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Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000


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Sunshine, drinks, brats, football, and Classic Rock for the party! Upbeat Classic rock for when the workday is over or you wish it were! Take a ride to the land inside of your mind Music from Clapton, his bandmates, and those with whom he's shared the stage Rumbling drums, reverb-drenched twangin' guitars, and sweet vocal harmonies of Surf Rock.

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Donovan Diapause - Interlace - Imago Crystals The Delfonics Lesley Gore Carla Thomas The Turtles Percy Sledge Rick Nelson The Everly Brothers Ben E.

King The Shangri-Las Gene Chandler Dick Dale Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000 The Chiffons Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000 Eddie Floyd The Isley Brothers The Hollies Jerry Butler Dusty Springfield Chuck Berry Major Lance Johnny Rivers Love Gene Pitney Steppenwolf Herman's Hermits The Grateful Dead. Early contemporary enthusiasts outside Germany included Hawkwind and in particular Dave Brock who supposedly penned the sleeve ARK - ARK for the British edition of Neu!

The genre also had a strong influence on David Bowie 's Station to Station and the experimentation it inspired led to his ' Berlin Trilogy '. Krautrock was also highly influential on the late-'70s development of British new wave and post-punknotably artists such as Siouxsie and the BansheesPublic Image Ltd.

Ash Ra Tempel was strongly influential on the later development of 70s ambient as well as post-rock. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the related record label also known as "Kosmische Musik", see Cosmic Couriers. For other uses, see Cosmic music. Kosmische Musik elektronische Musik Teutonic rock. See also: Experimental rock and Rock music Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000 Germany. This article may contain indiscriminateexcessiveor irrelevant examples. Please improve the article by adding more descriptive text and removing less pertinent examples.

See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for further suggestions. October Retrieved 10 July Melody Maker. Retrieved 31 January The A. Retrieved 17 April Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music. The Guardian. Retrieved 14 June Retrieved 18 April The Wire Retrieved 25 January Jawbone Press. Retrieved 25 April Encyclopedia of Contemporary German Culture. Ashley, Baltimore, MD, U.

Good site! I need information for my General Art report for high school. Thanks for help! Hello, I'm from Japan and going to introduce a funny Japanese webpage to you all Amanda lamm You should put how old he was when he painted his first painting because i need to find that out. Amanda From Nottinghamshire in England. Great site, im a great admirer of Salvador's work there is a deeper sense in all of his work, its quite amazing.

Dali has a definition for me Francisco Caminero, Sto. This is a great research resource for me. Writing a report on him was interesting and I learned alot. Hi, I'm Adam a schoolboy from England, I'm doing a prject on "Inside" and chose the path of Dali's paintings to go Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000 the mind's and dreams of people, your biography was extremely useful.

Thank You! Adam Spurrier, Birmingham, England. Spyder85 Manassas VA USA Dali is one of my favorite artists and i am Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000 that finally someone has put on the internet a gallery with Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000 insight and beautiful art as this.

Thanks for the show. Dali is my favorite artist of all time, and I Look at whatever I can. There are 3 or 4 early signed lithos of elephants at the Oregon Zoo that I enjoy whenever I go there. Thanks again. This site is exelent, i shall re visit again and again. And to those who have only heard of Salvador Dali throught this site G'day peeps, and enjoy your unenlightend life Hey, visit my Dali Site, www. I disagree with the authors interpretation of Catalan Bread In it the individual states that " Dali has also transformed this loaf of bread into an enormous phallic object.

Not only is the left end of the bread fully erect, it is also covered with what looks very much like a condom. In addition, that end of the bread is propped up with a string, allowing it to stay erect. This may have reflected Dali's Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000 of impotence, as the whole painting has decisively sexual undertones. The vein pattern and location of the superepidermal urethral sulcus indicate that the phallus is upside down and it is slowly being cranked down by the thunder thief in the blue khakis, Denying Dali the joy of wonder.

Michael P, Columbus, OH. Upton, Wirral, Merseyside. I never The Two Of Us - Barry Manilow - Barry Manilow II appreciated the brilliance of Dali until I visited your website.

Tycker mycket om hans tavlor. Vacker konst med stil. Adria of Kennewick, Washington, United States I am so happy that people are getting the word out about some of the best art in the world! I would love to see more information along with each of his pictures about his personal thoughts on them.

I am an art student who has always loved the work of Dali and hope to someday leave my mark on the world in the same way as he did! Thank you for the wonderful information. Thanks for all your hard work, I truly appreciate it. I think Dali is one of the greatest! This site is really awesome. Hope you manage to add more of his works sometime, otherwise a great site, congratulations.

Lyn, London, England. Never imagined I could found so much in a web site. The pictures done by Salvador Dali were very breath taking and seemed to be very emotional. Amanda, Northampton England. Eliana Ulate B. That page, it's very nice, but only it have a problem. Tha page is only in english, and I and other friends speak english, and we don't undertand some things. It's very interesting, and we learn.

I found your web site most You Go To MY Head - Various - The Jazz Collection CD 1 and very well put together. THanks sarah! This is the best place to do research or just to see Dali's great paintings!!! I was doing a projest on him!!! This is SO great!!! Shiona, Perth, Western Australia I could not find a painting done by Salvador Dali called 'Chevalier de la mort' Death Knight completed in with the measurements It is an oil on canvas.

Wonderful, amazing inspiring and educating site on a great artiste and phenomenon! My name is Angelica and I am in 6th grade. I live Bangor, Maine and I am doing an art report. This site is awesome. I went to the Dali museum in St. The museum is great. I am glad y'all have made this website so I can look at his works whenever I want to. This is the most comprenhensive Dali websight I've ever seen.

It's great. Although there were still quite a few pantings that aren't here. It would be absolutely awesome if you could work on getting the rest of the works. This site is truly amazing. My name is Amy Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000 I have a Salvador dolly. I am looking for friends. If you know anyone or anything that might not hate me because of the humungous goiter on my butt, please contact me. Thank you very much, this is the best website about dali I've ever visited.

But I can't find a paint which name is 'female with head of flowers. I'm looking forward if you can add that one. Anyhow, thanks a lot. Henry, scottland. Very pleased with the amount of information and images on this site. Excellent overall. I am searching for a Dali painting wich consists of 2 kanvasses.

One in the shape of a woman and one of a man. Does anyone know a picture of this work on the net? Thanks Willem. Silvio Wallington Victoria, Australia I thoroughly enjoyed perusing your collection of Dali paintings and drawings. I have always had a great passion for fine art, especially the abstract and semi-abstract creations I have seen over the years and have recently decided to study visual arts at the ripe old age of 52years thanks to great artists like Salvadore Dali, whose works have been the main source of my inspiration to do a diploma course in fine arts.

Thanks for providing us with Dali images on your website. Dear Sir,your site is exquisit by far the best features of dali. Iwould like to know if you Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000 ever seen or heard of a print by dali called Skulls of Zucharan Ive been trying tofind it everywhere?

I wonder what kind of drugs he was really on I love DALI Tania, Durban, South Africa A friend told me I should know who Dali is, this sight has given me a wonderful overview of the Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000 and his work. Interesting comments on some of the paintings. Thanks for the perspective. Mr Rapist Dali touches me every night. Thank you good bye.

Salvidor Dali was a very disturbed person. God only know why he made those confusing drawings and paintings. I loved this site. I could not get enough. If anyone wants to mail me some Dali pic's I would appreciate it greatly.

My e-mail address is disarm13 hotmail. Thanks and cheers xx. I think that this website gives alot of information and I would like to thank you for all of your good work. This web site is incredible!

I love the music. It's outta sight. This is now one of my favorite web sites. From Tashlie Breynen. City:Nassau Country:Bahamas. Austin, TX. This is an excellent site, I enjoyed everything. This sight almost did my spanish home work for me! It answered all my questions for me except one.

A suggestion is to add information on what were the topics that Dali painted. Hi, love your website. I teach Humanities and found incredibly helpful. I hope you keep adding some more of Dali's works. Ursula Tallahassee,FL. Visired your Exhibition in Florida three times now and will be back next Easter celebrating my 50th birthday.

See you then. This is a wonderful way to keep Dali in the forefront of our minds and hearts, even though we may not have direct access to his works. Thanks for a great website. Would love to send to some friends. Please consider adding a feature, "send this website to This is the best site i have seen. I just love it. Good job on the site and keep it going. I think Dali used realism with his paintings and Lass Uns Leben - Westernhagen* - MTV Unplugged weird paranoia symbols to mean something and he was a weird The Desired Effect - Various - Totally Re-Wired 9 himself.

I think Dali used realism with his paintings and other weird paranoia symbols to mean something. He was a pretty funny man, but that mustache whats up with that. I Find Your Way (Van Goughs Blissed Out Mix) - Various - TRANCEnDANCE looking for more details of the painting Four fisherswoman in Cadaques.

I like that dali was a sombre man whose work was inspired by the way he saw life Thanks for the experience anyway. Thank you very much for your website exhibition. I came to know some paintings and drawings I did not know before visiting your site while some I knew were not included. Thanks a lot for getting Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000 more closely acquainted with Salvador Dali's works of art.

Please keep up the good work. Robert Gieseler. Al; Middletown, Ct. I love browsing your site He is the best artist ever and his art work isn't just artwork. To me his art work are very meaningful and full of inspiration. I love to do art and i love to draw stuff like him! It helped on a Spanish culture project. Claudia Cynthiana, Ky. USA Enjoyed viewing your web site. Thank you for making it available.

USA Thank you for making your web site available for all to enjoy. Kaki is may name G. Person in the dead Book Saludos a totos los fans de Catalunja. I to am a great fan of the surrealist artworks. Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000 have done many ink and watercolour pictures myself and this dali sight is much welcomed inspiration. Wesley Lepore, Im 16 years old and starting to be really interested in The Master Daly and some day I wish I can see some of his greatest paintings infront of me!!!!!!

This site rules!!!! Name:Bryony From:Southampton, Hampshire, England i enjoyed viewing your website as it is often easy to find information on artists though alot harder when trying to find galleries of work.

A beautiful collection of his work, a great website, a pleasant experience overall. Newport Beach, California. Kaci houston tx usa. David Gomez. Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000 to see part of his exhibition in Liverpool at the Tate Gallery in Great Web Page Sara Serrano.

Granada, Spain. Thanks for the hard work getting it onto the Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000. Nice gallery but I would have prefered more detailed interpretations of the paintings. I hope to get some of my students to visit this site as well. Funny, the love of my life had some Dali's that Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000 sold to him from someone who took advantage of him, financially, or so it seemed.

My loves name was Massoud. Massoud, if you Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000 reading this, I would like to hear that you are Ok and doing well. Or just ok. What's-his-name doesn't matter any more. I just want to know that you are alright. Massoud Seirafianpour, if you are able to get this message, please respond if you are ok Vjacobs socal. Anne, The Hague, The Netherlands I have just returned from an exhibit of Spanish artists currently being held at the Gementee Museum in Den Haag and of the artists represented there, it was Dali that inspired my search for more info.

I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the pictures that you provided. I was hoping to learn more of the inspiration that Dali got from Vermeer's work - another magnificient, but totally different artist.

I Love Dali Having just visited the Dali Museum in Tampa two days ago, I am bursting with enthusiasm about the experience. Prior to the visit, I had only a vague awareness of Dali as "that surrealist with melting clocks and exaggerated mustache". I can say that I was deeply touch by the humanity and spirituality expressed in his work. I now plan a continued journey into Dali's art and themes. Do you know of any other sites where I can appreciate his work some more, by the way this is an excellent site, keep up the good work.

I recentlly visited Dali's Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida and I was impressed with it. This is a great site, thanks fro the good work. Adela Canada. Very glad this site exists.

Nice to have so many works available at one Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000. Brian, Nottingham, England Excellent site. First class scans with enough information yet remaning unclutered and easy to use.

Congratulations from another Dali fan. This website is great and has helped me very much in my GCSE work. Great effort Thanks U A Yajnik. Not my taste in art--but one of my students was interseted in his work. Very nice pictures and complete listing. This was a great source for her. Diane Jones 7th grade language arts.

Not my taste in art--but one of A French Street - Jacques Demy • Michel Legrand - Lintégrale / The Complete Edition students was interested in his work.

Nice site! Would you know anyone who might be interested? It might go to a decorator who does high-end corporate interriors. I learned about dali while in a facility for boys. Cely New Orleans, La U. A This is the first time I have viewed these Dali works. I have a print of Madonna of Port Lligat. I will be back to this web site. I really enjoyed being able to come to this website and find all the information I needed.

This site is very well put together. This is one terrific site. It was really helpful to me for my art project on Salvador Dali. Ashley Burlington vt Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000. I never reaaly looked at anyones art I never really even cared. But when i was assigned Salvador Dali as an artist to research i found it very interesting. And now i have a new look on art. Thank you for taking the time to scan a great collection of my favourite artist. I spent a few hours here looking at Dali's works.

I only got through the paintings, and will have to Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000 back to view the drawings. I hope to make it to Florida soon to see his work in person.

Great Job Its the only way to open your mind I really enjoyed your website. I'd just like to say that this is a remarkable website - not only does it provide such a comprehensive collection of Dali's work, but it connects Dali admirers from all abroad.

Dali was and always will be one of greatest, most fascinating artists ever. Thank you for this site. You dumb fuckers dont have the picture of an African village that is also a face! Nunca Nunca (Never Never) - The Shakers* - Shakers For You you!!! For that I am very greatful.

Many paintings and drawings I could not appreciate, but there are some surrealist oils that I like very much not included here. Briana Lake St. Petersburg, Fl. Love this website I have made the pilgrimage many times and hope to Parano - Various - Perpignan Rock 1960-2000 in St.

Petersburg again soon. CosmoRules Yahoo. Myself an many of my friends have a great appreciation of this incredible artists work! Timothy Sparks. Very helpful for my A-level art Oh My - Kevin Ayers - Whatevershebringswesing. Good explanations of what his pictures were symbolising.

Does anybody know the name of the painting of a hut and an African tribe that when turned anti-clockwise shows a face?! James W. Paula, Worcestershiew, England. Have always admired the workof dali and will be visiting the museum in St Petersbourg when I visit Florida in June This site provides an excelent way to view the work of dali.

Deborah Richey, Burke, Virginia. I found this site very useful while doing a report. It is the only site where i could find many of his less well known paintings.


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