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Scorpions - Virgin Killer


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The former, is a power ballad with a very convincing atmosphere which includes a fitting guitar solo. One difference between Virgin Killer and In Trance is that the two songs that are performed by Uli Jon Roth on vocals are not deal-breakers. Overall, Virgin Killer was considered a breakthrough at the time as it helped Scorpions - Virgin Killer Scorpions enter the charts in Japan, a country that always appreciated guitar heroes.

The controversial and immature cover might have played a role in garnering some extra publicity but what we are offered here is one of the greatest hard rock acts with one of the most iconic axemen at the peak of their powers. Tweet Recent reviews by this author. Traveler CAN Traveler. Sting in the Tail. Humanity: Hour I. Eye II Eye. I Forget Where We Were. On 20 Music Lists. Add a Comment. Mythodea December 18th Comments.

Astral Abortis December 18th Comments. Absolutely an essential metal record. I have some advice about listening to 'Virgin Killer': close your eyes. Keep them shut tight and don't open them as you handle the CD case or vinyl, or purchase the download, or whateverScorpions - Virgin Killer open them as you start to play the album, don't open them to read the lyrics, don't open them Scorpions - Virgin Killer the album finishes, don't open them as you put the disc away or close your computer.

Ok, now you can open your eyes. And, wow, that was pretty good, wasn't it? Remember how you feel: maybe kind of euphoric, maybe a bit nostalgic, certainly full of energy and emotion That's the correct order to experience 'Virgin Killer'. For an album that goes out of its way to shock at first sight, Scorpions might seem somewhat tame and ordinary when judged from a purely sonic point of view. This is and hard rock is the order of the day, with some stomping rhythms, speedy riffs, and a couple of ballads.

Oh, and there are lots of tasty solos too, courtesy of Uli Jon Roth. This era of the Scorpions probably has the pick of musicians and the highest level of creativity, eventually culminating in the standout albums 'Taken by Force', which has proven to be the pinnacle of Draws Of A Winter - Various - Deeper Underground band's experimentation, and 'Blackout', which simply has the best set of tunes of any of the 80s rock acts.

Considering that conversation starter, most of the songs here don't stand out too far from the slew of Deep Purples, Judas Priests, and Rainbows that surrounded Scorpions back then.

There's a song called 'Backstage Queen', a ballad which is far soppier Scorpions - Virgin Killer everything else, and even one number about a high-speed lifestyle. However, it's the exceptions that make this worth listening to. The first thing I really noticed about this album was when Klaus Meine opened his mouth at the beginning of Scorpions - Virgin Killer Life'.

This was the first Scorpions album I ever heard, and that Eightsome Reel - Jim Cameron And His Band* - Jim Cameron Dance Date, Vol. 3 where he wheezes out "Ooh, dark meditation" erased all my preconceptions and earned my attention. He isn't your typical hard rock singer at all; he doesn't have a strong voice, his range isn't anything terribly special, although he's quite high-pitched, as was standard in the 70s, he doesn't even stand strong in front of the band, but he simply radiates quality and charisma to the point that I find myself ignoring some of the finer musical moments in total appreciation of his style.

His voice is rough and uneven, every note sounds like an effort, and he has a slightly unusual pronunciation at times, yet once you hear him sing you will never forget it, even when he's doing the plain, flat "Ooh"s in 'Crying Days'. He understands what works and grabs a lasting hold of the listener's attention in subtle and complex ways. Roth takes over vocals on 'Polar Nights' and 'Hell-Cat' and, while those songs feature some pioneering guitar work, I can't enjoy them like the others, since Roth is - not the inferior talent exactly - the inferior personality.

Also, the production of 'Polar Nights' has been fiddled with, spoiling a little of the quality of the tremendous jam section near the end. Once you get Scorpions - Virgin Killer those small niggles, those two songs I just mentioned are a good reason to check out 'Virgin Killer'.

The guitar Scorpions - Virgin Killer here is a cut above some of the merely attention-seeking guys vying for the Scorpions - Virgin Killer position as Scorpions, even if 'Sails of Charon' would ably wipe the floor with everything else the following year.

I feel that the riffs on this album are also well worth remembering, since the title track and 'Catch Your Train' are playing with speed in a manner that Accept might well have been watching closely, plus a few innovations in those Uli Roth songs that stand alone as experiments since left untouched.

For bass fans, Francis Buchholz is pleasingly easy to detect and manouevres himself into some nifty positions in 'Yellow Scorpions - Virgin Killerplus plugs methodically away at the catchy bottom-end of 'Pictured Life'.

The production is good too, for the year, with some bouncy toms burbling away underneath 'In Your Park', which pulls itself out of mediocre ballad land due to Meine pulling off a great vocal line in the chorus and a couple of sterling solos that bring the song to its close. If there are any disappointments, I would glance first at 'In Your Park', which doesn't quite achieve the emotional intensity necessary for such a bare first half, or the slightly generic 'Backstage Queen', although that's musically superior to the title and lyrics by about 50 miles, playing with a fun shuffling beat and something like two minutes of lead guitar in its three-minute length.

However, it's also Meine's strongest vocal performance and that means it ruleswhatever is going on in the background. I come back again to that Scorpions - Virgin Killer image, just as I did with 'Lovedrive'. And, just as with that review, I ask "Why? Any band who can make a 35 minute journey so complete and varied can't be summed up by such a simple, stark, and - for some people - offensive image.

But, maybe that was the point? How to express this kind of music with an image? Besides, that naked girl means so much just by using such a simple motif, while that shattering of glass is the Scorpions - Virgin Killer touch to ensure that we are always on one side or the other - rarely decided, always teetering. That's what happens to my emotions and my mood as I pass the mystic stomp of 'Pictured Life' and move towards the poignant nostalgia of 'Yellow Raven', coming to the edge and back again almost with each new riff and Scorpions - Virgin Killer fluctuation.

If what John Coltrane said about music is accurate- that it is in fact a representation of the performer's soul- than the five members of german heavy metal outfit Scorpions have among them a grand total of zero souls.

Which is pretty bad to say of them during the seventies, because come the eighties they would sell what is worth five souls for The Carioca - Les Paul & Mary Ford - The Very Best Of Les Paul & Mary Ford fame awarded to them for such awful rock ballads as Rock You Like a Hurricane and No One Like You.

Once Beelzebub finds out he's been played, I'm sure there will The Time Warp (Extended Vocal Mix) - Damian - The Time Warp a Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash in this band's future. But onto the review of Virgin Killer. In this vast genre called rock and roll- from which metal branched- there are two types of bands. Whether or not you like all of these bands is inconsequential.

The point is that these are bands that have made a genuine attempt to express themselves in an artistic medium. And they have fun playing music but primarily what they Scorpions - Virgin Killer is play music. They write Little Ethiopia - Just A Few (File) series of riffs, vocal lines, bass lines, and rhythms that become a complete work of art.

The second kind of band is the type of band that thinks it would be pretty nifty if they got into one of these band things for the strict purpose of scoring groupies and drugs. And scoring groupies and drugs isn't a bad motivation for living, it's only a bad motivation for attempting to spear yourself into an artistic medium, which, I remind you, music is.

Back then I was too immature to see that. Shame on me—I should have done everything in my power to stop it. The record company came up with the idea, I Scorpions - Virgin Killer. The lyrics incidentally were a take-off on Kiss, whom we had just supported on a tour.

I was fooling around and played the riff of the song in the rehearsal room and spontaneously improvised 'cause he's a virgin killer! Klaus immediately said 'that's great! You should do something with it. But the song has a totally different meaning from what people would assume at first.

Virgin Killer is none other than the demon of our time, the less compassionate side of the societies we live in today—brutally trampling upon the heart Scorpions - Virgin Killer soul of innocence. Inphotographer Michael von Gimbut emphasized that his wife, the model's mother and sister, and three female assistants had been present during the shooting and stated: "Back then, we loved and protected children and did not sleep with them".

The cover generated controversy: the album could only be sold sealed in black plastic in several Scorpions - Virgin Killer [11] and the cover was replaced in some countries with an alternative cover art depicting the band members. This would not be the last time that the band attracted controversy with its album covers. Their next album, Taken by Forceoriginally featured cover art that depicted "children playing with guns Scorpions - Virgin Killer a military cemetery in France and some people found that offensive".

Back in those days [the s] it was RCA, our record label then, went over the edge with Virgin Killer. Today when you think of child pornography on the net, you would never do something like that. We never did this in the sense of pornography, we did Scorpions - Virgin Killer in the sense of art.

It is about the song Aldeia De Ogum - Joyce - Feminina / Água E Luz the label was pushing the idea because Scorpions - Virgin Killer wanted to get the controversy to help the album sale and you cannot get better promotion than that. Looking back from the band point of view it was never an album cover that we took home to our parents and said, "Look what we just released.

All of that after so many years, can you believe that? In Augusta court in Sweden said that it considered the album cover to be child pornography. In Decemberthe Internet Watch Foundation IWFa UK-based non-government organizationadded the Wikipedia article Virgin Killer to its internet blacklist due Scorpions - Virgin Killer concerns over legality of the image, which had been assessed as the lowest level of legal concern: "erotic posing with no sexual activity".

Following representations by the Wikimedia Foundation who host the Wikipedia website [29] and public complaints, [30] the IWF reversed their decision three days later and confirmed that in future they would not block copies of the image that were hosted overseas.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Further information: Internet Watch Foundation and Wikipedia. Germany portal Music portal. The Washington Post. Archived from the original on 6 June Track Listing. Pictured Life. Catch Your Train. In Your Park. Backstage Queen. Virgin Killer. Uli Jon Roth. Hell Cat. Crying Days.


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  1. The album art of the Scorpions' album Virgin Killer, featuring a young girl fully nude with a "smashed glass" effect covering her genitalia, was deemed controversial at the time of its release. The cover was replaced in some markets with an alternate cover image featuring a photo of the band members. RCA Records refused to sell the controversial album cover in the United States.

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