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Foot Tapper - The Nightriders - A Tribute To The Shadows Riding In The Sky


Download Foot Tapper - The Nightriders  - A Tribute To The Shadows Riding In The Sky

The little dog laughed To see such sport, And the dish ran away With the spoon. Twinkle, Twinkle Little. Good Night Baby Good night baby I hope you have sweet dreams We ve turned the page on this day And now it s time to sleep Good night baby It s faster than it seems I used to be the baby And my mom sang.

This nation will remain the land of the Angel Of Death - Slayer - Reign In Blood only so long as it is the home of the brave.

Tipperary It s a long way to Tipperary, it s a long way to go. It s a long way to Tipperary to the sweetest girl I know. You can t read a sentence or a paragraph without knowing at least the most common.

A Note to Parents This Wordbook contains all the sight words we will be studying throughout the year plus some additional enrichment words. Your child should spend some time each week studying this Wordbook.

There are certain signs to show that winter is coming. Birds begin to fly south. For questions 1 5, match the correct letter A H. You do not have to pay extra. Frosty the snowman is a fairy tale, they say, He was made.

Song List: 1. Merry Xmas Everyone 2. Wonderful Christmastime 3. Silent Night 4. Peace on Earth 5. Walking in the Air 6. Mistletoe and Wine 7. Happy Xmas Everyone War is Over 8. A Winters Tale 9. Do You. At Red. By practicing reading these phrases containing these words, students can improve. Use each item once only. Foot Tapper - The Nightriders - A Tribute To The Shadows Riding In The Sky Each question has One mark. You must have all words in the correct. A Very Merry Christmas! It s that time of year to spread Christmas cheer and celebrate Jesus.

There s joy in the air. There s holiday sounds and love all around. Church bells are ringing! They re all over. To easily divide campers into two teams or groups, split down the middle of the bus, so that the campers on one side of the aisle are one team, and those on the other side are the second team.

But if. There were 25 students. How much money will be needed so that each student can get an equal amount of jellybeans? An attribute is a character trait or quality about someone.

Choose the correct words and write them on the lines. For Questions 1 5 mark the correct letter A H on your. By the end of the Civil War, the cattle supply east of the Mississippi River had been exhausted. In Texas, because. Bless the day. The President gives. They turn in different directions. They are broken into small pieces called places. One street. Chapter 3 Growing with Verbs 77 3. The verb used with a direct object is always an action verb and is called. Produced by: Bible for Children www.

Goodbye Jack. Goodbye Sue. Goodbye Jack and Sue. Singing Square Dance Collection Part 2!! Alabama Jubilee! Chime Bells! Down Yonder!

Louisiana Swing! Old Fashioned Gal! Sheik of Araby! There are no exact rules. The idea is to have fun mostly with just the conversation. You can. Verbs - Transitive and In Verbs can be classified as or in. A verb always has a direct object a noun or pronoun that receives the action of the verb.

The object shows who or what completes the action expressed. Some games have wireless. I can t, Jane. I have to go straight home. How about tomorrow, then? Example: A Are you Simon? B Yes, I am. B She s from Ireland. B No, they. They re Italian. Each tune has a short introduction followed by the verses and choruses. Some songs have a voice count.

That was all. And sixty cents of it in the smallest pieces of money - pennies. Pennies saved one and Foot Tapper - The Nightriders - A Tribute To The Shadows Riding In The Sky at a time by negotiating with the. I am very excited. All I know about the Arctic is that it has lots of ice and is very cold. Here are some of the.

Go With The Flow Perfect skies perfect skies For a perfect ride: for a perfect ride I'm looking at the ocean in my view. I see you I see you In each Foot Tapper - The Nightriders - A Tribute To The Shadows Riding In The Sky I do. In each move I do I want to ride. Stick your candidate label. Materials High frequency words P. Checkerboard and checkers Activity Master P. She was raised in a small. Look at her list of things in the area and complete the sentences with there s, there isn t, there are or there aren.

Mary was born in and was one of. The stars were still shining in the sky. The cockerels were beginning to crow 1 and the pigs were looking for something to eat. Outside the. Cut questions apart and put in a container of plastic baggie. To stave off the boredom on a long roadtrip, pull out one at a time and let the discussions begin!

Style see all. Blues Rock. Hard Rock. Pop Rock. Rock 'n' Roll. Soft Rock. Case Condition see all. Inlay Condition see all. Genre see all. Pop Filter Applied. Artist see all. The Shadows Filter Applied. Condition see all. Like New. Very Good. John Entwistle avled men Roger Daltrey och Pete Townsend har fortsatt med olika musiker i bandet. Man fick kontrakt med Viking Records och spelade in en EP.

I en namntvist blev gruppen tvungen att byta namn. Det nya namnet blev The Namelosers. The Deejays var ett engelskt pop och rockband. Gruppen bildades i London som Johnny Vallons and the Deejays. John Watson. Clive Sands fick under sitt riktiga namn Robin Sarstedt en hit i England med My A Rhyme For Angela - Warren Chiasson - Good Vibes For Kurt Weill is low.

Erle Morgan bor kvar i Sverige. Resten av gruppens singlar blev besvikelser. John Petersen dog Gary Lewis and the Playboys. Andra singeln, Baby please dont go blev en hit i England Killarna i bandet startade the Seekers i Melbourne. Efter ytterligare byten i gruppen och namnbyte till Zeus lade gruppen av Fick skivkontrakt och andra singeln blev Lets go som blev en hit i Skandinavien. Ole Bredahl har Foot Tapper - The Nightriders - A Tribute To The Shadows Riding In The Sky att leda gruppen som numera bara Here We Go Again - Kool Moe Dee - Funke Funke Wisdom (Laserdisc) Sir Henry.

Hitsen radade nu upp sig, Just once in my life, Unchained melody, Ebb tide och Soul and inspiration blev alla stora hits. Bobby Hatfield avled En hit med Brenda Lee Hans sista stora hit fick han tillsammans med Alan Price med Rosetta.

Gruppen spelar fortfarande med flera originalmedlemmar kvar i bandet. Han dog Mot slutet av talet blev flera av gruppmedlemmarna allt mer politiskt intresserade och engagerade sig i bla Fria Proteatern. Hennes Golden lights inspelades av The Smiths. Tages bildades som Tages Skiffle Group.

Beck slutade och ersattes av Jimmy Page. Gruppen fick inga fler hits och transformerades successivt till gruppen Led Zeppelin som bildades Sorrow Gruppen finns fortfarande med Taylor och May som grund.

Ett par singlar spelades in utan gruppen slog igenom. Andra topp 5 hits var Elusive butterfly ,What would I be och If the whole world stopped loving Long live love toppade liksom Puppet on a string Hand in glove blev en topp 30 hit. The Hondells. Frank J. Wilson hoppade av. Gruppen bytte flitigt medlemmar och lade slutligen av Hon fortsatte att spela in skivor under hela talet med sitt kompband The Gentle Reign.

Gruppen bildades under namnet The Four Aims i Detroit. Gruppen skrev Foot Tapper - The Nightriders - A Tribute To The Shadows Riding In The Sky med Chess och debuterade med Kiss me baby.

Inga skivor slog. Under tiden hade de 17 topp 20 hits i USA. I cant help myself och Reach out Ill be there toppade listan. Sedan blev det inte fler hits och The Newbeats slutade Gruppen fick skivkontrakt med Parlophone men deras debutsingle Daisy chain blev ingen succe. The Naturals slutade Gruppen slog igenom med Im into something good som toppade Englandslistan.

Den finns fortfarande. Man toppade listan med A well respected man och Till the end of the day. The Honeycombs var en engelsk popgrupp som hade bildats i London Gruppen kom samman och kallade sig the Primettes. Under till hade gruppen 10 topp 1:or i USA. In the name of love, I hear a symphony, You cant hurry love och The Happening.

Gruppen bytte till Eskee Records men gav upp Han hann vara med i ca 50 filmer bla 16 tillsammans med Jerry Lewis den sista Barry Jenkins gick med i The Animals.

Gruppen finns fortfarande fast med nya medlemmar. Gruppen bildades som The Knights of the round table. Det blev en topp 20 hit sommaren I mitten av talet bytte han till Chicagobaserade Veejay Records och spelade bla in Dimples och Boom Boom Han deltog i filmerna Dont knock the rock och The girl cant help it.

Gruppen bildades som The Apostles. Gruppen fick kontrakt med Decca som the Snobs. Dom slog aldrig i hemlandet. Hans enda hit i hemlandet blev Niki Hoeky Went the strings Various - The Hepton Festival my heart.

Chapel of love toppade snart USA listan. I USA toppade hon listan med To sir with love Gruppen spelade in 11 singlar och en LP men efter blev det inga fler skivinspelningar.

Hon spelade in skivor till slutet av Old Folks - Teresa Brewer - Moments To Remember och hon avled Hon har senare arbetat med TV och som journalist.

Dave Rowberry Foot Tapper - The Nightriders - A Tribute To The Shadows Riding In The Sky. Steel hoppade av och ersattes av Barry Jenkins. Buck hade tidigare spelat med bla Johnny Kidd och Joe Brown. Den hette Juliet. Betty Everett slutade spela in skivor och hon avled Hon bor idag i England. Millie toppade Tio i topp med My boy lollipop Hon bor idag i Kalifornien. Gruppen bildades som the Crestas.

Gruppen fick nu vara med i filmen Just for fun tillsammans med bla Freddie and the Dreamers och Peter and Gordon. Gruppen lade av I slutet av talet gick han med i Bob Woods Orchestra. Han dog i en olycka What a wonderful world toppade englandslistan The Rivieras var en amerikansk rockgrupp.

Mot slutet av talet blev han en medlem i Frank Sinatras s. Al Hirt dog The Mann-Hugg Blues Brothers bildades Totalt fick gruppen 15 top 20 hits i England. Ettor blev Do wah diddy diddy, Just like a woman och Mighty Quinn. Gruppen fick kontrakt med Arlen Records och fick en mindre hit med Untie me.

Promises - Billie* - The Best Of Billie blev gruppen sista topp 20 placeringar. Gruppen slutade och Crane och Kingsley bildade duon The Merseys som fick en topp 5 hit med Sorrow Medlemmarna hoppade snart av. Gruppen bildades som Pat Wayne and the Jaymen. Singeln blev dock en hit i Sverige.

Gruppen bildades som skifflegrupp som The Blue genes. Hon bor fortfarande i Sverige. The Secrets var ett one hit wonder. Joey Powers var ett one hit wonder. The Murmaids var ett one hit wonder. Han slog igenom med Nouvelle vague. Han gjorde en comeback och turnerar fortfarande. Deras inspelnng av Louie, Louie har blivit en rockklassiker. Den ena gruppen under ledning Foot Tapper - The Nightriders - A Tribute To The Shadows Riding In The Sky Easton fick en topp 20 hit med Money och en topp 5 hit med Jolly green giant Han fick ett par ytterligare mindre hits.

Under talet fick hon 11 topp 20 hits i England och 5 stycken i USA. En topplacering fick hon med You dont have to say you love me Dominique toppade USA listan I mitten av talet var han med i gruppen Rabbit Foot Minstrels.

Gruppen bestod ursprungligen av doo wop gruppen The Roosters. Curtis Mayfield avled The Village Stompers slutade Over and over toppade listan The Sunbeams var en norsk Foot Tapper - The Nightriders - A Tribute To The Shadows Riding In The Sky grupp.

Efter 7 singlar lade man av Mot slutet av talet gick han med i Bill Blacks Combo. Dave Berrys Corrientes Tien Paye - Blas Martínez Riera - El Sabalaje, All there is to know kom Gruppen spelade in flera singlar men dom slog inte.

Hon spelar fortfarande in plattor och sjunger. Millward dog och ersattes av Bob Peckham. Efter lumpen bildade han doo-wop gruppen The Gainors The Jaynetts var ett one hit wonder. Flickorna hade tidigare varit med i grupperna The Clickettes och The Hearts. The Ran-Dells var ett amerikanskt one hit wonder. Hon representerade England i Eurovision song contest med I belong som kom 2:a vilken blev hennes sista listplacering.

Hon fortsatte att spela in skivor men de slog inte. Efter olika TV engagemang slutade han vid TV Redan som liten turnerade han med Sally Jones and the Gospel Keyes. Han fick kontrakt med Mercury och spelade in I got a girl, skriven och producerad av Mayfield. Andra singelnbackad av kompgruppen the Outlaws var Just like Eddie, en hyllning till Eddie Cochran. Clayton fixade Foot Tapper - The Nightriders - A Tribute To The Shadows Riding In The Sky demoinspelning och The Caravelles fick kontrakt med Decca.

The Caravelles blev en one hit wonder. Andrea fortsatte i The Caravelles med andra partners fram till talet. Kai Winding var en amerikansk trombonist. Efter kriget gick han med i Benny Goodmans orkester och Private Emotion - Ricky Martin - Ricky Martin Kentons orkester.

Tillsammans med trombonisten J. Man fick skivkontrakt med Odeon och gav ut Margit Gruppen fick kontakt med managern Andrew Loog Oldham och fick kontrakt med Decca. Ian Stewart dog Bill Wyman slutade och har inte ersatts. Men det blev hans enda Improvisation 1 - Sax Ruins - Blimmguass. Big Dee Irwin avled Kramer vilket man accepterade.

Tillsammans med Billy J. Bandet Strauss - Don Juan - Hans Pfitzner, Otto Klemperer - Beethoven Symphony No.8/ Stauss- Don Juan/Weill spela tillsammans Han slog igenom med Fingertips pt.

Under talet var hon med i gruppen The Halos. Doris Troy avled i Las Vegas. Gruppen har haft ett antal reunions sedan dess. Gruppen bildades som The Tremilos och var mycket influerade av Buddy Holly och hans musik. Gruppen kom i kontakt med Sven Paddock och fick skivkontrakt med Polydor. Sista hiten kom med Take me for what Im worth. Grace toppade Englandslistan. Gruppen bildades och fick kontrakt med Roulette. Gruppen turnerade i Sverige och internationellt som popgrupp men bytte snart fokus och blev ett renodlat dansband.

Erstmalig auf CD!! Gospel Songs" 24 tracks Ace s second dip into the early 60s Hickory Catalogue of the King Of Country Music combines his thematically linked fifth and sixth albums for the label.

Both albums were originally released inand both feature Acuff in what, by common consensus among Acuff experts, is possibly the best voice of his long career. These album cover traditional American folk ballads and jubilee-style white gospel, with some of the most famous songs in both genres being featured along the way.

Beautiful remastered from original first-generation Hickory Records master tapes, both albums are being reissued here on CD for the first time complete. Klasse Scheibe Anal Juice - Pornoize - Brutal Stench Of Smelling Pussy kerniger Country Musik aus Australien.

Don t Like Rockin Dave Dudley died at the beginning of this year. Dave Dudley starb Anfang diesen Jahres! Tex-Mex Garage Rock! Superb dreamy album with new songs! Speciale price! While stock lasts! Solange Vorrat reicht! I wonder, from where comes this newfound creativity On these songs he flourishes. This is a great record.

It s Lee Hazlewood, that s what it is. The album scelebratory tone is aptly expressed in the Projections/Void (Take 1) - David Moretti* - Projections This One s for thegirls, an homage to self-reliance and fearlessness in love that s drivenby pounding drums and waves of heavy rock guitar.

Nice Country CD! After finally getting free from King Records, Moon went on to record for Decca and Coral Records during the heart of the rock n roll era, and that s the part of Moon s story we re telling here. You Is Like A CD mit vielen Hits! A great compilation including many classics from! Sehr zu empfehlen! Transforming Johnny Cash s white man s blues into the real blues is special. The results are fascinating, and entertaining. Original recordings presenting Johnny s tunes in a wide variety of styles.

Harpplayer Paul Reddick brings it to the point Highly recommended! A must for the serious Johnny Cash fan! Letzte Chance! Includes also a fantastic duett version of Blue Line with James Intveld. This is pure Americana music. Sehr zu Empfehlen. Playing time minutes! Buckingham - Midnight Wind with S. He was the frontman of the Kingston Trio in the 60s! Auf der CD sind Tracks aus all seinen Alben inkl.

EU CD J. With 24 page booklet. The movie has been nominated for 8 Acadamy of Motion Pictures awards, including Best Picture of the year. A short but sharp and energetic Bluegrass attack!! A revealing and entertaining portrait of a man who, for more The CD doubt of this powerful new duo, was recorded during than half a century, has been a force in the creation, their first major European tour, in March 99, and features 11 Liz interpretation and preservation of American roots music.

This Meyer originals. In addition to wonderfully sensitive guitar collector s edition contains 3 CDs of conversation and song and backup, Cosgrove contributes 2 vocal numbers and 2 a page companion book with Doc and his longtime friend flatpicking instrumentals featuring his dazzling high-speed and collaborator, David Holt. Together they pass on to you improvisations. With all the energy and heat of live Doc s inspiring life story and generous musical legacy. Some band try to copy the old 78s lick for lick, and take the old music as seriously as a Schubert quintet.

But a few bands - a very few - make that wild charge down the hill, and respond to the past with aggression, passion, excitement and joy. The best of these bands is a remarkable group from North Carolina the Freight Hoppers Tooter, who recorded for several labels like Gaylo, Rebel and Twinkle, died way to early in the mid 60s in a car crash. Thunder And Lightning will change your clean and neat living Foot Tapper - The Nightriders - A Tribute To The Shadows Riding In The Sky into a disaster because your Save-On furniture couldn t stand the rolling beats and thunder crashes and the cheesy pictures on the walls Foot Tapper - The Nightriders - A Tribute To The Shadows Riding In The Sky mommy and daddy are ready for your Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner!

But don t worry concerning the furniture, the next thrift store is right around the corner and you finally saved your CD which is more than important because there are 24 more Rockers you have to go through. The quality is really good and the story in the booklet is told by his drummer Clay Glover. Tooter, der u. Die Geschichte dazu gibt s von seinem Trommler Clay Glover.

Brothers and sisters, praise the Lord!! The first official and complete Flip output of our brother Richard Berry finally came down to our dark and unfriendly earth including many rare and unissued sides which were produced by Gary Paxton! And the message is: Romance and Rock!! And believe me brothers you ll be the ones who will profit from these inspiring and sensitive stardust pearls.

Rock because this leader of the U. Brothers and sisters!! His message is clear!! He wants to wake you up, he wants to show you the light at the end of the dark tunnel, he wants you to stand up, raise your hands, join the Rock n Roll Church and feel good!

Praise the lord because you re elected to get this holy message which will completely change your life! Amen, Amen, Amen! Sein komplettes Flip Output plus eine Menge an Bonusmaterial sind dazu da, unsere traurigen Seelen zu erheitern. Und die Botschaft ist: Heartful Ballads und Rock! Er will, dass Du aufwachst! Forget it, because if Nation 12 - Electrofear towns weren t already hit, be sure they will!

So you better try to arrange with the situation and learn to love these impacts because they include a high-explosive mixture of hot Rockabilly and Rock n Roll music which also can help you to recover from the five disaster days of the week. Highly recommended!! On this splatter platter you ll find something for everyone and be sure that this accoustic boost will shoot out your Chinese Lanterns party Foot Tapper - The Nightriders - A Tribute To The Shadows Riding In The Sky and changes your cold soda to a hot and bubbling brew!

A real Dance-Craze thing!! Hier ist die ultimative Chance, dies nachzuholen. Super Dance-Craze Scheibe. Vergiss es! Here s the ultimative chance to do this. Kamikaze Records serves an extra class menu which includes 20 Mambo Tonto Conga Strollin Watusi tracks and believe it or not 14 of them are This release includes 24 rockin rarities from the Gulf Coast of Alabama.

The Sandy labels were located in the Mobile area and had an immense output of 50s Rock n Roll and Rockabilly Foot Tapper - The Nightriders - A Tribute To The Shadows Riding In The Sky. One of the Rockers who might be known to some of you was Jackie Morningstar s dark and gloomy Rockin In The Graveyard from But the output was much bigger and there Foot Tapper - The Nightriders - A Tribute To The Shadows Riding In The Sky a lot more artists who really knew how to shake things up!

All tracks were recorded between and and are in best quality. If you call yourself a real greaser you better give us a ring and order this thang! Daneben gab es aber eine ganze Menge mehr an Rockern wie z. Includes 12 tracks more than the Longplayer on vinyl! Fans of Dawson s music and first-time listeners alike will be blown away by the powerful sound created on this righteous Foot Tapper - The Nightriders - A Tribute To The Shadows Riding In The Sky.

TV Shows u. Another legend is also featrured on this album: Joey d Ambrosio from The Comets plays the sax on two of the tracks. On top of that Gene Summers has supplied us with four tracks of which one of them is an instrumental track recorded at the same session as Nervous into wich he added vocals a few years ago. That might not have been easy to discern as he sauntered carefree across the airwaves in late with Poetry in Motion, or cried into his pillow two years later with It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin.

Looking back, though, it s obvious. This collection, which culls the best of Tillotson s recordings for Cadence and MGM Records between andshows just what a keen ear he had for timeless material. Travelin Man VOL. So, let s get your motor runnin and head for the highway! Wieder mit vielen raren Aufnahmen!


No Easy Way Out - Various - Rocky Balboa - The Best Of Rocky, All Of Me - Various - Οι Μεγάλες Κυρίες Της Jazz, Parenthood - Jim Gaffigan - King Baby (DVD), Super Bomb (Ian Kane Remix) - Various - CD Club Promo Only July 2010 Part 2, Various - WCBS FM101 History Of Rock - The 60s Part 1, Andante - Felix Mendelssohn* / Joachim Raff* - Octets, Nation 12 - Electrofear, Adamo - Adamo, Ugye gondolsz néha rám, - Cool Head Clan - Best Of, Conviene - CCCP - Fedeli Alla Linea - Canzoni Preghiere Danze Del II Millennio - Sezione Europa, Proteck Ya Neck II The Zoo - Ol Dirty Bastard - Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version, Talking With Ufos - Vini Vici - Future Classics, I Cant Really Miss You (If You Never Go Away) - Donnie Iris And The Cruisers - Ah! Live!, Urban Discipline - Biohazard - No Holds Barred - Live In Europe

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  1. Instrumentales. Para aplacar las ansias de baile de los aos cincuenta, numerosos instrumentistas -guitarristas, organistas, saxofonistas, bateras- lanzan discos graciosos e impactantes con gran fortuna. Con excepcin de los Ventures o los Shadows, son flores de temporada: aparte de la new age music o la fusin, el rock no prescinde de las gargantas.5/5(3).
  2. Para aplacar las ansias de baile de los años cincuenta, numerosos instrumentistas -guitarristas, organistas, saxofonistas, baterías- lanzan discos graciosos e impactantes con gran fortuna. Con excepción de los Ventures o los Shadows, son flores de temporada: aparte de la new age music o lafusión, el rock no prescinde de las gargantas.
  3. catalogue Cheap JAZZ MAINLIST Print_Area SINGLES soul. 1 7. 8. 6. 5. 5. 8. 7. 8. 6.
  4. Song: My Tribute.*Beside Still Waters. CGI Records Song: I'll Be Thinking of You.*Through the Fire. CGI Records Song: Through It All.*Peace Be Still. CGI Records Song: The Love Medley*Great Men of .
  5. Jan 19,  · A I O X AD AL AM AN AS AT AU AX BE BY CD CO DE DO DR EG EH EN EX FM GI GO HE HI ID IE IF IM IN IO IS IT KU LA MA ME MR MY NO OF OH OK ON OP OR PA PI QA RE SE SO Most popular Yak Inflatable Kayak auctions → alternative.adrierdredironcrusherkeswyn.infoinfo – APRIL Laboratory APRIL Laboratory.
  6. Your Own Little Corner Of My Heart- King Of The World- Post - JENKS TEX CARMAN marked Birming ham- Hole In My Heart- When I Find It I ll Know It- THE OLD GUITAR AND ME BCD Step ping Stones- Let em Whirl COW PUNK BCD (/BMG) 12 tracks BLUE SKY BOYS THE SUNNY SIDE OF LIFE 5-CD-BOX & BOOK BCD BEAR FAMILY RECORDS GmbH P. O. BOX D HAMBERGEN.
  7. 1 INSTRUMENTAL CD/ DVD - AUTUMN DVDs REGION SUITABLE WORLDWIDE for any DVD PLAYER REGION SUITABLE for UK + EUROPE DVD PLAYERS or for MULTI REGIONAL DVD PLAYERS ATLANTIS (0) LIVE AT THE SUNHOUSE (1 x dvd and 1 x cd, dvd clips include Riders In The Sky, Geronimo, Cricket Bat Boogie, Telstar, Apache, Tandoori Boogie, Sultans Of Swing, The Breeze .
  8. Anyone with a taste for Buck ‘n’ Merle can buy this with absolute confidence. In fact, we hear Buck as session picker on four years of Tommy’s recordings, and he later cut a tribute album to Tommy. Merle cut Leonard in tribute. They knew how great Tommy was and how important his records were, even though they’ve been out-of-print for years.
  9. Abyss And Judge-Rapture Shadows Chris Fortier-As Long As The Moment Remixed EP4 Davide Sonar and MBG - The Message Your Mind Decimal - Impulse Control 2 (ENEMY) Dimavi - Vertigo DJ Lucca - Raveline Mix Sessions Dezember Enzo Elia And Martin Pantino - Metamorfosi Di Narciso Francesco Lenza - Im The Drummer Kasper - Davai Davai Marco Lansi.

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