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This decision will alter the fate of Isabel, Bruno, Sara, and Joaquin irreversibly. Hollywood Theater NE Sandy. Blind Insect Gallery presents its first art exhibition of Sangria and light Marisela - Various - Joropos will be served. Centybear's life-size highly realistic oil paintings depict women entrepreneurs, political activists, and women working in the arts.

Living in the Dominican Republic under the oppressive regime of Rafael Trujillo, four sisters are forced to rethink their values in order to change the fate of the country they love. Through music, magic, and memory, watch the Mirabal sisters as they undergo the difficult personal transformations necessary to finally emerge as Las Mariposas, international symbols of hope and resistance.

Teatro Milagro SE Stark. With a diversity Marisela - Various - Joropos paintings, prints, collages and jewelry all inspired by Frida Kahlo. Fall in Love with Flamenco. Each year our all star cast of flamenco dancers and musicians present brand new numbers celebrating the romantic heart of flamenco.

Join I Moderato - Schubert*, Imogen Cooper - Schubert Live • Volume Three for an early Valentine's performance that will have everyone falling in love with flamenco all over again.

Minors admitted with guardian. Deep in the jungles of Central America, Papagayo, the parrot, sings and dances as the nocturnal animals try to slumber. One night, the magical Perro Luna wakes up and starts eating the moon! Will the animals learn to work together to save the moon? Presented in both English and Spanish, two entertaining puppeteers interact with the audience and bring this brightly colored tale to life. Brazilian Carnaval Ball. Come early with your family or stay late to celebrate like Brazilians.

Doors at 7pm, with family activities, kids and family costume contest and dancing, Main event begins at 8pm. Crystal Ballroom W Burnside. Presented by Michael E. Smith of Arizona State University. Free and open to the public. Make your own delicious corn tortillas, sopes and gorditas using our fresh masa in this Marisela - Various - Joropos workshop and learn about nixtamalization, local Mexican cheeses and some easy recipes to make at home.

This class is vegetarian with vegan options. Bring an appetite! Class includes masa and recipes to take Marisela - Various - Joropos you. These Irish immigrants came to be known as the "Los San Patricios", revered in Mexico and Ireland as folk heroes, and considered traitors to the US military.

Written by Matthew Paul Olmos. A play about parenting — questionable parenting. Born to a mother Marisela - Various - Joropos is not yet ready to be a mother, Mira finds beauty and hope in the possible, bending time and reality in a heartfelt tale of what happens when children become parents of their own. Javiera, the daughter of Chilean Marisela - Various - Joroposhas returned to her native country to practice law. When she chooses to defend the life of Rodrigo Curipan, a Mapuche who is fighting to reclaim tribal land from a large forestry corporation, she may have taken on more than she can handle.

The corporation sends one of their strongest lawyers to Marisela - Various - Joropos a deal. Javiera's encounters with the Mapuche elders and dreams of a Marisela - Various - Joropos Araucania tree spirit will test her dedication and remind her of her heritage as she takes on the trial of her life.

Tablao Artichoke - Espacio Flamenco. Come enjoy live flamenco in Portland's finest listening room! Espacio Flamenco offers holistic flamenco music and dance instruction for all ages.

Through classes, special events, and student and professional performances we create a space in Portland where flamenco arts and culture can be experienced, explored, learned, and refined.

Tamale Making Basics Workshop. All in corn husks using our organic fresh masa. An all vegetarian option is available. Class includes mixing the masa as well as filling and folding your tamales, a demonstration on how to make the sauces, a kitchen tour and your own hand-crafted delicious tamales to take with you.

Winter Makers Mercado. Come and support local community craft vendors, and enjoy culture food, drinks, music, and live performances. All are welcome to join us to celebrate the holiday season! A modern-day, Latinx take on Dicken's classic A Christmas Carol, this new adaption provides a fresh perspective on time-honored holiday traditions. Combining strong female leads, modern music, and holiday cheer, join us for a new Christmas Cuento for today!

We will have: Rosca Marisela - Various - Joropos Reyes, Champurrado, music, Marisela - Various - Joropos and presents for the little Marisela - Various - Joropos. Joaquin Lopez is a Mexican American performing artist and musician from Portland, Oregon who blends music and storytelling.

He holds a passion for producing cultural events that honor Latin American heritage and Latino Gay Culture. Posada Milagro. Milagro invites you to Posada Milagroa festive, cultural Christmas celebration filled with fun for the whole family. Marisela - Various - Joropos us as we celebrate the holidays with something special for all ages. Admission is FREE and open to the public.

Tickets are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis starting at 1 PM. Posada: Portland Mercado. Come and enjoy culture, food, drinks, music, and live performances. Celebrate the holiday season Espacio Flamenco style with traditional holiday songs villancicosstudent and Espacio Flamenco Company performances, and a flamenco sing along! Performances by:. Feminist Flash Mob - Marisela - Various - Joropos. Last month, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, dozens of women gathered outside the supreme court building in Santiago, Chile for a feminist flash mob calling out rape culture, patriarchy, and impunity for those responsible.

The " Un violador en tu camino " protest and performance went viral and soon repeated in public plazas Given Chance - Folding Money Talks - The Root Of All Evil Latin America and Europe. Join a group this Saturday in Pioneer Square to learn and perform it yourself. Organizers ask Marisela - Various - Joropos to dress in black coats are fineand bring a black blindfold and a green bandana.

They'll have some for whoever doesn't bring theirs, no worries. The season of gifting is upon us! Carols, Hymns, and Lullabies. Join the Reed Marisela - Various - Joropos Musicum and Chorus for a celebration of the holiday Marisela - Various - Joropos. The Reed Chorus performs Conrad Susa's Carols and Lullabies of the Southwest, a collection of beautiful folk songs from across the Spanish-speaking world.

The country that once had the highest economic growth in the world is now a benchmark of collapse and misery. The film uncovers the emergence of the charismatic leader at a time of crisis, and how-supported by soaring oil prices-he managed to seize institutions, polarize society, silence the media, and dismantle the production apparatus.

All this, of course, on behalf of the people. Moderator: Elliot Young, Latin American and. Together, Madonna and Marcy fought for Native rights in an environment that made them more comrades than mother-daughter. Through a circular Indigenous style of storytelling, this film explores what it means to navigate a movement and motherhood and how activist legacies are passed down and transformed from generation to generation in the context of colonizing government that meets Native resistance with violence.

Moderated by Shilo George. Portland Indigenous Marisela - Various - Joropos. The larger markets will include entertainment such as music, storytelling and other performing arts.

Please come out and join us, open to the public and FREE!!! The Marisela - Various - Joropos route that takes these women to and from their U. Based on real life testimonies, each woman represented in La Ruta bears witness to the secrets buried under the hot desert sun. Bouncing back and forth in time and featuring live music, the intensely harrowing La Ruta gives a passionate voice to the women who have disappeared.

Together, Abel Rocha and Madeleine Sosin combine string and percussive instruments to create rich poly-rhythmic music that is also fiery, Marisela - Various - Joroposand joyful. Abel sings and plays harp, guitar, and cuatro. Madeleine sings and plays violin, maracas, bombo, and jarana. As a trio they are joined by Amy Denio on clarinet, accordion and vocals. Performing traditional music of Venezuela, Argentina, and Mexico, the duo combines to bring a night of unforgettable musical sounds and vocal harmonies.

This international collaboration and exchange project includes pieces by artists who have never been shown in Portland. Enjoy with us with an intimate Peruvian night and learn more about 8 artists from Peru. Latinx performers take the stage in a musical celebration of immigrant culture, community, and strength.

Bienestar builds housing, hope, and a brighter future for Latinx, immigrant, farmworker, and other low-income families in the Portland Metro Area. Mexican musical group playing the cumbia sonidera genre, which is a cumbia subgenre using three accordions and synthesizers. The group has over Marisela - Various - Joropos years in their career and have been able to position themselves as the top artists in their genre, making an historic debut performance in at Coachella Music Festival.

Trio Flamenca. Celebrate the Arabic program and spread awareness about Arabic culture and tradition. Enjoy Arabic food, art, music, and dancing!

Sugar Skull! Featuring a company of gifted musicians and dancers, this colorful stage production is the perfect fall entertainment Marisela - Various - Joropos youth and family audiences alike. Yusa is a Cuban singer and songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, bassist. She was born in Marisela - Various - Joropos Buena Vista district of Havana, Cuba.

She reside in the UK. She also collaborated with the brazilian artist Lenine. The deep history of Latinos in Oregon begins in the early nineteenth century, when the current southern state line was actually the northern border of Hellion - W.A.S.P.

- Double Live Assassins, and continues through today, as new immigrants arrive and Latino Oregonians of many generations continue to shape the state. During the twentieth century, Latino Oregonians engaged in labor activism that resulted in founding significant, ongoing organizations—such as PCUN—that continue to provide leadership in the state today. This program will explore that long history of labor organizing within national, and international, context and will consider the ongoing political impact of that work today.

The Mexican hero who achieved the "American dream. On dit qu'il y avait Aux autres il dit : Un Chvez, un Bautista et un Forero, J'ai une ide Le ple Manuel Vargas Si quelquun veut Et un autre qu'on surnommait Negro ; Me prter main forte Et je me souviens de la date Les armes la main O ces hommes vinrent Marisela - Various - Joropos liquider ces gens ; Rondn17 Par le seigneur et la foi, Marisela - Various - Joropos ville natale de ces messieurs : Si nous sommes victorieux C'tait le 21 septembre.

Je deviendrai le chef Je m'en souviens De la scurit de ce village. Vigoth sortit les accueillir, De surcrot Pensant avoir faire des gouvernementaux, Le gouvernement nous donnera des postes Avec empressement Car le chef de la guerrilla est un hors-la-loi.

Et sourires. Ses soldats le crurent : Comme Guadalupe tait le chef, Vive le bataillon de Vigoth! Il fut le premier saluer Vigoth : Cria-t-on dans le village. Prsente tes hommes Vigoth tait malin, Je veux les connatre. Il chargea des hommes Vigoth, la voix tremblante Daller accueillir Dit ses compagnons : L'escadron du gouvernement Ce sont nos ennemis!

Electroflava - Bassbin Twins / Hidden Rhythm & Invisible Man - Represent leur raconter le combat Ils nous ont pris sans mme tirer un coup. Et sunir eux. Les soldats les entourrent Les soupons les envahissaient Mais Dieu qui prvoit En voyant qu'ils portaient tous Tout sur terre, Des foulards rouges leur cou.

Ne leur permit pas Guadalupe rassembla De faire carrire. Les gens du village Au bout de neuf jours Afin qu'ils assistent au chtiment De cette illusion passagre, de Vigoth et de ses compagnons. Aprs une nuit claire Plongeant la main dans son sac Porteuse de mmoire Il en sortit la liste O seule brillait la lune Et en bon militaire De son il jauntre, Il ordonna qu'on lie les mains Dans la lumire du jour Des sept prisonniers. Et la brise du matin, On les amena la rivire Guadalupe arriva L, on les fit s'arrter, Avec ses gurilleros.

Guadalupe leur parla Il comptait venger Comme au tribunal, il leur dit : Le Marisela - Various - Joropos de ses compagnons. Ne s'achte pas. Pas une mre, pas un frre, Si vous voulez savoir Pas un seul ami, Qui je suis et d'o je viens, En cet instant ne voulut dire Je suis la Terreur des Llanos, Un mot en leur faveur.

Saura plus tard ce Buttons (Jimmy Vallance Vocal Remix) - Sia - Buttons (The Remixes) est juste. Aujourd'hui, celui qui faillira Quatorze larmes furent verses Ira droit en enfer. Par les sept prisonniers Ainsi ce qui est blanc sera blanc Quand ils virent qu'ils allaient mourir, Et ce qui est noir sera noir.

Les corridos llaneros relatent des vnements de la vie des bandits, de la priode coloniale et de l'indpendance. La rivalit entre conserva- teurs et libraux dgnra en octobre et embrasa la Colombie jusquen Cette Guerre des Mille Jours fit plus de cent mille victimes. Ce rcit est le tmoignage partisan dun clbre chanteur-compositeur de lpoque, Carlos Encinosa Cuchuco.

Csar Padilla. J'tais n Puerto Ayacucho18 Depuis lors, ici Dans une rgion toute proche. Il y a deux partis : Je vcus quelques temps Les Marisela - Various - Joropos conservateurs Puis je pris la route Sont trs offenss, Mon balluchon sur l'paule, Ils ont eu beaucoup de pouvoir Comme un plerin, Ils ont dirig pendant un demi-sicle, J'arrivai en Colombie Ils commandaient avec autorit O je fus baptis : Nayant pas d'adversaires, Rosita fut ma marraine Ils commandrent des annes et des annes et Churin mon parrain.

Et vint le moment o, En traversant le bas Apure la fin, Marisela - Various - Joropos furent Je rencontrai Florentino19 Soudain tous battus. Et c'est lui qui m'apprit Comment raconter un corrido. Ils perdirent les lections Je viens du Casanare Et se jetrent corps perdu Une rgion plaisante des Llanos Dans la guerre des Mille jours.

Que Bolvar a traverse Je n'tais pas encore n Avec ses meilleurs hommes, Mais mon pre vivait alors Sur sa route vers les montagnes C'tait un Llanero aguerri, O il cherchait l'ennemi, Il dut prendre les armes Pour librer le pays Pour dfendre le parti.

Au Venezuela. Chanteur llanero lgendaire qui a combattu le Diable avec ses vers et l'a vaincu. Rafael Uribe Uribe, journaliste, avocat et homme politique, assassin en Pour tre un bon guatecano22 Et les pauvres libraux Choisi parmi les meilleurs.

Se lamentaient Avec toute sa bravoure Car ils devaient payer Il s'engagea, Ce que les autres avaient mang. Les bracelets des femmes. Ce pasaje traditionnel, plein dune sagesse dli- cieuse, est construit sur des rimes et des asso- nances e-o.

Un autre instrument indispensable dans la musique llanera sont les maracas, indu- bitablement d'origine indigne, fabriques avec une gourde ou une noix de coco, un manche en cdre, et remplies de graines de canne d'Inde canna indica ou d'autres plantes de la savane. Elles accompagnent Marisela - Various - Joropos de leur rythme les golpes et les pasajes. Carlos Cordero et Luis Oliverio Pan Enrique Olaya Herrera, il fut prsident de la rpublique de et marqua le pays par de nombreuses rformes.

Natif de Guateque dans le dpartement du Boyac. Marisela - Various - Joropos ne bouscule pas le matriel. Gregorio Flrez : Carlos Cordero : Va t'en, Avril, arrive, Mai Si tu veux un cheval Disent les gens de Candelaria Ton ami possde un herbage, Pour seller de bons chevaux Il a un cheval gris, il a un cheval alezan, Sans que cela ne leur cote un sou.

Il a un pinto brun, Et le cheval qui marche Carlos Cordero : Est un pinto alezan brl. Je n'aime pas les pasajes Car je ne suis pas un joueur de pasaje Gregorio Flrez : J'aime les pajarillos Je suis un bless qui Marisela - Various - Joropos saigne pas, Car je suis un joueur de pajarillo Je suis un poignard sans acier, Je suis celui qui souffre en mourir, Gregorio Flrez : Je Marisela - Various - Joropos celui qui souffre, et meurt.

Ma mre me mit au monde Dans un nid de fourmis champignonnistes, Carlos Cordero : Quand vint la sage-femme Personne ne sait J'tais un beau garon dj noceur. Que je suis un vantard Car personne n'a vu Carlos Cordero : Ce que je Marisela - Various - Joropos peux pas faire. Ma belle se coiffe Le vent emporte ses cheveux. Gregorio Flrez : pervier, qui sortira Quelle maldiction : Les attraper? Aimer, recevoir, chrir, Marisela - Various - Joropos aurait mieux valu Qu'on me mette dans un mange ; Je suis libral de nature Et je meurs pour mon parti.

Que je Marisela - Various - Joropos pendant l'amour, Alors que quand je crois en avoir une Carlos Cordero : J'en tiens deux mon hameon. Je ne veux pas tre un bourricot, Ni un couteau de Marisela - Various - JoroposGregorio Flrez : Ni une chaussure de danse C'est la faute de mon pre Car ils Friend Of A Friend - Joe Henry - Talk Of Heaven font toucher le sol.

Si je suis un tel Marisela - Various - Joropos. Une caractristique du corrido est le souci de prcision qu'il impose. Il ne suffit pas de dire J'ai vu, J'y tais, il faut tre prcis, appor- ter des dtails, des dates, des lieux comme c'est le cas ici. Ce corrido est chant sur un rythme de pajarillo. Avec ses quatre mesures en cercle harmonique dans le mode mineur et sa grande force d'expression, le pajarillo est sans doute le plus difficile des golpes llaneros.

Domingo tait un vieil homme Dans les savanes de Matelin Mais il tait prvoyant, A Rhyme For Angela - Warren Chiasson - Good Vibes For Kurt Weill y avait un terrain en ruines Il y fit construire une maison Aux mains de Don Pompeyo Pour devenir son voisin.

Il lui donna un coup, Viande grille la llanera, Et sadressant lui Boissons, bonnes cigarettes, Comme un ennemi : Et le 20 au matin Tu es le plus grand filou Ils partirent Que j'ai connu dans ma vie.

Les uns sur des Pink Island - Mushroom - Glazed Popems, Les autres sur de bons chevaux. De la maison de Don Domingo. Puis il lui sauta dessus En arrivant Comme si c'tait un bouvillon Ils burent un coup de vin. La famille et les amis Alors Salvador lui rpondit Restons unis Doucement Pour rsister Domingo, Je me croyais dans ma ferme Puis ils se remirent en marche en train de terrasser un jeune taureau.

Cherchrent un autre chemin Il remonta sur sa mule Et tous arrivrent en mme temps Plus effarouch qu'un Guahibo23, Au terrain del Peligro. Ils commencrent discuter Amrindiens vivant notamment au Casanare. Et partit pour Punta de Garza Maintenant que j'ai des ennemis Sans mme regarder la piste. Ce qui ne me garde pas en vie Sa femme l'accueillit Tient dans une barbichette, bras ouverts Je vais aller prendre un bain Devant le portail de l'enclos btail Courir me chercher des guenilles.

Il lui dit, comme a : Vite, Cipriana mon amour, Je suis trs proccup L'ennemi Marisela - Various - Joropos Car je me suis battu avec Domingo Et dans un arbre rouge Je ne sais si c'est mon imagination J'ai oubli mon couteau. Mais j'ai entendu quatre coups, Nous en arrivons, Messieurs, Je me suis retourn pour regarder derrire la fin de ce corrido. Et n'ai vu aucun ennemi. J'en suis le compositeur, Mon pantalon est mouill, Un pote bien connu, Je sens mauvais.

Voil, j'en ai termin. Ce corrido est particulirement mouvant car il a t compos et il est interprt par Dolly Salcedo, la propre fille de Guadalupe Marisela - Various - Joroposclbre hros des Llanos. Elle y parle Marisela - Various - Joropos son exprience personnelle, offre une vision intime, la fois lyrique et pique, de la mort de son pre, du courage de sa mre et de son enfance orpheline. Dolly Salcedo. S'il tait encore en vie, La paix aurait t vite signe Je suis l'image des Llanos Car un homme avec [quelque chose dans] le Et ici ils m'ont peinte The Bards Song - The Hobbit - Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far Beyond En train de chanter un joropo pleine voix Voil ce qui nous manque ici!

Cet homme clbre Avec cette vaillance llanera Et celui qui ne connat pas son histoire Ils ont proclam ses exploits Ne sait rien des Llanos. Les petits-enfants de Guadalupe, Dans la bouche des chanteurs Clbre dans les Llanos Chaque jour elle se rpand Et toute la Colombie Et Marisela - Various - Joropos ceux qui viennent d'ailleurs Ce fut une lgende vivante, S'arrtent pour l'couter.

Un homme qui combattit et mourut Et maintenant Marisela - Various - Joropos que sa fille Pour sa fiert de Llanero. Chante avec toute son inspiration Le peuple Marisela - Various - Joropos le pleure Racontant cet vnement Ainsi que ses partisans, Des jours anciens, Quant ses adversaires Quand le gouvernement perfide Ils rient de leurs canailleries.

Jouait de mauvais tours. Il laissa sa petite hacienda La Colombie est reste en deuil deux trangers Et bien mal reprsente ; Dont je ne dirai pas les noms Cependant je Marisela - Various - Joropos heureuse Car a n'en vaut pas la peine ; De chanter travers la savane Sa mre, dans son vieux ranch Marisela - Various - Joropos littoral llanero Ne supportait plus son absence. Et tout ce plat pays, Ma mre dans son fauteuil Qui m'a vue natre Pleure dsesprment Et grandir.

Autre appellation de la arpa llanera dont les 32 cordes parallles rappellent la trame dun mtier tisser. Je faisais mon travail quotidien. Ma mre m'a donn du courage, Voil les jouets Cette femme des Llanos m'a appris De mon enfance, Comment ligoter les veaux, Mais je ne les perdais pas Qui allaite le soir, Car j'avais l'habitude Comment dteler le buf De conserver rsolument Qui m'a transporte, Ce que la terre me donnait. Ce Edilberto Humos, cuatro contrapunteo est chant sur un golpe appel el William Mojica, maracas Hijo de Marisela - Various - Joropos Guacharaca.

Celui- Maintenant que nous sommes ici ci est connu sous le titre Vamos contar menti- Nous allons chanter des mensonges ras Nous allons dire des mensonges ou Le J'ai vu voler un buf corrido des mensonges. Les chanteurs doivent Avec cent charrettes au-dessus de lui. Villamil Torres : Dans chaque quatrain seuls riment le deuxi- Si toi tu as vu voler un buf me et le quatrime vers.

Les quatrains sont Moi j'ai vu un lapin relis par les expressions Si tu as vu Comme n'importe quel animal. Orlando Vega : Villamil Torres : Si tu as vu ce chien fou Et si tu as Marisela - Various - Joropos ce caman Moi j'ai vu un paca26 Moi j'ai vu un renard Apprendre la gographie Caresser des poules Pour savoir dresser une carte. Et leur donner des bisous. Villamil Torres : Orlando Vega : Si tu as vu ce paca Si tu as vu ce vieux renard Moi j'ai vu une souris Moi j'ai vu un pervier Donner des baisers un chat Parler un petit oiseau Avec tout son cur.

Au ranch du Boral. Orlando Vega : Villamil Torres : Si tu as vu ce chat Si tu as vu l'pervier Moi j'ai vu un jabiru27 Moi j'ai vu une araigne Avec une paire de bas Qui portait sur ses paules Et des chaussures talons. Quarante charges de canne sucre. Villamil Torres : Orlando Vega : Si tu Marisela - Various - Joropos vraiment vu ce jabiru Cette araigne, c'est rien J'ai vu un taureau blanc ct de ce moustique Embrasser le tigre Qui a enfourch un chien famlique Avec lequel il bavardait.

Pour faire le tour Cleveland - Layzie Bone - Cleveland monde. Mas vert, immature. Petit rongeur, cuniculus paca. Sorte de cigogne, jabir mycteria. Edilberto Humos, cuatro Mon tre tait saisi Gregorio Flrez, maracas D'une peine inconnue Et un sentiment me submergea La posie chante est toujours au service de Quelque chose d'inimaginable, l'amour et de l'aime.

Le corrido n'y fait pas Qui me rendit fou exception et le rcit pique laisse Marisela - Various - Joropos la Ou quelque chose comme cela, place une description lyrique des senti- Sans savoir ce qu'il m'arrivait ments. Ici Victor Espinel apporte au Leco o Je ne pouvais garder mon calme. Taido, le cri soutenu par lequel commen- cent les golpes recios golpe rudesune Sans savoir ce qu'il m'arrivait touche trs personnelle. Je ne pouvais garder mon calme. Pensant et repensant Belle fleur d'aubergine Toujours la mme pense, la couleur jaune Cette mmoire immortelle Tu es ne dans les villages tait comme un dlire, De mes Llanos bien-aims, Car je t'coutais parler Tu donnes du prestige ma terre Et j'en tais enchant.

Grce ta belle apparence. Je vais te demander une faveur Je t'offre ce pome Plus grande que tu ne l'aurais voulue, Tel qu'il est, simple Marisela - Various - Joropos modeste, Que tu me dises oui ou non Je vais te raconter la triste histoire Si je serai pay de retour Je vais te dire quel fut mon cruel destin.

Si je ne me trompe pas d'amour Belle comme l'aurore Comme un enfant ingnu, Je t'adore, Car je vois en toi Et par une aprs-midi silencieuse, Une femme de prestige. Pensif et dprim, Je ne jure pas car c'est mal Je pensais bien des choses De prendre Dieu tmoin L'absence de l'tre aim. Car t'oublier En improvisant ces vers Est inutile, je le confirme. Ton ange gardien Pour tre dans tes mains Pour te Marisela - Various - Joropos sur le chemin, J'aimerais tre une bague Je prendrais soin de toi, Et pour te donner des couleurs Je t'avertirais des dangers ; J'aimerais tre une robe Ce sera mon infortune Pour me Marisela - Various - Joropos derrire mon ombre Si je ne t'pouse pas.

BAMBA golpe trad. Cachi Ortegn, maracas Gabriel Lpez : Du fait de la dispersion de la population et Je suis venu de si loin des communications difficiles, il existe peu pied dans la broussaille de divertissements collectifs dans les Juste pour te voir, Llanos. Le principal est la fiesta, parrando Toi la ngresse apaisante.

Yeux de velours, Avant l'arrive des appareils permettant Bouche Marisela - Various - Joropos marjolaine, d'couter des enregistrements commer- Il est vrai que nous nous aimions ciaux, la danse joropo alternait avec des Un peu, mais avec apptit.

Une couleur brune. Matre de tant de femmes? Flix Rodrguez : Joaqun Hunda : Je suis venu de loin Je ne veux pas d'charpe de soie En prenant des risques Ni de fil rouge brillant Juste pour te voir, Je n'en veux pas car pour ton amour Ma jolie colombe blanche. Quelque fanfaron me tuera. Dolly Salcedo : Shery Daz : Je suis la moiti d'orange D'ici, Soolaimon - Neil Diamond - Hot August Night te surveille Et R600L - Dark DJ - 2010 es l'orange toute entire, Pour un grain de riz Je suis le bouton de rose, Et je commence raliser Mais pas pour n'importe qui.

Que nous nous aimons. Gabriel Lpez : Flix Rodrguez : Je ne suis pas un ara, L'eau coule de mes Marisela - Various - Joropos Ni une perruche ou un perroquet, Envelopps dans du papier, Ton mpris pour moi Ils pleurent des larmes de sang Je le dplore, mais je n'en pleure pas.

Pour ce bel illet. T he Llano is a cultural area that covers parts of both Colombia and Venezuela, bordered by the jungle, the Orinoco River Independence and in many national revolu- tions, and were often called the Centaurs.

These horsemen are not just alone with and the Andes mountain range. Its half a their horses in the wide open spaces. They million square kilometers of hot, flat savan- have a remedy for their solitude: singing. The Voice Within - Various - Knuffelrock 13 the distance, there is a high percentage of indigenous on the trail, in the work in the fields, it blood, bringing with it an intimate know- becomes the call of the goatherder; nearby, in ledge of the Marisela - Various - Joropos environment and ratio- the farmyard, it becomes the song of the mil- nal use of its resources, a proportion of king; in intimate settings, it becomes whispe- African blood which decreases as we go from red poetry.

In talking it is filled with high-pit- East to West, and a major European colonial ched voices, singular accents, sonorous words influence which is not so Marisela - Various - Joropos reflected in and melodic intonations.

For a couple, it the institutions, but rather in elements such becomes a serenade, a love song or an intoxi- Marisela - Various - Joropos animal rearing, the Spanish language and cating pasaje.

In community it can take the Catholic religion. For three hundred becomes a contest in contrapunteo verbal years now, the inhabitants of the Llanos joustingor narration in a corrido; or it have seen themselves as Marisela - Various - Joropos people, cha- becomes dancing, playing and enjoyment.

As invincible horsemen Marisela - Various - Joropos their ter- land, their people, their wives and their rain, they played a key role in the fight for souls. Its musical and poetic forms are immensely valuable forms. In melancholy of the Guahiba grandmother, the this way, and with no contradiction, there strength of the black grandmother and the was assimilation with a musical expression pride of the Castilian grandfather all emerge that was better prepared to compete in the in the singularity of its spirit.

The shepherd of the boundless spaces was In this way, the local media keep the music born full of music. Marisela - Various - Joropos since then, the pull of the and takes advantage of the commercial pos- capital and mass culture have been encroa- sibilities and on the other hand explores the ching on Marisela - Various - Joropos life. In Casanare, the successful dissemination of This compilation presents the diversity of a joropo based on harp music and Venezuelan the musical tradition and its function in a performers, composers and singers, took the community.

It is not music known Marisela - Various - Joropos to a place of the so-called string music, played few elderly people, on the point of being with guitars and bandolas, leading to the forgotten, this is living music, played and meeting of a whole new generation with an sung by men and women of all ages. There instrument that had been almost completely is nothing forced, imposed or false here.

It is forgotten, the harp. This led to professionali- their way of playing and singing. It is the zation in music and changed the forms of music of Casanare. In sion. Today, at a time when the Llano and this oral tradition pastoral Zori De Ziuă Se Revarsă - Ileana Sărăroiu - Discul De Aur, music its activities are changing rapidly with a has allowed for the maintaining of multiple brutal acceleration as ofdue to vio- internal codes, mythical visions, languages lence, oil, and agro-industry - this musical of conquest, ways of being and thinking, monument reflects the savage beauty of a forms of telling stories and manners of spea- people that are displaying cultural resistan- king.

It is a primordial source of self-know- ce and that do not want to cease to be. In the Llanos, its most characteris- For the fierce bull, the wool poncho. Orlando Cholo Valderrama: They have been studied since the 18th cen- The moon said to the river tury, but have fallen into a sad state of disu- That it should not drown the evening star se in the savannah. Nonetheless, their musi- Because the seven goats3 cal forms remain a source of inspiration for Are awaiting Problems - Sex Pistols - Never Trust A Hippy I love you.

They are independent verses sung a cappel- b Milking songs la, combined with multiple cries, whistles, interjections, etc. The melodies are free, Tirso Delgado: depending only on the inspiration of each The otter and Resedad singer.

Went out together But it doesnt seem to me a Songs of cabrestero That one came and the other didnt. Pedro Flrez: Pedro Florez: I am the one who goes I am the one who goes At the head [of the herd] From the living room to the kitchen To listen to the forros2 Who in his beak carries flowers On the horse of the cabrestero.

And in his wings, carnations. Tirso Delgado: Orlando Cholo Valderrama: I dont want him to go to mass, O morning, morning, Nor that he go out, That comes together with the dawn I dont want you to drink wine, With your pure and fresh breeze Where men drink it. Swaying the branches of the royal palms. Cowherd riding a house who sings and whistles to 3. The Pleiades star cluster. Noise that horses make while grazing.

It disgusts me like Gregorio Flrez, vocals Love affairs with a first cousin. Luis Oliverio Pan, bandola Girl, move away from the door Edilberto Humos, cuatro Let me give you the sun light, Gildardo Aguirre, maracas If you are a huntress Go out in the House Music (VIP Mix) - Andy C - Drum&BassArena The Maar In Amerika - Various - Ik Hou Van Jou - De 44 Mooiste Vlaamse Liedjes corrido has three distinct With the gleam of the sun light sources: the medieval romance, the adapta- The iguanas warm themselves; tion and development of old European Come here, up against me, boss themes, and the jcaras5, dcimas6 and other To give a pole to this iguana mixed verses.

To have him look for the cave First, the main rhyme is chosen here Where her mother gave birth to her. I give four pesos to Juana, Four to sleep with her, I have a hollow head Four to satisfy my desire. Like a wine skin I make a tower of my chest, My first love Of my voice, a bell, Was a woman from El Cusiana In my country and outside of it I put my hand on Marisela - Various - Joropos breast I do what I want; I took out a load of wool, When I was in Parroquia7 Thirty blankets A local woman said to me: And forty bedspreads; Look, you Marisela - Various - Joropos black, ugly I take her, I take her And your blood, so light, To sleep in the savannah I want to have you for In the morning I take her as well Twenty-four hours in my bed.

I like this too, Even singing disgusts me And if not, I will leave her there Like the wool shirt, With my poncho on her back. A type of humorous and facetious ballad. Former name of Trinidad, town of Casanare. Verses of ten lines on lyrical, moral, social themes.

Eastern region of Venezuela. Reinaldo Avella, cuatro Flix Rodrguez, maracas Ricaurte Rodrguez speaking of a woman : I will take her away, I Engel - Various - Mortal Kombat: Annihilation take her away, Singing by letters, in this case the asso- Because I came to take her away nance -ar-as, was the usual form of contra- And let he who gives himself the right, punteo at the parrandos and evening festivi- Come take her away from me in turn ties.

To the music of a traditional golpe or To give him five hundred pistol shots pasaje, such as Los Caracoles, the singers And five hundred punches. It was said then that the singers And I, crying with her, had many lyrics. Took off the saddle. When I am coming to the end. Shouldnt be said to be a thief I couldnt come yesterday But rather that he would make a good porter. I couldnt take out the bait Ricaurte Rodrguez: The bandola and the maraca, Dont let me get fat Captivated by the pleasure in singing, When I am ready to finish, I say farewell and I take my leave, Farewell and nothing more.

Vctor Espinel: From the tortoise, the eggs, From the iguana, the dewlap, From the horse, the race, From the bull, the goring, From the woman, tenderness, And from man, friendship, I am friend of men, Backwards and forwards. Persecuted by the government Victor Espinel, vocals But with nothing pending. Nunca Nunca (Never Never) - The Shakers* - Shakers For You Rodrguez, bandoln The Llano revolution, Reinaldo Avelloa, cuatro This is it: Flix Rodrguez, maracas It is composed of one thousand men, A Marisela - Various - Joropos and a lieutenant, The violence that shook the Llanos between Medical doctors and and its impact led to major And their kind nurses, resistance in the Llanero community.

Experts in the field Guerrilla units were formed to resist the With much experience, aggression of the Government. The resistan- A colonel with good judgment ce was also cultural; many corridos chusmeros Marisela - Various - Joropos right man for the job tell Marisela - Various - Joropos the events of the war, illustrating the Who leads the movement mentalities and the general feeling.

Singing And his science, has a communication Marisela - Various - Joropos cohesion func- To fight in the Llano tion in the Llanos. A fierce struggle.

El soldado obediente is very well-known in Casanare. Several versions have been recor- All of the desires are ded, and we find fragments from it in com- That the war break out, mercial recordings. Some Chanson De Mon Ami Pichou - Anouk Simard - Mon Ami Pichou / La Chicane attribute its To fight hand to hand authorship to Guadalupe Salcedo, the hero And not kill innocent people, of the Llanero revolution.

Oh poor creature! The corrido voice corresponds here not just An innocent little child to the composition style but also to another Over there, Marisela - Various - Joropos musical form Marisela - Various - Joropos the joropo. The accompani- According to what the current law indicates, ment Marisela - Various - Joropos provided by the bandoln, a type of I live calmly however guitar with four double strings.

El Perro de Agua is one the oldest Llanero musical forms; with its four measures it is in the category of the golpes. Perro de agua is the Llanero name for the giant otter, Pteronura brasilensis, whose warning cry, jau, jau, is sung as a curious form of accompaniment.

If the giant otter bites me I will go to the river to die, Thats what the people are saying Marisela - Various - Joropos giant otter has bitten me. The giant otter wounded me. The giant otter died The giant otter bit me There, in the ravine, On the palm of my hand, I didnt see him die If they dont believe me But I saw his skeleton Let them look at the blood spurting.

And the sound inside. Gregorio Flrez, vocals I am like corn flour Luis Oliverio Pan, bandola You can make a lot from a little Jos ngel Gualdrn, cuatro I am like brandy Flix Rodrguez, maracas Which becomes better with age, Buy from me what I am selling you El Zumba que Zumba is the ideal golpe for Some valuable farms; giving free rein to the verses.

Today, it is A ruby, an emerald, among the ones most frequently Marisela - Various - Joropos in Painful sorrows, improvisation competitions. Gregorio It is my heart suffering Marisela - Various - JoroposCholagogue, excels here, mixing Under Marisela - Various - Joropos balcony; free verses with a fragment of a corrido chus- Yesterday I came by your house mero: Liberales de Colombia.

Moreover, he And you threw a lemon at me. This freedom of [Here is] a valuable garanty, the Llanero singer has been limited by Look at the highest tree todays performance dogma. The wind knocks down its flowers, The leaves of the fallen tree Here I will stop singing Are the playthings of the Friend Of A Friend - Joe Henry - Talk Of Heaven. A howler monkey in a parade, I am tired of asking, Who saw the cook I cant find anyone who will agree with me: Dancing with a belt, How to pull a mule, A niguatoso10 dancing, How to pull a colt, A drunkard in a bonfire, How to put on a rope The work of a lazy person Around the neck of a suckling calf.

In the house of a hard-working person For the bull it is the rope, And a carousing woman For the horse, the prayer, With a crybaby man. For pretty women From the hen like A clear language. The breast and the wing, Near the bank, the catfish nibbles From pretty women In the middle, a laulao catfish11 The auricles.

And the idiot cannot strike it For I dont have a boat in the water, He tried fishing in the fish shoal, Nor a bullock in Tocorn, He tried throwing the hook But I have a black woman Towards the mouth of the laulao catfish Who has a sick heart. The idiot dissolves From here I see Like a bar of soap. The little hem of your nightgown, With the wife of the idiot My mouth waters, You Diapause - Interlace - Imago catch a hornet, My heart throbs, I have a fighting cock in the agave My pancreas jumps Jiro, pinto, maraon12, Like a colt.

What he doesnt do with the spur He does with his large wing. After going up to heaven If children turn out bad On the last step Its their parents fault, I remembered that I had left The leader Eduardo Martnez A topocho banana in the oven, They killed him treacherously.

A man suffering from trombiculidosis, an illness caused by parasites which affects the feet. Large catfish, Brachyplatystoma Vaillanti. Three types of plumage of fighting cocks. But it turned into soap; Today he is a man on crutches For playing he-man A scoundrel horse dealer, He even lost his lust, Open your eyes, Toms Jara And to save his life Stop being a servile toad.

The pasajes are musical forms that are slower than the golpes and with texts that are more lyrical. In general, each pasaje has a single, invariable text. It was not always so, old pasajes such as this Tres Caos could be sung with different verses. The presence of women playing instruments is not unusual, especial- ly in the case of a family of musicians in which the father sings and plays with his sons and daughters. Mary Isabel Belisario plays the cuatro, the instrument that accom- panies the lonesome Llanero.

This small gui- tar has four nylon strings which are strum- med. They are tuned: A1, D2, F 2, B1. Where the horse neighs, Todays girls He knows when the people I take no interest in them In the neighborhood get up. Because they smell like mice I pray to God And my cat gets agitated. I dont shoot at the black-bellied whistling duck14 In any lagoon I go to the big pit To shoot the fulvous whistling duck I Promises - Billie* - The Best Of Billie like guava.

Equine trypanosomiasis, an illness that causes fatal paralysis. Gabriel Belisario, maracas This is an interpretation of a singular ver- sion of a Llanero golpe mentioned as of the The Charte is a tributary of the Cusiana, in 19th century, La Chipola.

The bandola llane- the center of Casanare. Its Marisela - Various - Joroposand in ra, is a small, pear-shaped lute with four general the town of Man, constitute an nylon strings, played with a plectrum, tuned extraordinary nucleus of conservation of the to A1-D1-A2-E1. They are Marisela - Various - Joropos roast an armadillo16 accompanied by phrases, cries, the names of To cure my kidneys.

Is a milking cow, Who fills the gourd Manuel Snchez: And then goes to feed her calf. It makes me very sad The woman with the pot belly, Manuel Snchez: When she says good morning I am not an iron post Its the belly that appears. To which a motor is tied. These women who already have a master? What does the cow cost? It appeared that she was waltzing, Like El Araguato and El Zamuro, La Vaca is a It appears that she waltzed, piece that Marisela - Various - Joropos with the dancing of the It appeared that he was untying her, joropo in separate couples in the parrandos.

It It appears that he untied her, accompanies a game of choreography Rollin Over - Small Faces - The Autumn Stone It appeared that she was charging him, Marisela - Various - Joropos in which the woman, preten- It appears that she charged him, ding to be a cow, charges the man who fights It appeared that Marisela - Various - Joropos was fighting her, her like a bullfighter, while the singer tells of It appears that he fought her.

It appeared that he was catching her by the withers, It appears that he caught her by the withers, The cow is mooing It seemed like he was knocking her down, Outside in the yard It seems like he knocked her down. Waiting for the Llaneros to come out And tie her up.

What does .Rhodesia - Japan - Assemblage cow cost It appeared that she was waltzing, Four pesos and half a real, It appears that she waltzed, Four pesos I will give Marisela - Various - Joropos appeared Marisela - Various - Joropos he was untying her, For the cow and the corral.

It appears that he untied her, It appeared that she was waltzing, It appeared that she was charging him, It appears that she waltzed, It appears that she charged him, It appeared that he was untying her, It appeared that he was fighting her, It appears that he untied Marisela - Various - JoroposIt appears that he fought her.

It appeared that he was breaking her in It appears that he broke her in It appeared that was taming her It appears that he tamed her. The cow, every day, Her tether breaks If this cow is not tamed I will put her up for sale. It appeared that she was waltzing, It appears that she waltzed, It appeared that she was charging him, It appears that she charged him, It appeared that he was fighting her, It appears that he fought her.

It seemed that she was goring him It seems that she gored him. This piece is remarkable for its literary construction. The pathos of its images, the excellent use of certain voices, the dramatic unfolding of the action, the dialogues, the historical accuracy of the story, an episode Marisela - Various - Joropos the conflict, and its moral make this corrido a memorable piece.

One of the characters is Guadalupe Salcedo photo on the left which will be more com- prehensively presented in the corrido Yo soy la estampa del Llano track El Corrido de Vigoth begins with They arrived as day was breaking double rhymes in the first two quatrains, The dauntless travelers and then Marisela - Various - Joropos to e-o and e-a assonances, But a terrifying fire without this detracting from its great poetic Stopped them, quality. Some of them ran to the river, For this piece, the cuatro and the maracas Others ran away, accompany the bandoln, a type of mandolin It was here that they took prisoner with four metallic double strings, played The well-know Tiberio with a plectrum, and tuned to G-D-A-E.

Thursday 14 November Friday 15 November Saturday 16 November Sunday 17 November Monday 18 November Tuesday 19 November Wednesday 20 November Thursday 21 November Friday 22 November Saturday 23 November Sunday 24 November Monday 25 November Tuesday 26 November Wednesday 27 November Marisela - Various - Joropos Thursday 28 November Friday 29 November Marisela - Various - Joropos Saturday 30 November Sunday 1 December Monday 2 December Tuesday 3 December Wednesday 4 December Thursday 5 December Friday 6 December Saturday 7 December Sunday 8 December Monday 9 December Tuesday 10 December Wednesday 11 December Thursday 12 December Friday 13 December Saturday 14 December Sunday 15 December Monday 16 December Tuesday 17 December Wednesday 18 December Thursday 19 December Friday 20 December Saturday 21 December Sunday 22 December Monday 23 December Tuesday 24 December Wednesday 25 December Thursday 26 December Friday 27 December Saturday 28 December Sunday 29 December Monday 30 December Tuesday 31 December Wednesday 1 January Thursday 2 January Friday 3 January Saturday 4 January Sunday 5 January Monday 6 January Tuesday 7 January Wednesday 8 January Thursday 9 January Friday 10 January Saturday 11 January Sunday 12 January Monday 13 January Tuesday 14 January Wednesday 15 January Thursday 16 January Marisela - Various - Joropos 17 January Saturday 18 January Sunday 19 January Monday 20 January Tuesday 21 January Wednesday 22 January Thursday 23 January Friday 24 January


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  2. The Joropo or Música llanera is a musical style resembling the fandango, and an accompanying dance. It has African, Native South American and European influences and originated in the plains called "Los Llanos" of what is now Colombia and Venezuela. It is a fundamental genre of música criolla (creole music). It is also the most popular "folk rhythm": the well-known song "Alma Llanera" is a.
  3. Known as the Latin Madonna, Marisela issued her first album at the age of A native of Los Angeles, her sexy outfits and blond hair contributed as much to her fame as her girlish vocal style. Despite the seemingly superficial nature of her music, Marisela managed to have a relatively long-lived career, issuing albums well into the '90s.
  4. Jul 24,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Marisela by Diaz Peña, Performed by Josu Gallastegui YouTube Dama Antañona by alternative.adrierdredironcrusherkeswyn.infoinfo Paula Performed by Josu Gallastegui - .
  5. Marisela is sometimes referred to "the Latin Madonna," thanks to her bleach blond hair and provocative outfits. The L.A.-based singer has been making music since .
  6. One can buy them in any size from the various markets in the region, for around 5 soles a pair. Marisela - Agrupación Los Romeros’ - La Estrella del Paraíso (The star from paradise) - Agrupación Los Tambores Quimbanganos - from harp-driven joropos and violin-drenched symphonies to minimalist guitar and piano pieces.
  7. ฟังเพลงจากอัลบัม Joropos ของ Various Artists บน JOOX ทั้งหมด เพลง Palma Sola • Amalia • Seis por Derecho • La Bandola de Cesareo • El Pajarillo.
  8. The Joropo or Música llanera is a musical style resembling the fandango, and an accompanying dance. It has African, Native South American and European influences and originated in the plains called "Los Llanos" of what is now Colombia and Venezuela. It is a fundamental genre of música criolla (creole music). It is also the most popular "folk rhythm": the well-known song "Alma Llanera" is a.
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