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I had a hurried bath and, leaving Anujee to her evening prayers, went to sit on a bench in front of our hotel, casting rny eyes on as great a feast of beauty as God and man had ever combined to spread. At my feet was the river Volkhova. She was a goddess who, unable to be united with her mortal lover, Sadko, turned herself into a river and lies eternally athwart his home town, Novgorod. It was 8. There were two ducks on the bank, proud mothers, surrounded by their ducklings and coaxing them to come out of the river and go to bed.

On the oppos. One is Novgorod. Gospodin Veliki Novgorod or Sir Novgorod the Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection — that is how children in the old days were taught to call Novgorod.

The greatness of Novgorod lives on in its churches and cathe- drals. The Yiury Monasteiy was the first monument which we visited. In the Sonet Union museums and places of entertainment are generally open on Sundaj's, but closed on Mondaj's. Our guide pointed to an island in the middle of the lake in which excavations had been going on. Amongst the most interesting finds were the relics of the worship of Penm, the God of Thunder and Lightning.

I wondered whether Perun had any affinity to the Hindu Varuna, the god of Rain. In Novgorod was converted to Christianity despite the fierce resistance of the inhabitants.

VTien eventually the idol of Perun was thrown into the lake it is said that the angrj' God threw back a sword at the people of Novgorod as an omen that there would be perpetual dissension among them. And the historj' of Novgorod was marred by many a feud, resulting in bloodshed. The Yury Cathedral is a thousand years old. A steep flight of steps leads to the upper story; and our gmde remarked that the gouty nobles of tiiose days preferred to climb those difficult steps and pra ' from above rather than mix with the com- mon crowd.

This Cathedral and the surrounding churches have suffered greatly from German occupation. The dome of one of the churches was entirely denuded of its gilt covering, which "Was then used by the Germans to make cigarette cases.

The highest chamber in the Cathedral was used by German soldiers 3s a watch-tower from which the ' were perpetually on the look- out. On our return we visited an old cemetery. Originally Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection was meant exclusively for foreigners.

The fact that a cemeterj' was set apart for foreigners confirms how great a centre for international trade Novgorod used to be. In the middle of the cemetery stands a church, known as the Peter and Paul church, where tlie mother of the great hero, Alexander Nevsk ', was buried. This cemeterj' is not only the oldest but, if one maj' use tliat expression, the most delightful I have ever seen. It was full of old trees, silent spectators of the many vicissitudes through which Novgorod has gone.

The inter- lacing branches of tliesc trees blotted out the sun and protected tis from the heat which was getting unbearable. Wherever we went we were surrounded by large crowds. An old woman told me that Malenkov had been in Novgorod the previous day and had addressed them.

Another old Woman asked Valia what my profession was. The country around Novgorod is flat and the painters of Novgorod had never seen hills and moimtains; they therefore represented them in their paintings with curious geometrical patterns. One icon which particularly impressed me was that of a head of Christ, drawn by the famous painter Ushakov. He related a story regarding the genesis of this picture.

For weeks and months Ushakov had been trying to visualize the face of Christ. He found it impossible to do so and was in despair. Great beads of perspiration broke out. Ushakov applied a towel to his Let Me Know - My Darling YOU! - My Darling YOU! and, lo and behold, it bore an imprint of the likeness of Christ, and all that he had to do was to reproduce it.

In this picture, the eyes of Christ are full of a penetrating tenderness. They seem to rest on you from whichever direction you look at the picture. Such, said the director of the museum, are the eyes of God, which rest with equal impartiality on sinners and saints. I, as an Easterner, Caravan - Duke Ellington - Prime Cuts specially interested to observe the Eastern element in these paintings.

Art is universal; and to try to dissect it into its geographical components is a poor pastime. Nevertheless critics, in their fondness for generalization, have regarded certain qualities as typically Eastern or typically Western. For instance, the art of Greece is characterized by balance, refinement, elegance and humanity.

The Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection of India, on the other hand, has greater depth, intensity, a certain other-world- liness and, in Western eyes, an incongruous crudity.

The paintings in Novgorod seemed to be a fine blend of both these sets of qualities. Most of the painters of icons were anonymous. What spurred them to high artistic endeavour was not a hunger for fame, but the hope of salvation.

Their aim was to glorify God, not to immorta- lize themselves. Yet the names of some of these painters have come down to us. One of the most famous among them was Theophanes the Greek. Before coming to Russia he had already made a name for himself as a painter in Byzantium. We saw some of his paintings in the Church of Antoniev. The tall elongated figures of Adam, Abel, Elijah and Noah, so reminiscent of El Greco, 3re marked by a kind of primeval vigour and spiritual intensity.

The Seven Beauties began at S and w'ent on tUl midnight. When w'e came out there w'ere no street lights — and there was no need for and boys and girls w'ere playing football on the deserted roads. A little later there was just a glimmer of darkness, soon dispelled by an unobtrusive dawn. Her usual regimen is to pray for a couple of hours before dawm and a couple of hours after sunset.

But what is she to do in Leningrad? Pray for four hours from mid- night, when sunset and sunrise coincide? She has now decided to pray at any odd hour, hoping that the Almighty, who after all created the sun and is responsible for its vagaries, would under- stand her difficulty and forgive her delinquency.

Last night was, or should have been, the w'hitest night of all. I Was the 21st of June, the longest day of the year. We had planned to go out at midnight and see the dawn. Unfortunately, the sky became clouded and we thought there was no point in our gomg. Delhi m No one goes to Calcutta in search of great architecture.

Tourists flock to India from all parts of the world to see her great monu- ments, but the places they visit are Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Bijapur, Tanjore and Madurai, not Calcutta. But no lover of architecture can afford to miss St Petersburg or, as it is now called, Leningrad. We began our sight-seeing with a visit to the little cottage in which Peter lived from tosupervising the construction of his city. The cottage consists of three rooms with wooden floors and wooden walls, made of local pine wood and covered Avith plaster.

It was built by the soldiers who accompanied Peter to this spot on a shooting trip in the spring of It depicts the fate of two common individuals, Evgeny and Parasha, in St Petersburg.

They are deeply in love with each other and their only desire is to live a simple, happy life together. She is missing; and her little house, Londonderry Air - Glenn Miller Army Air Force Band* - Glenn Miller Army Air Force Band which he had courted her, has been washed away. Evgeny is stricken rvith sorrow. Appalling there He sat begirt with mist and air.

Evgeny is seized by a wild impulse to make an assault on the statue. XSouo' down. Th wonderful The moat unposutg monument m. The Tsars used to be buried in this Cathedral. Unfortunately we were unable to visit the imperial tombs as we were told that the Cathedral was under- going repairs. IVhy the Emperors of Russia should have chosen, as their eternal resting place, a spot so near the abode of their victims, many of whom had been tortured to death, it is difficult to say.

It is a seven-roomed apartment, overlooking the Moika Canal, where Pushkin spent the last few months of his life. After the Revolution the house was restored to its original condition. On his writing table we saw his quill pen, oil lamp, ink stand, seal, scissors and.

In the adoration of Polonaise No. 1 in C sharp minor, Op. 26, no. 1 - Arthur Rubinstein, Frédéric Chopin - Mazurkas, Pol great in Russia there is an element of idolatry. When our guide related to us the Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection of the duel in which Pushkin died at the early age of 38 tliere were tears in her eyes.

Though she must be relating this story day after day and many times a day to groups of -sdsitors, her grief at the death of Pushkin seemed to well up ever fresh. The Russians are a sentimental people. Our enjoyment of Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection scene of infinite beauty to our Intounst gm LENINGRAD IN WINTER 85 who said that the stadium could contain 80, people sitting orstanding; that the benches in the stadium, laid end to end, would cover a length of 32 kilometres; and that so many tons of mud had to be taken out and so many tons of sand had to be put in.

She used these figures to impress us with the Herculean character of the project conceived by Kirov and completed by the Soviet Government. How much grander was the vision, I thought, and how much more Herculean the work of Peter the Great, who conceived and carried out the construction of a whole city in this swampy region!

When we were here last, it was the height of summer, the season of white nights. I still remember the joy wth which I, a native of Kerala, where the sun has no irregular habits but rises punctually at 6 a. Even in February, the days and nights in Leningrad were very much alike, but that was not because the sun did not set but because it seemed unable to rise at all. We were in a region of perpetual twilight. When visible, the sun looked like some spent Don Juan, whose.

If the days were not bright, nor were the nights dark. Even though we were advancing towards new moon, the vast whiteness of the snow lent an eerie pallor to the scene. The night in Leningrad looked like an albino as compared with the pitch-dark nights in India which have something of the quality of coal- black eyes which sweep you into their depths.

Then indeed the people would feel tlrat they were in another world, free from blood and sweat, toil and tears, a world where there was no propaganda but only music, no acting but only dancing, and no discord but only harmony. Tastes differ; and plucked eyebrows and scarlet lips excite in me repulsion and not desire.

Indian women seldom use such artificial aids to beauty, and j'et there is no decrease in our birth-rate. On the contrary, Paris, the centre of beauty culture, seems imable to put it up. A journey by train in Russia is more expensive than a journey by air, if one travels in the highest class. There are as many classes in Russian trains as in India and more than in England. The primary distinction is between soft and hard classes.

It consists of three planks, placed one on Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection of another. The soft class is divided into I and II and generally consists of four-berth compartments. Above all there is a super-first class, Descarga Atomica - Sabu* - Sabu In Orbit International, which consists of trvo-berth compartments.

This time we travelled in a saloon which the railway authorities had put at our disposal. It had no fans; fans are a rarity in the Soviet Union. My de luxe carriage was covered TOth lovely carpets. They were spread not only on the floor but on the walls as well, which made the room uncomfortably hot.

Then Tania, our amiable interpreter, turned to us and asked whether we would not catch cold! The heat was so overpowering, and the glare so imbearable, tlrat all I could do was to pull the curtains together and go to bed. My companions, Wasist, Sahay and Sanditya, were braver; they remained in the sitting room and pla3''ed dominoes, a game they had learned from our Russian friends.

They played a match, India versus the So'viet Union, defeated the Russians and won the bet, a bottle of champagne. The journey to Stalingrad was very different from our journey to Leningrad. We could spend only one day there and it was so hot that we could hardly sleep at night or go out in the afternoon.

Stalingrad lay like a Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection leaf on the banks of the Volga, but we were unable to explore more than a fringe of it. We felt like hungry men before whom was spread a sumptuous feast which they had to gobble up in five minutes.

They were more interested in the railway station than in the battle of Stalingrad; the move- ment of armies interested them less than the movement of trains. Of the four or five hours of active sight-seeing, we spent two or three in the railway station. At once commo dious and impressive, it has just been completed. Soon after an enormous breakfast we drove out to the top of a little hill, named after Mamai, the dreaded Tartar K h a n of the fourteenth century.

It was from here that Stalingrad looked like a plantain Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection on the banks of the Volga. Not a green but a drying leaf, for the city, with its newly built houses, jostling against half-ruined buildings, looked yellow in the scorching sun. It w'as a strangely shaped city for, with a width of only two or three kilometres, it straggled for forty kilometres along the banks of the river.

Here the irresistible German advance was halted and the myth of German invincibility was broken. Our guide gave us a full accoimt of the siege of Stalingrad. It sounded as if she was reciting it all from a history book. The Revolution had just taken place, but Russia was almost choked to death by the counter-revolutionaries, aided by foreign powers.

But Tsaritsjm did not fall, thanks largely to the determination of one man, who was then a comparatively Various - WCBS FM101 History Of Rock - The 60s Part 1 figure, but who was to dominate Russia for the next three decades, Stalin.

Stalingrad is now being reconstructed on a scale worthy of its heroism. Through the centre of the city runs Stalin Prospekt, a highw'ay 30 miles long and 90 yards wide. Intercepting it runs the Avenue of Heroes, feet wide, from the railway station to the Volga.

A planetarium, of Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection the entire equipment was presented to Stalin on his 70th birthday by the German Democratic Republic, has been nearly completed.

Most striking of all is the Shantel - Disko Partizani of Glory in W'hich are kept the relics of the Battle of Stalingrad. Among them is the sword which was presented to Stalin by King George VI as a token of his respect and admiration for the defence of the city.

Roosevelt has recorded that Stalin was so overwhel- med by this gift that he kissed the sword with tears in his eyes. Our ship was called the Rosa Ltixeinbourg, after the famous German ' revolutionary of that name.

It has been claimed with pride that it was-completed in 3 years whereas the Panama Canal, which involved about the same volume of excavation work, took nearty 30 years to build. It was no easy task to connect the Volga with the Don.

The difficulty was that the .Rhodesia - Japan - Assemblage flowed at a higher level than the Volga, 44 metres higher. And the intervening land was even higher; it rose 88 metres above the Volga.

I had read that this was accomplished by the construction of a number of locks, but I must confess that until I saw these locks I could not visualize them. It gave us an eerie feeling to be in this watery cubicle. We felt like prisoners kept in some underground ceU, or like passengers in a doomed ship, which was being offered as a sacrifice to some subterranean deity, or like animals confined in a pit, lest they should jump out into the open.

We then saw the gates in front being raised slightly so as to let the water in. The water came, at first gently and noiselessly, and afterwards with a deafening uproar. With the influx of water, the ship started rising until, in a few minutes, we reached the top of that watery chamber. The gates in front then opened and we sailed out into the canal. The whole operation was dexterously performed in Rompin And Stompin - The Buckaroos* - Rompin & Stompin more than fifteen minutes.

During the first three hours, we passed through a succession of locks. We kept on going in and out of these locks as Jawaharlal Nehru, in the first twenty-five years of his active life, used to go in and out of political prisons. At 3 m the morning 1 woke up and founu. But, said the Captain with a twinkle in his eyes, her husband was on board. What was worse, they were on their honeymoon. Lest they should be separated during the first year of their marriage, the authorities had considerately arranged to give him a small job on the ship.

I strolled up and down the deck for an hour or two. Nevertheless there was no sign of life on board. I myself returned to my cabin and again went to sleep. When I woke up we were no longer in a canal but seemed Sedated - Subcontents* - Notes From The Cliff be on the sea.

And a sea the Russians call it, the Tsimlyanskoe sea. It is a large expanse of water formed by the construction of a dam on the Don. The passengers on the ship formed a motley crowd — soldiers, sailors, civil servants, peasants, workers and a pathetic little group of some 35 men who were deaf and dumb.

These men, however, did not consider themselves pathetic. There was no lack of conversation among them. They chattered away among them- selves, not with their tongues but with signs and gestures.

They seemed to have a language of their own. They were being taken on a holiday cruise by a kind old woman, who had been the head of an institution for the deaf and dumb for four decades. The most arresting figure on board was a Cossack girl. What made her so arresting was her dark complexion, darker even than ours. Naturally dark, she told us that she had been trying to make her skin stiU darker by using creams and lying about in the sun.

In her dark face was set a pair of blue-grey eyes, which gave her a look of singular piquancy. Alive in every limb, she moved about the ship as if she owned it. And many doubtless would have liked to own her.

At about 9 in the Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collectionthe sun, flattened out by its long journey, went down and an oval moon rose in the sky. The stars too began to appear one after another. As if to put them in the shade, a thousand lights began to twinkle in the distance. They were from the Tsimlyanskoe hydro-electric system.

Captain Kuligan, who joined us for dinner, explained to us that it was a multipurpose project which regulated the river, facilitated naviga- tion, provided irrigation, promoted cultivation and produced electricity. Now the authorities who are building a new Stalingrad, worthy of the heroism of the old, are taking special care to plant trees everywhere. The trees are taller than when we came here last; and the green belts between the different districts are greener.

This dam is to be even bigger than the one at Kuibyshev on the middle Volga; and a number of irrigation chaimels will branch off in all directions from the Stalingrad Sea. We saw the usual sights in Stalingrad and ended up on the historic Mamai Hill. We struck a perfect day. It was one of those rare days on which Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection cannot complain of the weather; neither hot nor cold, damp nor dry, windy nor windless.

The Mamai Hill is at last beginning to look more like a park than a battlefield. Here too trees are being planted and lawns are being laid out. This would have been impossible earlier, because on this lull the Russian and German armies had frequently clashed and it had been thoroughly blasted.

We also went to another comer of Mamai Hill where there was another monument commemorating the meeting of the Don army with the Stalingrad army on 26 January Great was the rejoicing in the Russian camp on that occasion.

Then Brahma, taking pity on her, would send someone, a benefactor or a malefactor, to ease her burden. The summer could not have been worse. The other half of the forecast also came true, for autumn opened on 1 September with glorious sunshine. No longer was Im On An Island - The Kinks - Live At The Kelvin Hall shedding tears of rain or gnashing her teeth in thunder as she had been doing throughout July and August.

Now she behaved like a mm who, having been pursued by the Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection of Heaven for 3 'ears, suddenly decided to resist him once and for all and give herself up to the world in all her finery.

On leaving Moscow we saw the usual north Russian scenery for the first kilometres. On both sides of the road were woods of birch, occasionally variegated bj' clumps of oak. The younger birch trees were already changing colour, but the oak remained unaffected, thus earning ifs hame of v-'inter oak. We saw hundreds of school children in brand new or well-ironed uniforms, going to school, some merrilj', others gloomity, grumbling why the school could not have opened two days later oh a Monday instead of on a Satur- day.

Pe jj had sent hun Stormy Weather - Doc & Merle Watson - Pickin The Blues gun of foreign eoake to be henotoidyrepaneditbutmadeaneeactlysimiUrgun. U Uemg used Just before. He also laid out a beautiful park in w'hich he planted full-growm trees, transported from distant gardens by his sweating serfs.

This woman was the embodiment of cruelty. She used to treat her sen'ants like chattels; the more devoted they were to her the more she ill-treated them. Turgenev has related how he himself used to be beaten by her eveiy day. We were shown a number of portraits done by famous painters. The most interesting was one of Turgenev with a gun, a dog and a serf. There he depicted the peasants in a sympathetic light and their landlords as cruel and avaricious men.

Our guide then took us for a walk in the park and showed us the trees which Turgenev had planted; the favourite lanes in which he used to stroll wth Savina, a great actress of that time; the stables where his mother used to get the servants beaten; the open space under the great trees where he used to play chess with his cronies or dance with his girl friends ; and the grove in which he tvrote his Rndin in seven weeks. It produces nearly a quarter of the grain and two-thirds of the sugar of the entire Soviet Union.

There were orchards, too, and long lines of poplar which gave a Kashmir touch to the scenery. We spent the second night in Kharkov, which was the capital of the Ukraine until Orel, where we spent the first night, had the distinction of being the city in the Soviet Union to which the first salute was.

The approach to Kursk was marked by a number of memorials to fallen soldiers, war graves and captured tanks with appropriate inscriptions. Valia described vmdly how this w'hole region had been covered with corpses and how the thaw used to bring the bodies out of the snow in which they had lain during the winter months.

In the dining-room one heard a babel of tongues, American ringing louder than the rest. They would put the tips of their trunks into the pockets of the visitors in order to see whether there were any sweets for them there.

Kiev has been the capital of the Ukraine since It is the most densely populated Republic in the Union and has the densest rail network. It is one of the granaries of the Soviet Union, and its industry is as highly developed as its agriculture. Behind the progress of the present lies the glor ' of the past. It was at Kiev that the more gracious features of Russian civili- zation developed from the ninth to the eleventh centuries.

Nowada Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection people speak glibly of the European Defence Community, European Economic Co-opera- tion, the defence of Europe against Communism and so forth — as if Russia was not in Europe at all! And so it had, Dawn - Various - Burning The Midnight Sun it was Death Before Disco - Wish For Wings - Afterlife proAunce of Tartary from the thirteenth to the fifteenth centun.

Soon after his conversion he performed an unchristian act in the name of Christianity. He marched on Kherson on the shores of the Black Sea, conquered it and converted it to Christianity.

Anujee and Valia went icon-hunting; Sharada and I went on a cruise on the Dnieper; and Nalin and Kudu w'ent to see an army competition between the Swedes and the Russians. Nalin was glad to see a few soldiers at last. He had been looking for them all the way from Moscow. He had hoped to see something of military interest as this was the season for manoeuvres. Perhaps the soldiers were kept away from the main roads which were being increasingly used by tourists. Or perhaps they were being employed on the great harvesting operations in Kazakhstan and Siberia, where bumper crops are expected.

Whatever the explanation, Nalin saw no manoeuvres. Sharada and' I enjoyed our cruise on the Dnieper alongside the city of Kiev, which extends for 25 kilometres. The churches and monasteries, built in various styles on the hillock The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released the river, presented a beautiful view, marred only by a solitary chimney emitting smoke, like an uncouth individual belching at an elegant dinner party.

From our boat we saw a Calypso Borealis - Ikot Akpa Ntim column which, we were told, marked the spot where the first conversion to Christianity took place.

Thereafter there were mass conversions and mass baptisms in the Dnieper. You have been baptised! To look for them, however, is a tantalizing business. The earliest of these monuments, the Uspenski Sobor, founded by Vladimir, was wrecked by the Tartars in ; and the Germans did to the re- constructed church what the Tartars did to the original.

Anujee and I went out and waved from our balcony, rousing a tumultuous cheer. I felt like Shahjalian giving darshan to his people from Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection balcony in the Red Fort in Agra.

Anujee said that she, too, felt a little like Mumtaz Malial. I w'arned her tliat I would not be able to build a Taj Mahal for her; and therefore there would be no point in her passing away before me. Yesterday we went for a drive to the Soviet- Rumanian border. Moldavia was veiy different from any otlier Republic we had so far wsited.

Here w'ere no w'oods or forests as in North Russia nor any steppes as in the South. The landscape consisted of a jumble of gently undulating hills and valleys. Corn was the principal crop. Orchards were plentiful, and tire plums, peaches and apples were the most delicious we had ever tasted.

Yet these fruits do not find their way to Moscow, which shows how inadequate is the transport system in the Soviet Union. We also visited a collective farm, named after the great Russian scientist, Michurin.

It was some 7, acres in e. However, the manager of the farm, who was a born orator, preferred to take us to his office and proposed a number of toasts in our honour and treated us to- an amateur entertainment in w'hich the workers, with their colour- ful costumes, sang, danced and recited poems, including one from Tagore.

Evidently the manager wanted to show us that the promotion of culture in his collective farm went hand in hand with the development of agriculture. Kishinev is situated on a plateau among the picturesque Kodri hills. Like almost all the towns w'e passed through Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection this tour, Kishinev was badly damaged and almost destroyed during the war.

The few Russians there live mostly in the cities. Nalin, Sharada and Kumar had arrived in Odessa the previous night, travelling by car. It took them 12 hours to do the kilometres.

At Odessa we were met by the Mayor, who drove us round and showed us the progress Odessa had made in his time — the new projects laimched, the new sanatoria built, the new avenues planted and the roads newly tarred. Situated on the warm and unfreezing Black Sea, between the Dnieper and the Dniester xivers, and descending by a series of staircases into the Bay, Odessa was indeed a picturesque city. I let my thoughts wander over its history and traditions, despite the attempts of my hospi- table guides to rivet my attention on the recent progress and reconstruction.

Here long ago there was a Greek colony, and the vases and bronzes in the museum showed how high a degree of civilization that colony had reached. Then for some twenty centuries Odessa disappeared from history. Their new world however did not last long, because as a result of the Russo-Turldsh war the Turks were compelled to cede this region to Russia. Here Catherine the Great founded a town and called it by its old Greek name. In front of the hotel in which I was accommodated stands, in a Roman toga, the statue of the Duke of Richelieu to whom Odessa owes much of its early splendour.

The Odessians claim that their opera house is tire finest in Europe, comparable to the one in Vienna, and designed by Viennese arcliitects. I spent a morning in the Filatov Institute, known Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection Dr Filatov, who has perfected the art of curing certain eye diseases by grafting eyes taken from corpses.

I asked the directress whether they experienced much difficulty in getting a sufficient number of eyes. She said there was no difficulty at all, as people had no feeling against the extraction of eyes from dead bodies for a public purpose. I was told about a woman who had lost her child and later came to know that its eyes had been taken out and grafted on someone else.

She went to the Institute and inquired how the patient was progressing. On hearing that he was well, she said that she felt that a part of her child was still Kamienny Krzyż - Ewa Braun - Pierwsza Cobieta. Seventy years of age, he had been a waiter for 55 years. He recalled how his mother used to read the Koran to him and impress on hinri that alcohol was haram — an injunction w'hich he has not disobeyed.

Though he spent his most impressionable years in the time of the Tsars, he was fair to the present regime.

In Tsarist times, he said, a Tartar could be a waiter and no more; now there were Tartar doctors, Tartar engineers and Tartar administrators. We visited Bakhchisarai Eter since we saw the Fountain of Bakhchisarai in the Bolshoi theatre I had been wanting to see the original fountain which, I had heard, stiU existed in the heart of the Crimea I mentioned this to die Mayor of Odessa and he Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection my wish to the authorities at Simferopol, the headquarters of the Crimean oblast We flew to Simferopol from Odessa.

By the end of die fifteenth century their power had declined; and one Azi Girei founded a separate Tartar dynasty o-wing nomi- nal allegiance to Turkey. This dynasty ruled over the Crimea for tlirec centuries, until it was absorbed by Russia at the end of the eighteenth Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection in die reign of Catherine the Great.

From the museum we proceeded to die palace of the Klians of die Crimea. It consisted of a number of courtyards, with pleasant gardens and villas, some of which had Arabic inscripUons and mosaic work executed by Italian craftsmen. We saw a room v. There were mosques and towers and decorated cages for birds. We saw four scp. We saw the jewelleiy they used to wear, the carpets and cushions on which they used to recline, the silver dishes from which they ate, tlic pencils with which tliey painted their eyebrows, the water jug containing Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection water from Mecca and another jug, containing rose-water, with which the KJian gargled after his meals.

Yet the IGians must have had more in them, or their dynasty would not have survived for three hundred years. Even Russia sometimes reeled under the blows of the Khanate of the Crimea and, at otiier times, sought the help of the Khans in her campaigns against her enemies. Another harrowing picture, executed by the great Russian painter Levin, showed the chief of the Ukraine, Bogdan Himelnitsky, leaving his son wdth the Tartars as hostage for the huge sum which he offered to pay in return for tlieir help against the Poles.

After the flat plains of Russia and the vast steppes of the Ukraine, it Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection a relief to see the mountains. In fact the Crimea, with the sea on all sides, its lulls and dales and its luxuriant vege- tation, bore a striking resemblance to Ceylon.

Here there were no trees, and not even a blade of grass. It was from this desolate spot that we obtained our first view of Yalta, far, far below on the sea coast. There, there was no wind or rain and the Black Sea looked like a sunlit lake.

ObhUous of the commotion of the elements above it Yalta slept peacefully, like a child by the agitated bosom of its mother in an air-raid shelter.

Here w'e were accommodated in the Hotel Ukraine. It was badly damaged duringthe war and has recently been reconstructed. I have stayed in more luxurious hotels but the Soviet conception of luxury is somewhat Victorian. The more de luxe a room, the more it is littered witir antique furniture, cut glass chandeliers and marble statuettes. In the Hotel Ukraine an attempt has been made to cater to the tastes of modern tourists.

She pointed with tears in her eyes to the tall cypress tree which she had planted in the year of his death. And I noticed that her eyes went involuntarily to the icon of the Dark Virgin and Child which stood before her. In the mind of my generation, Yalta will always be associated with the Conference which was held here towards the end of the war, between Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin.

It was here that Russia agreed — at a price — to join the war against Japan. It was also here that tlie United Nations was conceived. I, who assisted at its birth in San Francisco a few months later, am often surprised at the shape it is assuming, so different from what we had hoped. We saw the glittering room in Livadia Palace in which the Yalta Conference was held.

This palace used to be the residence of the Tsar but was converted into a sanatorium soon after the Revolution. Some 10, workmen enjoy rest and recuperation here every year, each for four weeks. It is smaller, but overlooks the mountains as well as the sea.

Churchill was put in the Vorontsov Palace. This was appropriate, because the palace was designed by an Enghsh architect in a strange mixture of styles. Gothic, Tudor and Moroccan. On the morning of the 17th we saw the Dnieper Dam or, as it is called in Russian, Dnieproges. In Russian H becomes G. In Ukrainian, on the contrary, G is often pronounced as H. From the hydro-electric station we saw an island, 12 miles long. It was here that the Zaporozhe Cossacks, famous in Russian history for their daring deeds, Un Frammento Rosa - Various - Boulevard Des Italiens in the seventeenth and eigh- teenth centuries.

The site on which the plant is built was called in the old days the Nest of Love, because women had to say good- bye to their men-folk there; they were not allowed to step into that he-man island.

Not far from Zaporozhe is an oak, years old, under which the Cossacks met and got a professional letter- Avriter to draft a reply full of the vilest invectives to the Sultan of Turkey, who had sent them an ultimatum — an incident brilliant- ly depicted in a famous painting of Repin, of which copies can be seen eveiyw'here in the SoHet Union. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky. The Mag Seven. Saddlin Up Christmas Morning - Various - Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection Johnson.

I Got Coal. John Dufilho. The Deathray Davies. I'll Be Home for Christmas. Christmas Time Is Here. Lee Mendelson. Lincoln Shore. Human Behavior - Bjork* - Frozen Saga Diiorio.

Roamin' Holiday. Marc Solomon. You're a Mean One, Mr. Viva Maxitone. Waiting for Christmas. Hop Litzwire. The Adventures of Jet. Just Fine.

Regina Chellew. Sprawl by Fime. These two singles by Fime live up to the band's self-described "cool ass boy rock" vibe. This Atlanta group have a unique take on Americana, bridging queer cabaret culture of the s and '30s with punchy contemporary rock.

Age Hasn't Spoiled You by Greys. Bandcamp Album of the Day May 13, Long Lungs by Kevin Nichols. Emotional punk rock with the raw honesty and unvarnished quality of In Utero from Oakland artist Kevin Nichols.

Explore music. Purchasable with gift card. Chomsky - Christmas Time Is Here


Creature Feature - Various - Fiddling While Romo Burns, Pagan Poetry - Björk - Vespertine, Take Advantage (Skit) - Big Amp - 4/20 Friendly, Dub Plate - More Rockers - Selection 2, You Know Me - Celly Cel - Deep Conversation, Kiss Your Life Goodbye - Krypteria - Liberatio, Oh Lord Let It Be - The Fleetwoods - Mr. Blue, Love Machine - Wham! - Fantastic, Strauss - Don Juan - Hans Pfitzner, Otto Klemperer - Beethoven Symphony No.8/ Stauss- Don Juan/Weill, Bang Tango - Live, True Blue - Neoton Família - Autópálya 1

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  1. Jasper Stone-Saddlin’ Up Christmas Morning Darlington-Xmas NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES! CLICK THE ITUNES LOGO! It's a indie rock Christmas extravaganza! Electric Ornaments is a collection of 18 Christmas songs (some covers and some originals) performed by Idol Records artists and friends. All of your old childhood favorites are present from.
  2. Electric Ornaments - An Idol Records Christmas Collection by Various Artists, released 03 December 1. The Mag Seven - Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy 2. Centro-matic - Fuselage - (It's Starting to Look Like Christmas Once Again) 3. The Deathray Davies - I Got Coal 4. Vibrolux - I'll Be Home For Christmas 5. Chomsky - Christmas Time Is Here 6.
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  4. The Sudden Disappearance of Seetha, Andrea Gunraj Calvinism and Arminianism, Part 2 - Compared in Their Principles and Tendency or the Doctrines of General Redemption (), James Nichols Catalogus Plantarum Horti Botanici Monspeliensis - Addito Observationum Circa Species Novas Aut Non Satis .
  5. From the Christmas Morning Collection Time to hit the slopes!! " Christmas Morning Boy with Skis Decorative Christmas Tabletop Figure - 11" Christmas Morning Red & White Terracotta Girl with Skis Decorative Christmas Tabletop Figure - $ Northlight. " Christmas Morning Pre-Lit LED Snow Covered Church.
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  7. Enesco-DeptPossible-Dreams-Santa-Christmas-Morning-Pajamas-Clothtique Very Cute need this one for my Christmas collection. Christmas Morning Clothtique Santa Red Santa Figurines Christmas Figurines Christmas Tree Toppers Santa Christmas Christmas Paper Christmas Cards Xmas Christmas Ornaments Santa Decorations.

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