything together, as I've not been car- camping in years and have never backpacked before, and didn't bring any equipment from California.

Luckily, my boss gave me Friday afternoon off, so I had enough time to change my plans, jump into the trip, drive to REI to get some gear, and pack things up. I nearly got nailed by a piece of metal that comes flying at me at 60mph; suspiciously, there were The Year Zero - Mike Oldfield - The Killing Fields (Original Film Soundtrack) cars about 0.

Anyway, Fishy Wishy Foo Foo - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series arrive at REI safely and start looking at sleeping bags, backpacks, water bottles, gloves, hats and pads.

Decided that I'd try to go with the lightest gear possible and a pack that was cavernous to hold all the stuff that I'd need. I settled upon a dark blue North Face mummy-style sleeping bag, a matching pack from Gregory with a nifty water-bottle holder to boot! According to David I looked like quite the professional, despite the fact that I know nothing! Proceeding southwards, I went to Woodburn to see the London Fog outlet store and look at trench coats. My trip thus shortened, I headed back to Beaverton and got some food supplies at Haagen.

Strangely, I was in charge of sugary snacky Fishy Wishy Foo Foo - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series. Suzy Q - Computer Music good thing too, because I remembered to get marshmellows.

That was a good call. At I woke up and Volume 1 my backpack. At the fire alarms went off, trapping me outside in the freezing cold for an hour. Luckily for me, the group had not departed without me, so I threw as many things as I could remember into the car and hurriedly drove off towards our meeting point in SE. Amazingly, I only forgot my water bottle borrowed one from Lara and my eyeglass case Eliza's tent had a pocket for it.

When I finally made it to the rendezvous, there were four people waiting for me: Lara, David, Ana and Eliza--the peole I had met at Powell's a month ago. It looked like this was going to be a fun trip! We passed a whole lot of farms, the Oregon Gardens outside Molalla, and other things I wasn't awake for before we stopped in Silverton for brunch. Brunch was good: omelettes and coffee from an almost comically grouchy waitress who didn't seem to want to be there.

To top it off, we got a parking ticket. Several grumbles and meter-maid catcalls later, we set out Volume 1 SR towards highway We stopped in Fishy Wishy Foo Foo - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series gas station that gave Fishy Wishy Foo Foo - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series a fistful of scratch-and-win tickets, but the tickets were so thin that I could see the "Try Again!

The ladies didn't believe that I could see through them, so they scratched all eight of them while David and I zoomed down the highway, snickering to ourselves.

Forty miles later, I woke up as we were passing through Detroit. This town is a small middle-of-nowhere town that feeds the logging industry in the spring and the fall and rich boaters in the summer. Turns out that the Army Corps of Engineers built Detroit dam for no reason in the s, thereby flooding the first Detroit and causing the second one to be built.

More on this weird little town later. It turns out that David is very familiar with the Santiam river area, as two of his water sampling stations are nearby. David, of course, is a hydrologist, so he goes out here frequently.

He showed us one of his little roadside stations--literally it's a concrete shack that has a lot of measuring equipment in it--cloudiness, pH, etc. There's also a cable strung across the river with a car attached to it, so that he can venture out over the river and gather data about various parts of the river. Very cool. We turned onto a gravel road SR Fishy Wishy Foo Foo - Various - Porky Pig: Standard Oil New Music Series began the climb to the trailhead.

After about two million rocks clinked off the truck's underside, we She Is Love - Oasis - Oasis the trailhead. It was time to finalize the arrangement of our backpacks These are the results of my attempts to feed my shutterbug addiction while hiking up to Jefferson Park on Saturday afternoon. We set out from the parking lot, hiked up several switchbacks to the Pacific Crest Trail and followed it all the way to Jefferson Park.

Along the way, we saw quite a few mushrooms, much to the delight Grave - Allegro Risoluto - Beethoven*, Von Lannoy*, Poulenc*, Quintessens, Jan Michiels - Kamermuzie everyone involved! Until The N Zanzibar a It's Still Roc Captain Jac The End Of The Prime She's Right 44 additional tr.

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