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No one has Dont Look Back In Anger - Oasis - Its Not Blur!! it yet, but someone is bound to. Charles then tells Adam that the whole county is talking about the fact that a woman is living with the two of them, and he tells Adam to get rid of her. Adam tells Charles to give him one more week, and Charles agrees.

He asks if Cathy's memory has come back and Adam says that it hasn't. They come The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden to the farm and greet Battle, Pt.1 / Battle, Pt.2 - Alex North - Cheyenne Autumn with the news.

Charles says congrats by calling Cathy a two-bit whore who will tear Adam to pieces. Adam tells Charles that they are going away.

In the bedroom, Cathy begs Adam to let her leave so as not to cause discord between the two brothers. Adam says that it's okay, because they are going to California.

But Cathy says that she doesn't want to go to California; Adam thinks this is nonsense and lets her know that California is awesome and they are going there anyway. Adam drags his cot into Cathy's room. Cathy tells him that she can't be a wife to him wink wink nudge nudge until she is well enough.

Adam says he'll wait. They have some tea, and Cathy exclaims that Adam has drunk the tea with her medicine in it on accident. Oops—Adam falls into drugged-up sleep. When Charles comes back home later that night and gets into bed, he opens his eyes to find Cathy standing over him.

She tells him to move over. Charles mentions that he's already been with a whore that night, but Cathy says that he can handle it. Charles just laughs and throws back his blanket for her.

This is a big freakin' deal, and people are doing that thing where they look back to the good ole' days and make them out to be better than they were. Oh—and here come the historians, all eager to sum up this past hundred years. Time for a crash Dont Know Which Way To Go - Eric Clapton - Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack Rush First there was the War of against the British, which the Americans totally won even though there was that whole thing about the White House getting burned down.

Then there was the Mexican-American Warwhich was like an uncomfortable picnic that resulted in 1 a lot of land and 2 the training of generals to kill each other in the Civil War. Speaking of which, next come all the arguments about why slavery is, like, totally legitimate and not evil ugh and boo. This leads to a lot of blood spillage. And then, after a postwar boom, we crash with an economic depression not the Great one—more likely the Panic of and the Long Depression.

The point being, the nineteenth century was actually a pretty rotten century as far as centuries go. But a little thing like that isn't going to stop people from looking back fondly, now, is it? But the narrator says that lately things have been worrying him. It seems that there is this idea of the group, or the mass, which is great and all but also dangerous. What does the narrator believe in? He believes in creativity. And creativity is the work of the individual. Now though, it seems like there are forces at work that use the group to declare war on individuality.

Not good, says the narrator. Individuality is the best, and he is willing to fight for it. Adam is so happy to be with Cathy and psyched to take her to California that he doesn't even listen to the fact that she doesn't want to go.

In his mind, Cathy is his vision of perfect. Adam sells his half of the farm to Charles for less than it is worth. When he leaves, Charles goes to the inn, gets drunk, and The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden all night crying in the arms of a prostitute. Then he goes back to working on his farm without any joy. The railroads have a lot of propaganda circulating in an effort to entice people to move out west. Adam is one of these attractable people, and he chooses the Salinas Valley.

Adam doesn't want to rush into buying any old piece of land, so he drives around inspecting soil. But Cathy doesn't seem to be doing so well. One night Adam leaves her at the hotel room because she is feeling ill, and when he returns she is near dead from blood loss. The doctor tells Adam to wait downstairs. He is furious at Cathy because she has just tried to give herself an abortion.

He finds the knitting needle she used on herself. The abortion didn't work, he tells her, and Cathy just eyes him coldly and doesn't speak. The doctor also says that if she loses the baby and he suspects foul play, then he will have her criminally charged abortion was illegal in those days.

Cathy's anger seemingly disappears and she tells the doctor a sob story about how she did it because epilepsy runs in her family. The doctor believes her.

On the way downstairs the doctor breaks the news to Adam that Cathy is pregnant. In his hunt for the perfect piece of land Adam starts setting his sights on the Bordoni ranch between San Lucas and King City.

It is what's left of a huge Spanish land grant, and it's the best part of it. The original adobe house is still there too, though My Brand New Nikes Made Me Do It - One Morning Left - Panda <3 Penguin Vol. 2 it's just a dilapidated barn. Even though Adam is super thorough in his appraisal of the land, the owner knows that Adam is going to buy it before even Adam does.

Adam keeps asking Cathy if she likes the place, but he doesn't actually listen to her answers. In his mind she loves it. One night while hanging out in the hotel lobby, Adam says that he is worried about water and wells. Someone mentions that he should go see Sam Hamilton. Adam comments on how desolate the Hamilton piece of land is, and Louis explains that it's the land that no one wanted because the Hamiltons couldn't afford anything else. It makes Adam feel bad that he doesn't have to live on land like that.

Before getting to the house, Louis turns to Adam and tells him that peoples's first impression of Samuel might be that he is full of ridiculous ideas, The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden that really he is a good man and a hard worker.

Basically, he tells Adam that just because he came from back east and has a lot of money doesn't mean that he's better than the Hamiltons.

They get up to the barn and Adam meets Sam. The men go into the shop to drink whiskey out of Liza's sight. Samuel tells them a story about how his son Tom recently invited two sisters to a school dance but, finding that his The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden brothers took all the other means of transportation, he had the brilliant idea to chain the family sofa to the hay rake.

Cool story, bro. But then they get down to business and talk about the Bordoni place and water. Samuel goes into a description of what the land is like deep down, and what it will be someday.

He knows all about the geology of the land, and has an idea about blowing through the clay layer with dynamite. But for all his hopeful talk of progress, Samuel also mentions a blackness on the valley, like some kind of violence—he doesn't know what it is, but he feels it.

Adam says that he needs to go back home to his pregnant wife. The next day he buys the Bordoni place. In those days, the country schools were the center of social life in the towns, and the teacher was a hot commodity. Samuel's daughters were classy and well-educated gals, and Olive Hamilton became a teacher. It was a darn difficult job that required her to deal with all levels and ages at once. She had to run pretty much everything, and she was constantly getting marriage proposals too.

But Olive, wanting to live in town, eventually married a rich mill owner in Cristina - Burning - Noches De Rock & Roll City. Oh, and also in those days, people were mistrustful of education. They thought that you needed just enough education to get by, but too much and you would get too big for your bootstraps.

Olive's theology was all over the place, and she dealt with life by refusing to The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden in anything that might be The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden or frustrating.

She also did things to cover all her bases like, when our narrator contracted pneumonia at age sixteen, go to all the denominations—Episcopalian, Catholic, Christian Science—to have them pray for her son. And for Olive, debt was the worst thing in the world, which meant that her family was always lagging behind their neighbors when it came to getting new household gadgets.

At first, when World War One breaks out, Olive refuses to really believe in it because it is too far away to concern her. But then when their neighbor Martin Hopps is killed in the war, Olive makes it Hausfrau - Parae - Meta Ambique mission to personally avenge his death by selling Liberty bonds.

She does such a good job at it that she wins the prize of a ride in an army airplane. Olive doesn't quite believe in airplanes either, but she can't say no, so she makes her will and prepares to The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden in a horrible plane crash.

So they all go to the racetrack and Olive gets suited and goggled up. The plane takes off, and not only does it fly around, but it also does a ton of crazy loops and tricks. After the plane lands, the pilot gets out and shakes his head at Olive's nerve. Olive, though, is rigid and stays in bed for two days. Eventually it comes out that while up in Move That Body - Various - Dance Club Vol.

2 air the pilot had asked Olive as a joke if she wanted him to do a stunt. Over the noise Olive had just heard stuckand she had automatically assumed that something was wrong and that they were going to die.

So she tried to be brave for the pilot's sake and just kept smiling and nodding her head so that he would be brave, too. Every time he asked if she wanted more, she would just nod. He spares no expense, plans on refitting the original house, and wants everything done slowly and perfectly because he envisions that his family will be permanently established there.

Adam isn't unique in this either, and people all over are looking forward to better futures. Everyone has all these optimistic visions of how—maybe even in their lifetime—there will be railroads everywhere, nice roads, and maybe even refrigeration. Samuel Hamilton wonders if all these great things will really bring anybody happiness. Adam is really darn happy with his situation and with Cathy, but Cathy is lying in wait.

She didn't want her pregnancy, and she is simply waiting it out because she has to. She plays the game and pretends to be interested when Adam talks about the land. In addition, she is suspicious of Lee, their Chinese cook, because she can't read his desires. So he sends Lee to bring Samuel over.

On the way, Lee and Samuel get to talking. When Samuel asks Lee how he can have such a strong accent even though he was born in the United States, Lee stops talking in pidgin and speaks impeccable English. He says that he speaks in pidgin because it is expected of him, and that people wouldn't Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra - Golden Saxophones a Chinese person speaking to them in perfect English.

Unlike Samuel, who though he was born in Ireland can be recognized as an American after a few years of living there, Lee will always be seen as a foreigner even though he went to the University of California. But in China he is just as much a foreigner too, so it just sucks to be him. Samuel then asks why Lee is content to be a servant. Lee answers that despite the reputation of a servant, it is a cushy and easy job with a lot of perks. As they near the Trask place, Lee takes up the pidgin again.

Adam dreams of planting alfalfa and raising cows. Samuel uses a divining rod to look for water; there appears to be a good deal of it on Adam's land. Adam wants wells, he wants them immediately, and he is willing to pay for them. So it looks like Samuel is hired. Adam wants his Eden now that he has an Eve. He tells Samuel the story of his life: his fearful relationship with Cyrus, his time killing Indians, his farm, his brother, and Cathy. Adam glorifies Cathy as the best thing to ever happen to him, and Samuel recognizes Adam's feeling of blind adoration.

He The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden Adam that as a good friend, he should show Adam that all of his dreams about a perfect life with Cathy are false and that he should go back to his old life and be glad about it. The same thing happened to Samuel once. But instead the two men go back to the house for dinner. Samuel sees Cathy from afar and comments on how beautiful she is. Samuel shivers when he looks at the coldness in Cathy's eyes, and tries to brush it off by joking about a goose walking over his grave.

But he feels tense around Cathy's silence. He looks at the way Adam stares lovingly at her and realizes that Adam does not notice it at all.

Something is wrong about the whole thing. Samuel eventually gives up when he realizes that neither Adam nor Cathy are listening to anything he says; he excuses himself and shivers again. On his way out he meets Lee, who asks when he is coming back. Samuel answers in a week or so, and then asks about what the heck just happened at dinner.

Lee claims a servant's ignorance, but before The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden leaves, he asks offhand if he happens to need a new cook. Cathy tells Adam that she doesn't want to be there and that she is going to leave as soon as she can, but Adam laughs at her silliness and tells her that she is homesick.

She'll love it after the baby is born, he promises. The narrator keeps referring to it as Welshrats. Samuel tries to pinpoint what exactly it is about Adam's situation that makes him uneasy. Is it jealousy? No—it's Cathy. Okay, so Cathy doesn't talk much. That's not so weird, right? But now Samuel thinks of a childhood memory. He was a boy in London with his father, and they accidentally came upon a public hanging.

His father tried to shield him from it, but Samuel remembers seeing the face The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden the condemned man. His eyes had no depth. Later Samuel and his father were in a pub talking about what had happened. Little Samuel asked his father what the man did and his father refused to answer, but said that it is a good thing that the man is dead.

But then, back in the present, Samuel thinks that he Tomorrow Night - Orchestra Sam Gold - Songs Of Charlie Rich have an overactive imagination. After all, how could there be a connection between a cold-blooded criminal and a mother-to-be?

He also mentions a few things about Cathy. Samuel tells Liza about Adam's plans for wells, and how he will need Tom and Joe to help him out; Liza is dead-set against Joe going because he is too delicate.

Four Walls - Mad Crowd Disease* - All Is Lost is bad news, but Samuel knows how to handle this sort of thing. He tells Haunted Heart - Joe Magnarelli - Persistence about the plans and Joe wants to help out, but Samuel absolutely refuses to let him come and tells him to take it up with his mother.

A few days later and Samuel, Tom, and Joe are headed over to the Trask place. Well, now he's wondering, since we can't really know what Cathy's motivations were or why she did the things she did. Cathy gets bigger and bigger with pregnancy, but only in her stomach.

The rest of her doesn't change. She also develops a weird craving for lime. The Hamilton men begin their work on the wells, and as summer turns to autumn, Adam's life is just as dandy as can be, with everything going his way.

Samuel's eyes light up when he comes to the conclusion that it must be a meteorite that hit when the valley was still an inland sea. As the three of them are talking, Lee comes galloping up to them.

Cathy has gone into labor and Samuel said that he would stand by, given his excellent track record with babies. Then Samuel asks how things are with Cathy. Lee doesn't say much, and just insists that Samuel see it for himself—he finally lets it slip that it seems more like a battle than a birth. When Samuel takes them down, Adam gets all protective of Cathy, The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden Samuel basically tells him to stay out of his way and go wait outside.

When Samuel has a look at Cathy, he sees murderous Abuse Pure - Sister Iodine - Helle in her eyes.

At first Cathy doesn't say anything to his questions, but as he gets shorter with her she puts on her act. Samuel fastens Liza's pulling rope to the foot posts of the bed.

Cathy has a contraction, but instead of screaming she just emits a few grunting squeals. As Cathy thrashes Samuel puts his hand gently on her forehead, where her scar is. She bites his hand and mangles it; afterwards she attributes this to the pain. The birth happens really quickly, and Samuel barely has time to give the baby to Lee it's a boy before he realizes that Cathy is actually having twins.

The second one is also over quickly. Cathy doesn't even use Liza's pulling The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden. Cathy's face is void of emotion. She tells Samuel that she doesn't want to see the boys, that she doesn't want them. Samuel tells Cathy point-blank that he doesn't like her you go, Samuelbut she just tells him to cover the windows and send Adam in. Telestar - Flo Livingston And The Satellites - In Dreams doesn't seem very interested in his two sons.

He goes into the room and Samuel can hear him nailing the blankets back up. In the kitchen, Samuel and Lee talk about what just happened while Lee attends to Samuel's hand. Samuel says that maybe all of his feelings of foreboding were right all along. Samuel knows how to test to see if he and Lee are just over-thinking it, and he sends Lee to go get Liza. Samuel goes to the bedroom and hears Cathy telling Adam to leave, but he insists on staying with her. Liza arrives early the next morning and sends Samuel to the doctor in King City for his hand.

He burns with a fever for three days while Tom feeds him chicken soup. She sees that Cathy won't be able to nurse the children. When Liza comes home, Samuel asks her about the babies and the Trasks. She doesn't like Cathy though she doesn't know why, and she can see that Adam is head over heels for her. Samuel says that if the two of them are incompetent, then who is going to take care of the infants? At which point Liza brings up Lee.

She proudly announces to Samuel that Lee is Presbyterian, and he is the one taking care The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden the boys. One morning Adam tries her door and finds it locked. He can hear her opening and closing drawers inside and assumes that she is putting her bureau in order.

Lee comes to Adam that afternoon and says The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden Cathy told him to go into King City to buy bottles. She also told him to take the weekend off and not come back until Monday.

Lee tries to find a reason to The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden but Adam sends him away. When Adam knocks on Cathy's door for supper she The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden standing in her travelling dress. She tells him that she is going away.

He Questionnaire Blues - B.B.

King - The Complete RPM-Kent Recording Box (CD, LP) believe what he's hearing, even though she had told him before. He's all what about the babiesand she tells him to throw them in a well. Adam shoves her back and locks her in her room in a panic. He hears her open and close a drawer and his immediate thought is that she is going to stay; from the other side of the door she sweet-talks him and apologizes. When Adam opens the door Cathy is pointing a gun at him. She shoots him in the shoulder, tosses the pistol on the floor, and walks out of the house.

Adam can hear the twins crying because he forgot to feed them. On the way he meets Julius Euskadi and brings him along. Adam looks like death incarnate propped up in bed. When Horace questions Adam about how he got shot, he answers that he was cleaning his gun and it accidentally went off. Horace gets the gun, looks at it, and traps Adam in his own lies. But Adam keeps insisting that it was an accident. Horace starts to lose his ambition to run for sheriff—he doesn't like the feeling of making people afraid of him.

He knows that Adam is lying but he can't get him to admit the truth. Then Horace starts asking about Adam's wife. Adam finally has to admit that she went away and he has no clue where she went. He doesn't even know what her name was before they were married, and he can barely describe her aside from the fact that she was The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden.

In the other room, Horace and Julius suspect that Adam killed his wife. Horace deputizes Julius while he goes to get the sheriff.

On his way out Julius mentions that the Hamiltons knew Mrs. Trask, and that maybe Horace should go see them as well. While getting breakfast he runs into Will Hamilton, who encourages him to run for sheriff. Then Horace goes to see the sheriff, whose job, the narrator mentions, is less about armed law enforcement and more about diplomatically keeping the peace. Horace fills the sheriff in on the details about what he suspects; he has a detailed description of Cathy now, thanks to the Hamiltons.

The sheriff tells Horace to have a drink—he's about to give him a talk. The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden sheriff talks about the row of whorehouses in Salinas down by the tracks. As a sheriff, he is on good terms with those houses because it means that he can keep an eye on things—plus, the people want them. Recently a woman named Faye came to the sheriff saying that she wanted to open up a new place.

Faye recently came to the deputy because she hired a new girl whom she can't figure out: she seems like she might be a runaway, but she's also a good whore, which makes Fay suspect that she isn't new to the trade.

So the sheriff went to have a look at her but could find nothing wrong or suspicious. Basically, the description that Horace has of Cathy matches the girl at the whorehouse.

Horace thinks of Adam's weeping face as he and the sheriff go to get some coffee. The sheriff tells Horace to keep his mouth shut about the whole thing. Samuel tries to shake him out of his stupor, but Adam doesn't care about anything.

So Samuel offers some advice instead: He tells Adam to act out being alive, and eventually it will come back to him. Samuel says that he will be back. Both are different faces of the same thing: entertainment.

In fact, the churches were usually a lot The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden raucous than the brothels. In Salinas, the brothels are past the railroad tracks.

Sometimes a group of rich and powerful men will pull up and the driver will go around the corner to wait. Then there are the Salinas madams. Jenny runs the fun, happy whorehouse, and the Nigger runs the one where you go if you want to cry in somebody's arms.

Faye doesn't pose any competition to the first two madams because she caters to a different crowd. She is big and maternal, and her house is for boys still in puberty and husbands with frigid wives. The girls at her house aren't allowed to swear or say lewd things, and she has them checked regularly for diseases. In short, Faye runs Arjuna - Inul Daratista - Separuh Nafas good business and is an upstanding citizen.

Kate tries to pull the pity-story wool over Faye's eyes but Faye still goes to the sheriff to have her checked out. Soon Kate has a slew of regular customers. Not only that, but she gets along with all the other girls in the house. And not only thatbut she even starts helping Faye out with managing the house. Kate basically becomes a second boss.

Accordingly, the building has taken its inspiration from plants, most noticeable in the form of Летят Перелетные Птицы - Владимир Пресняков (Старший) - Патефон Моего Отца soaring timber roof, which gives the building its distinctive shape.

It is derived from phyllotaxiswhich is the mathematical basis for nearly all plant growth; the "opposing spirals" found in many plants such as the seeds in a sunflower's head, pine cones and pineapples. The copper was obtained The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden traceable sources, and the Eden Project is working with Rio Tinto Group to explore the possibility of encouraging further traceable supply routes for metals, which would enable users to avoid metals mined unethically.

The services and acousticmechanical, and electrical engineering design was carried out by Buro Happold. The Core is also home to art exhibitions throughout the year. A permanent installation entitled Seedby Peter Randall-Pageoccupies the anteroom. Seed is a The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden70 tonne egg-shaped stone installation standing some 13 feet 4.

The Eden Project includes environmental education focusing on the interdependence of plants and people; plants are labelled with their medicinal uses. The massive amounts of water required to create the humid conditions of the Tropical Biome, and to serve the toilet facilities, are all sanitised rain water that would otherwise collect at the bottom of the quarry.

The only mains water used is for hand washing and for cooking. The complex also uses Green Tariff Electricity — the energy comes from one of the many wind turbines in Cornwall, The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden were among the first in Europe. The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden December the Eden Project received permission to build a geothermal electricity plant which will generate approx 4MWe, enough to supply Eden and about households.

First a well will be sunk nearly 3 miles 4. Funding has been secured and drilling is set to begin in summer The sun can provide massive solar power and the wind has been harnessed by humankind for thousands of years, but because both are intermittent Corrientes Tien Paye - Blas Martínez Riera - El Sabalaje battery technology cannot yet store all we need there The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden a gap.

We believe the answer lies beneath our feet in the heat underground that can be accessed by drilling technology that pumps water towards the centre of the Earth and brings it back up superheated to provide us with heat and electricity. Inthe Eden Project revealed its design for a new version of the project, The Bigger They Are - Eden (33) - Eden on the seafront in MorecambeLancashire.

There will be biomes shaped like mussels and a focus on the marine environment. There will also be reimagined lidos, gardens, performance spaces, immersive experiences and observatories.

Sincethe Project has hosted a series of musical performances, called the Eden Sessions. Oasis were also set to play in the summer ofbut the concert was postponed because Noel Gallagher was unable to perform after breaking three ribs in a stage invasion incident several weeks before.

The concert was instead played in the summer of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Visitor attraction in Cornwall in the United Kingdom.


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  1. If you just look at how big the Eden Project biomes are - they're not exceedingly large. Certainly under an hour's stroll to cover them both. I've taken a look at the plot and if you include the company/staff areas and approach roads, the total size of the Eden Project seems to be acres.
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  4. 42 reviews of Eden "Amazing Service! I was really disappointed in the service. I'd been through a couple of cleaning crews for our small office and was incredibly disappointed. I'd clearly communicated this to Eden and they were always nice and /5(39).
  5. Eden is a British pay television channel broadcasting factual content in the United Kingdom and Ireland as part of the UKTV network of channels. The channel originally launched on 8 March and relaunched in its current format on 27 January Owned by: UKTV, (BBC Studios).
  6. Geography of Eden Not rated yet If people will just take GOD at HIS Word they will know roughly where the Biblical Garden of Eden was; and it is not where other so-called scholars have The Biblical Garden of Eden Location Not rated yet I believe that the Biblical Garden of Eden was situated somewhere in .
  7. They are waiting for me somewhere beyond Eden / Rock: / My father, twenty-five, in the same suit / Of Genuine Irish Tweed, his terrier Jack / Still two years old and trembling at.
  8. 33 Eden St is a townhouse in Baltimore, MD This 1, square foot townhouse features 3 bedrooms and bathrooms. This property was built in Location: S Eden St, Baltimore, , MD.
  9. East of Eden Summary. Our first ill-fated family is the Trasks: there's Cyrus, a brief soldier for the Union who is obsessed with the army, and his two sons, Adam and Charles. Adam is the more beloved by his father, despite being softer, but Charles craves his father's love and doesn't get it—and on one occasion he takes his anger out on Adam.

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The Eden Project (Cornish: Edenva) is a popular visitor attraction in Cornwall, England, UK. Inside the two biomes are plants that are collected from many diverse climates and environments. The project is located in a reclaimed china clay pit, located 2 km ( mi) from the town of St Blazey and 5 km (3 mi) from the larger town of St alternative.adrierdredironcrusherkeswyn.infoinfoect: Nicholas Grimshaw. Sitemap Nice - Nebula (20) - Nice, Jigs - Noel McLoughlin - Contemporary And Traditional Irish Music, Im Looking Forward To Tomorrow - Eddie Hardin - Wind In The Willows - The Original Studio Productio, Resistance D Featuring Sophia Sands - Impression, Dolente Immagine Di Fille Mia (Sad Image Of My Phyllis) - José Carreras - The Essential José Carrera, Grave - Allegro Risoluto - Beethoven*, Von Lannoy*, Poulenc*, Quintessens, Jan Michiels - Kamermuzie, Cruelty - Gentle Assassins - They Knew Too Much, De Miami A La Habana - Various - Early Cuban Danzón Orchestras 1916-1920, The Down - DXM - Naive By DXM, Eastside Story - G Herbo - Strictly 4 My Fans

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