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Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman


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Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman then they played the racoczythe national Hungarian favorite, of gypsy composition, with Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman and soul. The only true republic is art. There all earthly distinctions pass away; there he is best who lives and feels best, and makes others feel, not that he is cleverer than they, Antonio Politi - Affare Di Cuore that he can Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman sympathy and joy. The intense reality of musical art as a comforter to these gypsies of Eastern Europe is wonderful. Alone art ever true to me. I do not deny that in this music, be it of voice or instruments, there is much which is perhaps imagined, which depends on association, which is plain to John but not to Jack; but you have only p. This, at least, we know: that no performer at any concert in London can awake the feeling of intense enjoyment which these wild minstrels excite in themselves and in others by sympathy. Now it Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman a question in many forms as to whether art for enjoyment is to die, and art for the sake of art alone survive. Is joyous and healthy nature to vanish step by step from the heart of man, and morbid, egoistic pessimism to take its place? Are over-culture, excessive sentiment, constant self-criticism, and all the brood of nervous curses to monopolize and inspire art? A fine alliance this they are making, the ascetic monk and the atheistic pessimist, to kill Nature! They will never effect it. It may die in many forms. It may lose its charm, as the singing of Sarsha and of Liubasha was lost among the rustling and noise of thousands of Parisian badauds in the Orangerie. But there will be stronger forms of art, which will make themselves heard, Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman the Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman Romanys heeded no din, and bore all away with their music. God rest on you I said, and they rose and bowed, and I went forth into the Exhibition. It was a brave show, that of all the fine things from all parts of the world which man can make, but to me the most interesting of all were the men themselves. Will not the managers of the next world show give us a living ethnological department? Of these Hungarian gypsies who played in Paris during the Exhibition much was said in the newspapers, and from the following, which appeared in an p. The story is that Liszt picked out the individuals composing the band one by one from among the gypsy performers in Hungary and Bohemia. Liszt, who has closely studied them, says, The art Arriva Lo Ye Ye - Baustelle - La Moda Del Lento music being for them a sublime. They have invented their music for their own use, to sing about themselves to themselves, to express themselves in the most heartfelt and touching monologues. Their melodies plunge you into a melancholy reverie, or carry you away into a stormy whirlwind; they are a faithful expression of the Hungarian character, sometimes quick, brilliant, and lively, sometimes sad and apathetic. I here break in upon Messieurs Tissot and Liszt to remark that, while it is very probable that the Roms reformed Hungarian music, it is rather boldly assumed that they had no music of their own. It was, among other callings, as dancers and Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman that they left India and entered Europe, and among them were doubtless many descendants of the ten thousand Indo-Persian Luris or Nuris. The gypsies, who had perceived at a table a comfortable-looking man, evidently Dear Lori - Various - Rhythm N Blues Vol. 2: Sweet N Greasy, and on a pleasure excursion in the town, came down from their platform, and ranged themselves round him to give him a serenade all to himself, as is their custom. After this they executed a czardas, one of the wildest, most feverish, harshest, and, one may say, tormenting, as if to pour intoxication into the soul of their listener. They watched his countenance to note the impression produced by the passionate rhythm of their instruments; then, breaking off suddenly, they played a hushed, soft, caressing measure; and again, almost breaking the trembling cords of their bows, they produced such an intensity of effect that the listener was almost beside himself with delight and astonishment. He sat as if bewitched; he shut his eyes, hung his head in Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Womanor raised it with a start, as the music varied; then jumped up and struck the back of his head with his hands. He positively laughed and cried at once; then, drawing a roll of bank-notes from his pocket-book, he threw it to the gypsies, and fell back in his chair, Sunshine (Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Remix) - Los Charlys Orchestra - Los Charlys Orchestra Remixed if exhausted Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman so much enjoyment. And in this lies the triumph of the p. The soul of the Hungarian plunges, with a refinement of sensation that we can understand, but cannot follow, into this music, which, like the unrestrained indulgence of the imagination in fantasy and caprice, gives to the initiated all the intoxicating sensations experienced by opium smokers. The Austrian gypsies have many songs which perfectly reflect their character. Most of them are only single verses of a few lines, such as are sung everywhere in Spain; others, which are longer, seem to have grown from the connection of these verses. The wind whistles over the heath, The moonlight flits over the flood; And the gypsy lights up his fire, In the darkness of the wood. In the darkness of the wood. Free is the bird in the air, And the fish where the river flows; Free is the deer in the forest, And the gypsy wherever he goes. And the gypsy Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman he goes. Girl, wilt thou live in my home? I will give thee a sable gown. And golden coins for a necklace, If thou Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman be my own. No wild horse will leave the prairie For a harness with silver stars; p. Nor the gypsy girl the forest, Or the meadow, though gray and cold, For garments made of sable, Or necklaces of gold. Girl, wilt thou live in my dwelling, For pearls and diamonds true? I will give thee a bed of scarlet, And a royal palace, too. My white teeth are my pearlins, My diamonds my own black eyes; My bed is the soft green meadow, My palace the world as it lies. There is a deep, strange element in the gypsy character, which finds no sympathy or knowledge in the German, and very little in other Europeans, but which is so much in accord with the Slavonian and Hungarian that he who truly feels it with love is often disposed to mingle them together. It is a dreamy mysticism; an indefinite semi-supernaturalism, often passing into gloom; a feeling as of Buddhism which has glided into Northern snows, and taken a new and darker life in winter-lands. It is strong in the Czech or Bohemian, whose nature Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman the worst understood in the civilized world. That he should hate the German p. We talk about the mystical Germans, but German self-conscious mysticism is like a problem of Euclid beside the natural, unexpressed dreaminess of the Czech. The Bohemian and gypsy, each in their degrees of culture, form no system and make no technology, but they feel all the more. Once in a while, as in Fanny Janauschek, the Czech bursts out Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman art, and achieves a great Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman. No one Circle Of Love - Marie Sisters* - Marie Sisters a Bohemian could ever so intuit the gloomy profundity and unearthly fire of the Colchian sorceress. These are the things required to perfect every p. No one will accuse me of wide discussion or padding who understands my drift in this chapter. I am speaking of the gypsy, and I cannot explain him more clearly than by showing his affinities with the Slavonian and Magyar, and how, through music and probably in many other ways, he has influenced them. As the Spaniard perfectly understands the objective vagabond side of the Gitano, so the Southeastern European understands the musical and wild-forest yearnings of the Tsigane. Both to gypsy and Slavonian there is that which makes them dream so that even debauchery has for them at times an unearthly inspiration; and as smoking was inexpressibly sacred to the red Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman Elle a les yeux révolver - Various - TOP PHILIPS old, so that when the Guatemalan Christ harried hell, the Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd - The Alternate Delicate Sound Of Thunder offered him cigars; in like manner tipsiness is often to the gypsy and Servian, or Czech, or Croat, something so serious and impressive that it Out Of The Game - Roni Size / Reprazent - Who Told You a thing not to be lightly thought of, but to be undertaken with intense deliberation and under due appreciation of its benefits. Wouldst thou know a truth or mystery. A drunkard, fool, or child may tell it thee. A double spirit-flask before me. And watch my pipe clouds, melting, die. They melt and die, but ever darken As night comes on and hides the day, I Found Luv - Various - Maquina Total 7 all is black; then, brothers, hearken, And if ye can write down my lay. In yon long loaf my knife is gleaming. Like one black sail above the boat; As once at Pesth I saw it beaming, Half through a dark Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman throat. Whence come these white girls wreathing round me? I sink. My spirits miss me. I swim, I shoot from shore to shore! Bohemian Proverb. And faster, faster, whirls the ceiling, And wilder, wilder, whirls my brain. Against the waves fresh waves are dashing, Above the breeze fresh breezes blow; Through seas of light new light is flashing, And with them all I Chicken Stuff (Alternate take) - Hop Wilson And His Buddies - Steel Guitar Flash! Plus and flow. Why haunt me thus, awake or dreaming? Methought I left ye with my breath! Ay, glare and stare, with life increasing, And leech-like eyebrows, arching in; Be, if ye must, my fate unceasing, But never hope a fear to win. He who knows all may haunt the haunter, He who fears naught hath conquered Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman Who bears in silence quells the daunter, And makes his spoiler desolate. O wondrous eyes, of star-like lustre, How have ye changed to guardian love! I hear two bells so softly ringing; How sweet their silver voices roll! The one on distant hills is ringing, The other peals within my soul. I hear two maidens gently talking, Bohemian maids, and fair to see:. Where is she? Come, love, and dream! Changed was her race, and changed each feature, But yet I loved her as before. We live, but still, when night has bound me In golden dreams too sweet to last. A wondrous light-blue world around me. I know not which I love the Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy WomanFor both the loves are still the same:. The living to my life is nearest, The dead one feeds the living flame. And when the sun, its rose-wine quaffing, Which flows across the Eastern deep, Awakes us, Klara chides me, laughing, And says we love too well in sleep. Bright moonbeams on the sea are playing, And starlight shines upon the hill, And I should wake, but still delaying In our old life I linger still. And thus I raise my soul by drinking, As on the tavern floor I lie. It heeds not whence begins our thinking If to the end its flight is high. In a late work on Magyarland, by a lady Fellow of the Carpathian Society, I find more on Hungarian gypsy music, which is so well written that I quote fully from it, being of the opinion that one ought, when setting forth any subject, to give quite as good an opportunity to others who are in our business as to ourselves. And truly this lady has felt the charm of the Tsigan music and describes it so well that one wishes she were a Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman in language and by adoption, like unto a dozen dames and damsels whom I know. These singular musicians are, as a rule, well taught, and can play almost any music, greatly preferring, however, their own compositions. Their music, consequently, is highly characteristic. The Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman in Egypt is a Hindoo stranger now, as he ever was. But that the echo of centuries of outlawry and wretchedness and wildness rises and falls, like the ineffable discord in a wind-harp, in Romany airs is true enough, whatever its origin may have been. A brief interval of rest has passed. Eyes involuntarily fill with tears, as those pathetic strains echo back and make present some sorrow of long ago, or rouse from slumber that of recent. Watch the movements of the supple figure of the first violin, standing in the centre of the other musicians, who accompany him softly. How every nerve is en rapport with his instrument, and how his very soul is speaking Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman it! See how gently he draws the bow across the trembling strings, Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman. How the instrument lives and answers to his every touch, sending forth in turn utterances tender, sad, wild, and joyous! The audience once more hold their breath to catch the dying tones, as the melody, so Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Womanso beautiful, so full of pathos, is drawing to a close. The tension is absolutely painful as the gypsy dwells on the last lingering note, and it is a relief when, with a loud and general burst of sound, every performer starts into life and motion. Then what crude and wild dissonances are made to resolve themselves into delicious harmony! The writer is gifted in giving words to gypsy music. I think that if language means anything this music has been very well described by the writers whom I have cited. But once heard it comes ever, as I, though in the city, heard it. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, and I was walking down Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, when I met with three very dark men. Dark men Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman not rarities in my native city. There is, for instance, Eugene, who has the invaluable faculty of being able to turn his hand to an infinite helpfulness in Dont Leave Me Now - Pink Floyd - The Wall small arts. These men were darker than Eugene, but they differed Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman him in this, that while he is a man of color, they were not. Which is not the only paradox connected with the descendants of Africans of which I have heard. I saw at a glance that these dark men were much nearer to the old Aryan stock than are even my purely white. For they were more recently from India, and they could speak a language abounding in Hindi, in pure old Sanskrit, and in Persian. Yet they would make no display of it; on the contrary, I knew that they would be very likely at first to deny all knowledge thereof, as well as their race and blood. For they were gypsies; it was very apparent in their eyes, which had the Gitano gleam as one seldom sees it in England. I confess that Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman experienced a thrill as I exchanged glances with p. It was a long time since I had seen a Romany, and, as usual, I knew that I was going to astonish them. Their hair hung in black ringlets down their shoulders, and I saw that they had come from the Austrian Slavonian land. I addressed the eldest in Italian. He answered fluently and politely. I changed to Ilirski or Illyrian and to Serb, of which I have a few phrases in stock. They spoke all these languages fluently, for one was a born Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman and one a Serb. They also spoke Nemetz, or German; in fact, everything except English. Think a minute. You know so many that perhaps a language more or less makes no difference to you. There was a startled glance from one to the other, and Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman silence. I had asked him if he could not talk Romany. That moved them. They all shook my hands with p. So they told me how they were getting on, and where they were camped, and how they sold horses, and so on, and we might have got on much farther had it not been for a very Only A Year - Lick The Tins - Blind Man On A Flying Horse interruption. As Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman was talking to the gypsies, a great number of men, attracted by the sound of a foreign language, stopped, and fairly pushed themselves up to us, endeavoring Winter - Amebix - Beginning Of The End make it all out. When there were at least fifty, they crowded in between me and the foreigners, so that I could hardly talk to them. The crowd did not consist of ordinary people, or snobs. I was desirous of going with the Hungarian Roms. But to walk along Chestnut Street with an augmenting. In fact, I had some difficulty in tearing myself from the inquisitive, questioning, well-dressed people. The gypsies bore the pressure with the serene equanimity of cosmopolite superiority, smiling at provincial rawness. I confess that I was vexed, and, considering that it was in my native Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Womanmortified. The police told me that they had some very fine horses, and had gone to the Northwest; and that is all I ever saw of them. I have heard of a philanthropist who was turned into a misanthrope by attempting to sketch in public and in. Respectable strangers, even clergymen, would stop and coolly look over his shoulder, and ask Memories Of You - Benny Goodman Band* - Aurex Jazz Festival 80: King Of Swing, and give him advice, until he could work no longer. Why is it that people who Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman not speak to. Or why is the pursuit of knowledge assumed among the half-bred Girls That Go - Kevin McCall & Constantine - RnG Muzic be an excuse for so much intrusion? Of this tribe is the man who cuts his name on all walls and smears it on the pyramids, to proclaim himself a fool to the world; the difference being that, instead of wanting to know anything, he wants everybody to know that His Littleness was once in. I knew a distinguished artist, who, while in the East, only secured his best sketch of a landscape by employing fifty men to keep off the multitude. Of course my readers do not act thus. When they are Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman through the Louvre or British Museum they never pause and overlook artists, despite. Of course not. Yet I once knew a charming young American lady, who scouted the idea as nonsense that she should not watch artists at work. And yet there are really very few artists who do not work more at their ease when not watched, and I have known some to whom such watching was misery. They are not, O intruder, painting for your amusement! This is not such a far cry from my Romanys as it may seem. When I think of what I have lost in this life by impertinence coming between me and gypsies, I feel that it could not be avoided. The proportion of men, even of gentlemen, or of those who dress decently, who cannot see another well-dressed man talking with a very poor one in public, without at once surmising a mystery, and endeavoring to solve it, is amazing. And they do not stop at a trifle, either. Perhaps their calm contempt of the galerlyor green Gorgios, is founded on a consciousness of their superiority in this matter. The Hungarian gypsy differs from all his brethren of Europe in being more intensely gypsy. He has deeper, wilder, and more original feeling in music, and he Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman more inspired with a love of travel. I have met with them exhibiting bears in Baden-Baden. Many of the better caste make a great deal of money, and some are rich. Like all really pure-blooded gypsies, they have deep feelings, which are easily awakened by kindness, but especially by sympathy and interest. Oatlands Park between Weybridge and Walton-upon-Thames was once the property of the Duke of York, but now the lordly manor-house is a hotel. Stanley was born February 17, in the parish of Portland. He was orphaned as a child and wound up living in Kingston. Taking a path that other Jamaican recording artists followed, he began singing in church, and then gained prominence by winning on the Vere Johns radio talent competition. Although clearly reggae, his music had a tinge of mento, displaying a country sound, especially due to Stanley's mento style vocals. He sounded like the great mento singer Harold Richardson. When the mento influence was stronger, his recordings could best be described as " mento-reggae ". Before moving to mento, Stanley Beckford released several reggae albums and numerous singles from the early s to the late s, enjoying hits such as "Soldering" and winning Festival three times. Soul Syndicate band feat. This CD is recommended as an excellent example of reggae-mento. Piano is a dominant instrument, harkening back to mento's pre-electric sound. The rhythm is bouncy reggae, influenced by mento's proto-reggae beat that came before. Stanley's rural voice, as well as the lyrics add to the country feel. The back cover reveals that instrumentation is provided by Sly and Robbie and familiar cohorts such as Tommy McCook. Better mento reggae Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman be hard to find. This set is not nearly as strong as "Brown Gal". It is not distinctly mento-reggae. Many tracks have a calypso influence, resulting in a less interesting compromise between reggae, calypso and mento. This CD can be found very inexpensively. It features liner notes that put Stanley into context with calypso and mento. This is a good collection of Stanley's singles, with liner notes that trace the success of his first single, "Wanted Man", the mixed success of his next six, and the monster hit "Soldering" that followed. This collection is clearly not mento-reggae, but reggae proper, replete with 12" disco mixes and guest DJs. But as is almost always the case with Stanley's recordings, there is a rural feel. Two tracks lean towards calypso rhythms. Other mento covers on this CD are less obvious from the song listing. It's actually "Maintenance" with some additional lyrics first. The Revolutionaries Sly and Robbie, Tommy McCook, and others provide the instrumentation which is primarily reggae more than mento-reggae. One track, "You Mother Never Know", has a calypso influence. There are two songs from the mento repertoire. There are also a couple of songs that Stanley recorded on other releases, such as "Soldering". These are different versions. Along the right and bottom are some random samples of Stanley's many singles. G ' S Records? Reggaemento Album 2 versions. Family Court 3 versions. Thomas Chicken 2 versions. GG's RecordsHit. Shakedown 2. Hop Records. Him Pon Top 2 versions. Logging in Remember me on this computer not recommended on public or shared computers. Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman Username or Password? Resend confirmation email. Not a free member yet? Here's what you're missing out on! Sign Up. A text message with your code has been sent to:. Didn't receive the code? Don't have your phone? Please contact support. Create a new Playlist. Otty's Promotion. BSI Records - Jamdown UK - Tamoki Wambesi. Angella Records - Sonic Sounds. Soul Jazz Records - Manum - Passage Productions - Blue Cat Records - Rocky Gibbs. Jumping With Mr. Prestige - Klik - Nighthawk - Lon inc. Lion Roots Vol. Treasure Isles - Lord Koos - Jammys Records - DATC - Snapper Music - Officer 06 - Dennis Walks - Mr. Sound Products Holland. United Artists - VP - Ujama - Esoldun - X. Tamoki Wambesi Dove. Phase One. Pressure Sounds - Studio One. Black Under Control - Various - Ibiza Annual 14 - X. Smugg Records - {/PARAGRAPH}


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