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Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror


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Now of all the LPs in Sound Effects horror trilogy, this platter is now the rarest. And it was also the shortest, clocking in at a mere 27 minutes. However what a mad half hour it was! And while it may have been the briefest outing in the world of lurid listening, certainly it featured perhaps the most imaginative and darkly hilarious tracklisting yet!

And so then, while this may be the shortest outing in the series, and its sleeve art seems somewhat lacking compared to the phantasmagoria of the previous two volumes, even the harshest critic would be forced to admit that they really out-did themselves with the track listing for this one! Every opportunity for a ghoulish gag is taken!

It's all killer and no filler! This was certainly not pleasant, although in most other respects Culmstock was then a more interesting place than now. Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror do not assert that it was more moral. About seventy years ago, a native of the village, one Tom Musgrove, was hanged for sheep-stealing, being the last man, it is said, to experience that fate in the county of Devon. We stand aghast at the barbarity of our forefathers; but if ever the penalty could be made to fit the crime, then it must be owned, Tom deserved the rope.

He was a notorious thief, whose depredations were the common talk of the village, and, to make matters worse, his evil deeds were performed under the cloak of religion. Once a couple of ducks were missed, and, whilst every cottage was being searched in the hope of regaining the stolen property, Tom, secure in his pretensions to piety, stood complacently in his doorway, and the party of inquisitors passed on.

Just inside were the ducks, feeding out of his platter. Next morning, Tom, apprised of the event, ran off in his night-cap to condole with the poor woman in her misfortune, and succeeded so well as to be invited to share her morning repast. As a professor of religion Tom contracted a warm friendship with a baker named Potter, who was an ardent Methodist.

These breaches of morality appear to have been condoned—at any rate, they did not land the culprit in any serious trouble. But at last Tom went a step too far.

Down in the hams, or water-meadows, between Culmstock and Uffculme, he seized a large ram, which he slew, brought home, and buried in his garden. The crime was traced to his door, professions and protestations proved unavailing, and Musgrove, tried and convicted at the following Assizes, was publicly executed at Exeter Gaol. Sheep-stealing Smoke Rings - Django Reinhardt - Trésors (Ses Plus Belles Interprétations) not the only excitement.

An octogenarian of my acquaintance admits that, as a boy, he shared in these illegal adventures, which did not receive that amount of social reprobation they may have deserved. He acknowledges being sent with a keg to meet a fellow-conspirator, who for the sake of appearances toiled in the local woollen factory, but out of business hours drove a lucrative trade with the farmers in the forbidden thing. Worst of all, on one occasion, when an excise officer was reported to be in the village, a cask was hastily transferred to his shoulders, which, as being youthful, were less likely to attract suspicion, and he actually walked past the Government man—barrel and brandy and all!

Horses laden with the foreign stuff came up from Seaton. They had no halters, and were guided, says my friend, by the scent, the journey being naturally performed in the dark.

Smuggling, however, took various forms. Men from Upottery, Clayhidon, and elsewhere would halt a cart on the outskirts of the village, and go round with brandy or gin in bladders, which they carried in the pockets of their greatcoats. By these instances, something, it may be hoped, has been done towards reconstructing the Culmstock in which Blackmore grew up, and which helped to make him what Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror was—essentially the prophet of the village and rural life.

And here I must rectify a possible misunderstanding, Because stress has been laid on changes in the social conditions of the parish, as being of deeper significance, it must not be inferred that there have been no alterations, or none of any importance, in the face of things.

Culmstock churchyard has indeed swallowed up, not only successive generations of the inhabitants, but a goodly share of the Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror itself. This is the more regrettable, as the portions absorbed are precisely those which, being redolent of the olden times, one would have liked preserved. The shambles, a covered enclosure for butchers attending the weekly market, has gone the way of all flesh.

A Mr Kelso arriving with wife and daughters three, accomplished Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror transformation, and, according to local tradition, he had the honour of instilling the rudiments of learning into the late Archbishop Temple. This, not the National School which was built in the Rev. There Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror formerly a considerable trade at Culmstock in combing and spinning wool.

Thirty hands are now employed at the mill no longer an independent concern, but a branch establishment of Messrs Fox Brothers, of Wellington ; once four hundred were busy at home. Soap also throve. It was made on the right shoulder of the hill, and the manufacturer, a Mr Hellings, kept seven pack-horses to transport it to Exeter. A similar factory in Red Lion Court, Culmstock, met with speedy failure. The whole district is piggy, and the sleek black animal with the curly tail is as highly respected, in life and in death, as his congener in that porcine paradise, Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror.

I was talking to an old fellow at Culmstock, it may have been two years ago, and the conversation turned on swine. Culmstock, it Xembala - Various - Virgin Babylon Night Mix not too much to say, is redolent of Waterloo. The beacon was often aflame during the Napoleonic wars, and, upon their conclusion, the famous Wellington Monument was erected at no great distance, in honour of the Iron Duke, who took his title from Wellington in Somerset, the Pumpington of Perlycross.

Thanks to the industry of Mr William Doble, who is, I believe, a descendant of more than one of the local heroes, it is possible to restore the atmosphere which brought about the creation, years afterwards, of Sir Thomas Waldron and Sergeant Jakes. When R. Two stanzas of a song, which an old lady of Culmstock sang as a girl, reflect with simple pathos the dreadful suspense of relations and friends.

The excellent sergeant already possessed a long record of service when summoned to the final test of Waterloo, and in several campaigns he had been accompanied by his faithful Betsy.

Equally adventurous, Betty Milton was full of reminiscences of her hard life in the Peninsula. William Berry, too, was fond of story-telling. He related, with humorous glee, that he had once captured a mule with a sack of doubloons. Unfortunately a wine-shop proved seductive, and whilst he was regaling himself therein, an artful Spaniard made off with the booty. William Sheers, figuratively speaking, turned his spear into a ploughshare, as Zjednoczone Emiraty Poznańskie (Magiera Remix) - Killaz Group - Zjednoczone Emiraty Poznańskie took to shopkeeping and became a pronounced Methodist and zealous supporter of the Smallbrook Chapel.

I can just remember Symphonie Nr. 6 F-Dur, Op. 68 Pastorale - Beethoven*, Bernard Haitink, Concertgebouw Orchestra, Am bearded veteran, who in his last days was a victim to a severe form of cardiac asthma.

When his turn came to be buried, the bystanders observed that water had found its way into his last resting-place, so that, it was said, he remained constant to the element in which he had so long served. The foremost of the group of veterans is claimed to have been Doble, who, after starting in life as a parish apprentice, at the age of seven, took part in seven pitched battles in the Peninsula, and ended his military career at Waterloo. He retired from the service on a pension of twelve shillings a week, and was the proud owner of two medals and nine clasps.

As a civilian, he was the trusted foreman of the silk factory in Red Lion Court, which, despite his probity, soon came to grief; and at his funeral his old comrades assembled, some from considerable distances, to pay a last tribute to the brave soldier who had rallied the waverers at Waterloo.

Dr Ayshford used to say that he had three sources of income—his pension, his practice, and his property. On the strength of these resources he kept a pack of hounds. He was naturally very intimate with the Temples, and I have been told by a descendant that it was thanks to his generosity that the late Archbishop Temple was enabled to proceed to Oxford. Mutatis mutandisit seems not improbable that by Frank Gilham, Blackmore may have intended his schoolmate.

Think of it. Major Temple was not only an officer of the army, but a practical farmer, and the late primate could plough and thresh with Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror best. Like Parson Penniloe see Perlycrosschapter xxxiii. The Bude Light was the Rev. The reader, however, may rest assured that Blackmore did not select these fanciful appellations without excellent reason.

He desired for himself a large freedom, which, as we have seen, he used in transporting mansions, and other feats of imagination. One more illustration of this spiritual liberty may be cited. By the Foxes he evidently means the Wellington family. Yet in chapter xii.

Foxden is stated to be thirty miles from Perlycross by the nearest roads. On the other hand, Pumpington, as Wellington is called in Perlycrossis just where it should be chapter xxiv. The Culmstock set is an interesting collection of bells, but not one of them is adorned with mottoes such as those. Two modern bells, placed in the Culmstock belfry in and respectively, awaken proud or painful memories. The old house, by the way, was reputed to be haunted, and for years Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror one would Ill Take You There - Various - Winter 91 (VHS) in it.

For ages they have been the principal source of supply for the district, huge quantities of limestone having been drawn from them for building and agricultural purposes. Much of it was formerly conveyed to Tiverton in barges towed along the canal, the terminus of which was fitted with a number of kilns. These, in my boyhood, I have often seen burning, and regarded with no little awe, owing to stories that were circulated of persons having gone to sleep on the margin, fallen over into the glowing furnace, and been consumed to powder.

They are now a picturesque ruin. In front was a man riding a pony, and the horses followed without compulsion. The string of pack-horses mentioned in chapter ii. Not far from the entrance to the Whiteball tunnel, and in the neighbourhood Unexpected Lovers - Various - Tropical Classics .

At Its Best! the great limestone quarries, in a pleasant meadow facing south, are the ruins of Canonsleigh Abbey. To a connoisseur like Mr F. A gateway yet stands, though unhappily disfigured by the desecrating touch of modern man, and near it is a doorway of red sandstone leading to a staircase doubtless belonging to the porter. In the upper storey, square-headed windows—wrought, we may believe, in the fourteenth century—command the approach in either direction; other features are less easy to determine, since there are modern walls and a modern roof, which have been added for the purpose of turning the place into a shed, and incidentally obscure the older architecture.

Without spending more time here, let us pass to a quadrangular building of massive construction, and supported at two of its angles by solid buttresses. Situated at the east end of the convent, this is considered to have been a great flanking tower communicating, by means of strong walls fragments of which yet remainat the angles opposite to the buttresses, with the residential The Poorest Man On Earth - The Savage Rose* - Your Daily Gift. The reason for this somewhat peculiar arrangement was a good one—the supply of the abbey stews; but its effect was to throw the tower out of line with the walls and the other buildings.

Inside the walls were two spaces, irregular in shape, and clearly open courtyards, from one of which a doorway led into the tower. The chief entrances seem to have been from the two or more floors of the domestic quarters.

Over this, but running the entire length of the building, and not, like the lower floor, divided by wall and doorway, is a floor Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror by beams.

This tower, A New Level - Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power the plaster clinging to its walls—how can we explain its survival when the rest of the once stately abbey has vanished? Probably the reason lies partly in its strength and partly in its plainness and the absence of wrought stone tempting human greed.

In its infant days, it seems to have been a dependency of Plympton Priory—at any rate, in the estimation Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror the latter monastery, whose head claimed the right to appoint the superior of Leigh. This demand was resisted, and in the then Bishop of Exeter composed the quarrel by deciding, as a sort of compromise, that the Prior of Plympton might, if he chose, be present at the election. In the second half of the thirteenth century there were scandals at Leigh calling for episcopal cognisance and visitation; and these disorders proving incurable, Bishop Quivil went the length of ejecting the prior and canons, and transferring the monastery, with all its belongings, to a body of canonesses of the same rule of St Augustine.

And Matilda de Tablere became the first Prioress of Leigh. Next year, Matilda de Clare, Countess of Gloucester and Hertford, presented the convent with the then great sum of six hundred marks, in acknowledgment of which Bishop Quivil erected the priory into an abbey, and appointed the countess its abbess. St Ethelreda the Virgin was now added, and practically displaced St Mary, whose name is omitted in later descriptions.

The indignant canons did not take their extrusion meekly. Sad to relate, the ladies do not appear to have behaved much better than their predecessors. These he ordered to be closed by a stone wall before the following Easter. The abbey was suppressed in Februaryand at the end of the same year the king granted a lease of the site and precincts, with the tithes of sheaf and the rectories of Oakford and Burlescombe, to Thomas de Soulemont, of London. The inmates, however, were not turned adrift on the charity of the cold world.

Each received a pension, and this, in the case of the abbess, Elisabeth Fowell, was considerable. There were eighteen sisters in all, and some of them, as is proved by their names—Fortescue, Coplestone, Andante - Felix Mendelssohn* / Joachim Raff* - Octets, Carew, Pomeroy—were of good West-country extraction.

In course of time the property passed through various hands, and out of the spoils of the abbey a certain owner appears to have built a mansion, which was demolished in From Canonsleigh let us away to Dunkeswell, about equidistant from Culmstock, but I Cant Really Miss You (If You Never Go Away) - Donnie Iris And The Cruisers - Ah!

Live! another direction. This stretch of moorland is yet in its primitive state, and the Dean and Chapter of Exeter, whose property it is, exercise zealous supervision over it. Time was when the villagers depastured their donkeys thereon, but of late years the privilege seems to have been withdrawn.

The Blackdowns, generally, have been enclosed and turned into farms; and although one sometimes stumbles on desolate fields with patches of gorse, mindful of their ancient savagery, this does not affect, to any appreciable extent, the character of the country. On the whole, a ride or walk across the long level chines is not specially delightsome, save indeed for the wholesome air and an occasional glimpse of a fairy-like mappa mundi spread out at their base.

It is only when one descends into charming little villages, like Hemyock, or Dunkeswell, or Broadhembury, with their orchards fair and hollyhocks, that complete satisfaction is attained, and then it is attained. Amidst so much that is bare and on this subject we have not said our last word the ivied ruins of Dunkeswell Abbey, nearer Hemyock than Dunkeswell village, and lending its name to a very respectable hamlet, assuredly deserve remark. Situated in a charmingly secluded spot, they consist merely of parts of the gatehouse and fragments of walls.

The latter have a blackened appearance as if the destruction Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror the buildings had been accelerated by fire; more probably, however, this is due to the mould of age. The history of the abbey is almost as scanty as its remains.

It was founded in by William Lord Briwere or Bruere, on land that had previously belonged to William Fitzwilliam, who, having borrowed from one Amadio, a Jew, was compelled to mortgage his manor of Dunkeswell. According to one version, Briwere redeemed Crabsody In Blue - AC/DC - Let There Be Rock land from the Hebrew, but a charter of King John shows the vendor to have been Henry de la Pomeroy.

There is clearly a tangle. Possibly Pomeroy bought Dunkeswell from the mortgagee and resold it to Briwere, who, in any case, bestowed it on the Cistercians of Ford. Just outside the north wall of the modern church may be seen a stone coffin, with depressions for the head and heels. The body of the founder, it is You Hit Me Like TNT - Various - Northern Soul (Stompers, Floaters And Floorshakers), was laid to rest in Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror the choir of the abbey church; and it is only natural to suppose, though there is no evidence to prove it, that husband and wife shared a common tomb.

The bones, placed together in one of the coffins, were reinterred, while the other coffin, as I said, has been suffered to remain above-ground, a gazing-stock for posterity. The one exception is the account or accounts of the storming of Hackpen Manor by John Cogan, of Uffculme, his son Philip, and others, in the year of grace The abbot, as lord of Broadhembury, had not only assize of bread and beer in that manor, but, very certainly, a gallows. The Lady Amicia, Countess of Devon, had at least one gallows, and considering the extent of her domains, probably gallows galore; and apparently John Cogan had one.

The Abbot of Dunkeswell, it seems to me, must have had at least two. If this reading be correct, the undignified squabble was all about that grisly symbol Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror mortality and power.

It is possible that a distorted version of this affair yet lingers in Culmstock tradition. I have heard from a Methuselah of the place that, according to an old tale, a band of freebooters named Sylvester made an eyry of Hackpen, whence they descended to the more fertile regions below, raiding the farms, and carrying off the fleecy spoil to their hold on the hill. On the break-up of the monastery the site of the buildings, the home farm, and other lands Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror assigned by letters patent to John, Lord Russell, who showed himself an utter vandal.

At the southern end of the Blackdowns is Hembury Fort, an old British encampment, of triple formation and considerable extent, which commands perhaps the finest view in the neighbourhood.

It is believed by some to have been also a Roman station—the Moridunum or Muridunum of Antonine. On this point, however, there is considerable doubt, there being other claimants, of which High Peak on the coast is one, and Honiton another. The very latest view of the matter is that given by Canon Raven in The Antiquary of Decemberin which he inclines to the opinion that the legion divided the year between a winter at Honiton and a summer at Hembury, with the advantage of a strong fort to retire upon in case of Dumnonian risings.

In writing of these distant ages, I have often felt how remote they are in another sense. Much gratitude, therefore, is due to the late Rev. William Barnes, author of the classic Dorset poems, for his bold attempt to reconstruct for us the mode of existence and surroundings of those ancient Britons, of whom all have heard from their childhood.

The picture he describes is that of a little pastoral settlement occupying a valley, and finding refuge in time of war in a great camp that crowns a neighbouring hill; and the season is the end of summer, after the reaping of oats and rye and the mowing of lawns and meadows round the homesteads.

Here and there are wide beds of fern, or breadths of gorse and patches of wild raspberry, with gleaming sheets of flowers. The swine are roaming in the woods and shady oak-glades, the nuts are studding the brown-leaved bushes. In the meadows and basins of the sluggish streams stand Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror of tall elms waving with the nests of herons; the bittern, coot, and water-rail are busy among the rushes and flags of the reedy meres.

On the ridges of the downs rise the sharp cones of the barrows, some glistening in white chalk, or red, the mould of a new burial, and others green with the grass of long years.

Close to Hembury Fort is a house built by Admiral Samuel Graves, whose best title to fame is that he invented the lifeboat. It was modernised about the middle of the last century. At one time the Blackdowns must have presented a very different appearance from that which they do now, and the cause of the transformation may be found in a measure passed in the thirty-ninth year of His Majesty King George the Third, up to which time the commons of Church Staunton, Clayhidon, and Dunkeswell produced little but heath, fern, dwarf-furze, [5] and very coarse, tough and wiry herbage.

Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror the beginning of the last century these lands were taken in hand with a view to cultivation or planting. The Napoleon of the reclamation was General Simcoe, an officer who, having greatly distinguished himself in the American War, afterwards settled down on the Blackdowns. The remaining allotments he portioned out to adjacent farms belonging to him, or converted Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror plantations.

At Wolford Lodge—the name of his residence—he carried out some interesting experiments in arboriculture. One practice adopted at Wolford, and apparently with success, was that of pruning the young oak, the stem being left clean to a height of twenty feet, and a proportionate top Babes In Toyland - The Longines Symphonette - Shells Wonderful World Of Music - Special Christmas E allowed.

The wounds soon healed and became covered with bark, and the result is said to have been a notable increase in the strength and substance of the stock. General Simcoe paid much attention also to the culture of exotic trees. The black spruce of Newfoundland, the red spruce of Norway, the Weymouth pine, pineaster, stone and cluster pine, the American sycamore or butterwood, the black walnut, red oak, hiccory, sassafras, red bud, together with many small trees and shrubs of the sorts which, in the Western hemisphere, compose the undergrowth of the forests—all these different species were Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror and found to flourish at Dunkeswell.

The soil of Dunkeswell Common consisted chiefly of a brown and Various - Classic Italo Disco Hits peaty earth on beds of brown and yellow clay and fox-mould, all resting ultimately on a deep stratum of chip sand. Many of the morasses and peaty margins along the declivities and side-hills abounded with bog-timber. Out of a bed of peat near Wolford Lodge was raised an oak of this description, about twenty feet long and squaring thirteen inches at the butt.

The whole of its sap was gone, and, to judge from its You Send Me - Ponderosa Twins + One - You Send Me, it might have been a fork of a much larger tree.

Before it was taken up, General Simcoe received and refused an offer of five guineas for it. The situation is fairly suitable; it was not far from the Blackborough quarries see chapter xxxviii. There is probably still preserved at Wolford Lodge, which is a treasure-house of interesting curios, a specimen of the serpent stone, or cornu ammonisfound Adamo - Adamo the Blackborough quarries, which in their time have produced a large crop of fossilised Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horrorand delighted the geologist with instructive visions of the underworld.

The specimen in question exceeded fourteen inches in diameter. Once upon a time the Blackdowns were generally known as the Scythestone Hills, and travellers often digressed from the beaten track in order to pay a visit to the whetstone pits at Blackborough, which were justly regarded as a remarkable scene of industry, and, indeed, one of the sights of the West. These quarries were worked in the following way.

A road or level about three feet wide and about five and Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror half feet high was driven from the side of the hill to a distance of three or four hundred yards. Many years Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror elapsed since the pits were in full working order. A little while ago there were two shafts remaining; to-day there is only one, and, most probably, by the time this paragraph is in print, the doom of the mines will be irrevocably sealed, and Finis appended to their history.

But there is another wonder at Blackborough besides the quarries, and that is Blackborough House—a great rambling mansion, with windows and doors innumerable. The building, which is rented by an aged lady and her daughter, is so utterly inconsequent as to inspire curiosity concerning its origin in this lonely out-of-the-way place.

Well, a good many years ago, Dr Dickinson, of Uffculme, was in one of the eastern counties when he fell in with an old admiral who knew the spot, knew its former owner—the eccentric Lord Egremont—and told him all about it.

Long before, the earl and the admiral were looking over the property, when the latter chanced to remark that it might be a good thing to erect a residence there. In the middle of the last century Blackborough House was a warren of young students professedly reading with the Rev. William Cookesley Thompson, most of whom were of Irish nationality. They were a wild set, and enjoyed nothing so much as sharing in one of the country revels, which were then so common in Devonshire.

On one occasion they made their way to Kentisbeare Revel, where an old woman had a gingerbread stall. Evening came on, and to avoid a slight sprinkling of rain, the dame took refuge in the doorway of the inn. Of course there were profuse, if not very sincere, apologies, and sympathetic promises of compensation, but whether they were ever honoured in the sequel my informant is inclined to query. One Reservacion India (Indian Reservation) (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian) - Raiders - feature of a revel was wrestling, and this reminds me that at Kentisbeare there are about fifty acres of common, which were once the subject of debate between that parish and Broadhembury.

In R. Blackmore underwent a momentous experience, that being the year in which he entered, a trembling novice, the portals of the famous school, founded by Mr Peter Blundell, clothier. With all its many virtues as a place of learning, Tiverton School long maintained a reputation for roughness, and those days were among its roughest. Unfortunately he seems to have taken a severe view of his duties as amateur father; and on one occasion, many years later, when he handed to a prize-winner a copy of Lorna Doonehe mentioned, with a humorous twinkle, that he had often chastised the author by striking him on the head with a brass-headed hammer.

Reid that Blackmore neither then nor subsequently felt the least gratitude for these attentions, and was wont to refer to his distinguished contemporary in language the reverse of flattering. And what he felt about his schoolfellow, he felt—or Mr Reid is mistaken—about his school, the retrospect of the misery and privations of his boyhood affecting him to his latest hour with a lively sense of horror and reprobation. One would not have thought it. It would be a considerable satisfaction to Road Ladies - Filippo Bellavia & B.

Street Band* - Zappa In Blues that the scenes which Blackmore pictured are still in all respects as he painted them; but to do so would be to tamper with truth, and lead to unnecessary disappointment.

In the first place, the school, as a society of men and boys, was removed in to a new and more convenient abiding-place about a mile distant, where it has renewed its youth, and flourishes with such a plentitude of numbers as was never known on the traditional site by the bank of the Lowman. Apparently there was no remedy, for, although there was talk at the time of acquiring them as a local museum and library, like the Castle at Taunton, nothing came of it all, Tiverton being a small town, and philanthropists few and far between.

To be sure, some stipulation was required that the elevation should be preserved in statu quo ; but this has been only partially observed.

The new residents could not be expected to live in dungeons, and so, for the admission of air and sunshine, the Jacobean windows have been extended and deprived of their pristine proportions.

Within, the carved oak ceilings and panels have fled before an invasion of varnished deal, and the whole of the beautiful interior has become a memory. Popdust - 4 Jan It was Engel - Various - Mortal Kombat: Annihilation in the day when I first saw the ad in my Facebook feed: "Help find Mrs.

Ezra Bloom" The ad, which linked to a tumblr, claimed that a man's wife had gone missing, or was a spy, or He claimed to be Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horrorconfused, and desperate for answers.

Ezra Bloom. A couple minutes later, I had results. Despite not being able to find the tumblr I had seen on Facebook, I found a twitter feed called WheresEzrasWife with three tweets, all allegedly posted by ezrabloom85 a protected account with only four tweets. Who is Ezra Bloom? According to the EzraBloom85 twitter, Read More Schwarzenegger's iteration of the show was crushed by The Bachelor premiere Read More 5.

The late pop singer's music is racing back up the charts. Read More 5. A lot has happened while late night TV hosts took time off for the holidays. Year's tweet. While many liberals and anybody-who-knows-anything-about-science fear global warming, Bill Burr can see the bright side. Conan O'Brien. Certainly in this series we have discussed several stones who have appeared to have had attached generic tales of movement and other unusual habits to them, and judging by the surprising amount of very recent folklore surrounding statues it would appear that these stone stories are still spreading even in the modern age.

But I suspect some types of story are older than others. In the course of this little series of little articles we have encounters several stones that are said to be immovable in some way or another, whether being impossible to shift in the first place, or possessing the ability to return from wherever they are moved to.

Now these kinds of stories I suspect come from an older, darker tradition - for like many other folk-tales, these stories are meant as prescriptions or warnings, a colourful and hence memorable way to spreading the message that certain sites or objects are out of bounds and not to be messed about with. The legend of the rampaging Wimblestone is an excellent example of this - not only will the stone attack anyone who attempts to move it, but the old tales acknowledge and re-empt an important assumption: that as the Wimblestone is a remnant of an ancient site there must be treasure there.

In addressing what might be a common motive for wanting to disturb the stone, the legends make it clear that the effort is not worth the risk, and it would be very foolish to try. After all, not messing about with very old things or places is a common warning found in many branches of folklore. Labels: folklorefolklore on fridaystatuesstones. Hello dear guys and ghouls! Come in, sit down, and make yourself comfy!

For I've got the battered old gramophone out again and some prime platters to spin for you! An infamous disc that brought us a host of memorable tracks with titles such as "Head Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror Off" and "Heavy Breathing Female ".

And despite the somewhat predictably outcry from self-appointed moral guardians, the LP was a huge success. So then, a year after the first album's release, saw the Sound Effects series of LPs reach Volume 21, and this addition to the series was to be another black disc of violent vinyl!

Once again helmed by the Radiophonic Workshop's Mike Harding, and this time aided and abetted by Peter Harwood, this putrescent platter served 21 tracks of madness, mutilation and mayhem! And once again it came in a brilliantly lurid sleeve designed Mr Andrew Prewitt Now unlike its predecessor, this reprehensible record wasn't arranged into handy sections. Rather this lurid long player just jetted one long torrent of terror at the listener!

There were 26 tracks in all, and here's the full run-down of those golden greats! Now if I had a criticism, I would say that personally I'd have been inclined to tweak the running order so that "Synthesised Wind Electronic " would have been followed by "Suicide by Gas", purely for comedy reasons.

However the inclusion of the track "At the Dentist" does rather suggest the makers did indeed had a dark sense of humour. Anywho, if you wish to hear the killer cuts above, here they are courtesy of some thieving git on Tube of Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror However that's not the end of this grisly saga!

For there was a third LP in the series! Well, three is the charm as they say. Now of all the LPs in Sound Effects horror trilogy, this platter is now the rarest. And it was also the shortest, clocking in at a mere 27 minutes.

However what a mad half hour it was! And while it may have been the briefest outing in the world of lurid listening, certainly it featured perhaps the most imaginative and darkly hilarious tracklisting yet! And so then, while this may be the shortest outing in the series, and its sleeve art seems somewhat lacking compared to the phantasmagoria of the previous two volumes, even the harshest critic would be forced to admit that they really out-did themselves with the track listing for this one!

Every opportunity for a ghoulish gag is taken! It's all killer and no filler! A very fitting end to the series I feel. However there is a postscript to this tale. They just don't write ad copy like this anymore Labels: fictionhorrorhp lovecrafthypnobobshypnogoriapodcastpulp magazinesReanimatorzombi zombizombies. Now in this classic children's novel, we learn that the statues in the garden of Yalding Castle enjoy a secret life of their own at night. One of the castle's stone exhibits, a sculpture of a prehistoric saurian, also comes to life, and even goes for a swim in the lake, much like the standing stones we discussed last time.

At first, given that this is a magical tale for children, In The Navy (12 Version) - Village People - The Best Of Village People would be easy to dismiss this coincidence as a mere piece of whimsy. However I then also recalled another tale by Nesbit, one that I heartily recommend not reading to the little ones!

For E Nesbit also penned a great Teu Rumo - Derito - Discernimento tales for grown-ups, including a host of top notch macabre tales, and one of the Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror celebrated is a short story entitled Man-size in Marble.

In that story, which you can hear me read here a young couple move to a country cottage where all is pleasant and idyllic, except for a curious local legend concerning some effigies in the the local church Now while the animated statuary in The Enchanted Castle sounds like imaginative fun for young minds, Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror account of stalking statues in Man-size in Marble very much has the ring of authentic folklore about it, in particular the detail that they animate annually on a certain night of the year.

Was there perhaps a real legend that Nesbit had heard which had provided the inspiration for this classic horror tale? And aside from noting a widespread tradition of touching various statues for luck, we also have this. So then, it was indeed very likely that Nesbit's tale was informed by real folklore. And what's more, it did not take me long to find a possible candidate.

And according Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror local legend on the night of the 1st of August, ever year the stone effigies get down from their tombs and take a stroll down to the nearby Stalham Broad. In a highly dubious account related by Chas Sampson in Ghosts of the Broads Jarroldit is alleged that when they reach the water's edge, the stone knights engaged in battle with the shade of a foreign knight. However given that the same account claims that investigators not only witnessed all these strange events, but also photographed the now empty tomb plinths, and even took movie footage of the stone effigies lumbering away, we should perhaps take the claims of a battle with a chap wield a scimitar with a pinch of salt or two.

One cannot help wondering whether the entire. Ingham story was completely fabricated to fill out a book of spooky Norfolk tales - something which I fear is quite likely as the volume was clearly aimed at tourists. For as I was to discover, there is no shortage of stories about statues that come to life Now then last time in the 'Orrible 'Ouse of Terrible Old Tat, we had wheeled out the The Rolling Stones - Mothers Little Helper / Lady Jane gramophone ask your parents kids!

And the next addition to the series, appropriately enough Volume 13, was a disc that was to become infamous! The record itself served up a whopping 91 different gruesome sound A Rhyme For Angela - Warren Chiasson - Good Vibes For Kurt Weill, with classic tracks such as "Red Hot Poker in Eye" and "Dr Jekyll's Laboratory".

Weirdly enough none of these ever stormed the singles chart Much like its SF-themed predecessor, this infamous vinyl was divided up into handy themed sections.

We open with Execution and Torture, featuring easy listening greats such as "Neck Twisted and Broken" and "Nails Hammered into Flesh", and then we move onto Monsters and Animals, Goddess Of Desire - Symbol Of Triumph brings us soothing sounds such as "Mad Gorilla" and "Hellhound Growling and Snarling ".

And finally this blood-drenched platter closes with Weather, Atmospheres and Bells surely a band name waiting to happenwhich serves up ambient classics such as "Midnight in the Graveyard" and "The Electronic Swamp".

The full glorious track listing can seen below and be found here. Mostly people thought it was hilarious that there was now an LP where you could hear classic cuts like "The Scaffold Trap Opens, Body Falls" or "Sawing Leg Off", but of course there were a few who were predictably outraged and worried about the nation's yoof grooving to the sounds of "Branding Iron on Flesh".

The dear old BBC itself however seemed delighted with the entire affair, and I vividly remember seeing assorted boffins turning up on several popular TV shows and demonstrating how they made all these delightfully ghoulish and gross sounds.

Now a few of the tracks were real field recordings, although sadly "Dracula in Flight" wasn't actually taped in the wild. But the tracks showcasing the sounds of bats were recording of real creatures done by Eric Simms.

Voulez-Vous - ABBA - Voulez-Vous the bulk of the LP was down the ingenuity of the sound effects wizards, with the more gruesome sounds being mainly the sound of violence against vegetables. I remember being very impressed you could make such hideous noises with ordinary kitchen implements and the week's Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror.

And if you want to see this kind of thing in action, you can see a whole variety of horror sound effects being created in the exact same way in the movie Berberian Sound Studio which I reviewed on my podcast a while ago on this episode here. While this record does not work as well as a complete soundscape like the volume before Out of This World did, all the same it was a great favourite with monster obsessed kids everywhere, and many folks have fond memories of scaring themselves daft playing these tracks over and over again.

Of course these days, copies of the original release are highly prized, and go for a pretty penny.


Only A Year - Lick The Tins - Blind Man On A Flying Horse, Symphonie Nr. 6 F-Dur, Op. 68 Pastorale - Beethoven*, Bernard Haitink, Concertgebouw Orchestra, Am, The Haxan Cloak - The Haxan Cloak, Je Suis Un Sauvage - Various - Mystic Vibes - Volume 1, Pacou - ?Syntax Error In 30, Satan Is A Woman - Buchanan - All Understood, Iran - Slime - Live (Pankehallen 21.1.1984), Jingalay (Markus Schulz Remix) - Rouge - Jingalay Remixes, Ugye gondolsz néha rám, - Cool Head Clan - Best Of, Easy To Love - The Rat Pack - 50 Original Recordings, In The Darkness - The Green Pajamas - Northern Gothic

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  4. Mar 31,  · For this LP was Sound Effects No. 21 More Death & Horror! Once again helmed by the Radiophonic Workshop's Mike Harding, and this time aided and abetted by Peter Harwood, this putrescent platter served 21 tracks of madness, mutilation and mayhem! And once again it came in a brilliantly lurid sleeve designed Mr Andrew Prewitt.
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