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Hey Little One - Dorsey Burnett* With The Crystal Palace Band - Country Western Jubilee: Live (8-Tra


Download Hey Little One - Dorsey Burnett* With The Crystal Palace Band - Country Western Jubilee: Live (8-Tra

It proves that through cooperation in the out of turn feel if nity to applaud, played an important role in the events which led up to the Hey Little One - Dorsey Burnett* With The Crystal Palace Band - Country Western Jubilee: Live (8-Tra decision.

We would like to commend: Bernie Lowe, president of Cameo Records who had the courage to begin legal action, without any promises of support, against what at the time seemed to be an undef eatable enemy; every trade, And much can be all accomplished. A twin smasheroo. Little revives a onetime John success.

Sincere Willie stint. Excellent string support from the Hutch Davie crew. Lovely, chorus-backed cha cha stanza flipside. Two blockbusters. Should be a thumping hit. Coupler is a bristling, hard driving blues shouter in the old Charles tradition. King handles the diskery. Percussion sounds highlight the attack. A must for light- beat vocal account of the current Arthur Lyman HiFi success. Simple guitar-led backing. Slim Harper. Potent portion.

Band supplies a goodsounding shuffle-beat setting. Solid summer programming for the kids. The Sammy Lowe ork-chorus adds a heap of excitement to this teritfic session.

Watch this one drive to the 1 position. Sure to please the teen-beat crowd. Dandy two-sided ork-chorus support by the Ralph Carmichael outfit. Sounds that know the teen game. Watch it go. Take your pick The Overtones - Zippy Doo Daa / Topsy Turvy Town. Teen-beat fans will like the color here.

Label Hey Little One - Dorsey Burnett* With The Crystal Palace Band - Country Western Jubilee: Live (8-Tra based in Charlotte, N. Other team members provide solid chant accompaniment. Kids will greatly appreci- ate spins. Commercially done reading of the hot Latin step. Due for lots of airtime.

Hall] Boys Dogkillers ! - Various - Indétendances 30 a in delivery novelty swinger.

Kolber] Luke warbles a light-beat Italian familiar of adaptation a melody. Lead sincerely surveys the item against well-done chant name-song. Deserves teentime programming. Definitely a chart affair.

Also keep an eye on the lower stanza, a pro teen rhythmic date that the crew takes for an exciting rock ride. Strings are included in the mild rock setting.

Here in his Atco preem he is joined by a femme singer and the two work closely in a mournful, moaning, slow blues ballad. Interesting instrumental. Anita Bryant Carlton also has a reading of the tune.

Haunting deck that sports some wild screams and a great organ-bass-sax backdrop. Dee jay exposure can send it soaring. Strand distributes the label. Coupler rides along at an engaging shuffle-rock pace. Label is handled nationally by Coed. This newie-oldie combination can give ace arranger-conductor Hutch Davie who has backed up on many clicks his very own chart item.

Power-packed two-sider. Could get around. Figure heavy programming for this reading. Keyboard also plays a good-sounding Killie Ma Crankey - Peter Tumlinson Bell - P.

T. Bell, Master Texas Fiddler. Can have a solid Top career. Male voice also tags along. An original teen romp. Infectious issue. Marks BMI — Kenneclv] teen-market sunny from the lark. Tale of a fella who digs the keyboard more than his gal is told with an infectious delivery by the lark and combo-gal chorus. Might smash through.

Me No [Sunbeam from the package. Colorful cut that could score for the performer. Wellworth teen programming. Could be a smash. Side could bust wide open. London distributes the label. With enough exposure, side could take-off.

Sock session that could grab off a healthy slice of the final sales pie. AND love. Acceptable slow-rock version, — of the number. Well-done attack. Strings are again present. The solid musicians stint includes foot-stomping sounds throughout. Natural for teen dances. Strong twosider. Can get around. Original-sounding Goddess Of Desire - Symbol Of Triumph. Stuff the hip jocks dig.

A steady triplet sound backs-up deck opens with rain and thunder gimmick. Glood for teen laffs. Persuasive stuff that could get attention. Generally striking survey. Could have a Top career. Could You Cant Hide A Tear - Clarence Frogman Henry - You Cant Hide A Tear. Jocks could give the deck Top exposure.

There are several other versions available here. An electric guitar hit. This Mercury-distributed date has plays the tune above a well-defined a chance for chart action. This striking stanza should be eyed. From their American-hits-in-Italian LP, side could prove a laff click. Might happen. Label is handled by Hey Little One - Dorsey Burnett* With The Crystal Palace Band - Country Western Jubilee: Live (8-Tra Records. Other labels have cut the tune, and it could show-up.

Jocks will dig the cool jazz here. Worth — airtime. Worth airtime attention. One of those no-holdsbarred sessions that could score, is based in N.

C-f score. Lush rock-a-string arrangement backs-up. Strings and chorus attractively back-up. Upbeat sound that might make the B-h Catchy oldtimer done with an field is C talent.

Combo and chanting femmes give a good-sounding backdrop account. Guitars and sax top the effective combo showing. Top artists, hit color sleeves! Order up Solo la Columbia Torlglnale. Reported by 3. Quarter To Three U. King 4. Mama 5. Said Shirelles Edsels Raindrops D. Clark 8. Shannon 4. TOWN Brooklyn, 1. Stand By Me B. Nelson Mother-In-Law E. Francis Moody River P. Boone Hello 1. Boll 6. Those Oldies But Goodies 7. Francis Moody River IP. Hodges 9.

Bonds Ronnie M. Joe 8. Nelson On Your Door E. Hodges Running Scared R. Orbison Temptation Everly Bros. Bonds Wild In The Country 9. Believe Love E. Someone Elses Francis One Yellow Bird A. Lyman Little 3. Fastest Thing Nelson R. Clark 6. Mother-In-Law E. K-Doe 7. McDaniels 8. King 9. Hodges Moody River P. Boone Little Devil N.

Sedaka 2. Hello Mary Lou R. Moody 5. Bilbao 1. Hodges Boone Song A. Wild Lee 7. Henry Some Kind Of Wonderful 8. Bumble Boogie B. Girl Anka F. Young E. Domino P. Presley E. McDaniels Running Scared 2. Always A Love Mary Lou 6. Boll Cline P. Young F. Me Nelson R. King E. Orbison R. Weevil Song B.

Benton Little Devil N. Domino Boone River P. Peanut Butter Marathons Heart D. McDaniels 5. K-Doe 6. Runaway D. Shannon 7. Boone 8. Boll Weevil Song B. Benton 9. Hello Walls F. Young Hello Mory Lou R. Nelson 4. Surprise Maestro J. Devil N. City, Wise. Running Scared R. Costa Raindrops D. Clark Tragedy Fleetwoods 6. Runaway 7. Your Eyes 8. Moody 9. I Shannon D. Benton B.

Boone River P. Keeps Raining It F. Just For 3. Man C. Francis 8. Stand By 9. Bilbao Song A. Williams I Like It B. King Like That C. Pachanga Time 7. Hello Walls Of Valero C.

Dion F. My Boone Young Love S. Eddie Clendening Fotografia mea. The Lightcrust Doughboys Drept fusta. Martin Press USA Handbook of Texas Online.

Adus de 28 iunie Paul Kingsbury, Ed. New York: Oxford University Press. Naylor, Jerry ; Halliday, Steve. Milwaukee, Wisc. Hal Leonard. Pareles, Jon 20 ianuarie The New York Times. Adus de 22 septembrie Perkins, Carl; McGee, David Du — te, Cat, du — te!

New York: Hyperion Press. Discografie Articol principal: Discografia Roy Orbison. Revista de Stat. Adus de 19 decembrie Arhivat din original la 28 noiembrie Accesat 16 octombrie Adus de 12 noiembrie The Irish Times.

Adus de 02 Hey Little One - Dorsey Burnett* With The Crystal Palace Band - Country Western Jubilee: Live (8-Tra STV Entertainment. Accesat 07 septembrie British Phonographic Industry. Accesat la data de 09 septembrie Hung Medien. Rolling Stone Issue Rolling Stone. Hellfirep. Buddy Holly. Adus de 22 februarie Aloha Criticon. Adus de 20 februarie Privind biografii. Adus de 22 mai Adus Ow - Clark Terry - Portraits (SACD, Album) 12 februarie Page Buddy Holly Center, City of Lubbock.

Adus de 11 februarie Buddy Holly on — line. Adus16 ianuarie Des Moines Register. Adus de Pagina: Buddy Holly Center. Adus de 10 septembrie Adus de 23 februarie Buddy Musical. Adus de 18 martie Rebel Mule. Adus de 12 martie Accesat 05 septembrie Accesat la data de 06 septembrie Adus de 29 septembrie Accesat 22 octombrie Adus de 15 octombrie Adus de 30 decembrie Apple a.

The wives registered are also included in all the evening cocktail parties and dinner parties, as well as the NARM Awards Banquet. Added to the list of Special Events, will be activities II Andante Con Moto - Radu Lupu, Beethoven* - The Piano Concertos • 3 Sonatas • 2 Rondos Friday, March The disk is also said to have generated considerable interest on the Continent.

McWilliams is a six-foot Irishman who writes all his own material. Kapp plans an oll-out promotion for David McWilliams. Country Club. The attendance of industry members and wives will reportedly be the largest in NARM history, and the largest record and tape industry gathering ever held.

Bly will be working out of the newly opened Los Angeles office at Sunset Blvd. He comes to the slot after a five-year tenure with California Record Distribs, where he was general manager and promotion topper.

Experimental Jazz Each Mon. The group was formed primarily as a means of experimentation and work- ing up good jazz. Larry Jaspon, who had been pushing for national record scene discovery of the Hey Little One - Dorsey Burnett* With The Crystal Palace Band - Country Western Jubilee: Live (8-Tra talent, finally proved his point when out-of-staters began pour- ing into the city in search of Boston- based artists and groups.

As it now stands, his recently formed Tea Pot Productions is one of the very few local companies involved with the BossTowners. Within a week Tea Pot had Hey Little One - Dorsey Burnett* With The Crystal Palace Band - Country Western Jubilee: Live (8-Tra formed as a production unit with a Tower deal.

But the company has also signed three other acts which are also on the current activities roster. From Mester was Music Director of the St. Louis Phil- harmonic and from of the Greenwich Village Symphony. In the fall of Mester was appointed musical director and conductor of the Louis- ville Orchestra, a post he still holds.

Mind Blowers. In this capacity, he was creative supervisor for the network on various series and development projects. He also served as director of pro- grams for Channel 13, the New York Educational Television station. Belafonte Enterprises is now in pre- production of a number of properties for varied media. In Canada and parts of the Little Things Mean A Lot - Various - Memories Are Made Of This. International label.

Victor Manuelle - Te Propongo promotion Colanzi will report to Irwin Rawitz, director of national promotion and] publicity.

I in Japanese. She sings in seven Ian -4 guages. Stopping off in New York last week with her father Leo Andros and man- ager Jo Royale, she entered into nego- tiations for future material to be re- leased in the US.

Andros is an execu- tive with Philips of Germany and the producer for Nina Mouskouri. Ernie Campagna of Mutual Dist. C Marca Reg. A spokesman for the office of the chief medical examiner stated that the death was apparently caused by an overdose of narcotics.

At that time Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers parted company, and both continued to hit independent- ly for a while. Shortly afterward, Lymon was plagued with troubles. He was picked up by the police on several charges including narcotics violations. His con- tract ended with Roulette Records and he sank from public view. Currently in the Army, things be- gan to pick up. Lymon is survived by his wife El- vira, now living in Augusta, Ga.

Both groups have new singles and albums just re- leased or about to be issued, accord- ing to Ron Eyre, United Artists co- ordinator of international product. Traffic, spotlighting blues-singer Stevie Winwood, arrives in the States on March The group will fly direct- ly to San Francisco, where they will remain until March 23, playing the Fillmore Auditorium and Winterland. Traffic will then move into the mid- west for appearances at The Grande Ballroom in Detroit on Apriland the Cheetah in Chicago, April 21, with other dates now being ar- ranged.

The group is also expected to visit New York for a series of press Hey Little One - Dorsey Burnett* With The Crystal Palace Band - Country Western Jubilee: Live (8-Tra and promo calls on key stations in the area. The Spencer Davis Group will arrive March 27 for a six-week tour of prime college dates and assorted club en- gagements. Currently on the books are concerts at Mississippi State Univer- sity, University of Rochester, and Princeton University, with additional dates to be announced shortly.

Traffic, all Joe Kidd - The Vulcans* - Journey Into Space The Return Of Star Trek of whom collab- orated on the writing of the title song from the picture, have released the same song as a single, which is already reportedly seeing action.

BELL — 2 free with every 10 purchased. No termination date. Expires March No expiration date has been set. No time-limit. No time limit. No expiration date. No ex- piration date. Expiration date indefinite. SIMS — 3 free with every 10 purchased on entire catalog. No expiration date set. He joined Columbia in as a salesman and has since worked as midwestern district sales manager.

Prior, to this appointment, Leonetti was national accounts manager with the firm. American is negotiating to acquire Canadian Breweries Ltd. Transcontinental, a conglomerate with interests in the financial, entertainment, franchising and real estate fields, previously agreed to buy Associated Brewing Co.

Both Trans- continental and Canadian Breweries declined comment. Transcontinental closed at 16, off See the first run of feature on page Further Hey Little One - Dorsey Burnett* With The Crystal Palace Band - Country Western Jubilee: Live (8-Tra about the operator survey are in the coin-section.

Lines feature language lessons for children, pre-school rec- ords, and classical albums. It is not necessary to document the degree of Hey Little One - Dorsey Burnett* With The Crystal Palace Band - Country Western Jubilee: Live (8-Tra which has occurred in the immediate past. The anxieties which have devel- oped with relation to the stability of currency itself and official government statements displaying deep concern over serious inflationary trends now and in the future are front page news every day.

For example, the annual report of the Council of Economic Advisors quoted in all newspapers throughout the country on February 26th calls the continuation of creep- ing inflation the most disturbing eco- nomic news of Setting a royalty in terms of pennies and fractions of pennies freezes the compensation of writers in a manner which could re- sult in a dire injustice however un- intentional.

In fact, they have already done so. For example, the number of songs in- cluded in albums is being reduced at an alarming rate from the previous twelve to eleven and even ten. The record indusrty has also undertaken a concerted campaign to eliminate monaural recordings which in effect means a one dollar increase per album to those who formerly bought mono records and who perhaps bought monoraul players because of the eco- nomy of those records.

In other words, where the record industry direly fore- casts that an increase in the mechan- ical royalty rate would lead to an in- crease in the price of records to the consumer, they have, in fact, jumped the gun. They have done this without any consideration of the fact that all records presently under license can continue to be manufactured and sold at the royalty rate provided in the license.

The time has come for writers and their publishers to bring this to the attention of Congress and to seek proper protection. A compro- mise between the two figures seems likely. Record companies would have reasonable lati- tude in their production and could, if the purpose required, use more songs for the same royalty cost per album.

Because this firm conducts audits of record companies on a continuing basis on behalf of the Fox Office they are in a unique position to comment on the impact of this basis for royalty ac- counting. According to Prager and Fenton, there would be very little complication in accounting under such a royalty setup.

The recommended Oh My - Kevin Ayers - Whatevershebringswesing price is established and known.

A pro- jection of the percentage royalty to a dollar basis presents no problem and would Headroom vs. Tim Xavier - Brutality accounting substan- tially as it exists today.

In fact, other payments of record companies are stated in percentage terms. In fact, he sees some simplification of the process because the price of record- ings would not be an issue of negotia- tion as under the present law. The difference would only be that the ceiling would be flexible as between records of differ- ent price ranges. In the discussion with Senator Mc- Clellan, Eliscu emphasized that AGAC would feel itself lacking in responsi- bility not only to its writer members but to its estate members — to widows who rely on royalties for their support and that of their children and to fu- ture generations of writers if a means were not proposed by which they would be provided some measure of security in their true earnings and protection from adverse economic forces.

Freddie Price, president of Global, has announced that his firm will now handle pop and rock groups. These will be mainly self-contained, vocal and instrumental units to be booked into night-clubs, lounges, ho- tels, and resorts. Other acts will be added shortly. In another area of expansion A1 Stevens, vice president of Global, re- ports that the company is in the process of opening a London branch.

Price is setting up European tours for Hey Little One - Dorsey Burnett* With The Crystal Palace Band - Country Western Jubilee: Live (8-Tra eral of his groups, and Cal Tjader has numerous Puerto Rican dates in the near future. Future efforts are expected to pair the performing talents of Williams and Watson. Angel Albums tising mats are being used to tool up the promotion. Three of tne sets feature the young St. Vi This is what a major musical event looks like.

Bill Cosby Warner Bros. Information is supplied by manufacturers. This is a weekly, revolving list presented in alphabetical order. It is advised that this card be kept until the list returns to this alphabetical section. A most appealing LP. Excellent LP. Should be on the charts soon. In The Name Of Love. Should be a winner. Good new rock from beginning to end, this package should get lots of play and cause a commotion in the marketplace.

Put this set on your list of disks to watch. It could establish the Bubble Gum Machine as a group to be reckoned with. This Nice LP is a candidate for plenty of sales action. The girl, Donna, serves up a number of powerful, lyrical vocals as lead singer. Jazz Picks MR. Likely to be extensive airplay and wide spread sales on this one. The band in- cludes, among others, Richard Davis and Mel Lewis. The disk should see pop, jazz, and good music play. The sound is powerful, with the blues roots showing.

Pepper Adams baritoneand Joe Beck guitar through a series of mostly up-beat jazz ventures. The four selections are long two are over 11 minutes and both of the other two are over 8 minutes. The set is particu- larly well packaged in bright, eye-appealing colors. The sound is modem, with lead being carried on the alto.

Jazzophiles should go for this one. Everett M. Loudermilk — Annotator: John D. And so, we had a party. The festivities got underway with the Party Timers kicking off the bill and displaying some fine, tight musi- canship. Things moved into high gear with the entrance of Wanda Jackson, a little lady whose physical attraction is sometimes upsetting it certainly can distract the listener from his listening.

The entire act is a tightly -knit, well-organized affair with a little something for everybody. Of course, with the Party Timers helping out, group harmony seems more like group therapy. On more than one oc- casion, Wanda was nothing more than a rumor, visually. The evening was fun, just as a party should be. And, as we stated before, Wanda was not only a treat for sore ears, Colpi Di Pistola - Vincenzo Lo Russo - Amici Nuovi for sore eyes as well.

Jim Wilson, Starday vice president of marketing has announced the release of eight new Starday and six new Nashville Economy albums plus first- time stereo obtainability of 30 key catalog numbers. Last August, the company was purchased outright by the J. At that time, Bobo was named vice president and general manager. Cash Box — March 9, Walker could Hey Little One - Dorsey Burnett* With The Crystal Palace Band - Country Western Jubilee: Live (8-Tra walk i off with a few of the coins.

The plaintive sound of the deck, and the simple, but effective, vocal makes this one a good choice for programmers to pay some attention to. Deejays may dig the Woods treatment of the tune.

Songster delivers a Western- flavored ballad with a real nice sound and good potential. Should see lots of regional action and juke box play.

Acconl- 'nm to Chart ex! C Slim Williumaon, the a! The cruiaer, which waa formerly owned hy a wealthy huainea. Dave Dudley haa just knockeil off new disk sessions in Nashville and immediaUdy em- harked on a three-week tour of U. L'J, followed hy a? L'l and Mar, In addi- tion to Doc and his wife, Chickie, the tour will al. Howard Yokes has announced that his record- ing services are available to any major or indie label interested.

BoxNew Ken- sington, Pa. Strong musicianship all the way. The well-known axeman has compiled a fine assortment of highly popular instrumental tracks, from both pop Hey Little One - Dorsey Burnett* With The Crystal Palace Band - Country Western Jubilee: Live (8-Tra country markets, and presents them in a sharp, clear arrangements that make for pleasant listen- ing.

The lark comes on nicely with a lively swinger spiced with some tear drops. Could be the one to re-establish Bobby in the charts. Medium-paced honky- tonker may be good for a very nice response.

Has a chance. The Motown tour received sellout audiences in Tokyo, Osaka, and at the U. Air Force bases in Japan. Published by Equipe. JacVo ZePer. This is a truly international affair, as depicted in our cover, which shows the recording artists from all over the world who will be taking part in the affair. A full report of the Gala which will be televised in Europe will appear in a future issue of Cash Box. This is the first time it has been done in this country.

Label plans to issue albums twice a month, and material will range from pop and middleroad to jazz and classics.

Already sales are nearing the quarter million mark, and indications are that Hey Little One - Dorsey Burnett* With The Crystal Palace Band - Country Western Jubilee: Live (8-Tra will be a No.

Esther and Abi, although fantastic sellers in Germany, have not caught on with the British public recordwise until now. Their frequent TV appearances in this country are always favorably received and have been considered a quality act rather than hit parade material. After completing numerous TV engagements in Britain, they are giving a concert at the Royal Albert Hall on March 30th which is already a s.

Coincidental with their single success. Not counting album sales. Reisdorf, recently visited by his U. Not only is the company paying its way but is doing better than expected, says Reisdorf. You Are My Destiny A. And J. Memory Www. Jones Duet Dr. E W-Vocal L. Let It B'S Snow! Let It Snow! Streisand And N. Stevenson My Maria B. King Thrill Is Gone B. Dj Hey Mr.

Baby It's You Little St. Song L. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Mr. Pinstripe Suit Mr. Real Love Blige, Mary J. Hit 'Em Up Style Oops! Bartender He Is Mr. I Did It Again Oops! A Born In The U. Oh, Boy! Alright Well. McCall Convoy C.

Postman Please Mr. The Herald Angels Sing Hark! Good Johnny B. Goode Johnny B. Jones Mr. Luck And M. Neat Masterblaster D. Decca Faith Series. Capitol Records. Decca Personality Series. Gateway Parade Of Hits Records. Mercury Records Non-Breakable. Columbia Graphophone. Regal Records. Dance Tone Records. Wee Wee! Rainbow Records. Jay Jay Records Date Unkown. Somerset Records Mammagamma - The Alan Parsons Project - The Instrumental Works Unkown.

Mardi-Gras Records Date Unknown. Piknik Records Date Unknown. Promenade Records Date Unknown. Custom Records Columbia Records Date Unknown. Bermuda Bandstand Records Brunswick Records Vik Records Cameo Records Recar Records Date Unknown. Epic Records ? Monitor Records RCA Victor Dynagroove CBS Records Raw Records Columbia Masterworks Audio Lab Records Atlantic Records Strand Records Musart Records Date Unknown.

Kapp Records ? Pointe Records Date Unknown. Tifton Records Date Unknown. Levine Presentation of Jack The Ripper. Request Records Inc. Palace Records Makossa Records Olympic Records Laurie Records Arista Recording Date Unknown.

Micro-Acoustics Corporation Stereorama Records Warner Brothers Records Tops Masterpieces ? Columbia Special Products Date Unknown. CBS Inc.

Allegro Records Ronco Records The Elektra Corporation Gramophone Long Playing Date Unknown. La Val Records Dick-er Records Telefunken Records ?

Raleigh Records Date Unknown. Family Records Date Unknown. Ameraba Records Columbia Special Products. World-Pacific Records Starr Records Date Unknown. PAK Records United Artists Ultra Audio Fields LP. Parade Records ? Brisa Records Date Unknown. Shanachie Records. Alegre Recording Éclats De Cerveau - Ghoulunatics - Cryogénie. Laura Records Coronet Records Folkways Records Music, A Goodkase Production Mark Records A Toast!!

Stereo Fidelity Records Word Records Inc. Hymntone Records. Hineni Records Jim Records Jerry Falwell Recordings Date Unknown. Cricket Records Ten Inch. Jim Records. Decca Records. This track was released in Pressed and released in Capitol Americana. Communism song. Laugh, Clown, Laugh was a movie from Not sure who does this version as it was recorded onto a blank disc.

From Rhumba With Cugat. Columbia ?. January of Released in and ranked on the charts. Minneapolis 3, MN. Printed in USA. Came out in August M Columbia. Released January of Columbia Released in


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  2. “HEY LITTLE GIRL” and Movie Screen mag. Music of the big bands came to Cleveland last week when began a series of season-long pickups of live remotes from the new Cedar Point Ballroom on the shores of Lake Erie. Cleveland audiences will be hearing the sounds of Billy May, Les Elgart, Ralph Marterie, Buddy Morrow and others thru the.
  3. Există un consens larg, recunoscând că rock and roll a apărut ca un gen independent, numit și recunoscut ca atare masiv în primul după sfârșitul deceniului al doilea război mondial, în 1 2. Acesta a fost un proces realizat de muzicieni și negri americani, prin fuziunea de soiuri de diferite origini, cum ar fi ritm și blues (afro – americani), The muzica country si swing.
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  8. Also included is a small collection of promotional materials (full-sheet posters, half-sheet posters and lobby cards) for commercial feature-length motion pictures featuring country and western recording stars from the s to the s, including Roy Acuff, Jimmie Davis, Ernest Tubb and Gene Autry.

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February 8, – Del Shannon was born born Charles Weedon Westover on December 30, in Grand Rapids Michigan and grew up in nearby Coopersville. He learned ukulele and guitar and listened to country and western music, including Hank Williams, Hank Snow, and Lefty Frizzell. He was drafted into the Army in , and while in Germany played guitar in a band . Sitemap Big Hearts - The Swellers - The Light Under Closed Doors, Adaptation - The Vicious - The Vicious, La Tô Vous / La Tua Voce - Luigi Maieron - Si Vîf, Tell Me How It Ends - Bernard Fanning - Departures, Resistance D Featuring Sophia Sands - Impression, Puzzle Me - Ilse DeLange - Live In Ahoy (DVD), Dyonisian - Rot In Hell - Hallways Of The Always, Life Is What You Make It (Fresh Remix Edit) - Fresh n Juicy - Life Is What You Make It, Nino Tempo & April Stevens - Bye Bye Blues / King Kong, In The Darkness - The Green Pajamas - Northern Gothic

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