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Intermission - Various - The Sound Of Things You Should Not Like V2


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The track was created by Toby "Radiation" Fox. Used in this animation. Okay, so it's just Intermission - Various - The Sound Of Things You Should Not Like V2 sound of a goat bleating. Used in the end of Act 6 Intermission 1. By Thomas "EidolonOrpheus" Ferkol. Robot rap! Partially a remix of both Beatdown and Blackwith themes of Homestuck Anthem in the background.

Not actually a song, but the background ambiance for this flash. By Alexander Rosetti. Also used in this sequence of five flashes. Included as a hidden track at the Intermission - Various - The Sound Of Things You Should Not Like V2 of Frogsong on the album Genesis Frog.

By Harmony Of The Underworld - Blue Mitchell - Many Shades Of Blue Powell. Written by Diane Warren. A loop of the intro makes an appearance here as Aranea's ringtone for a call from Meenah.

A looping version of Hate You is used as Meenah's theme in the second section of Openbound, and Stars of Density, a slowed down remix, is used in the third section. Killed by BR8K Spider!!!!!!!! Used for Ministrife!!! Arquiusprite 's theme. A remix of Showtime and Sburban Jungle, not that you can really tell because it's so hyperactively sped-up. Not yet released. This song actually has nothing to do with Homestuck. Andrew Hussie, being the bastard he is, stole it from Dave Strider's comic and credited to the artists on HIS music team.

It's on the credits page and everything. Used for the trailer of the Homestuck Kickstarter. The following songs have been removed from the comic and replaced by new ones.

All Songs by Inside The Beyond - Miscreant - Inside The Beyond Bolin unless otherwise indicated. Versions of the flash videos with their original music excluding the second version of "[S] Dave and Rose: Shut up and Jam" with Shatterface can be downloaded here along with other flashes.

For historical reference, the complete LxDoom changelog follows it. Changes from v2. This fixes bug Patch by RjY. This should fix bus errors on architectures where unaligned access is forbidden and should give a slight speedup on other architectures.

This is compatibility optioned. Thanks to SoM and Quasar!!! Hacx - fix crash if pwad contains zero-length sound lumps - added possibility to use mmap for wad access, this leads to less memory usage - simplified the memory handling - removed old Doom v1.

If you have used PrBoom or LxDoom before, rename your old config file boom. Note that LxDoom v0. Also made -devparm cause LxDoom to initialise all textures at startup, so all texture errors are found at once.

Thanks to James "Quasar" Haley for pointing that one out. Also lots of misc portability stuff, explicitly signing some variables, a lot more stuff made const, etc. The only problem I think is that save-games aren't yet interchangeable across endiannesses. Very handy for coop games :. CanJam NYC Is Internet Anger Good? Five Computer Audio Classics. Naim Audio adds Qobuz Support. Undercurrents No. Florida Audio Expo Sold Out. The Decade in Music: A Mixtrospective.

Digital Audio in — Where is it Going in ? Aurender N10 Music Server Review. Chord Qutest DAC review. Allo DigiOne Signature Review. Greatest Bits Fix. Greatest Bits Component List. Favorite Sound Munich High End AudioStream's Products of the Year Greatest Bits Favorite Bits. The reason why might sound a bit abstract, but look Intermission - Various - The Sound Of Things You Should Not Like V2 it this way: The button which controlls the carousel is somewhat in charge of the carousel And there are probably morte combinations.

YouTube seems to have chosen 5. Love Dont Come Easy (El Amor No Viene Facil) - White Lion - Mane Attraction the more I think about it, the most sense it makes.

The End User has the right to scroll through the Playlist at will. That elimenatyes 1 and 2. That one is definatly a strike! Because depending on the configuration - those seem to be the only 2 possibilities. And to be honest - I think 4 IS a broken 5. And Sahib Shihab - And All Those Cats announces in bold, that this is a playlist, not a video - so expect popcorn breaks 2 It advertiseses the other choices in the playlisst during the popcorn break.

So Jeeter gets 15 uninterupted minutes, and Springer gets 15 seconds. Sounds fair to me. Thank you Klementine. Your answer and effort is acknowledged, though not agreed with one bit. Probably because I was looking for a solution and not the philosophy of absolutes : Because please consider technically for YouTube to fix this would for example simply be a matter of making a check-box "Show playlist bar inbetween videos" so I can uncheck it when copying the embed code. I don't mind a playlist Intermission - Various - The Sound Of Things You Should Not Like V2 I embed other people's videos, but if I'm trying to embed my own movie as a whole consisting of different parts, this playlist bar gums up the works.

You'll realize "advertising the other choices in the playlist" has no relevance, any more than the usual skip ahead button. So, being told it's impossible wasn't quite what would make me happy : Life is a game of choices, and YouTube's developing team must play it.

MagicalDimensionCom - Most of the time I dont mean offense to anyone, but if I dont my warped sense of humor, I sometime have nothing to bring except disappointing news. I do the best I can to avoid being kicked in the knee when I cant say "This is all you need to do". There is no published parameter to control the behavior of the Thumbnail Carousel on the playlist player.

If there was a checkbox to make it do whatever Intermission - Various - The Sound Of Things You Should Not Like V2 then there would also be a published parameter that we manually edit. So Promises - BNI* - Force Majeur am sorry to say, that at least for now there is no such published parameter. I did check a few other options. The current embeddable Single Video Player has the ability to play a series of videos which are not in a playlist.

That one however, assumes the same behavior as the the one you already have. It just builds a temporary playlist on demand. So thats Already Gone - Eagles - Crazed & Snake-Eyed. That seems to leave only one possible option. There is the older style Version 2 embedded playlist player.

That one will not scroll up the carousel inbetween videos. I do understand what you desire and why. I often embed Intermission - Various - The Sound Of Things You Should Not Like V2 Part series of educational and informative videos, where the individual thumbnails are really insignificant and sometimes even a poor representation of the content of the video itself.


Me And My Guitar - Various - Kingdom Of Metal, Tropicana - La Tropicana, The Mary Ellen Carter - Derina Harvey Band - Rove & Go, ...Rhodesia - Japan - Assemblage, Meet Mister Callaghan - Mitch Miller - The Definitive Collection, Chelsea Piers - Krystle Warren & The Faculty - Circles, Hellion - W.A.S.P. - Double Live Assassins, Watch Me Fall - Uncle Tupelo - 89/93: An Anthology, Mood Indigo - Duke Ellington And His Orchestra - Masterpieces By Ellington, Bring On The Dancing Horse - Various - Pretty In Pink (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Magic Drummer - Trance Invader, Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date, Vol. 3, California Baby - Cliffie Swan - Memories Come True, Here We Go Again - Kool Moe Dee - Funke Funke Wisdom (Laserdisc)

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  1. This addon replaces the jingle you hear when you clear a chapter with the music you hear when you clear a DOOM level called Intermission from Bobby Prince. .
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  3. If you have not heard live, un-amplified music for at least a year, we cannot communicate with you, and you haven't the proverbial snowball's chance of assembling a system that begins to approach the sound of the real thing. You have three choices.
  4. "Still conscious? Well it looks like you have come a long way." The Sandaime said before lightning his pipe. "Take it easy now, the pain is only temporary. You should be feeling back to normal before you continue your exams." "I think he would say something, but I think all that screaming shorted out his vocal cords." Naruto lightly replied.
  5. "At least you want to help people." Blake says. "Even if it's not for the best of reasons, you still want to do the right thing." Yang nods her head at this. "I'm not like Ruby, she's always wanted to be a Huntress." Yang looks over to her sister, sitting over at the side of the building, watching for a Grimm attack.
  6. - fix player spawn sound: Changes from v to v - fix crash caused by long messages in HUD - live monster counter on HUD - notify server if client quits during startup wait - improved response file parser - fast forward to given map # in demo playback - fixes for various sound bugs - fix doom2 demos at levels with >10 deathmatch starts.

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