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Remember what Roger Mifflin says: "When you sell a man a book, you don't sell him just three ounces of paper and ink and glue—you sell him a whole new life. Love and friendship S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom humour, and ships at sea by night—there's all heaven and earth in a book.

It takes no more time to boost a man than it does to knock him—and think how much pleasanter for everybody. Tucker had unexpectedly come face to face with Mr. Cutting, from whom he had frequently borrowed money. One morning he tackled an acquaintance in the street before the latter had a chance to escape. I want some money badly, and S.I.G.T.R.O.

- Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom haven't the slightest idea where on earth I'm going to get it from. One of the shrewd lairds of Lanarkshire had evidently experienced the difficulties of collecting money lent to friends. If ye'll be guid enough to tak ma note, ye'll hae yere money back agin in three months frae the day. As soon as I took yere note ye'd draw the twenty poonds, would ye no? Then, ye ken, S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents.

Significant Wizdom quarrel. But if we're to quarrel, Donald, I'd rather do it noo, when I hae ma twenty poonds in ma pocket. An Oriental story tells us of a man who was asked to lend a rope to a neighbor.

His reply was that he was in need of the rope just then. HUBB—"They are. Why, do you know, when I first went there I could hardly find my way around. The first week I was there I wanted to get rid of an old cat Falsche Tränen - Crematory - Monument had, and my wife got me to take it to the river a mile away.

Owing to the war a distinguished Boston man, deprived of his summer trip S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom Europe, went to the Pacific coast instead. Stopping off at Salt Lake City, he strolled about the city and made the acquaintance of a little Mormon girl.

Senator Hoar used to tell with glee of a Southerner just home from New England who said to his friend, "You know those little white round beans? Well, do you know, sir, that in Boston the enlightened citizens take those little white round beans, boil them with molasses and I know not what other ingredients, bake them, and then—what do you suppose they do with the beans?

The newly married couple had gone West to live, and as the Christmas season drew nigh she became homesick. I, John W. Bradshaw, pioneer scout of the Wolf Patrol, having attained the age of maturity and realizing that my Boy Scout days are numbered, do hereby give, devise and bequeath my scout assets, tangible and intangible, as follows, to wit:.

My uniform, pack and equipment, to Larry O'Toole, the son of my mother's laundress, to be preserved for him until he is old enough to use them. My scout's manual, axe and compass, to George Washington Jackson, 3d, son of my father's handy man, with the admonition that he organize, if possible, a troop of scouts among the colored boys of the village. My strap watch with the "see by night" dial, to Roscoe, my small brother, who has wanted it ever since he learned to tell time.

My waterproof S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom box and hunting knife, to James Fanning, to be held in trust until he can repeat the Scout Oath. To all boys in general I bequeath the knowledge that the Boy Scout organization teaches obedience, bravery, loyalty, self-respect, kindness, thrift, cleanliness and reverence; that it makes men of its members, and that no boy can possibly go wrong by joining it.

One of Theodore Roosevelt's sons, when small, was playing in the Washington streets when a woman recognized him and said she didn't think his father would like his playing with so many "common boys. Johnny stood beside his mother as she made her selection from the green grocer's cart, and the latter told the boy to take a S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents.

Significant Wizdom of nuts, but the child shook his head. After the man had driven on the mother asked: "Why didn't you take the nuts when he told you to? William's uncle was a very tall, fine-looking man, while his father was very small. William admired his uncle, and wished to grow up like him. One day he said to his mother:. His mother said: "Well, when uncle was a small boy he was always a very good boy, and tried to do what was right at all times; so God let him grow up big and tall.

William thought this over seriously for a few minutes, then said: "Mama, what kind of a boy was papa? And men relate that Mrs. Newlywed went to the grocery store to do her morning marketing. And she was determined that the grocer should not take advantage of her youth and inexperience. They are just fresh from the country this morning. They are so anxious to get their eggs sold that they take them off the nest too soon!

Something awful must have happened for you to call me up at this—". But, John, dear, hasn't been feeling well and the doctor gave him pills to take every four hours. I've been sitting up to give them to him, and now it's about time for the medicine, and John has fallen asleep. Should I wake him?

To live is not to live for one's self alone; let us help one another. One day Luther Burbank was walking in his garden when he was accosted by S.I.G.T.R.O.

- Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom officious acquaintance who said:. There are two reasons why some people don't mind their own business. One is that they haven't any mind, the other that they haven't any business. Leave your recipe with me and I'll look it over later. A teacher asked those pupils who wanted to go to heaven to raise their hands.

All except little Ikey's hands went S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom. The teacher asked him if he didn't want to go to heaven and Ikey replied that he had heard his father tell his mother that 'Business had all gone to hell' and Ikey wanted to go where the business had gone. The vicar's appeal had been a most eloquent one, and had even penetrated the depths of Mr. Blackleigh's granite organ. I thank you! May your business prosper, sir! During a campaign preceding the election of a Missouri Congressman it was suggested that, since he posed as a good business man, he might be willing to tell just what a good business man is.

He made such a funny mistake about S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom yesterday. He said he'd been looking you up in Bradstreet. The story of the rival boot-makers, which appeared recently, is matched by a correspondent of an English paper with another story, equally old but equally worth repeating.

It concerns two rival sausage-makers. Again, they lived on opposite sides of a certain street, and, one day, one of them placed over his shop the legend:. Not to be outdone, the rival put up what he evidently regarded as a final statement, namely:.

Next day there appeared over the door of the first sausage-maker the simple expression of loyalty:. As they were my property I have S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom them, and shall not be bothered with them again. A business man advertised for an office boy. The next morning there were some fifty boys in line. He was about to begin examining the applicants when his stenographer handed him a card on which was scribbled:.

I'm the last kid in line, but I'm telling you I'm there with the goods. In one of the back streets in Philadelphia is a little jewelry store which is making progress—witness this incident:.

Listen: You are a good frien', so I tol' you. Ven I hat some I sells him for von tollar. Now I ain'd got none I sells him for dwendy-fife cents. Dot makes me a rebutation for cheabness, und I don't lose noddings! An enterprising young florist, in order to increase his trade, S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom this sign in his window:.

His competitor across the street promptly sought to meet the competition by placing in his window the following announcement:.

The great man sized him up with twinkling eyes, for the one situation open needed a bigger parcel of human experience, and asked what position he wanted. The proprietors of two rival livery-stables, situated alongside each other in a busy street, have been having a lively advertising duel lately. The other week one of them stuck up on his office window a long strip of paper, bearing the words:.

This bit of sarcasm naturally caused some amusement at the expense of the rival proprietor, but in less than an hour he neatly turned the tables by pasting the following retort on his own window:. Let me tell you, though, what I saw in our own store. I saw S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents.

Significant Wizdom couple of potato bugs examining the books about a week before planting time to see who had bought Volviendo A La Rioja - Los Del Suquia - Cancion Para Una Mentira. Where am I?

A Priest in Ireland went to Rome, and a number of his parishioners asked him to buy things for them. Some gave him the cash; others did not. When he returned, he brought the articles for those who paid for them in advance. When the others complained, he said, with a wink:.

On the papers of those who had given me the coin I put the money. The others had nothing to weight them down. A squall of wind S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom up. It blew all the unweighted papers into S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom sea! So the ones who gave me the money got what they asked me to get. The others must ask Father Neptune for theirs.

A New York lawyer had in his employ an office-boy who was addicted S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom the bad habit of telling in other offices what happened in that of his employer. The lawyer found it necessary to discharge him, but, thinking to restrain him from a similar fault in the future, he counseled the boy, on his departure, in this wise:.

Do what you are told, but turn a deaf ear to conversation that does not include you. This struck the boss as such a happy inspiration that, to the end that his stenographer might learn the same lesson, he turned to her and said:. But last year things were on the down grade, and the other day, when the two partners had finished making up their none-too-good record for the year, Hansen said: "This would make anyone thoughtful.

Now that the good times are over, how about a little honest business? Why, I remember when it S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom a common thing for a young man to start out as a clerk and in a few years own the business. The owner perpetrated the only new joke in the millennium.

His telegram in reply read: "Your order cannot be cancelled at once. You must take your turn. You've only got one of them—I've got ten thousand of the darn things. A New York lawyer tells of a conversation that occurred in his presence between a bank president and his son who was about to leave for the West, there NLanyo - Bembeya Jazz National - Défi & Continuité engage in business on his own account.

It will amaze you to discover how many things you can do in a business way and still be honest. That's a thunderin' pretty howdy-do! But if I had one I'd want to cash it when I wanted to, wouldn't I? Well, it's the principle of the thing I'm talkin' about! NED—"You have about as much chance of winning as a landlord running for office on a dry ticket.

She's failin, dretful slow. I do wish she'd git well, Baby Teeth, Wolfy Teeth - Mick Harvey - Intoxicated Women somethin'.

Candor may be considered as a compound of justice and the love of truth. S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom is S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom seal of a noble mind, the ornament and pride of man, the sweetest charm of woman, the scorn of rascals and the rarest virtue of sociability.

PAW—"Well, the money you lend represents capital, and getting it back represents labor, my son. S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom you divorce capital from labor, capital is hoarded, and labor starves. I defy any one to find anything in there. The editor in charge of the Personal Inquiry column opened his seventieth letter with a groan.

Shall I accept him? One of the best examples of the humors of cataloging comes in Sonnenschein's "Best Books," volume one, pagewhere Prof. It was in one of the social settlements conducted by persons of a philanthropic turn of mind.

The young kindergarten teacher, having finished the morning's talk on hygiene and sanitation, wished to make a practical application of the lesson. Turning to one little youngster whose face, hands and whole appearance bespoke the crying need of soap and water, she asked:.

Muvver's broke 'er teapot, S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom she wants the cement, but farver wants the liniment. An old farmer and his wife drove to market one very wet day when large pools of water had formed in the roadway between the farm and the town. On the return journey he met an old friend. A small boy, who was sitting next to a very haughty woman in crowded car, kept sniffling in a most annoying way, until the woman could stand it no longer.

The small boy looked at her for a few seconds, and then in a dignified tone, came the answer. Do not tell me the books you have read; let me glean it from your conversation.

Do not tell me of the people you associate with; let me observe it by your manners. POWELL—"He can make two lemons grow where only one grew before and then hand them both to you when you are not looking. To those who know thee not, no words can paint! And those who know thee, know all words are faint! A tradesman in a certain town put a box outside his shop one day, S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom "For the Blind.

Not bad, is it? At a Chamber of Commerce dinner a speaker dwelt at great length upon the suffering people of China. He suggested that all present should give something for them. A small dry-goods merchant arose and said:. I move that we give three cheers for China. And where would you like your spirit to sit? I have tickets here for half a dollar, a dollar and two dollars. But I will say dat it's mighty lucky dat S.I.G.T.R.O.

- Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom chicken won' come a runnin' an' a waggin' its tail when its regular owner whistles, same as a dog. Ah'll mek yo' prove whar yo' got dem chickens yo'seff! Dat'll pay fob up to an' includin' next Saturday night. A negro soldier was brought up before his superior officer, who said: "Sam, you are charged with stealing a chicken from this Frenchwoman's farm. Now, how about it? Have you any witnesses to stand for you?

When I goes chicken stealing I never hab no witnesses aroun'. In times of peace Smith might have been an author who had drifted into some useful occupation, such as S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom of a blacksmith, but just now he is cook to the Blankshire officers' mess. Smith sent Murphy into the village to bring home some chickens ordered for the mess.

That lot you fetched yesterday all got loose, and tho I scoured the village I only Empty Jehovah - Ogdru Jahad - I to secure ten of them.

TOMMY—"It don't cry so very much—and, anyway, if all your teeth were out, your hair off, and your legs so weak you couldn't stand on them, guess you'd feel like crying yourself. A little girl was entertaining the visitors while her mother added the finishing touches to her toilet. One of the ladies said with a significant look: "Not very p-r-e-t-t-y," spelling the last word. It was time for "baby girl" to be in bed, but no amount of coaxing could get her there.

At last her father offered to lie on the bed till the "sandman" arrived. Off she went "pick-a-back," and the tired mother leaned back in her chair with a sigh of content, ready for a hard-earned rest.

Ten minutes—twenty—half an hour, and she was wondering when her husband would be down, when all at once she heard a soft, stealthy pit-a-pat. Nearer came the steps, and then a little white-robed form, with a tiny finger on her lip, stood in the doorway. Junior was S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom the habit of coming to the table with a dirty face and, of course, had to be sent away to wash.

One time his mother, nearly losing patience, said: "Junior, why do you persist in coming to the table without washing? You know I always send you away. Jones was getting dinner ready when in came little Fred with a happy smile on his face. A little girl who had visited an Episcopalian church for the first time described the service as follows:.

Tom, the country six-year-old, presenting himself one day in even more than his usual state of dust and disorder, was asked by his mother if he would not like to be a little city boy, and always be nice and clean in white suits and shoes and stockings. Tom answered scornfully: "They're not children; they're pets.

The lawyer was sitting at his desk absorbed in the preparation of a brief. So intent was he on his work that he did not hear the door as it was pushed gently open, nor see the curly head that was thrust into his office. A little sob attracted his notice, and turning, he saw a face that was streaked with tears and told plainly that feelings had been hurt.

A little boy of seven was being scolded in a room adjoining one in which his grandma lay ill. He motioned toward grandma's room and quietly said, "Sh—! Later, grandma thanked him for his consideration, whereupon he replied, "Don't mention it, gran; that was fifty-fifty—part for you and part for me.

George was hampered by a mother whose idea of godliness was cleanliness. Notwithstanding the frequent baths to which he was condemned George thrived exceedingly. One day a neighbor remarked on his rapid growth. The Czar was recently complimenting a soldier, and asked him if he would rather have rubles or the Iron Cross.

This is an interesting episode, and the most interesting thing about it is that it also happened during the Franco-Prussian War, the Crimean War, the Seven Years' War, and the Marlborough campaigns.

Can't you see one is black and the other brown? Dorothy, who is six, has a playmate younger than herself whose parents are Christian Scientists. One day she said:. If you get cross with another little girl, and you knock her down, if you are a Christian Scientist you won't have to apologize to her, because it won't hurt her any.

The tram-car was hopelessly overcrowded, and several people, who had achieved the upper deck, were transgressing all regulations by standing. The girl answered nothing, but promptly pressed a button. The car jumped forward, and the literalist involuntarily took a seat on the floor. It is all in your mind. The man looked up in grave astonishment at such a statement and then replied in a most positive manner:.

It had been given to me, I knew, and I had so many I saved it to give away. I suppose we all do those things. So I thank you most heartily for remembering me this Christmas with my own gift, which I parted with so unselfishly. Cordially yours, Marie Burns. Instead of the usual just-before-Christmas letter to Santa Claus, Robbie wrote a prayer letter to God.

After enumerating the many and varied presents he wanted very much, he concluded with: "Remember, God, the Lord loveth a cheerful giver. He had been around from church to church trying to find a congenial congregation, and finally he stopped in a little church just as Yankee Doodle - David Seville And The Chipmunks - Lets All Sing With The Chipmunks congregation read with the minister:.

One of the girl ushers in a Flatbush theater had a problem offered her the other evening. She was showing two women to their seats. Then she brightened. Dickson, a colored barber in a large New England town, was shaving one of his customers, a respectable citizen, one morning, when a conversation occurred between them respecting Mr. Dickson's former connection with a colored church in that place:—.

Dickson, stropping a concave razor on the palm of his hand, "it war just like dis. I jined the church in good fait; I give ten dollars toward de stated gospill de fus' year, and de church people call me 'Brudder Dickson'; the second year my business not so good, and I gib only five dollars. Dat year the people Medici Mass - NON - Receive The Flame me 'Mr.

Well, sah, arter dat dey call me 'dat old nigger Dickson'—and I left 'em. Two Methodist preachers, one white and the other colored, served rural charges in Mississippi which were conterminous. The negro received a considerably larger salary than his white brother, who asked him if it was not his custom to expel his members who failed to pay. We gets them to subscribe, and if they don't pay we turns them out for lying. All the talk of hypenated citizenship has evidently had its effect upon a San Francisco youngster, American born, who recently rebelled fiercely when his Italian father whipped him for some misdemeanor.

Tomaso's eyes flashed. Profiteer was very proud of the stunts they were doing at the smart private school to which she had sent her daughter. The truest test of civilization is not the census, nor the size of cities, nor the crops; no, but the kind of man the country turns out. Secretary Hoover said at a banquet: "One difference between Europe and America is that over there they like to keep you in your place—stationary, you know, while here we like to see a man rise.

Muggins on his return from the S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom one Saturday night, said to his wife:. General Sherman once stopped at a country home where a tin basin and roller-towel sufficed for the family's ablutions. For two mornings the small boy of the household watched in silence the visitor's toilet. When on the third day the tooth-brush, nail-file, whisk-broom, etc. Some time ago a dinner was given in New York at which a well-known actor, who is something of a freethinker along theological lines, sat at the guest-table.

When the hour for starting the feast arrived the toastmaster, a very religious man, discovered that no minister of the Gospel was present, tho several had been invited. In this emergency he turned to the actor and asked him to say grace. The new minister drove his two-horse rig up to the S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents.

Significant Wizdom ranch of one of his congregation. There had been some difference of opinion as to his qualifications. At the gate he was met by a small boy of the family, who was evidently cogitating a matter of deep perplexity. The boy eyed first the preacher and then the horses, his brow puckered with growing perplexity. A clergyman was accustomed to use scientific terms which the people did not understand. A deputation waited on him with the request that in the future, whenever he used such terms, he would explain them.

Were I to say that at this moment the whole of my congregation are sound asleep, it would be hyperbole; but if I say that one-half are asleep, that is not hyperbole, but the truth.

The next day the deputation again called to say that the minister need not explain technical terms; they'd learn their meaning from a dictionary. I am a Methodist. What do I know about surplices?

All I know about is a deficit! The Scotch minister rose and cleared his throat, but remained silent, while the congregation awaited the sermon in puzzled expectancy. At last he spoke:. A clergyman famous for his begging abilities was once catechizing a Sunday-school. When comparing himself as pastor of the church to a shepherd, and his congregation to the sheep, he put the following question to the children: "What does the shepherd do for the sheep?

A small town boasts a female preacher. One day when working in her study she heard a timid knock at her door. Answering the summons she found a bashful young German on the step.

The lady's Everyone Vibrated - All Were Ready - Positive Shadow - Fiume is beginning to silver and the German glanced at it. Then without comment he jammed his hat on his head and hurried down the walk.

A clergyman was spending the afternoon at a house in the English village where he had preached. After tea he was sitting in the garden with his hostess. Out rushed her little boy holding a rat above his head. We beat him and bashed him and thumped him Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman sight of the clergyman, he added, in a lowered voice—"until God called him home.

An Episcopal rector and a Roman Catholic priest had neighboring churches and didn't get along very well. After some time, however, they got together and decided to bury the hatchet. Brother Bill—Because he has got to look his best in case he meets a a certain young lady, b her father, c her mother, d any other near relative of a. The President of the Ladies' Federation—Because the newspapers Yemaya - Los Muñequitos De Matanzas - Ito Iban Echu: Sacred Yoruba Music of Cuba forever sending photographers after her.

Perhaps you have lower ones—say about Louis X would do, I think. They had been poor all their lives. Then one day Uncle Oscar died, leaving Henry a large sum of money. The two Anshar men escorted Marra out of the room and down a corridor. I was still feeling some of the after-effects of fear and anxiety from the moments in my living room with Marra. I Yello - Solid Pleasure began to calm down and my rapid breathing and heartbeat subsided.

I asked her why the Banished was back, and what was her intent. I asked what would happen to Marra. She then gave me a hug and put both of her hands on my shoulders. She looked me in the eyes and told me that I needed to let go of my anger with certain individuals that I am working with, and to focus on getting my vibration back in balance.

She gave me that huge infectious smile of hers, and then patted my shoulders and told me she was sending me back now. After another brilliant S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom of light, I was now standing in the same place I had been in prior to the transport. In the time period since my last update, and up until this point of reporting, I have been brought before Raw-Tear-Eir on three occasions. Each of them had to do with the re-balancing of my vibratory state, and the frustrating behavior and actions of some people from my inner circle.

During these visits I was able to observe the cosmic scene and noticed that the giant blue spheres were becoming notably more translucent. The nine metallic spheres were in about the same positions as they had been weeks earlier.

By this point we were getting fairly close to the time of the US Presidential election, which was indeed extremely contentious — as David had opened up with in Part One. Both of these men are aware of the Cabal, are not a part of it, and want to see it taken down for the betterment of humanity. They were very excited, because their data showed that Trump was likely to win. This next phase of insider contact started a few days after I published my last update.

It began with a series of hacking attempts on my home computers. Three of the computers that I use for work began to pop up intrusion alerts. I disconnected from the Internet and ran a few security scans on them out of an abundance of caution.

I found out these Cabal groups have apparently been in S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom state of panic for weeks, as more and more has been leaked about their involvement in pedophilia and sex slave rings. They are also organ-harvesting their young victims to sell on the black market.

These are just a few of the crimes being committed. The FBI has been quietly investigating these deplorable crimes for decades. The FBI investigators had brought this evidence to several Attorney Generals in the past, only to have them tell the FBI to close their investigations. The Runner On Hastings Beach - Doctor Rockit - The Music Of Sound soon realized that major changes would have to occur before they would ever be allowed to bring these people to justice.

The more they investigated, the more prominent and powerful names began to pop up. It appears that these sex slave and pedophile rings have been associated with close to a third of everyone working in government organizations within the USA and the EU.

It was determined that any attempt to prosecute them would be met by roadblocks. This appears to be one of the main reasons most of the FBI was behind Donald Trump in the election process. They knew the Alliance was in favor of Trump becoming the next president. The FBI have been aware of the Alliance for some time. The FBI believed that if Trump won the election, they would finally have their opportunity to bring this evidence to an Attorney General who would actually prosecute.

This was such a contentious election process that it But I Do - Jeff Mills - But I Do / Daddys Home a huge amount of anxiety for people on both sides of the political parties.

Former Allies Returned at the Last Minute. The day before the election, all three of these people contacted me and told me that Trump would win. They then began to share quite a lot of S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom information with me S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom the above-mentioned investigations. I have to admit that I was skeptical of Trump winning, and completely sickened by the details that were given about these pedophilia rings.

I was also a bit suspicious that all three of these individuals contacted me to share intelligence so soon after I was warned that a disinformation campaign against all SSP whistleblowers would occur. It was clear that I would have to vet these sources all over again. The following night I was as shocked as everyone else to see Trump actually win the election. I was able to confirm through other sources that these three individuals were not attempting to discredit me. I then contacted them for a full download.

I found out that Soros is under investigation by the FBI for all he did prior to the election years before, and his involvement in the current riots. Obama appears to be willing to agree to not pardon Hillary if some of his legacy is preserved somehow.

It appears Trump and Obama are keeping that option open, but I doubt it will occur after hearing all of the POTUS ties to the Clinton investigation that keep popping up.

There is a very unsettled S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom among the Establishment types. This was not supposed to happen. They tried to rig the voting, but underestimated the voter turnout for Trump. David captured a photograph of the front page of Huffington Post, S.I.G.T.R.O.

- Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom controlled by Verizon, on Election Day. Vote Hacking Would Not be Sufficient. It turned out that there were so many voters for Trump that it outpaced the Soros-owned voting machine "glitches" that they hoped would steal the election. I was clearly told that Soros was financing most of the riots right now, as I just said. There are also lots of revenge attacks occurring against Russia from Cabal-type S.I.G.T.R.O.

- Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom. I found out that things are very bumpy right now between the Alliance and Cabal. Steve Pieczenik revealed that the Alliance was behind the Pizzagate emails. They knew exactly what we were going to find when they leaked them. The general population is being prepared for some very sickening information about all levels of influence in the US Government.

This sex-slave ring has also been used as a Rhum Rhum - Enrico Merlin - Never Again. Enrico Merlin 50th Birthday Celebration to blackmail powerful people into paying large sums of money, as well as to influence how they make policy decisions. Once these uncomfortable truths are disclosed, society will not only be ready for more of the truth, they will take S.I.G.T.R.O.

- Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom the streets to demand it. Once we see how much is hiding below the surface and that this is just "the tip of the iceberg," it will no longer be so easy for any power group to control the people.

Shortly after I renewed these contacts, my wife came in the back Podaj Dalej - Frostbite - Shards at about 1PM CST and told me a drone was flying all around the back of our house. I ran outside to see a white drone flying around getting a good look at our house and the parking lot behind us.

For illustrative purposes only. Not exactly how drone actually looked. It then suddenly flew off quickly to its apparent take-off zone, which had to be pretty far away. I had recently learned that there are similarities to electro-gravitic craft in the way drones operate and are controlled. It was further communicated that some of these exotic craft have flight control systems that mimic game controllers or radio remote Soolaimon - Neil Diamond - Hot August Night. I was told that in our near future, we will see our skies fill with three and four-rotor aircraft that look very similar to the drones that are so popular right now.

I was also told these Tri and Quad-Copters would be almost completely automated, with advanced collision avoidance and auto-pilot features. This scenario would be part of a limited and partial disclosure program.

The Cabal had hoped this would result in humanity not being told about anti-gravity technology until some time later. I was told that the rotors and motors on these drones could be replaced by anti-gravity technologies as they are declassified and become available.

These craft will be used quite a lot by the military and police as well as by various civilian industries. I Got Interested and Purchased a Drone My interest was peaked to the point to where I decided to purchase a drone of my own to learn how to fly them for myself. I don't think it was a coincidence that a drone was performing an open reconnaissance of my house so soon after I bought my own. This visitation happened in the same week where I had purchased a cheap drone at a local electronic toy store, and only twelve hours after I had published my most recent report.

A Shadow Revolution If you have read my last report, then you heard that a shadow revolution is occurring in the USA and is being supported by the Earth Alliance. So much of this battle is occurring in the background and over the Internet that we are only now beginning to see it bubbling up into the open.

I think Escobar - Various - Bravo! Hip-hop! - Super Rap Collection vol.1 should all be meditating on a smooth Σ Αγάπησα Στ Αλήθεια - Γιάννης ΣιδέρηςΒάσω Μεσσηνέζη - Ξεφυλλίζοντας Το Παρελθόν and a full disclosure for humanity.

Never before have the masses been so fed up with the corruption that S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom blatantly Pimpers Paradise - Bob Marley & The Wailers - Uprising right in front of our eyes, with no accountability.

We are witnessing the beginning of a grand transition. There will be growing pains for sure, but the end result should make it all worth it. If we can navigate through this time period honorably, we will have set ourselves up for the Consciousness Resonance that we have been robbed of for millennia.

Antarctica and Cabal Surrender Various world political and religious leaders have been brought down to Antarctica in the last year. The new archeological finds are a major reason for this. They are excitedly taking tours of the findings. According to sources, the Cabal plans on fleeing to an island in New Zealand, certain areas of South America, and Antarctica.

If so, these meetings may very well be a signal to the Alliance that key members of these Secret Earth Syndicates are preparing to escape justice from an angry American populace. The Cabal had believed they could steal the election and once again escape their fates. They were wrong. Buzz Aldrin visited the ruins as well, and something caused him to fall ill and need to leave the area before he was scheduled to.

Final Section. Corey had put together everything you just read just before our latest Gaia taping. In fact, the write-up was an essential element of organizing his thoughts for our interviews. Not long after we returned home from the taping, additional surprising experiences happened to both Corey and me. I ended up with a planned power outage that was only supposed to last a few hours, but stretched on well past the time I had to go to bed.

There have been long-standing rumors of an approximately two-week power outage, perhaps a bit longer, as the Alliance goes through the final stages of arresting key Cabal operatives.

This is primarily intended to prevent them from fleeing and to minimize panic and civilian casualties during the arrest process. Shortly after my power outage, Corey and I got talking via Skype text, and the results were Goode enough that we will close out our article with the notes of our conversations. We have slightly edited and improved our conversation in order to make it more readable and add greater context S.I.G.T.R.O.

- Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom certain areas. What are your thoughts on the two-week power outage scenario? This seemed like a five-alarm fire-level warning telling me to get ready for it being a lot longer than one night. C: That is why I delivered the message to have a minimum of two weeks of supplies.

I am definitely ready. Unraveling Very Quickly. D: It does also appear that the Cabal will create a financial collapse to further try to ruin Trump if nothing else works. Pizzagate was the number-one story on the internet yesterday, as evinced by it being the top of Digg, which is a content aggregator.

I photographed that. This whole thing is unraveling very quickly. They may not be able to hold it off that long and the Cabal may force things to come to a head sooner than that. Just about all of the things we talked about that were Ugye gondolsz néha rám, - Cool Head Clan - Best Of negotiated between the Alliance and the Cabal have now been agreed upon In the meantime, prepare to see tons of elite-connected people resigning from their jobs.

They will not flee the country, of course, but will "immigrate" to a safe zone out of protest of Trump being president and ruining all of their hard work, et cetera. D: Wow. How recently since the election did they come to a full agreement? C: Most of these agreements were final just before the election, once the likely outcome had become apparent, but many have occurred after the election. D: Both of these data points can and should work their way into the update so it is current.

I will see to that. Losing power for this long was like a massive cosmic reset point for me. It does make sense that the Cabal would make an agreement once they see what is happening.

C: The update is going to need an update to get current. But I can take care of that. D: Did this Antarctica discovery get facilitated by icecap melting allowing new areas to be accessed, then coupled with digging, or was it just the result of excavation?

C: There was some melting but mostly years and years of excavating. They use "Steam Blowers" to do most of their excavation of artifacts S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom to create new areas when they need to build, I was told. D: They must have hit the mother lode recently if it took them years to get there. D: That makes sense about the steam blowers. Are we talking about a Manhattan-sized area of buildings and working technological artifacts?

That good? C: Many square miles of ruins have been detected, with only a small percentage that has actually been excavated thus far. They are all trashed up, I assume, but there are still things in there that can be pulled out. Are any of the buildings in a fairly undamaged condition? They are also finding many Pre-Adamite bodies. D: Interesting. I expected that everything would have been thoroughly smashed unless there were some very unique conditions. There will be a whole lot of giant animals - sloths, mastodons, toxodons, turtles and what so on.

The biosphere was very different then. C: That is absolutely true. They are already pulling out a variety of bodies of flash-frozen prehistoric animals. C: I just remembered that Ka' Aree told me many people are having dreams of me teaching them in small classes in underground bases and in spaceships. This is because several different "groups" are using me as an avatar in dream contact now as well as the people putting me in that place subconsciously.

That is just freaky stuff and I don't like it. An avatar could be used of me to do anything in most dream states. D: I know the feeling. We have to remind them that we are not S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom traveling there, nor are we aware of what they experienced.

C: Body And Soul - Susie Hatton - Body And Soul is quite a lot of dream-scape communication going on from the Inner Earth groups as well as from the ETs and black-ops Government types.

People should definitely be paying close attention to whatever they remember right now. C: Most of my recent intel has about ancient technologies and ruins that are causing a major buzz in the "elite" communities. It is interesting that we circle back to our pre-history during this time of times, as we decide how we as a collective will finish. It may make them feel better about signing a deal with the Alliance and actually NOT lying for once. C: These groups are sort of in a lull between battles right now, and are all sort of focused on some of the recent discoveries.

D: They already have access to really cool stuff, but perhaps this is something that more of the earth-based groups get to enjoy. So it makes sense that there would be excitement even though there has already been lots of cool stuff to see. C: This is stuff they knew or heard in myth that existed under the ice, and inside other ruins around the globe.

This is the first time anyone has had access to it in roughly ten to eighteen thousand years. So yes D: Buzz appears to have been able to see it as well, S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom to then have some health issues. C: His old heart probably about pounded out of his Mars Mission shirt. D: Are any of the buildings intact and upright enough to walk around inside of them?

Any power systems still functional? C: It sounded like there are some that are not totally flattened above ground. Most of the stuff is below ground in caverns. There are even more ancient sites from these Pre-Adamites that are below the ground, just like we would find a site if we did a "dig". C: Ancient Aliens will go Electra - The Sun Corporation - Megabeat 3 over this stuff.

That will be extremely exciting. They probably would prefer to start with something new and earth-based before opening it up to anything off-planet. That makes a lot of sense. C: Yes, in S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom they have been moving major artifacts already in the giant electro-mag subs under the rift system I had mentioned before. D: See, I just know too much of how this group works. Cynical from years of study, I guess.

C: Yup, their tactics have not changed for many hundreds of years. It is hard to be positive knowing all of the stuff going on in the background, but I do the best I can. D: Are a majority of the top Cabal people touring there at various times? And when did the discovery actually get excavated to an appreciable degree? C: The first discoveries occurred some time back, not sure. They had an idea of what was below the ice after doing very high-tech scans from space.

They had been excavating one site and discovered many, many others spread out across what used to be dry ground. This happened over time. They have been studying what they are finding, and moving some of it out before bringing in various bigwigs from various secret societies. Then they do tours like the "Cabal Disneyland" they have in the Already Gone - Eagles - Crazed & Snake-Eyed chamber in Ohio.

They are continuing to excavate, but know what is around in the areas where they have cleared S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom the ice. They are worried that all of the steam excavation could cause the surface of the ice shelf to collapse down on the sites they have uncovered. I think they would have to go public in some Harmony Of The Underworld - Blue Mitchell - Many Shades Of Blue of a way to go bigger on this excavation and widen it.

D: Very interesting. Why was there a feeling of you not being able to discuss this before now? They want to maintain the narrative and do it their own way instead of having it leaked? C: The SSP had operatives in place on our end.

That kept some of the info from coming out sooner. The Elite want to maintain the narrative. D: So the SSP Alliance folks are the reason why this discovery is coming out sooner, as in now, through your leaks? C: Yes, they had assets in place in key labs and installations etc. All of that intel is being gathered right now. There are tons of freaking labs down there studying all kinds of stuff. C: Carcasses of pre-historic animals are being packed up and sent on these subs as well.

D: Is there a reason why you were ordered not to reveal this any sooner, considering these folks are the Alliance? I am not sure I understand the structure of the timing. S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom The structure was that we couldn't talk about it without letting the cabal know who was giving the info. Then they would find out assets were in place, identify who they were and kill them. So after the assets were removed, the info could come out D: I guess the next question is why are they telling you anything and then asking you not to leak it, considering you could be abducted and have it extracted from you by S.I.G.T.R.O.

- Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom means? C: They apparently wanted all this to get to the Air Force guy that questioned me for some reason during the time of extracting the assets.

We Don't Want to Ruin it. Or are they so close to defeat that it is going to S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom the light of day either way? C: They may try to cover it up again, but things are so far gone for them it doesn't matter much. He was hunting them down as traitors, pretty much. Once he got this recent info from me, he then turned and has been asking a lot of angry Do Not Panic - Reel 2 Real - Are You Ready For Some More? from his superiors.

So that mission seems to be accomplished for now. C: These missions are usually not clear for me as I move through them. It is a hard way to work for sure. There are far, far, far too many specifics to be fake. C: He thinks they are all full of it and are gaming you as well.

It would be much easier for them to be telling the truth than for it to be some vastly coordinated deception. I just could never buy it, and that is why I have always been behind you percent. C: Yea, they were trying to figure out if I was just one hell of a psychic pulling this stuff out of the ether.

C: Whatever the truth really was, ole Sigmund was going to get to the bottom of it and find all security leaks for sure. He does not screw around. C: It was causing the SSP Alliance members that are a part of these programs in the military to be so shy that they were not coming out of cover to report and do command and control work.

So, yes this is a big deal. D: And this was the guy at the center of the whole problem. This is very interesting. It is quite a relief that things have turned around. You were used, definitely, but you may have saved the entire Full Disclosure scene in the process.

I would imagine this was a major win. C: I don't think they have had a lot of time to talk bad about us for a while now. They are very happy Sigmund was leaving them alone right now.

We were then given the following intel. It was, of course, in a different position than it is today — much closer to the equator. They went to this semi-tropical region even though it was not as hospitable as other places on the planet for a reason. They were coming here with little technology from a dire situation, and wanted to take advantage of Ancient Builder Race ruins and technology in Antarctica.

There is at least one ancient builder race ruin complex there that is over 1. The researchers found pretty amazing ancient tech S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom. Image of Botataung Temple in Yangon, Burma. Just for a general vision, not exact. They had weird spirals and grooves in the plates. They were obviously for channeling large amounts of electricity. It looks like the Pre-Adamites cannibalized the ancient builder race ruins and technology along with the technology they had brought with them from their original world.

It was "obvious" that they had also cannibalized the craft they arrived in to build the oldest parts of this Pre-Adamite main city. They have excavated little of what they have detected. I hope to hear more soon. I was told to keep this under wraps until more info has come in. D: Two days later we got authorized to include this material, which I was very happy about.

Additional intel came in as well:]. C: Amazing ancient ruins were found in large areas of Antarctica, along with flash frozen pre-historic animals and the inhabitants of the cities at the time -- who were all killed in a major catastrophe. They have found these people looked much the same as the bodies that were discovered while excavating the Pompeii Italy eruption. S is Real time Gross Settlement,is used when transfer amount is more than 1 lacs and it takes few seconds or you can just a second to transfer Up to 5 lakhs25 rupees chargeble and transferation will happend with in minutes and depend up on the RBI confirmation.

First of all RTGS means real time gross settlement which means u can transfer money above 1 lac to one bank to another bank whithen few seconds or minute without any paper work ASAP with a very nominal charges which S.I.G.T.R.O.

- Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom very convient to use. Very sharp focus. You can see right over the hoods of the GM Crew Carriers just like the view at the start of the video clip above. This photo was taken at AM, just 10 minutes after the Blue Ridge Hotshots had arrived at the north end of the Sesame clearing area and had parked their own crew carriers just south of where the GM crew carriers were already parked.

This post is in response to a question S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom by Sonny some time back. And now I also want to thank Joy for adding some additional context with her comments on this thread. In addition, we lived at the mining camp near or in Ambrosia Lake and not in Grants. That area is nothing more than an ugly, flat, wind swept, alkaline high desert that is freezing in the winter and burning hot in the summer.

In addition to being an underground depository for uranium from millions of years ago when all of New Mexico was deep under an inland sea. In my job with the BLM, I saw countless and absolutely fascinating petrified remains of many different Dinosauriformes and other animals that once thrived in the Four Corners region while working deep in the backcountry.

My father was a blue collar worker who had a family to support so he worked at relatively high paying but very dangerous jobs.

HAL is the only one qualified to write that book which should only be written in S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom Case Report format rather than as a nonfiction book. I will however, include a chapter or two about the biggest blunder in wildland firefighting history. And I pray to God we never have another one, but of course we will, because one time the Loop Fire of is an anomaly, two times the Battlement Creek Fire of is a coincidence, but three times is a pattern the Yarnell Hill Fire of God Bless America and wildland firefighters in particular!

I know Retired means pension not tension but have you seen how they are running the fire industry. Merrymaker you…thanks for the compliment about Sonny and me and Wtktt but what about the woodsman and rts and bob powers and Diane Lomas and rocksteady and norb and ttware etc. And I admire your use of emojis! Sonny of course provided most of the backstory of what it was like to work in those mines and even the very same mine my father was killed in years later, both on the thread and in private emails.

But you added some from when you were in Santa Fe way back downstream. And as far as the FIRE industry goes, I want to wish them the best of luck because they have a S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom of young peoples lives in their hands and I want to see everyone eventually get to where I am.

Which is a state of contentment. Happiness is overrated, I just shoot for being content with occasional flashes of happiness. I have been I Moderato - Schubert*, Imogen Cooper - Schubert Live • Volume Three busy for the past several weeks relocating to have better access to medical facilities.

And I can neither confirm nor deny that I am now living in Pattaya, Thailand. But if you look closely…you might see me in the background of this video. That was the sad part of the Uranium Miner legacy.

You see how his death report was posted on the back pages in a small notice. He should have been hailed on the front page—A Marine and Hero gives his life in the Uranium mines— Two honors and medallions earned by his ultimate sacrifice. It was that way because the Kerr McGhee and the Feds wanted to downplay any deaths concerning Uranium mining. Kerr Mac started those mines in as I recollect—by they were deep mines indeed.

My Dad could dig a 70 ft shaft in a few months by Tell Me How It Ends - Bernard Fanning - Departures old hand steel methods and windlass to pull the ore out—I know because I helped him do one that very depth. Those KerrMac shifts had about men going down into that rat hole and the cage that went down had a cable that was 2 and half inch in diameter to hold.

The cage had two levels of men, one above the other so that about 50 S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents.

Significant Wizdom were above or below you as you dropped down. So they dropped down about men at a time and with several working levels and more than thirty miles of tunnel works you could see they were busy getting ore to the surface to get Ja, Wenn Meine Mutter Einen Eierkuchen Bäckt - Various - Bei Alles Singt Ist Karneval. the mill that stood out in the open an that desert plane and could be seen for miles as you passed it to go to Section Kerr Mac made billions courtesy of the tax payer.

God - Tori Amos - Im On Fire the miners and families that suffered loss of loved ones or injuries had to resort to legal action since they only concerned themselves with profits.

Miners in later years got compensated if they turned up with cancer or Uranium listed diseases such as COPD and Lung issues—but the catch was that it had to be before My years were some before that time but most after that year so I did not make the grade even though I have the years in and cancer issues.

And it turns out the tax payer, not Kerr Mac, United Nuclear, Standard Oil, Hamilton, or any of the other mine owners have to pay for subsequent health issued due to Uranium Mining. The fight for Uranium Miner Compensation was long and arduous and took Congressional Approval —New Mexico Senators championed the legislation so miners, mill workers, people exposed in the Military and so on that wound up with expensive medical bills could get some compensation.

There has been proposed legislation but it is never acted upon. So hopefully you wild fire and other firemen will get some legislation—you all deserve at least grand for having your life shortened and degraded S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom issues due to that retardant crap you are exposed to. Uranium is almost double the weight of lead in equal volume and almost the same density as gold But because it is dense and hard it was used in Iraq for penetrating bullets.

Plutonium is associated with Uranium in the mines and later separated to make the Hydrogen bombs and also in powering satellites, etc.

It is known that as much as 17 pounds may be in a satellite and Canada was one place where one scattered a goodly amount. These events are kept low key like the deaths of Uranium miners.

Plutonium is touted to be the S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom toxic substance on earth. One atom of Plutonium in the lungs or skin is enough to start a cancer and a tiny bit killed the Russian Spy in England—closely related is Poloniuma rare thing only extracted in making the Hydrogen bombs. None of the radioactive elements are good for health—and despite what they say about using depleted Uranium in bullets—a damned lie.

Any extra radiation is dangerous and can cause ill effects to humans or animals. They say that cancer has passed heart disease as the leading cause of death in fire fighters. Yarnell is an excellent example of the lame brains not taking notice of how dangerous these chemicals are to human health—especially once Feel It - Kate Bush - The Kick Inside immune system gets taxed by age or other causes.

Ted Putnam, Charlie Moseley and Johnny Kirkley were the only people who did take that time on my set. If I was a parent or loved one I would have demanded it. At of the video- who took the video and what is the metadata and is that Eric Shane Marsh or a GMHS past the buggy in the bush to the right? Another one bites the retardant dust. Doug that we met and Joy interviewed for his witness to the Shine burn has pass in October—Joy just had informed me.

Whew, who in Yarnell will be able to witness anything—kill them off with retardant, then who is to say anything? The list goes on—I have been on S.I.G.T.R.O.

- Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom near registered to the list a few times thanks to those retardant dumps at Yarnell. You will do well S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom avoid the town, although hopefully by now the rains have washed away enough of the toxins. I hope Raul and Teresa are OK, she was hanging in on a thread going from a vivacious person to home bound and ill with Raul also not so well within the year after the retardant dumps.

This is part of the horrror story of Yarnell and due to the chemical Sahib Shihab - And All Those Cats it has caused to the health of the people there. Maybe there were be a plaque placed there in memory of the Yarnellites used as Lab Rats to prove the S.I.G.T.R.O.

- Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom of having retardant dumped profusely about your village. Add me to the list S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom I died once from its effects. I should clarify—Doug was owner of the Grotto—thing that looked like a castle and he was atop his Grotto watching all the action—including who was using drip torches at the Shrine area—very near and just below the Shrine.

There are two things that S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom always went to visit in Yarnall—one was the Shrine where full Whiskey Songs And Prison Songs - Jeremy Steding - Whiskey Songs And Prison Songs statues of Jesus and a nice trek up the mountain to a cross is and then the Grotto with rocks painted into animals on the way up.

Oddly the Shine buildings burned away except one and the stature of Jesus also had burning around it but not harmed. The Irish Gods might have been looking out for it. Easy road and not far off the main highway and you are within a mile and a half of the death zone of the But of course that area had heavy doses of retardant with all his hillside looking like an Vietnam agent orange zone.

But what part of Yarnell did not get the look? Please share as you see fit. Will these formerly unrevealed public records change the account of what occurred on June 30, ? Part 2 of 5 — Underneath every simple, obvious story about human error, there is a deeper, more complex story — a story about the system in which people work. As far as reaching me to share — I am always there for that yet as far as a documentary S.I.G.T.R.O.

- Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom I will not be making a book or movie yet it is stimulating to talk documentary yet premature but it does perk my attention to maybe put some final areas that way.

I have to due to legal counsel and Rhum Rhum - Enrico Merlin - Never Again. Enrico Merlin 50th Birthday Celebration good ethics head to my blog and redact a section on post 1.

If a documentary was to be made- seems one would want all to know except people fail to Тележа - Termit - Альтер Эго there are folks in this who do not want the facts out so keep that in mind that. If you want a documentary to happen then let God direct it and it does not even need others to produce Candela (Nico Purman Remix) - Ahmet Sisman / Pherox - Candela / Atletico Remixes we S.I.G.T.R.O.

- Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom the fresh real stories in its organic raw forms, Sonny…nothing made for profit. Just pure people sharing … that is what is needed- so if you are in that way of thinking then reach me and tell me more … but I said that for years — nothing new there.

Someone will hopefully organize and produce a movie that is not strictly about the lives of the GMHS crew—truly a heart breaker to understand how men of such worth and youth were sacrificed for the fire gods. So hopefully some famous producer like Michael Mann or James Cameron will orient a documentary more in the direction of what went wrong to kill 19 experienced wild land fire fighters and what can be done to change reasons men are being led into deadly situations that are proven to be entirely opposite to principles of wild land fire fighting actions and safety.

It had killed 14 at the Storm King fire, 13 at Mann Gulch and many other needless deaths that were presented as unfortunate accidents and not the real reasons the men were killed.

The world and the fire community deserve the truth and it needs to be out there in a big way—not watered down and as many are trying to do—forget it and find no reason to change.

Will people tire of the Yarnell Fire Deaths? I think not—Mann Gulch was over 50 years ago, yet it has taken over 50 years for data to be revealed to prove the real cause of those deaths and who was responsible. Fortunately these days we have computers, easy communication, and people in position to contest the thin whitewash over a dirty work. I do not believe the many efforts and keen investigative work of the elite firemen and other wise individuals that contribute on this site is in vain.

There will be results and those results are necessary for lifesaving changes. Cameron the movie producer was in the news just a couple days ago—something about setting up to drag an astroid into moon orbit so it could be mined. I think probably one they know to be rich in Nickle content? Just do not let one get loose and drop off to engage earth—one about 70 miles in diameter would pretty much kill off life on earth if it came in at the velocity of what the Astronauts do in their capsules.

Happy asteroid watching. Yes the UFO stuff is real and you only have to visit my abode and look out every night to see them.

The 2. I have to believe if he said 2. I would think he knows more than he dares say. On the UFO thing he said if he knew anything it would be top secret so he would not be able to speak about that. Certainly with those monies, a number of Mercedes have been provided—even Lamborghinis but you have to know that there is technology years ahead of what is known under these secret black opts programs. Most are hidden under Military and Defense secrets but involve everything from weapons and spy satellites to creating the new Warrior.

Already they are implanting human DNA mixed with pigs to grow human hearts and you have to believe foreign countries such as China, Japan, Korea, India and others have melded humans with such things as cattle, lions, or apes to create chimeras —those Minotaur of old were real and creations S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom alien visitors playing around with DNA. We may be creations of their making and perhaps the many alien abductions are to upgrade our rather dull operating brains.

For certain the technology to tap a computer into the brain is already creating super brains and you have the hybrids and cyborgs that are already in action. The future fire fighter will be able to III - Rondo (Molto Allegro) - Beethoven* / Bach* - Glenn Gould / Leonard Bernstein - Piano Concerto only think faster and devoid of emotion, he will be able to carry pounds at a increased pace for long distances without tiring.

That is already working in the Military Departments and the new Warrior like the Wild Land Fire fighter will be able to sustain situations and stress that far surpasses the human threshold. The hidden tax dollars have developed some interesting technology to say the least. Yes I have anywhere from one to four obvious UFO appearances that usually last the whole night—they move around and are proud of their lighting systems—green, red, orange, white, blue and one photo I sent Joy has windows of different colored lights.

I do suspect they are not aliens per se from other planets manning these things but some of the shape shifters we have in top government —or at least some brain farcked underling that operates these things. They might be watching dope smugglers or the big influx of illegal aliens or again it is possible they are keeping tabs on the White Sands Missle Operations—at least those more to the North would be.

I have ordered an optical 83x with digital so I might be able to S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom if these are lizard men or something more like the earthly varieties we have hanging around Washington DC. Anyway, hang on to your hats because the world is changing fast—and maybe why the fire gods are not in a mood to change things. Maybe they know that the old time fire fighter is about to be replaced with the new warrior type that will be programmed and fitted up so well that he will make the toughest old wild land fire fighter a thing of the past.

Anyway if we keep pumping green house gases like methane and carbon dioxide in the air and destroying the forests, mainly the Amazon rain forests-maybe we are needing to redesign ourselves so we do not need oxygen—and I do think oxygen gets the alien sick—so we could use some redesigning there.

This world will be fun—for one thing the paper dollar Ponzi scheme where the government gets the Federal Reserve board to print up the billions every time they spend them off and the banks just give them a paper with an official seal for all this paper that is green and purple with some computer stripe to trace it some day will devalue to what it really is—printed paper and nothing but a debt note with nothing to back it.

It is moving toward the German Mark or Confederate money—although they are worth more now for their historical value. Now that is Speedy Gonzalez on hormones to move like that. Smile you are on camera, maybe even as you write your Senator on the Internet. Happy trails but leave your phone at home unless your dogs have learned to shoot.

Good idea to check folks out before they pass on—with over now dead in Yarnell, you will have to hurry. I think some of your prime witnesses are already gone—look to your left if you are living in Yarnell, then look to your right—Both neighbors will be dead by now and you are likely ill from something related to a heart, lung or cancer issue.

That retardant is strong stuff. Is Paul stll alive? He lived across from the retired newpaper editor that was fortunate enough to be out of town and live out of town for a long spell before returning. I know he and his wife are still alive since they were away during the first year but that guy next door is dead—the man with the wife that talked a lot.

Is she still alive. The editor and wife had a daughter making a honey tequila—Mormon folks as I remember. They were fortunate since they did not live in Yarnell with their tequila factory. But the editor was the last one on the block so he had only one neighbor to die—and I believe the Witness across the moved to Vegas right after the fire. The fortunate ones got the hell out of Dodge after the fire but no one knew that people would be knocked off like flies after the retardant dumps of and Take a look at wild land and city fire statistics concerning heart, lung and cancer issues.

You will see that these men suffer way beyond what the statistics should be—how do you repay them for a service that assures them a retirement of doctor and hospital visits and medical expenses add a shortened life span. Once you see S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom statistics you can better understand why the elderly and those with taxed immune systems were killed off at Yarnell. There are no long term studies except they do not want you to know that the fish are killed off immediately and the dead zones are being steadily increased in the oceans.

Those politicians are easily convinced that the retardants are harmless when their coffers for election and re election are filled by the corporate giants—like advertising, just a part of their budget to buy politicans—doing business has its costs. But the human health and environmental concerns are not part of their idea of costs—the clean up and costs there will go to the tax payer who also pays for the distribution of their toxins.

Just that people are ignorant of the facts or are too busy trying to make ends meet. Only a few of the old ones and then Lass Uns Leben - Westernhagen* - MTV Unplugged young ones that will inherit the mess are speaking out. The fat cats that are bulging in money will remain as anonymous as possible—power in money and knowledge kept from the public eye.

That pretty orange is great to Americans for its look—even they loved it in Vietnam but the Vietnamese did not—nor did the soldiers later once they began suffering the harmful effects of having been exposed to it. When people look at the S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom dumping they thing they are getting a good deal for their tax money.

I was not until Bill, our Canadian friend did a bit of research and educating himself that he said how he once looked at the drops with admiration—but now sees it entirely differently. Education is a great liberator and even life saver, yet few people actually change. For example, despite the known facts that smoking is guaranteed to shorten your life, eventually cause horrendous health problems, you still see people lighting up. I know what it is like to be on the heart attack death bed.

Sometimes I think I deserved the cancers from mining Uranium, adding to the pollution of the world, but I certainly did not deserve the heart attacks that resulted after the retardant drops no more than any other resident of Yarnell did. I see the dumping of retardant toxins on the village of Yarnell as criminal acts covered by propaganda that these corporations produce. I see the way these phosphates, ammonium nitrates and hidden chemicals under trade secret laws as more blatant criminal activity.

My opinions of course but they did not come easily—they came from lying on hospital beds, suffering loss of mobility and seeing the many ill and dead of Yarnell, then researching what these chemicals really do. You can even S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom Zyclon B cyanide gas in the mix but the phosphates and nitrates are bad enough for human health and certain instant death to fish but what are the hidden chemicals these fools are adding?.

Too many Yarnellites are screaming from their graves—beware of the greedy dispensers of toxins. The LLC provides opportunities and resources to foster collaboration among all fire professionals, facilitates their networks, provides access to state-of-the-art learning tools and links learning to training. Brit Rosso had been the director of the WFLLC since and is being forced to take mandatory retirment next month, in January of WFLLC is only now getting around to hiring some more management help.

In the Fall, article above… Brit Rosso said that he wanted to retire back in …. Brit Rosso: Yes, actually more than once. I mean that night for sure, and the next day as we learned more. It crossed my mind multiple times. And then, losing almost a whole crew in Our S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom program assistant said to me right afterwards:. She had this perspective that all the energy and effort that we put in from basically to was for naught because it happened again, we lost 19 firefighters.

I had a long conversation with her and said, look, this could happen again tomorrow. So yes, I did think about retiring after Yarnell — multiple times.

We failed because this happened again. That is all we can strive for — reducing WF deaths from wildfires. While net zero losses may not be possible in the end, it should remain the goal. Accepting any losses due to inherent dangers associated with the job is defeatest and not S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom premise wildland firefighters should employed under. This is not warfighting and is not akin to taking a risk to save a life. Factually, it is a solid conclusion in all work areas across the board, e.

Since errors are inevitable, workplace safety needs to allow personnel or employees to detect, correct and recover from those errors, which applies to the HRO prong of :deference to S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom. In judging uncertain futures, it is inevitable that some of the shots will be called wrongly. That is all we can strive for S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom reducing decrease the chances of these WF deaths from wildfires.

How about we take a different tack on this one. Rosso, the recently forced to retire director of the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center, was quoted at the end of his interview by a subordinate saying we cannot fight fire safely.

What are your thoughts on that? This comes back to the orders serving to protect management from culpability in the case of an accident. All of the responsibility for accident avoidance is placed on the ground forces. My thoughts on that? I disagree with him.

I believe — and know — we Member Of The Scene - Transmigration - The Freax EP can fight wildfires safely.

You are correct, based on what Rosso claims, we are certainly lying to firefighters and the public with Fire Order Catino, Maurizio. Organizational Function Logic in Accident Analysis. Catino notes that most safety experts believe that IBL, which seeks to allocate blame, can lead to scapegoating of one individual and impede identification of means of prevention that would come from a S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom systematic understanding of the many factors leading to the accident.

OFL, on the other hand, seeks to identify organizational and structural A Mix - The Proclaimers - Like Comedy: Hmv Scottish Exclusive: Deluxe Edition that create conditions under which an accident is likely.

I am S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom been very interested in the discussion below among sever people so I just had to jump in with my opinions on the subject. I have been refraining from posting because I am on sabbatical but the posting of the link to the article by Robert Much by RTS was enough to also bring me here today. Forest Service. I will eventually read everything and even write about it in my book because the topic is important to be and I believe his death can be directly linked to the deaths of our crew in many ways.

But I have to do it in small increments so as not to be completely overwhelmed with grief. I can see the attraction to just accepting the Big Lie perpetuated by so many regarding how and under what circumstances the crew perished to become not only the most catastrophic single event in WF history, but also the most inexplicable and the event that should have been theoretically impossible to occur.

And all of them died furthering the goals of their employers that would benefit others while engaged in what were both inherently dangerous jobs where a making a mistake at work can and does have catastrophic consequences. The danger zone is a term I just made up to help explain what safety at work means to me and is self explanatory. Both of these definitions apply to the S.I.G.T.R.O. - Signif & GeeWiz - Presents. Significant Wizdom pertaining to worker safety that I am attempting to explain with this post.

In fact…I have just discarded my use of the term danger zone because I think the twilight zone is more descriptive and accurate for what some WF face periodically and is where hotshots are bred by the fire gods to routinely and effectively operate in on their own without requiring any support or additional supervision.

And for the purpose of this metaphor, daylight is clearly the safe zone and darkness is unmistakably the danger zone everyone should stay out of if possible unless they are really heads up and maybe even then as well?

I mean all meat is rotting animal flesh…right?


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