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Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83


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R Zauber, Std 9. It is by no means easy to agree on what constitutes pollution, for different people in different circumstances see the problem from different vantage points. Changing social standards play a large part in determining to what extent pollution is accepted. Since the industrial revolution smoking chimneys and black rivers were welcomed as signs of prosperity and it is only recently that we have come to realize the disaster we are bringing on ourselves.

But have we realized too late? In war, it has been said, the first casualty is the truth, and what has A Better World (Malawi Rocks Mix) - AgeHa Feat. Jocelyn Brown & Loleatta Holloway - A Better World happening in the environmental debate is that information itself has been polluted. This is the opinion put forward by lan Breach, a devoted environmentalist.

As I understand this statement, industrialists and environmental critics alike are distorting facts to protect their own interests. Industry is. For hundreds of years it was believed that salt-water led to madness, if not dehydration. An event of great importance came in the mid-fifties, when Alain Bombard crossed the Atlantic in a dinghy, in an attempt to prove that a castaway could live off the sea.

He had previously calculated that by drinking a specific amount of sea-water a day, he could lessen his dependence on fresh-water. Although the experiment worked, later castaways preferred to take their chances and wait for rain, instead of risking the consequences of drinking salt-water.

Food presents yet another problem to the survivor. Dont Take Your Love From Me - Liberace - As Time Goes By he is fortunate enough to be adrift in a region where sea-life is abundant, he can subsist by catching turtles, various fish, assorted sea-birds, squid plankton and even sharks.

Turtles provide both eggs and 'steaks', and some survivors I have read about, have even resorted to cutting the creature's throat and drinking the blood that comes gushing out. Fish are, of course, expected in the sea, and provided one has the necessary hooks, various species can be caught. In their book " Days Adrift", the Baileys described how they used a spare watercontainer with a hole cut in the bottom, as a fish-trap.

Sea-birds come so close that it is possible to knock them dead with any available item, possibly even your arm. Plankton is of great nutritional value, while squid and shark add a certain amount of variety to a survivor's menu. J Adams. At sea, where man is not in his natural element, the circumstances a survivor may Dont Take Your Love From Me - Liberace - As Time Goes By himself in, are no less difficult to overcome.

On 4th Marcha great survival story began. When the mast of the "Auralyn" had disappeared beneath the waves of the Pacific, Maurice and Maralyn Bailey were to spend days drifting aimlessly a ound in an inflatable life raft, to be rescued nearly four months later by a Korean fishing vessel.

The only thing the castaway has no control over are the elements. If it rains frequently he is at an advantage, and at times a sunny-spell is very welcome. In certain seas, the cold, stormy and windy conditions seem impossible to bear, but one must always remember that with a storm comes rain. The modern life raft is virtually unsinkable, regardless of the size of the waves, and the ferocity of the storm.

The canopy that covers the whole raft is vital in providing some protection from the rain and heat that prevail in the temperate, tropical and inter-tropical seas. Of all the elements, heat is probably the most dangerous, causing sunburn and dehydration.

Exposure is one of the main problems a survivor has to face, and is often the cause of death. The typical castaway's greatest necessity is his life raft. Without it, he has no hope of lasting the time it may take to be rescued. It provides him with protection from the heat, the cold, the storms and the potentially dangerous seacreatures such as sharks. Most of the modern life rafts found in use today have been built to make life for the Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 as bearable as possible.

The importance of the raft was clearly demonstrated when the twenty survivors of the ill-fated Taiwanese fishing vessel died, in Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 as a result of their malfunctioning raft. This incident has brought an increase in the awareness of seagoers in general, and should go to show that, had the raft been properly serviced, many lives could have been saved.

The greatest temptation. In his book "The Bombard Story", Alain Bombard states: "When his a survivor's ship goes down, a man's whole universe goes with it. Because he no longer has a deck under his feet, his courage and reason abandon him. He is convinced that. It is clear that despair and fear can threaten a man's survival, while hope and optimism can increase his chances. When one considers the plight of the Baileys, what could have caused more despair than the passing of seven ships, all within a mile?

Thelma stood on the windy station. The train was late. She checked once more that all her pay was there. It was. The train arrived and she was washed aboard in a surge of black bodies dressed in brightly-coloured clothes. There was no room to sit. That day she had worked hard. She had dusted and washed and ironed Eet was not my fault. Eet was thee Missis. She ees always leaving her keys behind.

Always reenging the doorbell like that. So LEmpire De Toholl - William Sheller - Chemin De Traverse. Me, I forget thee iron ees hot. I always run to open thee door for Missis. I fofget thee iron when Missis reengs.

And when Missis finds out Thus when a castaway is faced with an endless expanse of water and an incredible silence, he is left, to a certain extent, at the mercy of the sea, and whether he survives or not, depends on the situation. But it is certain that hope, optimism, ingenuity and tenacity will help in his fight to survive at sea. S Coe, Std 9.

The train screamed to a halt at her station and she was washed back off the train by the eager crowd. She checked her pay again and began her long walk home. She had come from the Transkei about a month before, to look for her husband.

She had found him married to another girl. She could not return to the Transkei as she had been starving there, and she had no pass or job. Nobody wanted her as a sleep-in maid. Besides, she had children.

The job she eventually got was at the home of a wealthy white family who did not care if she had no pass or home. So she lived as a squatter. The camp was almost hidden amid the wattles and Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 Jacksons. There was filth all over among the twisted tin shanties that were homes for the community. The smell and flies Ol Rag Blues - Status Quo - Back To Back almost unbearable.

A pack of scrawny, parasite-infested dogs scrounged for food or leapt at the legs of skinny, half-naked children. Thelma's daughter, Iris, greeted her with her baby brother, Temba, in her arms. That night Thelma hid her pay in the rusty tin beneath the bed. She was happy. She had received two Rand extra that month. She washed her hands to make supper. Spartan Stomp - Various - Real Rock Instrumentals dark skin still looked dirty, but she didn't think so.

Supper consisted of a slice of bread - brown and unbuttered - and a cup of cheap, black coffee. As a special treat, because it was her birthday and it was pay-day, they celebrated with a smear of jam on their bread. She had bought a new tin on the way home. A bull-dozer had just flattened the opposite shanty and was bearing down on hersl She scooped up the screaming Temba and she and Iris fled.

Moments later their home was demolished. Die tent se kante beweeg in en uit asof dit asemhaal. Ek hoor die gesuis van die wind in die dennebome rondom ons en naby ons kan ek die klein stroompie hoor kabbel soos dit na die vallei Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83. When the destruction and confusion were over, Topis - Metro Luminal - Coca Cola managed to recover a few things from the twisted wreckage and eluded the authorities to escape into the darkness.

All she had were the clothes on her back and those she had salvaged together with the dented jam tin, still full, and a few R2 notes. She was dazed and confused. Ek dink aan die klimtog waarmee ons oor'n paar ure sal begin. Dit gaan moeilik wees, en dit is waaroor ek my bekommer. Ek is redelik fiks en sal dit maklik kan doen, maar wat van die ander drie lede van die groep? Ek is seker Martin en Roy sal dit ook maklik kan takel, maar wat van Irene? Youre The One - Various - 30 Country & Western All Stars is my meisie en sy het aangedring om saam met ons Drakensberge toe te kom.

Sy is ook redelik fiks, maar twee dae gelede het sy haar been beseer terwyl ons die Eastern Triplet van Injasuti geklim het. Ek kyk na haar. Sy slaap rustig. Dit is goed, want ons gaan vandag die Rockeries aanpak. What harm had she done by living there? Why must she live in Transkei where she had starved without work or hope? And the authorities wouldn't let her leave there.

She didn't hate the authorities, she just didn't understand them. Morning found her at Missis, with Temba in her arms and Iris carrying their few possessions. As she rang the doorbell, the door burst open and Missis stormed out.

Aher burning my best dress, and not telling me? Ek kyk na die ingang van die tent Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 merk dat dit lig begin word. Ek gryp my kamera en neem 'n foto. Die klik van die kamera maak Irene wakker en sy kyk nou saam. Die son klim skielik uit bo 'n berg en sy flou straaltjies dryf die koue weg. Get off my property You Blacks are so unreliable and stupid! Thelma turned property.

Ons Laisse Moi Guider. (Club Trans Mix) - D-Lice - Laisse Moi Guider. uit ons slaapsakke uit en sien dat Martin en Roy reeds doenig is. Ons gaan almal sit en berei ontbyt voor.

Die warm kos verrig wondere en sommer gou-gou is ons almal lekker warm en reg om te gaan. Ons pak nou ons middagete in en nadat die rugsakke almal gemaklik pas Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 ons die klim. Ons loop eers oor 'n wye vlakte. Aan ons linkerkant kan ons ander berge in die verte uitmaak. Aan ons regterkant seil die wit winter-geklede pieke van die Drakensberge uit tot hoog in die blou lug.

Daar is sewe pieke in die Rockeries maar ons klim net die sewende een wat bekend staan as G. Die klim begin met 'n redelik maklike rotswal wat ons tot in 'n diep skeur lei. Nou word die klim moeilik. Ons sukkel baie stadig en versigtig voort, want een verkeerde tree en ons gly af na 'n sekere dood. Ons bereik die sneeugrens en neem 'n ruskansie.

Ons haal ons stofies uit en brou 'n blik. Thus they too have a claim to the Land of Israel. Ek vat 'n stomende koppie daarvan en gee dit vir Irene en is geskok om te sien hoe moeg sy lyk. Ek besluit gou-gou. Ons gaan vir 'n uur hier rus. Die ander van ons sit nou en praat oor die klim sover. Ek raai dat ons nou amper bo is, maar daar is nog 'n dwarswal en 'n laaste rotswal voor ons. Palestine was divided into two segments by the British in These segments - Transjordan and Palestine - were eventually to be handed to the Arabs and Jews respectively.

Alhoewel ons almal dik geklee is word dit vreeslik koud as ons net sit, en na die uur maak ek Irene wakker en almal is gretig om weg te wees. Ons klim weer voort en kort voor lank kom ons op die dwarswal. Ons maak ons almal aan 'n tou vas en ek lei almal uit tot op die Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 waarop ons moet loop.

Dit was 'n nare ondervinding. Alhoewel daar net 'n bries onder op die vlakte was, waai die wind sterk hierbo. Dit pluk aan ons en dit is asof dit ons van die rotslys wil afgooi tot in die vreeslike dieptes onder ons.

Ek kyk af tussen my bene en sien net vars lug. Dit is angswekkend. Na 'n ewigheid is ons oor en ons takel die laaste rotswal sommer maklik. Nevertheless, the Arabs were determined that no Jewish State should be allowed to survive and a series of dramatic wars followed the declaration of independence. When these failed the PLO was formed to destroy Israel. So the PLO is no longer merely fighting for the Arabs, but for Russia, since she now supplies arms to them.

The USA is therefore compelled to support Israel as she too is a "Western" country; thus Mambassa - Mambassa dilemma has become an "East-West" conflict.

Skielik is ons bo. Langs ons kan ons die ander Rockeriespieke sien en sover as wat die oog kan sien is daar net sneeubedekte berge. Ons sit met oophangende monde en staar. Dit was definitief die moeite werd! Israel declared Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 intention to drive the Palestine guerrillas out of artillery range of her border towns. Israeli forces invaded by land, sea and air, pushed aside UN peace-keeping troops, and captured the main Palestinian advance base in Southern Lebanon, which guerrillas had long used as a launch pad for rocket and artillery attacks on Israel.

The Israeli army attacked along three main lines and when they crossed the Litani river it proved that they intended to The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released more fiercely than inwhen they attacked but did not cross the river. They also bombed Hamana, site of Lebanese barracks and moved more motorised columns into Southern Lebanon.

This brought their task force to over men. However, bldel continued to move forward. Linking up with Lebanese Christian militia in the hills above Beirut they effectively cut off the nerve centre of the PLO from the outside world. But who actually has the right to claim Israel as theirs? The Arabs believe that all the land in Northern Africa is rightfully their territory, since they have lived there for over years.

Israel is therefore situated in the middle of Arab territory. The Jews were scattered throughout the world in 70AD after Jerusalem was reduced to ruins by the Romans. However, Palestine was the land. Nie as ek dink aan al die skoolwerk wat ek moet doen nie, of dat ek binnekort 'n motor gaan bestuur nie, of dat ek volgende jaar die stemreg gaan ontvang nie. As the situation stands at the moment, Israel is in complete control. The Israelis are the victors - but what of tomorrow?

It was truly a wise man who said - "Peace if it comes - will not come through the fear of war, but through the love Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 peace". Ridgard, Std 9. Nou die dag het my oupa vir die soveelste keer gevra, die man word 'n bietjie kort van geheuewatter kursus ek op universiteit gaan neem. Ek het op my beurt vir die soveelste Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 dieselfde antwoord gegee: "Ek het nog nie besluit nie".

Ek het die saak altyd beskou as iets wat ek nog lank het om oor te besluit, sien. Maar toe ek so op my verjaarsdag gesit en dink het, het ek met 'n skok besef dat ek glad nie meer so lank het om te besluit nie.

My verjaarsdag is onlangs verby en ek het 'n jaar ouer geword. Dit klink eenvoudig; logies. Maar saam met die jaar wat verby is, het baie dinge verander. Ek is verstandiger as 'n jaar gelede en ek het sekerlik wyser geword.

Ek het ook meer verpligtinge om na te kom, en het my ouers nie altyd ouderdom direk vergelyk met die verantwoordelikhede wat ek moes dra nie?

En toe my gedagtes eers op loop geraak het, was daar geen keer nie. Waarom het my tante onlangs opgemerk dat ek anders lyk, dat ek baie.

Ek gaan wegbreek," het ek besluit. As ons almal saamwerk om ons natuurlike omgewing te bewaar, kan ons nog die situasie red. Wagter is 'n Duitse Skaaphond. Hy is die hond van mnr. Hy is 'n goeie sterk hond en is baie lief vir kinders. Hy en sy baas is baie lief vir mekaar en die hond sal enigiets vir sy baas doen. Daniels woon op 'n plaas in die Transvaal. Dikwels werk hulle altwee in die landerye naby die huis. Hulle laat die Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 by die huis agterbly om die baba op te pas.

Eendag, terwyl hulle daar werk, hoor hulle die hond blaf. Hulle kyk op en sien dat die huis aan die brand is. Shirley, hulle klein dogtertjie, is in haar bed vas aan die slaap. Hulle hardloop vinning na die brandende huis.

Daniels maak die deur oop, maar die hitte dryf hom terug. Die hitte is ondraaglik. Toe mnr. Daniels die hond sien, skree hy: "Wagter! Gaan haal haar, Wagter! Die hond spring deur die vlamme. Archived from the original on December 13, Novel Power Guide.

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When they discover that her dancing ability - or lack thereof, isn't enough to get her in, Danny pursues Miss Grant asking her to "pull some strings. When Doris' ex-boyfriend, Sandy Gordon, who was expelled for his drinking problem, is allowed readmission into the School of the Arts, she's overjoyed until she learns that he was hiding his continuing battle with alcoholism from her.

Doris enlists her friends to help him beat his addiction. When Doris tries to get her classmates to do a production of the reputedly haunted play, "The Gypsy Queen," she and Miss Grant are convinced that they have seen a ghost.

While trying to obtain a better understanding of the occult, they discover that Mrs. Berg is a "spirit medium. Morloch learns about Leroy's previous track success, he tries to persuade him to go for a college track scholarship much to Lydia's dismay. While doing character research for a role as an elderly woman in her acting class, Doris finds an older man falling for her. When Holly's mother, Suzie played by guest star, Donna McKechnie moves in with her, she finds that her mother is getting in the way of things.

When Danny tries to hypnotize Leroy and Christopher, Mr. Morloch is inadvertently put under a post-hypnotic spell and Mrs. Sherwood wants to have some fun with it. When the kids discover that Danny has leucemia, Doris makes her biggest effort to convince Danny to listen to his doctor and Here Comes The Sun - Various - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Covers, Curios And The Music That Inspi the disease.

Lydia decides to show the kids how to make a non-dancer look good in a dance number. A former night club performer, and close friend to Leroy's uncle, Eddie Macon played by guest star, George Kirbyis discovered by Ms. Sherwood hiding out in a closet in her classroom. Now homeless and alcohol dependent, Leroy and Mr. Reardon attempt to help him while casting him in a school production. Holly helps Doris with a make-up in an attempt to impress a boy that she's interested in.

This time he's returning as the director for a school production. He expresses a romantic interest in Lydia. After she turns down his advances, Jim backs out of the production leaving Lydia to believe that it's because of her.

Morloch takes over as the director for the production while Lydia and the kids attempt to get the real reason for Jim's resignation. When Caruso's landlord, Sal Di Angelo, threatens to turn the coffee house into a parking lot, Bruno proposes that he keep the coffee house open if he arranges an admission to the School of the Arts for Sal's friend, a young opera singer named Alisha Morgan. Berg's husband is suspicious of Mrs. Berg and Mr. Shororfsky's relationship.

Phoebe Yadon-Lewis is introduced in her role of Alisha Morgan. Miss Daniels, a former singer who stopped singing because of stage fright, fills in for Ms.

Sherwood as an English substitute. Miss Daniels tries to keep her past a secret, but Dwight remembers her from his childhood and gets Mr. Shorofsky's to help her overcome her fear. While showing off for a girl in class, Christopher back flips and hits his head, resulting in severe hearing loss. He is forced to transfer to a school for deaf students. Christopher refuses help from his old friends but Theresa, a friend from his new school, helps him accept some help from a friend.

Lydia and Shorofsky try mixing singers and dancers in the same production. Lydia is hired to teach dance to a basketball team. While getting involved with Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 star player, S.

Gray, he refuses to come to her class. Lydia has to decide whether to report him. Shorofsky is disappointed with Doris rejecting her heritage when she turns down the opportunity to perform at a Holocaust Survivors benefit. Christopher's home troubles are affecting his performance in school and he is unable to tell his friends Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 his problems or seek their help.

With his Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 unemployed, Chris is forced to take on the role of a parent to his young siblings. When the students fall behind in their efforts in class, Mr. Morloch holds a class on a Saturday. It's the first week of school after the summer vacation has ended, love becomes a top priority at the School of the Arts.

After they both share their grief over love gone wrong, Doris and Danny find consolation in each other and end up trying their hand at love together as a couple. Leroy is concerned as he discovers that his girlfriend may be pregnant. Holly has a crush on Mr. Reardon and Miss Sherwood starts dating a married man. The school presidential campaign has Danny and Doris butting heads.

Campaign managers, Nicole and Jesse find that share a lot in common. Chris falls for Sasha, a student attending the School of the Arts as the daughter of a Czech diplomat who is on assignment for the U. Leroy finds that Cleo has a crush on him. While dancing in the hallway, the kids injure Miss Sherwood putting her in But I Do - Jeff Mills - But I Do / Daddys Home hospital.

Because of this, the Board of Education enforces a directive that Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 that dancing be prohibited in unspecified areas. With Mr. Morloch enforcing this new directive, the kids become determined to rule out the new rule. This episode marks the first time Ann Nelson as Mrs. Berg is credited as a regular in the opening credits. After some reluctance to let his estranged father back into his life, Leroy discovers that his father really cares Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 him.

Billed as "Kids from Fame," the cast from "Fame" perform in their first concert of the season alongside the season four regular dancers. This concert marks their second in the U. The theme of the concert is a tribute to the history of Rock 'N' Roll through the 50s and 60s including music from the Beatles to the Beach Boys. A blizzard traps the staff and students in the school, provoking various problems.

With the added problem with heat conservation due to a broken furnace, Doris fights with her mother for independence, a new relationship between Nicole and Jesse is challenged while the two are trapped in a classroom, and Leroy goes out into the blizzard to make an audition. While Mr. Morloch looks for a Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 in the school, he instead finds out that the burglar is actually a pregnant teenager.

This show was dedicated to the memory of Armando Huerta. Disaster strikes at the School of the Arts. While trying to get the attention of a student, Mr. Morloch inadvertently upsets the cast with the scare of a hex. By whistling in the auditorium before the night of the performance, as depicted in a showbiz dictum, Mr. Morloch is held responsible for a series of disastrous events by the students and teachers in the cast. Trevor Kane, a School of the Arts Alumnus and acting has-been, returns to the School of the Arts to make an appearance in a play that Doris is directing.

When he questions his abilities as an actor, the gang set out to assure him that he is adequate. After a morning news program airs an interview with Nicole, she receives a letter from a young man, Ray Claxton, who is serving time in a juvenile detention hall. Jesse is bothered by Nicole's closeness to Claxton as she decides to pay him regular visits at the prison, though she claims she's only visiting due to her admiration of his music and songwriting skills.

Holly's professional dancer mom, Suzi, pays her a visit and serves as a temporary teacher for Miss Grant who is out to audition for a role in an out-of-school production.

A rivalry between Lydia and Suzi ensues which brings the two head-to-head in a dance off for a spot in the upcoming teachers' show. Through being fined for performing on the street without a license, it is discovered that Jesse is an illegal alien.

When the Immigration Department makes it clear that they intend to deport him, Doris commits to marrying him in an effort to keep him in Tony Roos - Je Wou Niet (Wrong For Each Other) country.

When that fails, Mr. Shorofsky makes the offer to adopt him. However, it is Nicole who may have the solution. During Careers Day, guest speaker Sgt. Joe Garver, is invited to speak to the students about the military. With the intent to inspire the kids to consider careers in the military, Garver starts up an R. Morloch's support. Miss Sherwood runs a theme of 'poetry of the s' while the kids Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 to do a production of "Hair" as a benefit concert for the Nuclear Freeze campaign.

Joan Baez has a guest performance. This episode was the second half of the concert starring the cast of "Fame" and the season four regular dancers. Two love triangles develop at the School of the Arts: Cleo starts dating Danny in an attempt to make Leroy jealous. Meanwhile, when Christopher has a hard time with Shakespeare in drama class, his teacher, Trevor Kane's played by Anthony Newleyappoints Christopher the acting partner of his ex-wife, actress Daphne Simone played by Deborah Wakeham — who is seeking Mr.

Kane's coaching for a Broadway play. When Christopher develops feelings for Daphne, Mr. Kane learns that he too still has Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 for her. In the midst of Parent's Week, turmoil hovers over the kids. Danny has a hard time dealing with his parents' separation.

Nicole's parents put pressure on her when she enters the New York Science Fair while Morloch encourages Christopher to hang out with Cassidy in an attempt to make him "normal. Although Nicole is seeing Jesee, Danny has admitted that he has feelings for her. Morloch is reacquainted with an old college roommate whose wife he used to be with and may still have feelings for.

When Christopher and Danny collaborate in a comedy act, Christopher is discovered and experiences fame. Along with the pros of fame, Chris becomes tainted when he abandons his partner and attempts to sabotage Leroy as he becomes competition. When Nicole moves in with Holly for a week, tension builds between the pair. After her turn as professional on Broadway, Coco Hernandez returns to get her diploma at the School of the Arts. Nathan Adler Played by Milton Berlea famous retired director, is chosen to direct a school production and casts Coco as the lead in the play.

This poses a clash between director and lead actress. Morloch temporarily makes Miss Sherwood Vice Principal when he has to leave the school to attend a conference for school administrators. She discovers the challenges of being an administrator. In an attempt to make some money to pay for his rent, Leroy signs up for a television game show and as a result finds himself in a bit of trouble.

Doris starts dating a guy that she thinks is perfect. When Doris is mugged on her way to her grandmother's house, she finds that the experience induced trauma her in many aspects of her life. Having a crush on Holly, Dwight learns to overcome Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 shyness around her as the two become close friends. It's the end of the year and Prom is near. Doris has decided on a Hawaiian theme for the Prom to the disapproval of the rest of the kids.

With her parents' recent divorce, Holly deals with the stresses of her failed home life by starving herself. A recovering anorexic herself, Miss Grant, recognizing the signs, offers some helpful words of advice to which Holly ignores. It may take severe consequences to expose her to the dangers of anorexia.

Co-starring Shirley Prestia as The Nurse. The School of the Arts welcomes Diane, a visiting photographer who has arrived under the pretense of working on a project involving the kids. Nicole has always known that she was adopted and through a sense of connection that she feels with Diane, Nicole discovers that Diane is in fact her biological mother.

Diane and Nicole begin hanging out with each other much to the dismay of Nicole's parents and Jesse. Expected to deliver his annual State of the School address, Mr. Morloch enlists an unwilling Chris, when he loses his voice, to present his speech for him.

When Danny is challenged by an old rival - and his school, Zackary Taylor High - to a softball game against his school, Danny accepts the challenge, although worried about putting the team together.

At first, things go well, but when the girls decide to play and beat the boys during their first practice, the humiliated team backs down leaving the girls to take the place of the boys on Danny's team.

As the School of the Arts opens up again for the new school year, things are stirred up, yet again. New student, Dusty Tyler played by Loretta Chandlerfinds herself feeling out of place.

Similarly, veteran and recent graduate Leroy Johnson - who has just been asked to be Miss Grant's assistance - feels he doesn't belong as he's no longer a student Suzy Q - Computer Music not quite a teacher. He's further upset when he's chosen to choose someone among his friends to play the lead role in the school's new production. Persky gives Danny and Christopher the Katrina Vaughn - Deep Day (Remixes) of playing the role of two sisters in full costume.

Joining the cast this season is Loretta Chandler as Dusty Tyler. With an unexpected visit from his feisty, eight-year-old, streetwise niece, Tina, Leroy reluctantly allows her to stay with him at his apartment while her father, Leroy's brother, Lamar, has taken off without a trace.

With Miss Grant and Mr. Shorofsky trying to put together a show with the help of a backer, Stanley Beckerman, and with Tina's behaviour getting her suspended from school, Leroy is forced to take her to school with him where Jim Parker, Beckerman's assistant, decides that without Tina there will be no show. With Tina unenthused with the idea of being featured in the show to help her uncle out, she uses the desperation of the Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 to bribe Leroy, Miss Grant, and Mr.

Shorofsky, though her reluctance to help Leroy out may put the show at risk. Christopher struggles to understand his role as Hamlet. While in Central Park, Danny encounters his favourite old western actor Bronco Bob and his partner in the classic films, Prince the Miracle Horse and is star struck. Danny eventually finds that his hero is down on his luck and depends on the sale of pictures of him and Prince to make a living. Danny is concerned and determined to help.

Things get worse when an old acting rival, Myron "Black Bart" Leach, spitefully tries to repossess Prince with the pretext that Bronco has ceased payment on the horse. In an attempt to pay for the horse and restore Bronco's pride, Danny involves the School of the Arts in the production of a show to raise the funds. This, however, may not solve the dispute over Prince's rightful ownership. With the emergence of a prestigious song-writing contest, the students at the School of the Arts are focused on creating the winning song for the chance at indispensable exposure and potential superstardom.

With inspiration from his grandfather's teachings to him as a child in his native Mexico, Jesse wins the competition with a heart-felt original piece. Though initially excited, Jesse discovers a popular downside to the entertainment business when music business big shots, Alan Stewart and Mitch Randall, decide to change many of Jesse's original ideas.

Shorofsky struggles with "selling out" as well when he auditions a mediocre violin enthusiast and former football jock Bradley Elliot, Jr. When Christopher falls for Julie Chandler, a beautiful, talented student, the two feel like finding each other was the best thing that's happened for either of them. After a noticeable decline in Julie's performance at school, Chris discovers that Julie is secretly a coke addict. Although he insists Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 quit, she tells him she needs a boost to better her academia and he helps her by making deals with her supplier Hunk Pepitone.

When Chris attempts to put an end to her abuse, Julie refuses to end her drug use. In a battle between her and the drug, the drug may come out on top.

After his parents' separation, Danny feels uneasy when his mother, Gina Amatullo, starts dating Lou Mackie. There is an eruption of gang warfare in Jesse's barrio neighborhood and when local gang rivals, The Ravens and The Skulls rehash an old feud with the return of The Skulls' tough leader, Popeye, The Ravens' leader, George, uses threats to make Jesse join their gang.

Nicole, having "visions," senses danger and tries to dissuade Jesse but her warnings go ignored. One of the Ravens and the younger brother of George, Luis, befriends Mr. Shorofsky when he expresses an interest in the trumpet. Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 learning that his life is being threatened and upon the discovery of a perfect lookalike Christopher, by his assistant William, an arrangement is made for the two to switch identities for 48 hours.

I. Largo-Allegro-Adagio - Alfred Brendel, Beethoven* - Piano Sonatas - Vol. 2 is willing to go along with the charade until he is attack by two gunmen, disguised as Freddy's guards, attempting to kill the prince.

Upon learning that a noteworthy agent, Moe Starkey, attends a local restaurant regularly, the kids head to the restaurant to get his attention headed by Danny disguised as a waiter. After the gang performs Prince's "Baby, I'm a Star," Moe decides that Danny would make a great agent despite Danny's lifelong aspiration to be an actor.

Danny chooses to work for Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 as an agent and because of this strays from his acting duties in the school's latest production. Morloch's usually strict nature, during the Christmas holiday, his enforcement of school board regulations has everyone thinking of him as a "Scrooge. Morloch falls asleep in his office where he dreams he Strauss - Don Juan - Hans Pfitzner, Otto Klemperer - Beethoven Symphony No.8/ Stauss- Don Juan/Weill visited by Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 Yet To Come who come to show him the importance of Christmas Hellion - W.A.S.P.

- Double Live Assassins. When he awakes, Mr. Vrabel classes now require two years Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 order to graduate. Also, the Physical Education class is only worth a half credit a semester. Lastly, the Class of ' 88 now needs 42 credits in order to graduate.

The new classes required are the following: four years of Eng- lish, one year of U. History, two years of math and science, one semester of health and speech and one year of Physical Education. These requirements might seem hard to live up to, but it makes for a more intelligent class of people in the end. Dave Powell has the determina- tion to never give up no matter how tough his work may get!

Jeff Wolendowski reviews his Spanish in order to pass a very important test. Kiki Burczyk practices writing her sentences in Spanish. Vrabe Break Away. The an- swer is a big YES! German, French, and Span- ish are offered to students who want to learn a foreign lan- guage. These people take an in- terest in a second language for a variety of reasons. Foreign language classes broaden one ' s horizons.

Along with a second language comes learning about another culture or maybe several other cul- tures. This is because the For- eign Language Department at this school has travelled, read, taken classes and talked to peo pie Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 find out as much as they can about the languages they know and the countries in which they are spoken.

This year everyone got a sample of foreign culture during Foreign Language Week. Culture of a country has to do with traditions, religion, govern- ment, economy as well as other factors. To some people the knowledge one absorbs from these classes is the key to un- derstanding the world around them — they learn what things happen and maybe even why. Other students take a foreign language to get into a good col- lege.

Many require two years in high school as well as two in college. Besides being good for com- munication and understanding, a Foreign Language class is a lot of fun. Karen Klickmann learns to enjoy her foreign language. Tim Colby and Terry Tobin prove class can be fun.

Mickow r Careers Making the future less challenging An Industrial Arts class is a whole world in itself. These classes are where students work individually on projects that they can design themselves. The Woodshop class gives the boys the experience of per- forming and using complicated equipment.

The Auto Shop is an interesting class that teaches the basic proce dures for working on cars. The Electronics class experi- ments with many different de- vices that can be of future use. Mechanical Drawing or Draft- ing offers the experience needed for an architectural career. Printing is another interesting variety of technologies; from printing envelopes to making a lamp. No matter what they do, the students find enjoyment in their work. Contrary to thought, Industrial Arts classes are not easy, but un- like other classes at Highland there is a great deal of pride in the finished project.

With all things considered the Industrial Arts department is an active, growing and very impor- tant part of the Academic Cur- riculum at Highland High School. Mastej, sharing his knowl- edge. Rick Westcott proves to us that cooking is not only for girls, it is for boys also. Owen shows Dave Miller how a difficult design can come out just right.

Raydene Fenyves gives Michele Steinbeck some helpful hints so she can learn to do it right and make it look perfect! Skill From basic skills technological ability grows If all learning is for life, there are some types of learning which deal more directly about making the quality of future life better.

Many of Highland ' s classes are geared toward developing useful and productive careers, and while some, such as Home Ec and Shops, deal with specif- ic skills, Jura Secreta - Simone - Face A Face are other classes which give students experience and development in a variety of career-oriented activities. With the computer world now in every part of our society, different classes are using com- puters in a variety of ways.

In everything from career class to biology, math, and now journal- ism, students are learning not to rely on machines, but to let ma- chines begin freeing them for newer ideas and better ways of performing old tasks. With the future always threat- ening to make demands, High- land educators and students continue to work toward mak- ing education a process of many different skills, attitudes, and learning experiences.

Math The mind which succeeds in tomorrow ' s world will be the mind which can handle that world ' s pressures. As Highland students prepare for the world, two different yet similar disci- plines can help assure success.

Because understanding the people behind any business or career is critical, Psychology prepares a student not only to know how to succeed, but also how to cope with the problems met on the way to that goal, and also when it is reached. In Mr. From basic math classes to the most advanced courses, each Highland mind is chal- lenged to understand and work with the principles which gov- ern so much of our lives.

Under the direction of Depart- ment Chairman Mr. Mel Ander- son, Highland math students are assured a competent and up-to-date instruction in what they need to know in today ' s complex world.

If success is out there waiting for those who will reach for it. Todd Dust, making sure every- thing is right for his experiment, gets ready to begin. Alan Neve, trying to get through the day. Math Psych Break Away 79 Communicate! Words mean what we Communications classes are more im- portant than we realize.

Communication is preparing oneself for the life after high school. Speech stu- dents acquire the skills they will need to organize Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 present themselves. If one is interested in a higher level of communicating, say with the public, he know they mean! From broadcasting commercials to actual programming and writing the ma- terial to directing and producing, H.

Cristine Hendricks and Chris Williams finds an amusing sight to enjoy together. Root Potesta Co Break Away. The world could cate. Journalism, art, and choir are fun not exist without it and neither could the students of Highland High School. Ev- erything one does is connected with the art of understanding one another.

There are many different mediums of Die Zeigeunerin - Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Geoffrey Parsons* - Liederabend. The one most common- ly used, of course, is speaking. There is also television, radio, and newspapers.

Art and music also convey one ' s feelings. English and speech aren ' t the only classes to take to learn how to communi- and teach students to express them- selves more clearly. Typing and writing classes also help attain this goal. Many students Too Close For Comfort - Terry Gibbs Dream Band - Main Stem (Volume 4) on in many of these mediums of communicating.

Many paint, write, sing, and act in their spare time. These can become their career or freelance income. Taking an unusual class can help a lot of people to learn to express themselves better. Wes Russel shows his Trojan pride by many hours of practice with the aid of drum majors Nancy Arnold and Pete Kovacik. Senior Chris Reed jams on his gui- tar while wearing his sunglasses at night. They received top marks at four com- petitions qualifying them for re- gionals.

The Trojans did well at the regionals but not well enough for the state c ompeti- tion held at the Hoosier Dome. Towards the middle of the year the Trojans were split into two bands, Wind Ensemble, di- rected by Mr. Russell, and Con- cert Band, directed by Mr. The band did well in 2 solo and ensemble contests. Jazz band concert and 2 full band concerts. They had a very busy year, but were always kept in line by directors: Mr. Russell and Mr. Schaffer, with the help of drum majors Pete Kovacik and Nancy Arnold.

Pum- nea, K. Metcalf, J. Raver, C. Ris- ley, D. Synos, T. Hall, M. Jane sak, K. Moore, M. Boston, K. No- ble. Hoick, C. Potesta Orchestra. Howe, A. Bartlett, A. Rauver, B. Muncie, R. Akin, A. Havran, C. Mills, J. Beck, C. Risden, G. Butler, D. Vail, T. Pcrtesta Break Away. The orchestra is made up of very dedicated students. These students spend many hours in perfecting the great pieces of music that they play.

This group is under the direction of Mrs. June Dolan. They also give many concert performances during the year. If one wants to hear excellent renditions of the great compos- ers, they should attend a High- land Orchestra Concert.

Varsity Choir I and II join together for another one of their outstand- ing performances. Brown, K. Beck, T. Holicky, A. Hav- ran, and K. Varsity Choir I finds some time in their busy schedule to pose for a picture. Concert Choir member Julie Childer joins in singing during the Christmas concert. The Freshman Girls Chorus con- centrate on holding their cues dur- ing a concert. Gordon Wilder is delighted by the oustanding performance of his concert choir. Vocal Break Away Music is a terrific way to express oneself.

It affects both the body and the mind. Many people join chorus classes to express them- selves verbally with a song. To make beautiful music takes a lot of hard work, dedi- cation, and a little talent. It all pays off when the concert goes well for both the stu- dent and the teacher. An especially outstanding concert this year was on De- cember 19,the Christ- mas concert. The grand fina- le involved everyone in the audience reaching out to the people in Ethiopia and help- ing them.

There Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 several chorus classes one can join and two vocal groups which meet after school. Gordon Wilder directs Concert Choir. All groups are quite good and their works can be en- joyed at concerts several times a year. Come see them perform. So you look for something that you are interested in.

Doing something different like joining a new club is like breaking into a new family. It is the feeling of being secure, trusted, and wanted for your ability to do something you enjoy to do. Hot only are you setting a good example for other students; you, yourself, are achieving personal goals. Student Council is behind many of the organizations that take place.

Home coming, dances, and other fund raisers. Student Council has a board of officers that mainly have the say so in all the projects. Along with the help of Mrs. Hal- pin, the club never runs out of ideas for everything they take part in.

To be in Student Council it takes spe- cial qualifications. They do not accept just anyone. The board of officers take time in choosing the correct people they feel are needed and could help the group greatly. This is probably why this is such a popular club. Sometime it is scarey giving blood at a Stu- dent Council blood drive. Karen Nagy takes her time to complete her thoughts for Student Council.

Student Council Radwan???? Member Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 Nagy gives some info on her- self to the Red Cross nurse.

Sharon Ruhs takes time out of her busy schedule to donate blood. This club teaches the peo- ple who take part in it, a lot about the broadcasting world. They learn a lot about videos and how they function.

The group seems excited about the club. It shows the people, that there is more to videos than MTV. Martin puts forth a lot of time and effort in supporting and sponsoring the group.

The group is becoming very pop- ular and is growing more and more. Vid- eos are the trend of the 80 s and for years to come. This Sweet Lorraine - Jimmie Noone & Earl Hines - At The Apex Club Volume 1 (1928) why it interests most young adults. This is a very educational group. Johansom, G. Mi- Greer, Mr. Weston, K. Bilyak, K. Cox, M.

Rivera, D. Stein, T. De- Stein, N. Virangi, B. It is one of the highest clubs in H. It is an honor to be a member of this group.

Grams deals with the most difficult of the sciences. Only the top students are members of this special club. Under the directionof Ms. Johnson, the biology teacher and cheerleading sponsor, the group is at it ' s best.

Wolven, R. Yurkus, S. Jansen, M. Rivera, N. Virangi, A. Tseng, M. Fuerhaupter, M. Cannonsburg Adventure on a Ski Trip A. Slowly I wake up and realize I am going skiing today! I hop into the shower and to- tally come to my senses. The butterflies are crazily spinning around in my stom- ach. What am I forgetting? Arrive at the school. All of my friends look like zombies. On the road to Cannonsburg.

I ' ve been skiing for almost five hours. Is it from the 10 de- gree weather or from my intense fear of moguls? This seems like it ' s taking for- ever to get to the top!

The view is wonderful. Miles of sparkling, white snow and tons of trees. Besides the thrill of racing downhill, the scenery is tremendous and one of the many thrills of skiing. Here I go!! How excit- ing! Sometimes students got frustrated because they could not catch on as quickly as others, and this lead to unwanted pity and special breaks from teachers. It just takes longer. Williams' class, they learned several "survival skills.

Extra spending money was used to buy privileges, like baking and free time. An even more indispensable "survival skill" was how to cope with taunts. Although not Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 participated, only a few were needed to cause hurt and resentment. Special understanding and counseling became very important in this touchy area.

That was when students reaUy felt the love and encouraeement from their teacher and her aides, as well as from each other. Although students hoped to someday attend all of their classes with the other kids, the present importance of their "famHy" in Ms. Williams' room could never be over-estimated. Lift Rtaly Is Worth Urint. Jan Williams and Mrs.

Cathy Bronsdon certainly have reason to smile, knowing that what they learn throueh teachine is worth more than a thousand smiles.

For students here, minutes are zjfts The Running Board - C Joynes, Nick Jonah Davis - Split Electric should be wisely used. One can never possess too much knowledee.

With a LifUI! Htlp From My Friends. Teamwork establishes its importance as Vicky Barone and Terri Christy student teacher work together. Too Much Time on My Hands. Laurie Gill works diligently, mastering the all-important clock. What's for Dinner? The Special Education room boasts of myriad utensils for cookinf privilefes. It is complete with clean-up tools, of course.

Williams has provided them. Pfa1mr in Unison. The creative artists set up numerous displays, in school showcases, to exhibit their drawinzs, photocraphs, pottery, and jewelry. Several students entered drawinis, paintinis, and prints in various contests. The musicians at State Hizh played their. Because of the combined efforts of students and teachers, State Hizh could be proud of its fine reputation and success in art and music.

Practice Makes Perfect. Creatire Térébentine - Jofroi - JAi Le Moral. With intense concentration, Mats Olsson uses a brush to fdl in a part of his paintinf. Dtep Concentration. Hard Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 work, Denise Leggett and Sue Waltz work on special knitting projects.

Shy Smiles. Peering out from a corner in the preschool playroom, two tots giggle softly. High School Chef. Demonstrating his own Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 skills, senior Terry Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 mixes a cake. Those kids! You tried reading, you tried eating, you tried everything The two to five year olds who spent the day in our senior high provided much occupation and amusement for Chris George, the preschool director, yet she handled them firmly and well.

Tanya, one "student" who constantly tried to play the part of mother, did her best to Woman - John Lennon - Lennon Legend - The Very Best Of John Lennon the others in line.

Miriam, Erin, Melinda, and Lauren, the other preschoolers did not seem to mind, nor did Ahmed, the only boy and note this, gentlemen the quiet one of the bunch. The days were filled with various scheduled activities including learning units with such themes as body awareness, the senses, colors, shapes, and fin ally let. All of this terminated at one o'clock when the children participated in a much-needed nap.

Since the responsibility of the preschool rested heavily on Ms. George's shoulders, helpful students such as Denise Falsche Tränen - Crematory - Monument and Kathy Wrong Whole - The Crash - Untitled volunteered their time to help her.

Jenny Womer helped in the preschool as part of the work experience program. With such examples to look up to, the children were indeed fortunate. Why did The Way It Used To Be - Engelbert Humperdinck - Greatest Hits take home economics courses?

From a recent survey, it was discovered that many enrolled to "pig out," but what about the sewing students? Still, most students really seemed to enjoy home-ec; general sewing classes required students to create two Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 per year quality, well-made garments were pleasant additions to any wardrobeand cooking classes spent an average of two days per week in "lab.

The teacher, Mrs. Johnson, approximated that ninety percent of her senior foods classes was made up of males, suggesting that home economics was certainly not "just for girls. Crealivil1 Thrives. A tiny artist in the preschool lets her imafiriation run wild as she piints a picture. Ttslint the Balter Our language teachers offered differ ent levels of classes for five languages: French, Spanish, German, Latin, and Russian.

State High was fortunate to host three ASF exchange students. In turn, we learned Only You - The Bohicas - The Making Of lot from our foreign classmates about their school systems which required uniforms, fixed schedules, and required testing to go on to school. In general our foreign classmates thought our school system opened up Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 opportunities and freedom of choice which were not present in their schools.

Our energetic language department, interesting exchange students, and our college town atmosphere, gave State High unique learning conditions and a pleasant cultural experience.

Masferint a Lanfllage. Owing a French class, Tracy Knott and Kathy Hofsha, amonc others, work hard to absorb the foreign language. Doint Extrcists. Cultural Exchange. Classts Not AH Worlr Lancuage classes are not all work, as Bonnie Henry attests to. Spanish teacher, Mrs. McDonald and student Jeff Davis look on in the backcround.

Pennsylvania's Keystone games, Jim Castello demonstrates the sheer determination that was needed for a victory.

Run for If With the help of his teammates, Andy Jeffers takes advantace of a temporary path between two of his Indiana opponents. Athletic events brought out the true spirit of State High. They created an atmosphere of pride and unity that could only be possible with the help of spirited fans. Whether it was Kommet Ihr Hirten - Various - Stars Wünschen Frohe Weihnacht the final frozen minutes of a close football game or under the Rock With U - Various - Whatta Mix Vol.

1 at a track meet, the excitement of a State High crowd could not be surpassed. When the loyal fans of Little Lion athletic teams pulled together, the lions always came out on. Spirit could be recognized when spectators continually came out to face frigid temperatures to support winter sports.

It was also apparent in players who were loyal to their teams and their school. Often, the crowd made all the difference. Vociferous fans could cause a track star to kick it into victory. Little Lion sporting events were always exciting and have become a State College tradition. Sidt by Sidt. Tracy Home, is sure lo keep a stride ahead of her. Championship- third place. They were the third best in the State, ending a successful but very competitive season. With a rough leaiue year and opposing State champions Altoona eight times during the fall schedule, many people didn't give the girls the deserved recognition for their accomplishments.

Certainly qualified in talent, this year's "team ran fast enoufh to beat any other teams the last three years in States, except former S. Coach Gentry attributed, "One of the reasons for their success was the leadership of the seniors, particularly Dana DeTuerk. Also, the vast improvement of Anda Spalvins gave the team added depth. Hard work paid off as the team ran toward success. Junior Tracy Horner placed fourth in the State; and the team was victorious, placing third overall in the State competition.

With a super season underfoot, the girls' cross country squad can be pleased as "Pripps Plus. Coach Sieve Gentry displays his cheerful disposition. Bott11m row: H. Berltslresser, A. Spalvins, D. Top row: D. Daum, L. Webb, T. K,ssing: W. Skipper, H. Waler Break One of the rare moments of gossip. Time Out Coach Becky Trunzo advises her players durinc half-time. Coach Becky Trunzo evaluates her team's performance during a game. Coach Mrs. Becky Trunzo "couldn't have been more pleased" with the performance of the little lady lion field hockey team.

Striving for high goals, the team practiced for perfection daily. The constant conditioning and drill-work paid off as the girls displayed their talent against league opponents. With exciting Pedestal Of Infamy - Flea - Helen Burns performances, the State High girls gained much deserved recognition.

With offensive shots on goal and only 31 against them, the team undoubtedly had strength and depth in the offensive line. Credit was also due to the defense's integrity. The leading scorer was Taylor, followed closely by Schroeder and Brugel. Taylor also claimed the highest amount of assists. Jenny Kepler earned wide recognition for her excellent accomplishments as goalie. The State High team's top offensive and defensive statistics set new league records.

In the District competition, Lewistown and Northern Allegheny fell victims to the tough lionesses, and respectively. In Regionals, Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83. Again ending in a stroke-off with Hempfield, the S.

The first time that S. Succumbing to Crabsody In Blue - AC/DC - Let There Be Rock strenfth and experience of Haverford and Emmaus, State High placed fourth. Lewis, L. Brugel, J. Taylor, L. Gold, D. Warren, J. Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83N.

Top row: A. Zimmerman, K. Hofstra, N. Fedon, L. Schroeder, Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83. Stoedefalke, A. Luckie, student trainer A.

Missing: J. Lioness on the Prowl Liz Brugel charges for the ball. The season for the players began early Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 August.

This effort became evident as the season progressed. When asked about this year's team, head coach Ron Pavlechko replied, "This past season was an exciting one in which we progressed from the beginning of the season to the end. This game was close, but in the end State, pulled through with a victory over arch rival Bellefonte.

The next three games did not go as well as the previous as they were all lost to the opponents. Next, came a solid victory over Altoona, which helped lift the spirits of State High. The rest of the season State won two more times and lost four. Most of the games that State lost were close and could have gone either way. With the end of the season came the invitational football squads. Four football players from State High went to All-Conference this year.

Rick Anderson was the only player to continue on to All-States, where he played on the third team. Bottom row:P. Clouser, P. McKinnon, D. Washington, B. Myers, M. Weber, C. Mills, R. Francke, M. Leahey, J. Fuller, L. Row 2: T. Slagle, R. Beall, M. Shirk, D. Cox, C. Harpster, A. Jeffers, S. Delallo, M. Markham, C. Zucco, S. Brahosky, K. Rife, L. Top row:B. Fry, B. Karch, R. Ford, L. Jackson, T.

Engle, J. Smith, S. Vratarich, D. Swan, A. Head coach Ron Pavlechko delivers a few encouraging words to junior Darryl Washington. In Pursuit Defensive captain Lloyd Jackson calls the defensive set for the next play. Junior Steve Brahosky takes a moment to release some excess energy following a touchdown. Senior Lloyd Jackson demonstrates Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 excitement after he successfully sacked the Williamsport quarterback.

The soccer team demolished most of the opposing teams in their league. After winning Districts over Indiana, the soccer team proceeded to States, where they won their first game over Millville. Then they played Fleetwood, who defeated State by one point. Head coach Floyd Trunzo said, "This year's team was very close knit and played as one unit on the field.

Much thanks was owed to Floyd Trunzo and his Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83 staff for making a season like the one experienced possible.

Bottom row: T. Held, J. Bernlohr, M. Johnston, l. Bonnett, H. Tavera, 0. Baldwin, R. Koll, C. Row 2: B.


I Found Luv - Various - Maquina Total 7, The Busch Quartet, Antonín Dvořák - Quartet No. 3 In E Flat Major (Shellac), Old Black Magic - Lawrence High School Marching Lion Band - 1982-83, Paisley Park - Prince And The Revolution - Around The World In A Day, Natty Dread Something - Yellowman & Fathead - Bad Boy Skanking, Of Forgotten Names - DaMeAte - ArcheAge, So Far Into The Blues - Les Souci - Still Warrior, Victim Of Love - Various - Sampler Cd Of Punkrecords.Com Releases, Point Vicente - Calexico - Spoke, Come Away (4 Da Floor) (Shaka Dub) - Various - E.S.P., Click Clack - Various - Oldies By The Dozen

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This page contains a dump analysis for errors #25 (Heading hierarchy).. It can be generated using WPCleaner by any user. It's possible to update this page by following the procedure below: Download the file alternative.adrierdredironcrusherkeswyn.infoinfo2 from the most recent dump. For example, on alternative.adrierdredironcrusherkeswyn.infoinfo, go to directory YYYYMMDD for the most recent date (for example . Sitemap Never On Sunday - Ace Cannon - Ace Cannon Plays The Great Show Tunes, Soolaimon - Neil Diamond - Hot August Night, You Cant Hide A Tear - Clarence Frogman Henry - You Cant Hide A Tear, Jitterbug Blues - Muddy Waters - Hard Day Blues, Une Nuit De Plus - Various - Le Collector, Amazing - Dimitris Papaspyropoulos - Silent Wonder, Quickest Way To Die - Full Blooded - Memorial Day, Barnacled Warship - Johnny Flynn - Been Listening, Alex Rath - African Village EP, Engel - Various - Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

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