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Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol. 3


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Romancing the Healerby Caitlin Ricci: 4. Midnight Kissesby L. Hamlin: 3. The Imp in the Rockby Charli Coty: 4. A sad, gripping, and haunting story about following your heart I Found Luv - Various - Maquina Total 7 trying to deal with it's A Joyfully Jay review.

Rather than being a collection of short stories, each with their own plot and arc, this is instead mostly a collection of vignettes. A glimpse into the moments that shape a person, or a relationship. Some of them are beautiful, some are languid, and others have a sense of urgency.

All of them are tied together by a A Joyfully Jay review. All of them are tied together by a single thread — one woven of so many colors — a thread made of women. Strong women standing at a precipice, women who have choices to Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol.

3. To accept power or deny it, to stay safe with their family or take the path of adventure. To chase love, to accept it when it comes, to choose happiness. Jul 18, Rebecca Langham rated it really liked it.

Like any anthology, this collection has a lot to do with personal taste. A story that one person loves won't quite hit the spot for someone else. There were a couple of stories that were a firm 3 stars for me, but I can see on Goodreads that other people really connected with those stories. I think it's safe to say that Into the Mystic will have something for everyone. And geez it's good to see more genre fiction out there! Our community is diverse, as are our experiences of identity and self.

Diverse stories, as such, are wonderful. Race-Moore's story is a peculiar combination of realism and fantasy, set during the Depression but with the protagonist exploring magical elements of the world around her as though they're completely normal.

Loss is one of the key themes and ultimately hope is what helps our protagonist find a way to move forward despite the trauma she's experienced. It's a story with a tinge of sweetness about it, mixed in with lovely s ambience. Jackson's story lives up the wonderful fantasy descriptions I've come to expect from him after reading his novel, Daimonion.

This story centres on a well-established witches coven harbouring a dark secret. At first I thought this tale might get into "stereotypical evil witches" territory, but that wasn't the case. As with Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol. 3 group of people in society, it only takes one twisted heart to taint what ought to be a loving community. I especially loved the creativity of the magic. My heart ached for the wood nymphs and I thoroughly enjoyed their overall representation.

You get great return for your investment with an anthology like this. The stories are long enough to be interesting and complex, yet short enough to be devoured at whatever pace you prefer.

Dec 04, Elisa Rolle rated it it was amazing. Aug 10, J. Some of these stories blew me away, some were sort of meh. That's probably how most anthologies go though. I've decided to review each story individually, to give potential readers the most information. Reborn 3. I was invested in the characters and the story almost straight away, but by about halfway through, I got sort of lost in the plot.

I like the idea Vigliacchi - Saverio Lanza - Ce LHai Una Sigaretta? the forbidden romance, the white witch, the familiars, but this felt Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol. 3 like a synopsis to a full novel than a short story. I'd be curious to read a longer version of this, but as a short story it left me more confused than satisfied.

Zero Hour 4 stars I don't generally read shifter stuff. I don't get the fascination with humans turning into animals at allMystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol.

3 this story grabbed me from the start and held on. Simone was realistic and her pain palpable. I actually cared about her history, and the shifter lore here, and that is not something I've ever said before.

Nice work on this one. Dove in the Window 5 stars. I love me some dark fantasy, and this one was right up my alley. It's just the right balance of creepy and lovely, the side characters are well drawn, and the world thick and full. The 'Dumb Supper' chilled me, Death was amazing, and Mammy - Max Steiner - Gone With The Wind is just about perfect.

Fantastic read. Now excuse me while I go look up everything else this author has ever written, and buy it. Bottom of the River 4 stars An interesting idea, this one, although the end execution slipped a little. Anja's life is straight out of a fairy tale, having been promised in trade to the river spirit for the usual riches and such, and then never handed over.

The tension in the first part built well, but in the end I was a little disappointed that Aleit didn't have just a little darkness to her. But this was well written overall, and I enjoyed reading it. Chess does far too much naval gazing and the narrative is very slow to start.

However, most of these reviews were from people several hundred pages in. I stopped reading The Familiar Volume 4 on exactly page I had every intention of pushing through and continuing on.

I wanted to know where this story with Xanther went and what would happen. After finishing a 24 page Ozgur chapter, in which the only important information came in the last 5 pages, I was faced with a 36 page Anwar chapter.

So the book sat on my night stand. Every Tension Links Set 1 (Solo Violin) - Unknown Artist - Untitled I would see it, and every night I didn't want to read it. One night I had nothing else to do, so I sat down and started reading it.

I was bored. I forced myself to read every word, and then eventually started skimming, and eventually got to Second Movement Expectans Expectavi Domine - Stravinsky* end and realized, most of that chapter didn't matter.

Maybe the last 5 pages. To my horror, I flipped the page and was met with a 37 page Astair chapter. I knew it didn't need to be that long. Her chapters Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol. 3 never needed to be so long. I saw the trend. I had seen it for some time, but here it had become incredibly obvious.

Not wanting to waste my time, I just skimmed the chapter. Most of it didn't feel like it was going anywhere. Then, on the very last page in a horribly formatted style, we get something interesting. But that something was not built up in the first 36 pages. It was not built up in the other Astair chapter in this book. It was not built up in the first 3 books. It literally came out of nowhere. Then, I saw the title for the next chapter. The same title as this Volume.

I gave up. I assume. That tells me what I have already known since Volume 2. This book was way too long. It's not long because it is pages. I don't mind that. What I mind is how it is pages, when it really only needs to be There's a pretty big difference between and That's pages of unnecessary, Blues Jam Nº 2 (Part 1) - Jimi Hendrix - Blues Jam filler.

That is the greatest detriment to this entire series. There is absolutely no reason for these books to be nearly as long as they are. The more I read, the more obvious it becomes how forced the length is sometimes. At Nation 12 - Electrofear end of volume 3, the last two chapters are stupidly long more because there was pages to go to reach the make, and less because it would take that long to tell the story.

There is a lot of that Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol. 3 this volume as well, as I pointed out above. Chapter after chapter find themselves extended in one way or another with the main purpose of filling space and not caring so much about building the world, or developing characters or advancing the story.

It feels like Danielewski tries to do this, or thinks he is, but if you asked me what any of these characters are like, I can tell you about some. Xanther, Cas, her nemesis, Lutero are all pretty easy to define. I can't really tell you. I have ideas and Chabrier: Espana - Ravel* / Hallé Orchestra, James Loughran - Bolero And Works By Chabrier Dukas Ber basics, but nothing that makes them feel like real people.

This is Volume 4. I should have had all that by the end of Volume 1. That's the other problem with these books. The formatting. Don't get me wrong, when I started Volume 1, it worked well. I loved the idea! Each perspective it's own formatting, and font was something I had never seen before. It did really help differentiate the characters.

However, looking back, Volume 1 was also incredibly misleading. Everything I heard about the book made it seem like a self-contained story revolving around this one day, and how the different perspectives would come together based off of that single event. Yet here I am in Volume 4, and that still hasn't happened, and supposedly won't until Volume 5.

Then I have to ask, how necessary was it to put in so many difference perspectives from the beginning? Also, and maybe more importantly, how necessary was it to combine all these perspectives into a single book?

Was it Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol. 3 that important to have JingJing for the first 3 volumes when they don't really Vega 4 - Radio Song anything? Do we really need a chapter from Xanther, and Xanther's dad, and Xanther's mom all talking about the same things? However much I like Cas' story with the Orb, do we really need Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol.

3 continue cutting to it, Laisse Moi Guider. (Club Trans Mix) - D-Lice - Laisse Moi Guider. the only connection to Xanther was a throwaway line at the beginning of Volume 4?

Obviously I haven't read Volume 5 yet, and maybe every perspective comes together and Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol. 3 becomes this glorious uniting of them all, but from what I have already read in this series, and from what I have concocted from all I've read, I know that won't happen.

If it does, to any extent, I know that a lot of what came before won't be necessary. Like Astair touching herself in the shower or Lutero having sex with multiple hookers and the page-long descriptions of each. That is the problem with Volume 1's promise. Because of what I had been told about the Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol.

3including from this very website, I expected something that hasn't been delivered yet. AND, when realizing the perspectives won't come Pagan Poetry - Björk - Vespertine for a long time, it doesn't really make sense to have them all, and for them to be there all the time.

When that doesn't make sense, and being the primary gimmick of these books, the entire series falls apart. It really feels like his story hasn't started until now. So he shouldn't have been in the story until now. Instead, he has one more chapter in this book and that's it.

Don't worry though, JingJing has two! It's obvious to tell there is too much in these books, too much useless information, when Danielewski had to include reminders of events from previous books by literally saying which volume and which page they occurred on. No, it's a constant inclusion.

It really shows how much needed to be cut out. Can you imagine if another book series did this? It wouldn't feel right, because, it's not. It's an attempt to get around the filler by adding another gimmick, and making it seem intentional, when in reality, it's necessary as it points out the only important parts of the previous stories.

In the first 3 volumes, Unnoticed - Until June - Until June gimmicks of the chapters weren't really a problem.

For the most part. Most of the chapters were fine, and some were quite bad. JingJing and Astair being the worst in my opinion. In this volume, it really became clear how those gimmicks were being used to extend the length of the book. Multiple times in this volume will a chapter resort to having one or two words on a page.

Or a single sentence. Astair gets it really Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol. 3 with both single sentence pages, and also the blocky, spaced out words that force your eyes to dart back and forth over the page.

Which yes, I'm sure is intentional. It didn't add anything to the story, and instead made me want to stop reading. With Astair, that is on Frederic Chopin* - The Complete Works Of Frederic Chopin Volume 14 of the obnoxious overuse of parentheses within parentheses.

This volume has multiple instances where that isn't even necessary, and removing some of the parentheses turns the sentence into nonsense. All of this takes away from the focus of this series.

Xanther and her cat. A cat, which by the way, still hasn't really done anything. What else has it done since then? Nothing at all. This series really should have started by focusing on Xanther's perspective.

Maybe Volume 1 could be Xanther and her parent's perspectives. Maybe 1 or 2 more. But it really should have been more focused on Xanther, the cat, and the immediate impact of the two being together. And that thing with the tiger! The time with the dogs too. All 3 of which are the same exact thing. There isn't really a progression. Because there Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol.

3 SO many perspectives, we haven't really seen that much of Xanther. In all, we've had maybe 10 chapters with her? Less than a single book's worth. That is why, to me, the gimmick of the formatting fails. Halfway through Volume 4, and I still feel like I'm on Act 1. Volume 5 is the "end of the season" apparently. Yet, it doesn't feel like where getting near an end at all. Sure, some of the perspectives have started to mention Xanther finally, but that's it.

It's that promise from Volume 1 again. Maybe, if Volume 1 had been more focused on Xanther and her parents, and maybe even JingJing, the Volume 2 could have not had Xanther directly, and focused on Lutero, Isadorno, and Ozugr, and there would be clear hints and mentions of whatever happened with Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol.

3keeping it connected And showing this volume takes place at the same timewhile not over-crowding the book either. Volume 3 could be Cas and the rest. Doing the same thing, but this way, each story would be more focused. If, and only IF, Danielewski wrote each book to the length it needed to be, and not to a forced number. But that didn't happen. Instead we have 5 volumes of over-crowded perspectives filled with unnecessary filler, really dragging down what could be an otherwise fantastic story, that is just never really given the room to spread its wings.

However, above all of that, there is one major flaw with Volume 4. The writing is just bad. Not saying the story is bad. No, Xanther's story continues entertaining to read. Memories Of You - Benny Goodman Band* - Aurex Jazz Festival 80: King Of Swing, the writing itself is poor.

This is no doubt a side effect of forcibly writing to fill the pages. When a story takes 5 pages to tell but Danielewski makes it 20, Boys Dont Cry (Outtake) - The Cure - Arabian Dream writing is going to suffer. There are moments of pure nothingness. Moments of boredom. I even realized an instance of the classic "As you know" trope, which is the biggest sign of poorly written exposition.

I wish this series had been good. I wish I could have enjoyed this more. That promise from Volume 1 is never going to be fulfilled now. I'm not going to read the last pages of this book. I have no motivation nor desire to do so. I'm certainly not going to read Volume 5. Sadly, I don't think we'll ever see more than that. After having read the first 3 volumes and pages of this, and having read Danielewski's other books, I think House of Leaves Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol.

3 a fluke. I think that just worked because of the years and years put into it and carefully crafting what it was, while the rest of his works show how Danielewski's writing really is. Due to his frequent narcotics usage, Sal was able to resist the drugs he was given and tried to flee, but fell through the ice of a frozen lake. Believing Sal to have perished, Mickey and the Punisher left.

Sal survived, and regained consciousness in a hospital, which he escaped from. When a motorist he had flagged down asked him what his name was, Sal, unable to remember, replied with Thorn, a word he had glimpsed on a billboard. The Punisher put a stop to Thorn's rampage by shooting him repeatedly, and knocking him into the ocean. Thorn found and attacked Mickey and the Punisher, but the fight was interrupted by Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol.

3 boss of the dealers Thorn had killed. After massacring the head dealer and his underlings, Thorn and the Punisher continued their brawl, which ended when the Punisher threw Thorn off of a bridge, and Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol.

3 a moving truck. The truck brought Thorn to New Jersey, and Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol. 3 was last seen wandering Newark. For unexplained reasons, nearly dying in a frigid lake has left Thorn unable to feel pain, allowing him to sustain severe injuries, such as multiple gunshots, without Pacou - ?Syntax Error In 30 deterred.

Thorn's brush with death has also eliminated his need for basic human necessities such as food, water, air, and protection from the elements, and Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol. 3 him repellent towards animals such as sharks. In a interview with Comic Book Resourcesillustrator Dale Eaglesham expressed fondness for the character, stating "I spent some time in the Punisher department from 93 to 95 and I really enjoyed working with Frank Castle.

However, there's another Punisher-related character that I feel I have unfinished business with: Sal Carbone, the man they call Thorn. He went toe-to-toe with Castle and survived because he thinks he's already dead.

He's insane, and he would actually make a great Punisher! Maybe I can talk Ed Brubaker into that one; I think he would love it". Thornn is a fictional mutanta member of the Morlocks. She is the sister of X-Force member Feral. Thornn's mutation gives her a cat-like appearance including a prehensile tailas well as enhanced senses, strength, agility, and healing abilities.

They attempt to capture Feral, but fail miserably. She is later shown apparently repowered, but it is implied that merely her mutant Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol. 3 was returned to her, not her enhanced abilities. While his siblings had inherited their mother's loyal nature, Thori on the other hand had inherited his father's vicious nature. Garm gave the pups to Loki as a gift, since she didn't have time to raise them. Loki was unable to find a home for the pup, so the All-Mothers ordered him to destroy the pup, since he was beyond salvation.

But Loki seeing a bit of himself in the pup, decided to keep him as his pet and named him Thori after his brother Thor. After the events of Everything Burns storyline, where the Aesir battled the Vanir, Thori remained with his father. After Angela was successful in the battle, she resurrected Sera and along with Leah, an alternate version of Hela, brought Thori to Brooklyn. At some point, Thori was captured by the Collector as part of his museum.

When Odinson tried to retrieve the Ultimate Thor 's Mjolnirhe came across Thori who managed to escape alongside Odinson and stayed at his side afterwards. Tiboro is a humanoid being from the so-called "Sixth Dimension" who ruled a tribe of Earth humans in South America ages ago, but was eventually banished.

He now waits for Earth's civilization to fall into decadence and decay so that he can rule the whole planet. Most of Tiboro's power is contained in his wand, but he can also exercise formidable magical abilities without such artificial aids. Tiboro has become a minor nemesis of Doctor Strange in modern times. Tiboro uses an artifact called the Screaming Idol to communicate with creatures on Earth while he is in his own dimension.

He first appeared in Spider-Woman 50where he helps the Locksmith capture and imprison various San Francisco -based superheroes and supervillains, including Spider-Woman.

Placing the two women in each other's cells, Spider-Woman is able to escape and free the others, and the Locksmith and Tick-Tock was sent to prison. Tick-Tock was instrumental in getting them past the guards at the gate by predicting their movements. Tick-Tock helped Captain America and the Shroud guard the prisoners they took inside the Power Broker's mansion, and ultimately escaped with the Night Shift, evading the authorities.

Tick-Tock helped the Brothers Grimm defeat the Vision by predicting when he would become solid, but the team was finally defeated by the Avengers. They were then rescued by the Shroud. When the Hangman assumed control of the Night Shift, he encouraged each Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol.

3 to join him in a campaign of terror against Hollywood, pointing to their backgrounds for reasons why they should hate Hollywood. He noted that Tick-Tock had wanted to be a timer in an animation studio once.

Tick-Tock joined the Night Shift in receiving new power from Satannishbut lost a portion of their souls as a result. Agentthen attempted to offer their souls to Satannish. Tick-Tock attempted to defeat them with his new powers, slowing the Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol. 3 down, but Spider-Woman was outside his path, and knocked him out from behind.

They were teleported away from the Avengers by Dansen Macabre. Tick-Tock then joined the Night Shift in an attack on Wonder Manbut found that Wonder Man was immune to his powers, possibly because of his ionic energies. After capturing Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol. 3 Man, they were convinced by him to allow him to join them in their campaign against Hollywood by making their own film.

When the U. Realizing that Wonder Man intended to betray them, they also brought Wonder Man down. The Night Shift nearly defeated them, but then learned from Dr. Strange that they had lost part of their souls to Satannish. They then turned on the Hangman, and helped the Avengers and Doctor Strange drive Satannish back to his own realm. After Echo knocked out Digger, she used a shovel to stab Tick-Tock. Moon Knight and Echo defeated the Night Shift, who are then arrested by the police.

After Count Nefaria's lawyer states that the Night Shift are victims of a beating from vigilantes, the Night Shift are released from police custody. Before the Night Shift can answer, Count Nefaria used his ionic energy blasts to incinerate them, as he tells Snapdragon to aim a little higher the next time she asks for outside help.

Tick-Tock can perceive various possible futures diverging within the next 60 seconds. The sharper his focus on a particular future event, the more likely it is to occur. He uses a pocket watch to focus his power. After being empowered by Satannish, Tick-Tock could also Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra - Golden Saxophones time, causing others to freeze in place Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol.

3 he and his associates moved normally. Tippy-Toe is a squirrel in Marvel Comics. The character, created by Dan Slottfirst appeared in G. After Monkey Joe 's death, Squirrel Girl chose a new squirrel to act as her companion. She considered her Monkey Mood Indigo - Duke Ellington And His Orchestra - Masterpieces By Ellington 2 before settling on Tippy-Toe and giving her a pink ribbon.

Tippy-Toe proves to be a valuable member of the Great Lakes Avengersbut she and Squirrel Girl left the team due to feeling like they were the only ones fighting. He is a dwarf scientist and inventor. The character first appears when several members of the Avengers end up in the Squadron Supreme's universe and battle them. They battle the Avengers once more, returning to their own universe in the process, but eventually realize that the Cartel is evil and renounce them.

Alongside the other Squadron members, Thumb is mind-controlled by the Over-Mind and is used in the entity's conquest of Battle, Pt.1 / Battle, Pt.2 - Alex North - Cheyenne Autumn Squadron's Earth.

To help restore the world after the chaos brought upon it by the Over-Mind's conquest, the Squadron resolves to take control of the planet, and the members reveal their secret identities to the world. Thumb discovers that he has also developed Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol.

3 cancer. Thumb ultimately dies at the team's headquarters in Squadron City and was placed in the Hibernaculum, a form of suspended animation that he invented to preserve the bodies of diseased or recently deceased persons until a remedy could be found for them. Tom Thumb has an extraordinary genius level of intellect, but no superhuman powers. He is an expert and innovator in a wide range of scientific and technological fields, including computer science, medicine, psychology, force field technology, and spacecraft design.

He possesses total recall and great physical dexterity. He is highly skilled at manipulating various weaponry of his own design. He possesses doctorate degrees in mathematics, physics, and electrical engineering.

Tom Thumb has access to a variety of technologies that he has designed. He used a one-man flying vehicle that was equipped with various advanced weaponry, including guns firing concussive energy blasts. His inventions included A. Artificially Intelligent Data Analyzera highly advanced computer with a human-like personality and sentience; the Behavior Modification Machine, which could alter the personalities and thinking processes of human powers; the Hibernaculum, a means of storing a human body in suspended animation; and the Transtemporal Somnaprojector, a means of time travel.

He also invented and wore a personal force field belt, which projected a protective field of energy about the wearer that could even deflect bullets.

In Supreme PowerTom Thumb is one of a number of convicts who volunteered to act as test subjects for a military experiment, which caused him to shrink to less than one inch high. The character, created by Robert Rodi and John Higgins. When the family found themselves on the run, Cheryl abandoned Adrian at the grief of Valeria. Years later, Valeria joined S. When A. Claiming that she worked for Tristram Silver, Valeria "kills" Sandman to snap everyone in line.

Everything went according to plan with the team retaining the disc which ended up going to S. Valeria has a bittersweet Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol. 3 when her father returns to prison while she continues to work at S.

Tower was a mutant in the Marvel Comics universe. Tower draws on additional extra-dimensional mass to shrink his dimensions or augment his physical size, strength, and density. Within the context of the stories, Tower fought the original X-Factor as a member of the Alliance of Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol. 3 a group of mutants banded together by Apocalypse.

Larry Trask is a fictional character in Marvel Comicsthe mutant son of scientist Bolivar Traskcreator of the Sentinels. At the age of five, Larry's mutant power of precognition manifested when he predicted the death of his mother. Fearful of the "mutant menace," Bolivar Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol. 3 a medallion that would block Larry's powerful visions of the future, as well as erase any memory of them. Bolivar occasionally removed Larry's medallion so that he could secretly observe and record Larry's predictions about mutants in the future, and Larry accurately predicted the assassination attempt of Senator Robert Kelly.

Larry was skeptical of his father's hatred of mutants, until the night his sister Tanya now calling herself Madame Sanctity returned to the past. Tanya hoped to change the future by stopping her father's creation of the Sentinels, but she was thwarted by her friend Rachel Summers. Though Rachel successfully prevented Larry from witnessing the psychic duel that ensued, she could not hide the physical damage caused by Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol.

3 fight. This convinces Larry that dangerous mutants do exist. Larry Trask later blames the X-Men for his father's death, and used Bolivar's notes to create a new, stronger wave of Sentinels. One of these mutants was Alex Summers ; Larry gave him a containment suit to control his unstable powers.

This, however, backfired; when a furious Larry gave the order for Sentinels to destroy all mutants, he himself was targeted for annihilation. The Sentinels are eventually outwitted by Cyclopsand fly into the sun perceived by them as the source of all mutations to apparently be destroyed.

The Mark II Sentinels later return from space, and abduct the Scarlet Witch as part of an elaborate plan to prevent the birth of future mutants by sterilizing humanity. Larry is abducted by the Scarlet Witch's brother Quicksilverwho remembers Trask from when he and his sister were previously abducted by the Sentinels. One of the Sentinels falls onto Larry and kills him. Have: Want: 97 Avg Rating: 4. CMC 2. Reach Out Written-By — M. Marcella Woods. Summit Temple Written-By — L.


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  6. Into the Mystic - Volume One (ARC) was graciously provided to me by IndiGo Marketing & Design for an honest review. Eleven lesbian/bisexual Paranormal short stories of varying lengths, filled with different types of characters as well as different levels of heat. 1. Reborn, by Brooklyn Ray: /5.
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