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Im Looking Forward To Tomorrow - Eddie Hardin - Wind In The Willows - The Original Studio Productio


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Lead sheets, piano copies, orchestrations as required. It is now five years since Pye took over Reprise and one year since they took over Warner Bros. Maitland told Cash Box he was delighted with the association which has brought continuous chart success for artistes of both labels. Maitland announced the Warner Bros-Reprise album - release schedule for the fall which comprises some 24 albums 12 from each company. There will also be a new Peter, Paul and Mary album. Maitland hopes to arrange a simultaneous release date for the Warner Bros- Reprise product in the U.

He will score films for Warner Bros. After meetings with executives of Warner Bros. Takeo Nishino, vp of the J. Bridge, managing director of EMI and W. Townsley, a director of Decca. Nishino said that dealers were anxious to make contact with members of the British record industry and acquaint themselves with our methods of sales and promotion. During their two-day stay they visited the E. It is hoped that many more Japanese dealers will make similar trips in the future. Lewis also plans to acquire an important American catalogue for release on Allegro which will make available at budget price a wealth of quality material hitherto available only on top price albums.

Allegro recently acquired certain releases from the Roulette label for the U. Their first album tagged Im Looking Forward To Tomorrow - Eddie Hardin - Wind In The Willows - The Original Studio Productio their name is released on Fontana. They also have two domestic labels specializing in jazz and folk material as well as interests in music publishing and artiste manage- ment.

Whilst in America Joseph will negotiate for two prominent American labels and will sell British folk, jazz and classical material to American com- panies. He also hopes to arrange to bring over American folk artists for British exposure. Page One material is released in Britain by Philips on the Fontana label and a deal was recently completed for Page One to be released in Italy by Ricordi.

Quickies: The recent No. Show opens here March Beatles disk gets June 6th release in the Im Looking Forward To Tomorrow - Eddie Hardin - Wind In The Willows - The Original Studio Productio on Capitol The lark will also make TV appearances while there.

All 12 titles were penned by the boys themselves and as they write their songs in close cooperation with each other, the names Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett are listed as authors- composers for all the tunes. All on the Scandia label. Handel, also conducted by Maazel. They are contracted for Britain during May. The Spotnicks, another Swe-Disc group continues doing very well all over the world in general and in Japan in particular. Knappupp, at the moment very successful on the charts here, has a new EP with the folk-singer Bertil Nelhans doing four of his It Better End Soon - 2nd Movement (Flute Solo) - Chicago - At Carnegie Hall songs.

It has debuted on the CKPR — Port Arthur list, possibly due to the fact that the group has been appearing in a local nightspot for the past two weeks. Air play, based on telephone request action is heavy at the Lakehead outlet, while demand for the single at the leading retail outlets in the Twin Ports is just as heavy.

Real good sound on the latest single from the Rhythm Pals. Whitey Haines has Chaos Inc - Dysasther - The Abyss Of Insanity good sound on the go from B. The Stampeders are about to make an eastern trip. A recent mailing of brochures on the group by Shaw has brought much response from countries throughout the world. They have made their name in Calgary their home base, reports Mel, without any assistance from pop radio formats, reportedly non- existent in that City.

Keith Olafsen will be h. Dave Carruthers will represent the firm in Northern Ontario, based in Sudbury. Yvon de B. Chartier, long time fixture on the Montreal record scene, will cover eastern Ontario and Quebec for Sparton from h. Dealers will please note that Olafsen and Carruthers will also be responsible for TV and stereo receiver sales in their territories. Len Barry came on really strong in the recent package to appear in Toronto, reports A1 Mair.

His activities on stage were in the James Brown bag, accord- ing to Al. Other acts taking part in the one-niter were: Gene Pitney, Bobby Goldsboro et al. The Vic Dana version of the Anderson song is winning a lot of attention for the Anderson-composed ditty, and it appears certain to sell well everywhere. Bob Stagg recently participated in a Toronto recording session for the King Beez. He reports that Calgary and Edmonton are paradise pa spots for Canadian groups.

The lack of American TV in either city puts a heavy demand on Canadian pop music groups that are known in the two areas. They can run up Im Looking Forward To Tomorrow - Eddie Hardin - Wind In The Willows - The Original Studio Productio. Lee Farley tells Cash Box that Montreal dealers are placing initial orders for quantities of fifty and a hundred. Indications are that the Kama Sutra people will not wait nearly so long to get it out as a single in the U.

His current record release was helped considerably by Dean s on-air plugs on the suburban Montreal outlet. Forty-one commercial stations all over Australia will conduct elimination heats on a regional basis.

Services Pty. Records, and a definite overseas engagement. Little local girl Lori celebrated her tenth birthday on May 14th. Hardly had the pressings of his record cooled before Styne was being given the full treatment by other record men.

Col Joye Enterprises Pty. Tony reports that as a result of an overseas phone call with Leon Cabat president of Vogue Records of Paris he will shortly receive two films of performances by Francoise Hardy, which will be placed with national television pop music shows. The demand for albums by Francoise Hardy is also very strong and each imported shipment is sold out almost the minute it arrives here.

Phono-Vox have decided that Vogue will be the only overseas label that they will represent. It is known that Phono-Vox will soon embark on a program of recording Australian talent in English and several artists have already been signed up.

The Astor boys are working on two former No. Nippon Victor has been releasing classic tapes with much popularity since last February, and the firm reportedly will put the much-awaited pop stereo tapes on the market in May.

The lark is also scheduled to appear in leading musical TV show of Japan. This is the first release on this new label. Phone : 26 This is extremely important in her career. For six years Juliette Greco refused to sing at the Olympia, because she was considered as an intellectual singer.

Greco Under Control - Various - Ibiza Annual 14 now to the Olympia because she wants to become the most popular singer in France.

The French movie star just passed a secret week-end in London for the Playback recording. Another movie star, Valerie Lagrange presents her first LP album this week. It is an excellent record with twelve French songs. This singer is still at the first place of our chart and Bruno Coquatrix, who man- ages the Olympia, just signed him on as the lead of the Olympia Xmas pro- gram. Frangoise Hardy is a very great success with her last Vogue EP.

Claude Luter, who used to play clarinet with Sidney Bechet, just released a new EP as a soprano-sax player. He is an Antoine- style singer but different. She is pro- duced by Jack Dieval. It was of course the Saturday catalog. It also marks the first top 3 hit from Freddy Quinn who has been a tremendous seller for over 7 years and has probably sold more singles than any other German artist and the biggest hit for Heidi Bruhl who also did a cover in several years as well.

The name Barry Sadler also became known in Germany through this record although the German cover versions are selling, somewhat better than the original.

The two are now Im Looking Forward To Tomorrow - Eddie Hardin - Wind In The Willows - The Original Studio Productio an 80 city tour of Germany at present. Vogue has signed Pat Simon, the daughter of famous writer-singer Hans Arno Simon to a long term pact.

The Beatles are causing a furor with their first planned visit to Germany since they achieved fame. Contests are being run in several magazines for tickets. Planes, busses and trains are being Im Looking Forward To Tomorrow - Eddie Hardin - Wind In The Willows - The Original Studio Productio from cities far from the concerts for special trips for the occasion, and box offices are only selling 4 tickets to each customer to stop black market activities before they start.

More on this tour later. At presstime, Cliff Bennett and his group, the Rattles and me Charlie Hickman have been booked for the concert. The three initial concerts at the Opera Theater were complete sell-outs, and moved impresarios Lococo and Barujel to arrange two extra evenings, the May 6, and 7. This point should be taken in consideration by other top inter- national artists coming to this country.

As a whole, this visit may be considered one of the main artistic events ofand was really a big success. Italian teen chanter Gianni Morandi also came for several TV programs and appearances.

Morandi will appear in a group of programs aired by Channel 9 as guest star; these segments were video-taped at the end of the week. Ornella has also taped videos during her one-week stay, complementing the promotional campaign held by her label. After a letup of several years, Argentine film studios are steadily going- back to work, and several projects are being completed. All the executive CBS staff were at the International Airport to welcome them and a mariachi group played the music.

The motive of his trip is strictly vacational. He wll also receive a trophy given by the Society of Authors and Composers. Ray told us that he will probably perform in Mexico accompanied by his orchestra and chorus at the end of this year but the main problem he has in the change of 60 to 50 cycles we have here that would affect his electronic equipment. Andre Midani, general manager of Capitol Records, flew to Brazil to vacation in the company of several of his relatives that lives in that country.

At the same Sarabande And Variations - Christopher Parkening - Parkening Plays Bach, Andre will try to get new ideas from that country to be adapted here in Mexico. With songs written by Abraham Laboriel, Nacho Mendez and Javier de la Cueva, Capitol Records released a long play of authentic Mexican modern music, sung and played by Los Profetas, Nacho Mendez and Matilde, the excel- lent singer who recently signed a contract with Capitol.

These recordings Rainha Mestiça Em Tempo De Lundu - Various - Enrédo Desfile De Sambas be released very soon and it is probable that Enrique will have to go Im Looking Forward To Tomorrow - Eddie Hardin - Wind In The Willows - The Original Studio Productio New York to promote his records personally.

Audio Fidelity Records made in Mexico a single with the new rock group named los Shakers. Each one makes it easier for patrons to spend.

Of course, they play singles, too— but Little LPs, at a side, pile up income Im Looking Forward To Tomorrow - Eddie Hardin - Wind In The Willows - The Original Studio Productio.

Consolettes generate ex- tra play and give you the benefits of overplay. Make every location work harder for you with these handsome, personalized units. Avail- able in chrome, and now in the new Antique Brown finish that harmonizes beautifully with wood paneling.

This is the color so popular in today's high-style refrigerators and ranges. MOA was holding its sixth annual convention. Dime play was being adopted. Loans and bonuses and front money and inflation were being denounced.

Depreciation as a business invest- ment was being promoted. Operators were beginning to discover that the vending machine could be a powerful economic force in the industry. There was also much Chelsea Piers - Krystle Warren & The Faculty - Circles about The Machine that was supposed to bring hun- dred Joe Kidd - The Vulcans* - Journey Into Space The Return Of Star Trek bills raining down from the sky, covering op- erators Iran - Slime - Live (Pankehallen 21.1.1984) distributors with profits and glory — what The Machine was, nobody knew.

But it was surely coming. All somebody had to do was invent it. The coin machine industry is still worrying about bad press, still pretending to be concerned about public re- lations, still protesting loans and bonuses, still opposing a royalty bill, and still looking for The Machine. Five years ago it took a commercial plane eight hours to fly coast to coast. Now it takes four. Three years ago nobody had ever heard of direct-dial phones, or television phones.

Last year men took a Im Looking Forward To Tomorrow - Eddie Hardin - Wind In The Willows - The Original Studio Productio in space. What have we done in that time? Public rela- tions? New machines? Pool tables, one of the biggest money-making units around, bring in large col- lections for the amusement operator, if he can find a lo- cation that has space for one.

But once he gets it going the local government could decide to have their annual moral crusade, pass a crosseyed law and confiscate the table. Bad press? Twice this year — at least — major newspapers have gone after the industry with fang and claw and everyone hid his head. We must have hundreds. Why aren't they as effective as they could be? Because operators are still secretive, still afraid to let anyone know who they are or where their locations are, for fear of being jumped.

The young men who have come in, and the older operators and distributors who are flexible enough to understand and welcome change, have combined the valuable old rules with new ones, and they are making money.

They will continue to make money ten years from now, and they will be the ones who will have the social acceptability and the economic strength which this in- dustry badly needs. Sam Wolberg and Sam Gensburg asserted during Talk On - Ocean Colour Scene - Ocean Colour Scene exclusive inter- view with the Cash Box reporter that this particular two-player flipper is actually the very first of a new Chi- cago Coin trend in flipper amusement games, which gives promise of offer- ing operators in all markets the first of a succession of hefty money-mak- ing single player, two-player and four-player flipper pinball amusement games.

In the possible event that the particular lo- cation is heaviest in either nickels, dimes or quarters, the person servic- ing the machine can very simply in a Reservacion India (Indian Reservation) (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian) - Raiders - of seconds convert any in- dividual coin containing receptacle larger to accommodate more coins than the other two areas.

It is a solid, heavy cash box to protect the coin contents. Most of the excitement is in the playing and scoring action on the playfield and lightbox. In this feature there are three series of flash score traveling lights aimed at the center and right and left sides of the playfield.

There are five rapid-action scoring targets and five pop bumpers with changing score values on the play- field. The play and scoring action is Im Looking Forward To Tomorrow - Eddie Hardin - Wind In The Willows - The Original Studio Productio, exciting and instantly creates the necessary inducement for more and more play therefore more coins in the cash boxaccording to Mort Secore. Among other fine features it offers much faster game scoring, which tends to lessen the actual game time, thus inducing greater earning power.

Probably no other man in the coin machine business knows what is going on in the export market and why better than Fesjian. The Mondial offices on the thirteenth floor of the Empire State Building, are being relocated down the hall to include a bigger show- room, and the move was being made at the time of this interview. You deal extensively in exports of American products. Do you import any European products for this coun- try? We are bringing them to this country to sell in states where amusement machines are banned, be- cause this game is a game of skill only.

There has been talk of a new tax on British machines. Will that affect — A. I must say this: the new tax will apply only to gambling machines, which I am against. The amusement machines will not be taxed so there will not be a problem there. Britain also intends to remove a ten per cent import surcharge tax. Yes, I am informed of that. This means British buyers will hold off on American equipment.

Yes, they will probably do so until November. Will that hurt quarterly sales? No, it will not hurt. Britain, you understand, does not buy many amusement machines. They use gambling machines. An exporter always knows what countries are booming and which are about to go dry.

What is your opin- ion? Which countries are doing what? Italy now is a country that is buy- ing amusement games. They are es- pecially manufactured for Italy to conform to Cabron - Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way new laws there.

It is against the law there to give free play on amusement games. France is saturated. Has France passed any laws ban- ning amusement games, like Italy did? Everything is very well managed there. You see, in. The gambling machines were banned. Italy passed their law because of the gambling machines.

They banned all games because of them. You mean they threw the baby out with the bath? Yes, you can say that. I must re- peat myself and explain about gam- bling devices.

I am against them be- cause they bring trouble sooner or later. What about the rest of Europe? Germany, for instance is buying only four-player pingames. For any special reason? They like collective playing. The Scandinavian countries, the Benelux countries. Because they have gambling de- vices. Wherever they Doctor Explosion / Shutdown 66 - The Spanish Shutdown EP, the amuse- ment games suffer.

Spain has. The government issues only a few import licenses. Spain has been working on a big tourist program; do you think, as more people come to see Spain, that more machines will appear?

Oh yes, definitely. I think by next year Spain will be importing more machines. I think they will have more money in circulation and they will be buying. Which countries have the most difficult restrictions? It would be Spain and Greece. Checks, he added, will go out to recipients as soon as the ma- chinery can be set up for paying more than half of the membership this dividend.

Among these are in-hospital indemnity bene- fits, group pension or retirement plans, and an income protection pro- gram. Naturally, all of these pro- posed services are presently in the investigation stage. National Membership Drive Chair- man Jack Bess informs that the goal is for at least more to reach the quota total set early this year.

Granger further advised that there is nothing further to report at this time on the pending copyright ques- tion. Granger reported to Cash Box on still another vital pending decision regarding future board of director meetings.

He explained that although the board has heretofore held its mid- year meetings in Washington, D. For the simple reason that they have a balance of payments prob- lem. They need more money in cir- culation and then they will be able to buy. That is all. Africa as a market — A. Sometimes you read articles that Africa is just about to go big, but this is not true. The new Cinejukebox machine, which combines the elements of the motion picture machine and the juke box for the coin operated audio-visual appeal, is the creation of the Inter- national Phonovision Society of Mi- lan, Italy, headed by Angelo Bottani.

Rosen, who heads the coin machine distributing firm bearing his name, created the Filmotheque-Discotheque concept which provides for the 2-in-l combination of the movie machine and the juke box in a single unit. While Rosen is the exclusive United States distributor for the new Cine- jukebox, it is expected that when the American premiere of the new ma- chine is staged, the Rosen firm will be designated as world wide distrib- utors.

The American premiere, said Rosen, will be staged shortly after the arri- val in this country of the first ship- ment of the new Cinejukebox. Both Bottani and the Innocenti prin- cipals, said Rosen, have been im- pressed with the success of the Filmo- theque-Discotheque concept in this country and with the new Cinejuke- The Time Warp (Extended Vocal Mix) - Damian - The Time Warp machine, the popularity of the program will continue to rise sharply.

In view of negotiations in prospect for world wide distribution, Rosen is re-assessing his projected distributor program. Final decision as to the ap- pointment of distributors is expected to be made at the American pre- miere of the machine tentatively planned for next month.

Many new films for coin operated audio-visual play, said Rosen, have been made with an eye for the American market. Rosen pointed out that many of the popular film titles have been getting exposure on television — enhancing their appeal for coin operated play. He feels that television stations in this country will also prove a market for these three-minute color musical movies. The Filmotheque-Discotheque I concept, he added, is geared now to provide television with a fresh source of film entertainment — and in color.

Rosen was also impressed with the growing popularity Im Looking Forward To Tomorrow - Eddie Hardin - Wind In The Willows - The Original Studio Productio the audio vis- ual machine in Europe for education and advertising use as well as for entertainment — indicative of the po- tential audio visual holds for the coin machine industry in this country.

The nature of the new piece, kept secret for the present by Bailen, will be released within the coming weeks.

Q Jobber. Q Supplier. Q Service Firm. Q Finance. That's what. The Band Stand has everything you want for your locations Patent No. We even have a gold-plated screw on the auto- matic cancel You Are My Sunshine - Ike & Tina Turner - Nutbush City Limits. The Rowe-Ami Band Stand is built to last longer than any other phonograph on the market with fewer service calls and to stay new longer.

Sonin also revealed that tickets have been purchased for the banquet honoring coinman Abe Lipsky June 4th at the Statler Hilton Hotel. Committee reports on raffles and entertainment were made by Bill Kohler and representatives of the trade press. Raffle prizes are sched- uled to include vacations at resort hotels, record albums and gift cer- tificates.

Sight Draft or confirmed letter of credit. From sunshine to snow — and the snow caught Joe Munves on his eastern seaboard tour. Al Simon, RockOla distributor, is just about sold out of the phonograph line; meanwhile his U. I know. Milt Tucker did it to me when we tried the game out! A hearty hello to Marvin The Judge Liebowitz, a long-time coinman whom we met at the Mike Munves showrooms — and a thank you, sir, for the lift back to the office.

Bill Kobler, chairman of the raffle committee reported that two weekends at plush hotels are being lined up, plus prizes of gift certificates and record albums. Actor, linguist, guitarist and singer Theodore Bikel will appear at the banquet to give a recital of Israeli folksongs. He sings in seven languages and knows every dialect from Flemish to Swahili. Jackie Phillips of the Fairmont Hotel will be the master of ceremonies.

Roses will decorate each table at the banquet. Chairman Gil Sonin announced the number of tickets sold stands at — an increase of stubs in the last two weeks. Contributions have been piling in. Both Irv Sandler and Phil Moss flew in to the American headquarters at Union City last week to iron out details and get in a little entertainment on the big town New York, natch!

Irv and the Missus had a grand old time, sightseeing, shopping and perusing the town via N. Sol Lipkin, pleased with the new distrib deal, said both men were mightily impressed with the new equipment Rompin And Stompin - The Buckaroos* - Rompin & Stompin and models they saw at the factory and were looking forward to Im Looking Forward To Tomorrow - Eddie Hardin - Wind In The Willows - The Original Studio Productio a good share when the products are released.

Lipkin, always on the move himself, was scheduled to drop down to D. Hanna-Barbera Records are boasting a terrific juke box single now on the market. Howard Kaye out at the Irving Kaye factory in Brooklyn reports the Im Looking Forward To Tomorrow - Eddie Hardin - Wind In The Willows - The Original Studio Productio force in full swing on all models to fill orders on Kaye tables and parts. Ben, as chairman of the event, will thank local Pa.

Chicago Chatter. Guests will be significantly honored by the presence on the dais of U. Jo Ann is presently mapping out her future course in life, and we add our warmest best wishes to her, along with all other tidings from hosts of friends. He recently vacationed at delightful Orlando, Florida, where he also managed to shed a few unwanted pounds. With due respects to the hard working board of directors who were unintentionally omitted.

Herewith is the last of names: Fred Deeb, chairman, of Tallahassee; W. Im Looking Forward To Tomorrow - Eddie Hardin - Wind In The Willows - The Original Studio Productio, Crestview; A. Fallin, Miami; F. Blalock, Sr. Upon return- ing to his office Dave enthused over the exceptional sales activity D. Best wishes are pouring in to A. Steiger, president of Tel-A- Sign Corp. Bally Mfg Co. The action continues heavy at Rock-Ola Mfg Corp. Edward G.

Doris, executive vice prexy, has been glued to his desk due to the very heavy sales activity in music and vending equipment. Until recently Joe had offices at North Michigan Avenue because of the con- venience of the loop location. Johnny Frantz, prexy of J. Frantz Mfg. Spring days shipping his counter coin-operated amusement Im Looking Forward To Tomorrow - Eddie Hardin - Wind In The Willows - The Original Studio Productio to customers.

Milwaukee Mentions Gov. In- cidentally, the time and date have been changed to 12 noon, June 19, com- mencing with luncheon. Pierce and Hastings urge all Wisconsin operators to attend and bring their wives along. In their party were their daugh- ter, Carole, and her hubby, Russ Townsend. All 16 balls now same size. As a result the Cast Box reporter asked two of the students at the Flip Flap - Various - Mega 80 evening, May 4, class their individual opinions of this apparently successful World Wide school arrange- ment.

I certainly hope they con- tinue doing it this way permanently. I eagerly look forward to these service school classes at World Wide. Subjects dis- cussed were: The remote selection system, general trouble shooting, simulated service calls simulating location servicing and preventive maintenance. Belam Co. Nahum also plans to set up a more efficient net- work which will further strengthen R. Precision crafted for unsurpassed balance, appearance, durability and straightness. North Bergen, N.

The entire showroom, measuring 60' x 60', is brand new, with wide- pane windows and an overhead sky- light. Used jukeboxes, completely re- conditioned by Phil Greenfield, owner of Speedy Coin Machine Repair and overall service manager for One-Stop, brand new pool tables and vending machines, plus a parts department, reflect the plans of co-heads Wiener and Sandy Moore.

The pool tables are all new. Top photo: A curious passer-by sur- veys the showrooms of One-Stop Coin. Grand opening banners and bunting decorate the new office. Bottom: Bill Wiener left and Phil Greenfield pose by cigarette and popcorn vend- ers. Wiener handles vending sales while Phil keeps the machines in shape. His name is Jack Rooklyn and he has been traveling thru the United States on a buying trip.

Before that he was in Chicago and he should be in San Francisco by this time. Also, there is a new man, John Newton, in the parts department. We hear from Coin Machine Service Co. Marvin Miller tells us what they did was have special prices on their games, music and pool tables.

Just to prove that Coin Machine is not asleep at the switch they have a special promotion deal Im Looking Forward To Tomorrow - Eddie Hardin - Wind In The Willows - The Original Studio Productio.

They will give away 5, blue chip stamps with every sale. With all these things going on they did find time to hire a new Service Manager in the person of Gary Alyne. Also from Bob Angard, their special accounts representative, was here visiting at Circle.

Don Quack is on the road again. Ralph Phipps will be in town to conduct a Rowe vending class on May 31st. George Muraoka of Simon Distributing reports to us that the new Du Kane Grand Prix road race machine is getting great response from local ops.

Not only did she receive this honor but she was also voted one of the ten outstanding girls at UCSB. Clayton is a pretty proud papa these days. It was recorded on the Epic label. When we talked to Struve this week, we spoke to an up and coming young Call From The Dark - Magma - Christian Vander - Merci on their The Kiss - The Cure - Trilogy (DVD) by the name of Ray Clark.

He said he had a great item for us. He told us that Struve is taking inventory this week. Unfortunately, in the next breath he told us that they take it every week. Cliff Nugent is now covering the Palm Springs area. Ray Clark should be in Orange County by the time you read this. We want to take this opportunity to wish Stan Larsen a Happy birthday.

He says that he is in desperate need of additional mechanics. Bob does have one gripe this Im Looking Forward To Tomorrow - Eddie Hardin - Wind In The Willows - The Original Studio Productio and that is — when is our Chicago Editor, Lee Brooks coming out to visit him? Bob says he has been waiting and waiting, and still no Lee. All we can say is: Lee, you better come out and visit us.

Until then, Bob sends his best regards. Out of Paul A. Laymon, we get the news that Albert Honorable, their pool table repair man, just returned from a one week vaca- tion. Harris, Enderlin, in town for a few days having a check up at the medical clinic. Jack Godfrey in town for the day making rounds and picking up parts and records. Happy birthday to Jim Blenker. A1 Kirtz in town for a few hours picking up parts and records.

Dick Couch is out of the hospital and taking it easy, another heart warning put him there. Ben Kragtorp, Tracy, in town over the week and visiting relatives and then buying his parts and records before leaving for home.

Stan Baeder, and Mrs. Baeder in town over the week end. Baeder getting- in some shopping Monday while Stan was taking care of some business and driving home the next day. John McMahon, Eau Claire, out of the hospital last week and taking it easy, diabetes trouble, and not taking care of himself.

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