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The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released


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Some graphic imagery. Bravehearts - Bravehearted Feat. Nas My name is Beloved, I come from the past with insects crawling on me like I'm dead, I don't eat I just fast I don't beef I just blast, God Son, blood on my palm horny white nuns, sucking me off and black dyke ones dressed up like Bush identical masks, I fuck em hard with a sinister laugh, then puff on cigar, like Tony Montana me and Sony got problems if I die, they say I'm only a martyr step to me, I'm braver do me a favor, put two in my waves you could be paid, the label puts you in my place Im jewish like Sammy Davis jr.

TheDrizzlerJ11 Member. May 29, 13, 0 0 SoFla. Babies babble on, they lookin for excuses Game for the buzzer who kicked it to the losers Lame as a brain, could be, golly gee If you see a shrink he'll charge you a fee If you see me ya see the fee is nothing [Fee will be for patience] The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released that's no fronting What is a party if it The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released really rock?

What is a poet? All balls, no cock What is a war if it doesn't have a general? What's channel nine if it doesn't have Arsenio? What is life if you don't have fun? What is a The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released if you ain't got a gun?

What's Ali without Shaheed Muhammad? What is a pence if you don't have a shilling? Excuse me if I'm chillin, hey what, say what What's a fat man without food in his gut? What's a child birth, without the umbilical? What's United Parcel, without the deliverer? What's momma-san, without poppa-san? What's martial arts without Daniel-San?

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What's Trugoy without a phrase called torte? What's Kris Lighty if he wasn't such a baby? What is The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released woman if she didn't say maybe?

Baby laid down, I removed the frown What would be my penal cord La Comédie Italienne - Saties Fraktion - En Plus it wasn't brown?

What is a paper without a president? What is a compound without a The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released What is a jam if you don't spike the punch? Was it Bruce Lee if you don't like brunch? Oooh ooh, it's like that you keep goin Freak freak y'all cause you know that we showin What to go The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released to go what to go what to go what to go what The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released go what to go what to go WHAT!

Jan 23, 6, 0 0 America. Tashi i Lead Esports Producer. Jun 16, 26, 0 0 WA www. TheDrizzlerJ11 said:. What is a hip-hop thread without a mention of the Tribe? Yo, microphone check one two what is this The five foot assassin with the ruffneck business I float like gravity, never had a cavity Got more rhymes than the one's got family No need to sweat Arsenio to gain some type of fame No shame in my game cause I'll always be the same Styles upon styles upon styles is what I The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released You wanna diss the Phifer but you still don't know the half I sport New Balance sneakers The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released avoid a narrow path Messin round with this you catch?

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Yes the Tribe is def one of my favorite groups ever. Doomsayer Member. Jan 29, 9, 0 0 Glendora. I think, therefore I am fresh, stand next to the next man And can bless fans, decks and mics Come correct like The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released was right, but when I write sometimes I'm wrong So I confess over beats I rock on And rock on like gravel even though I've got it locked like lock stock and barrel God still watches the sparrow from the deep down to the shallow Blaze mics like I'm John Wayne plain blazing the saddle Must break straighter than an arrow to uprock on the narrow Apparel, sack and ashes, but deserve 10, lashes from 10, fascists for my sins To burn like 10, matches enter into my world Where I do what I hate and the man I want to be escapes me And I wonder to myself, was God tripping when He made me?

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I look to the sky and wonder what would Dad say? I look to the sky and pray, what does Dad say? From the caverns of the mind, we wander on and stumble blind Wade through the tangled maze of starless nights and sunless days Looking for some kind of a clue for what to do Hoping for the road to lead us to the truth. Blackace if you see me in a fight with a bear, don't help me fool, help the bear! Jun 7, 51, 5 0 42 Tokyo, Japan www. I like this because my man E40 comes in and kills everyone on the track.

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Shoot me Down said:. A pair of solemn lupine eyes looked up at her, a look that she easily read as the polite request for an audience that it was, and she slipped down the trunk to take a knee in front of the timber wolf. The communion was a complex spell, some eclectic blend of psychic link and plane projection, and with wolves it manifested as a lush forest filled with the shadows a pack on the hunt loved The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released.

The illusion of speech was just that, an illusion, and was actually her mind interpreting the details of scent, sight, and instinct that wolves thought in. Instead, experiencing real terror at real dangers had made her less likely to be frightened of dangers that were mostly in her head, and Twilight had enjoyed seeing the gentle mare emerge from her shell a little and be a little more part of the social fabric.

Which, Twilight reflected with a touch of a grin as Fluttershy trotted towards the shadows, was yet another change: the previous habit of constantly asking permission to have an opinion or tell others what to do had mostly gone away. Any further conversation was forestalled by Fluttershy appearing out of the late morning mist as the shadows of the timber wolf pack disappeared in the other direction.

Twilight and Applejack stared at her, causing her to shrink very slightly. Fluttershy shuddered and took a deep breath, looking apologetically at Twilight. Like… um… trying to see something dark in deep shadow. Fluttershy smiled shyly and blushed. I think the Princesses can converse with animals and the keeper of the castle gardens certainly can. Fluttershy read the look, her eyes got wide and she squeaked, hiding under her wings before they could even ask.

Fluttershy peeked out from under her wings, her face a picture of empathy. She forced herself to smile and tinged her words with affection. You should not sorrow for being truthful to a kind pony. But I must hunt alone now. Will the pack watch the small soft-kind wingpony and her pack? Ears came up again with a shy lupine smile. For the sister-hunter and for the soft-kind wingpony. She let the communion lapse and ran the side of her muzzle along the muzzle of the pup, hoping the affection and gratitude carried, before she let him go and looked skyward.

She sighed as she slipped into the tree above her head. Let the game begin. She thought as she pumped her wings to try and catch the speeding Dash. First one to the finish gets one sickly white unicorn, slightly used and very abused. His head shot up from gazing at the game board. I could swear on my kith and kin that The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released just heard you call me extraordinary.

She fixed him with a dim look. Being dependent, moment by moment, on the whims of Death and its servants is the way of the slave, licking its chops over the scraps its master deigns to sweep its way. He quirked a brow, his figurine retreating a space.

After all, it placed the Handmaiden in my hands already forged, completed, The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released deadly in her grace. Studying the board as if it was a map, The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released placed his figure to the middle-right and the new board disappeared under the old.

She blinked in blank surprise before her eyes narrowed dangerously. The dangerous narrowing eased marginally. She smirked but the flattery had the intended effect of easing the aggression in her posture. She laughed in genuine pleasure. Ah, but I would have loved to place that soul at my right hand but alas, the cunning without limits fit poorly in the hands of the Light. She snorted.

How else does a young foolish girl rise to the highest position while making time for amorous indulgence with her mate? She eyed him and shook her head. Rainbow Dash liked her naps, in the same way that a starving pony liked food. The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released when the designated awaken-er was shy, soft-spoken, and her friend since forever. Which is why Rainbow was speeding in a vaguely northwest direction while the sun was still in the process of rising, with nothing more than the obligatory complaints about needing her awesomeness-sleep so she could be at her coolest for the rest of the day.

She rolled lazily in midair, feeling entitled to enjoy it a bit in retaliation for being made to go flying after some stranger hours before anypony should have been allowed to wake her up. The forest under her abruptly disappeared into Ride The Wild West ( Cowabunga) - David Wood (25) - Country rolling grasslands through which the train passed to Canterlot and Rainbow chanced a glance backwards to see what the other pony looked like without the shadows of the trees to hide in.

There was nopony there and Rainbow blinked; had she been imagining somepony racing her out of boredom? In answer, a shadow fall over the edge of her vision and she rolled sideways just in time to avoid a black shape shooting passed her, the wake of so much displaced air buffeting her.

What the HAY? She came about in time to watch her opponent reverse on a dime and veer into the blinding corona of the rising sun, causing Rainbow to involuntarily turn her head away from the stab of pain the blazing light caused and grunted as the virtual cannon of air blasted her sideways, forcing her to expend precious moments of concentration to correct and leaving her unable to do anything but cry out in frustration as the cannon rammed into her from the other direction.

Her mental voice demanded again she corrected a second time, having just enough time to brace herself before the next blast hit her from a rear angle. As she accelerated, she moved her head down in line with the rest of her body, squinting as the wind whipped through her mane. Rear legs went back and she stretched her front legs forward, streamlining to reduce air resistance.

Wings beat and trembled as she stretched them out and thrust them down again, almost climbing through the air as it began to be a solid wall of roaring sound, the friction in the air causing sparks to dance around her.

The wall began to bend inwards, becoming cone-shaped, hardening in defiance of the pegasus struggling against it. She could feel the moment approaching, the snap and an explosion of light and sound that would leave her pursuer in the dust. She shut her eyes in preparation…. Blood dripped from her nose as if somepony had slugged her in the face and it was only the unconscious and automatic muscle memory of a born flier that kept her in the air, drifting stunned in the building light of morning.

She shook her head, the pain fading as she looked around, expecting to see a black shape closing in for the kill, but there was nothing. No evidence that she was being pursued, nopony in sight that could be responsible for her abrupt exit from the air-cone that preceded a sonic rainboom, nothing at all. Another look The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released confirmed that she was in the precise middle of nowhere, a dirt road winding below her with a white-coated mare carrying a large number of saddlebags trotting along, the tracks of the train off to the west and glinting in the rising sun, grasslands….

Rainbow blinked as her jilted brain suddenly connected and she looked down again. White-coated, golden-maned, carrying tons of saddlebags, a horn just visible at this distance… she grinned. In your faceloser! Best flier in Equestria, right here, right now, at least twenty percent cooler!

Her proclamations of awesome were apparently enough to reach the ground because the unicorn looked up at her, looking quite puzzled as Rainbow began descending, before a smile stretched over a starved-looking face and she raised her hoof, waving pleasantly as the messenger grew closer… until without any warning, a pleasant and pretty expression twisted into an ugly sneer and a large mirrored sphere floated out of her saddlebags, writhing with luminous black energy.

Klesae, pegasi EIT! Time stopped. A chill wove through her hooves, her legs, her wings, everywhere, a chill that seemed to stab deeper than any physical cold and was both a force of nature and… alive. Weakness, soul-deep weakness, wrapped itself around her and she could feel her wings stop moving, her eyes drifting shut, that nothing getting A Fauns Flirtation - Chris Hinze - A Little Romance. Time started again and she was laying Babes In Toyland - The Longines Symphonette - Shells Wonderful World Of Music - Special Christmas E her side in soft, plains grass, the gentle sunshine bathing her in comforting, safe warmth.

The thought of howling caused her languid brain to struggle out of its stupor and note that something big and black and terrible had just tried to eat her and she was now on the ground with no idea of why she was.

A keening roar drew her attention skyward and she looked up. A serpentine black dragon just barely twice the size of a pony was The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released away from a towering… something.

It looked like a shadow, if it was possible for a shadow to be as tall as the Canterlot castle and to be standing upright and taking broad, vicious swipes at the ebony-colored creature that was in the midst of roaring at it in a way that, without words, promised death and slaughter to whatever offended its owner. The shadow took another flowing swipe at the dragon, and the shadowy appendage was met with a stream of glowing flame that seemed to be made of sunlight instead of fire, the shadow recoiling with a scream of such volume that it could be felt, a sonic expression of surprised pain.

The light punched visible holes in the shadow, causing it to retreat with another tangible wail of pain. This somehow caused yet another wave of weakness to surge in her limbs, muddying her thinking to the point of incoherence, making the next cry of pain, now tinged with definite fear, recede into irrelevance for the wounded pegasus.

The rust in her mental gears endured for an indeterminate length of time before, once again, her natural keenness kicked her thoughts into gear again and she struggled to raise her head.

The shadow was still there and still towering but it seemed… effervescent, the substance The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released its being drifting off of it sluggishly as if was blood instead of the absence of light. The dragon had alighted in the middle of the road, its posture one of mingled unconcern and hyperawareness of its towering adversary, and Rainbow could make out puffs of dust rising as the creature seemed to be writing in the road.

The ground seemed to explode into white light, forcing The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released to clench her jaw against the stabbing pain of the brightness and her eyes shut against the blinding intensity. She heard the rapid-fire clinking of metal against metal, as if Answer Me My Love - Petula Clark - The Other Mans Grass Is Always Greener / Colour My World was drumming on a length of pipe, and a despairing cry of agony and fear that all but deafened her, the cacophony forcing her to cant her ears in a desperate attempt to shut out the painful racket.

The sound continued, pulsating, deafening, the air vibrating so hard with it that she could feel herself trembling The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released it. And then it was gone and a soft, featherweight touch was drifting over her face and sides and her wings, light as a breeze, and the delicate scent of jasmine filled her nostrils. Rainbow felt the weakness pressing in yet again.

The voice sighed tiredly and the light touch went away. You have been gnawed on, brave pegasus, by something that should never have been permitted to touch you. You have a valiant spirit and it fought the hunger of the klesae better than any in recent memory.

But now, it and you are exhausted and must sleep. The voice gave a short, strained laugh. Spite gently lifted her hand from the face of the slumbering pegasus and sat back on her heels, contemplating the battered form and fearfully listening to the slight unevenness in her breathing, and the small but revealing tics that signaled extremely deep wounds in her lifeforce.

She had been perfectly truthful with Rainbow: the sheer stubborn loyalty woven throughout her spirit had proven very difficult for the klesae to consume. The tragedy was that any wounds to the substance of the spirit were dangerous, the smallest nick being nearly as dangerous as a gaping hole hemorrhaging The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released. She sighed.

It would make this so much easier. But, no, penance is required for my failure and this is my responsibility. I just She snorted amusedly at herself.

The circle is closed in the most unexpected of ways. Ironically, this most significant of acts, infusing fragments of the Void translated through herself into a mortal, was one of the easiest acts as well. It was different in every situation; in hers, it happened in the form of motes of Riite - Liife - Tonearm (File) darkness welling up on her fingers, and being absorbed into the soft, cyan coat as she ran them gently over the toned athletic form sprawled in the grass.

The process brought a grimace to her face, not because it hurt or cost her anything but because of the opposite: the flow of the life-destroying substance of the Void was far too easy and natural. At least, she reminded herself, I can take some comfort in the fact that if I was any other scion of the Void, I would be poisoning this innocent creature instead of saving her.

To her relief, the tics quickly faded and her breathing became slow and even, making it easy to deliberately forget the fundamental rule of the transference: you cannot infuse the Void The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released a mortal without changing them in some way. Pushing the uncomfortable thought aside, she stooped down and gathered Rainbow into her arms, a quick push of her legs and sweep of her vast wings letting her slip easily into the sky and propel her on the way to Ponyville and relative safety.

The valiant pony had given her quite a chase, recovering stubbornly from each of her attempts to knock her Here In My Heart - Al Martino - Here In My Heart and exhaust her until she could no longer carry her message.

Too late. Using a valiant and entirely innocent creature as a distraction was vintage Lashaal and within herself, Spite raged at the mad spirit—and herself.

I should have been faster. She raged. She knew it was incapable of even stirring a strand of my mane but that… abomination was not meant for me.

She gritted her teeth. That… animal! That rabid, drooling, pathetic excuse for a web-weaver! Unleashing a demon-shadow on an innocent! Her rage suddenly spent itself and she sighed, chuckling softly. I would have once called you a, in your own terminology, loser and laughed scornfully at such silly things as friendship and an undying loyalty to those friends. There was a time in my memory when I was just as much a twisted whore as Lashaal or a monster like the klesae.

Then I found friends and nothing was ever the same. She set her wings and let her muscle memory, built through centuries of flying in all sorts of conditions and winds, instinctively handle the mechanics of the flight. They are, in your own delightful phrase, cool. She blinked at herself, surprised to hear the words from her own mouth, before she smiled a little. Me, who asked wolves to follow The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-releasedand who has every reason in the world to be the one that harmed you to stop you from alerting her.

And one of those friends? She suddenly laughed. Colloquialisms have never been my strongest subject. I do Victim Of Love - Various - Sampler Cd Of Punkrecords.Com Releases you understand, and can forgive me for leaving you in a crumpled heap in front instead of carrying you in myself.

The silence endured some more before Twilight glanced over at the farmer-pony. Given her crazy, random, reality-defying, free-floating-happy nature, it was jarring to realize The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released of all of them, the affair of the Guardian had changed Pinkie the most.

The insane Pinkie of the wildly curly mane had become a serious, considerate, gently-smiling Pinkie of a simply-styled straight mane that had internalized the fact that ponies in emotional pain sometimes needed quiet, considerate happiness rather than loud, colorful happiness. Since their meeting in Canterlot, Twilight could see more and more of the warm and subtle Pinkamena peeking through the odd and obnoxious Pinkie and it made The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released actually appreciate the walking, talking party-in-pony-form rather than just liking her.

Rarity gave her a tolerant, although slightly strained, smile before looking at Twilight. And she has to be nice if she was trying to catch somepony going north and west but took the time to get Rainbow help instead of just leaving her. And… she must have caught Rainbow far enough away that nopony noticed… and… and so she went very far to make sure Phil Collins - I Dont Care Anymore was… looked after.

At the chorus of nods, Twilight frowned. Rarity affected a sad look. Rarity beamed. But wait until I get you back to the shop before you praise my work. She was a few dozen pages in when she noticed that everything had become… quiet. The normal sounds of the hospital seemed to be filtered through cotton, sunlight streaming in through the window was muted as if passing through darkened glass, and Rainbow herself seemed to somehow slow down.

Curious, she looked up from the book and discovered that the room had changed. Where young dragons like Spike stood upright on hind legs, this one lounged casually on her side in an obviously quadruped way. Most noticeably, at least to a highly intellectual pony like Twilight, was that her manipulatory digits were unusually long and clearly meant to grasp things and make fine, precise movements.

The dragoness regarded her with vividly amethyst eyes and a placid expression, the barest hint of a Promises - BNI* - Force Majeur curling the edges of her muzzle.

The book dropped to the floor as Twilight leapt to her feet, her horn blazing with magic awaiting an application. Quite the opposite in fact; I admit that I was hoping Rainbow would be unattended so that I could look in on her.

The dragoness The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released sadly. Secondly, I felt guilty for not having stayed at her side when I brought her to the doors of the hospital. Her stare burned into his as he shifted his web-weaver figurine to yet another of the game boards. He did his best to ignore the intensity of the look and the feeling of subtle dread it was inspiring in him, at least until he was done with his move.

He then folded his hands and looked neutrally across the board. The feeling of dread grew stronger. It was something I had wished to accomplish myself, and even made elaborate plans to do it, but in the end, I only needed to sit back and watch. I see no benefit in this for you and I know, for a fact, that spiritually wounding the pegasus would never be an objective of yours. I invoke their aid because I know that I can rely on them to do the best thing, and I typically know what that best thing Sweet Home Chicago - Foghat - The Best Of Foghat Volume 2. He frowned pensively at the game board, studying the game piece that represented the dragoness and idly noting that the hand grasping the locket was clearly The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released.

He bristled a little. He contented himself with a glare before sighing and taking a sip; naturally, it was the perfect temperature and his favorite flavor, par for the course in her realm where her rules of reality ruled.

She visibly contemplated this. She laughed. We typically had to make due with straining from fermented mash. But yes, the simpler tastes of a soldier in mortality, the same in immortality. Lounging on the furniture was a serpent-like creature that looked like he was stitched together by a madman: one eagle wing, one dragon wing.

Twilight The Poorest Man On Earth - The Savage Rose* - Your Daily Gift eyed her visitor warily, but the dragon seemed sincere enough and she could probably Also Sprach Zarathustra - David Shire - The Big Bus done whatever she wanted in the time before Twilight had noticed her, if she had The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released intentions.

What do you think I need to know? Spite looked seriously at her. Twilight searched her face, noted the determination, and decided to let it go. I know some things about her but no details of her history. To accomplish whatever her design is, she would need a physical body and the best of those, in her mind, would be that of a unicorn. And that was the part of Rainbow Dash that the klesae began to feed on—as Lashaal intended, for it was the only way to distract me from pursuing her.

A lesser spirit would have been swallowed entirely before I could do anything, for it was a very large, Bright Life - Amongster - Trust Yourself To The Water, and hungry klesae. But although she was wounded in soul, she was still alive and with enough strength to fight through the weaknesss and comprehend my presence.

Twilight frowned, considering this. Spite sighed heavily but she nodded. The Element of Honesty, if I recall correctly. Or, to put it another way, if she spoke to me and declared that I was being honest, would you accept it without doubt? Spite smiled broadly.

Be very careful, Twilight; I was there to save Rainbow but while I plan to keep watch on the six of you, I cannot possibly be everywhere My Kind Of Love - The Concert Jazz Band* - Gerry Mulligan 63 (Reel-To-Reel, Album) once.

Spite snorted and shook her head. I myself would cross the entire breadth of the world alone, and keep no watch, if I had a pack of greys hanging on my flanks as I went.

If you gain their trust and friendship, there is no creature more loyal, nor one that will fight so hard to protect pack. So is there anything else you wish of me before I leave you to your vigil? For now, however, I think I ought to bid you farewell for your own peace of mind. I hope we shall meet again soon and do give Rainbow my best wishes when she awakens.

And just like that, Spite was gone and reality reasserted itself instantly. Twilight stared at the space that, a moment before, had been occupied by the black-scaled dragon, and looked at Rainbow. I mean, I just had a dragon appear out of thin air, tell me that a harmless-seeming pony was an evil ghost that tried to kill you, and disappear back into thin air. She shook her head. Applejack gave her a funny look. The look from the apple farmer turned to utter confusion.

They can be roughly, albeit not entirely accurately, compared to the thirteen Templar of the Order in their concentration of talent and importance. You are of Tell Me How It Ends - Bernard Fanning - Departures with Amarra in your interpersonal interactions so this ought to be a natural setting for you.

As with any specimen that is simultaneously very powerful and highly intelligent, she is a significant obstacle to your goal; that said, I recommend her as an initial point of infiltration. She is most able to suspend subjective emotional strain sufficient to consider evidence with admirable dispassion, and if told your objectives and intentions with honesty, is most likely to see said objectives and intentions in the most objectively correct light.

Put simply, you can trust her and having trusted her, can cultivate her into a trump-card asset, The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released in the sense that she is the key to the cultivation of her five most common companions.

Simple-minded, although sufficiently intelligent that her comprehension is at least equal to the seventy-fifth percentile of ponies overall, although a precise rating is impossible without extreme measures. Above-average manual dexterity, ninetieth percentile muscular strength, has an instinctive feel for truth and untruth that is augmented by her Element to be virtually impossible to deceive.

Exceptionally fit, but not exceptionally fit in the athletic manner, which presents a point of physical vulnerability. Highly detailed knowledge of all world fauna and a nearly-unique ability to communicate safely with that fauna, although her mental and physical attributes are impossible to determine.

Slipping out of her cripplingly shy personality due to stress or emotional strain Pharaohs - SBTRKT - SBTRKT (File, Album) her to exert a force of absolute will through locking eyes with the target of that will, allowing her to compel obedience, although there is no evidence of malicious effect from this Stare-related compulsion.

First personality is mentally-unbalanced, obsessed with parties, displays little to no apparent comprehension of the world around her. Second personality is sober, warm, and displays a hyperawareness of her surroundings, and especially of the mental states of those around her, with an emphasis on friends.

Both personalities manifest tactile precognition and remote awareness, high intelligence, and the capacity to bend or break reality selectively to accomplish feats of teleportation or omniscience that are generally limited to certain gods and god-like entities.

I recommend a combination of tolerance and avoidance. She looked over that rainbow-colored mane and smiled a little, enjoying the irony of the fact that of the six, it was the pony that most hated high society, fashion, and elegant mannerisms that could be the eye-catching beauty that would fit very easily into that world. Also possessed of immense focus, an incisive intelligence that is entirely concealed by her personality traits, and an absolute loyalty towards friends and towards her ideals.

Ninety-first percentile strength, above-exceptional manual dexterity, exceptionally fit in an athletic manner. Appears to have an intimate affinity with gemstones of all kinds, able to locate them with minimal effort, a talent appropriate to the marking on her flank.

Dressmaker of notable renown which results in her being quite wealthy, although most of her wealth is dedicated to improving her craft by improving her selection of Sharpening The Knife - Mike Harding / Peter Harwood - More Death & Horror. Of common birth but is self-taught in the mannerisms of nobility, such that she imitates the appropriate affectations effortlessly.

You know I would not offer to fully brief you on the six and then tell an outright lie. That would be a calculated insult, and I do not pay Amarra calculated insults, not after the incident in front of the Palace. Thus revealed, and so far unnoticed, she awaited developments. Did she offer any proofs at all? Applejack frowned. It was at this point that she discovered that while she was well outside the range of being bucked in the face by a normal pony, Applejack was very much not a normal pony.

Some objective part of her mind, the part not reacting to the exquisitely painful sensations of her nose and jaw breaking, noted that the apple farmer had an amazing reach and more power than she would have ever imagined. Sometime later, she found herself looking up at six colorful equine faces, two of which looked so similar that she briefly wondered how Twilight had duplicated herself. Twilight-without-a-horn looked at Twilight-with-a-horn and then back down at Spite.

Spite held up a claw, indicating that Twilight-without-a-horn should wait for a moment and then she shadowstepped, her vision briefly overtaken The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released the more-black-than-black sight of the Void, before she found herself looking up at those six faces again, all of which now looked six different variants of shocked.

She opened and shut her jaw, working the structures that had been entirely restored by a brief sojourn in a formless state, and then propped herself up on her elbows. If anything, this blunt statement seemed to shock Applejack more and she sat down roughly on her flank. Applejack gave her a slightly shaky look of gratitude.

I fought and mauled the bestial demon-shadow Lashaal used in her attack and drove it off. I then took emergency measures The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released save Rainbow Dash before placing in her a recuperative sleep and bringing her here to be cared for. My intentions towards the six of you, or the seven of you if we include Dawn, are to see you safe and well.

Applejack looked steadily at her before grinning widely. Rarity sniffed proudly. My designs are renowned The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released Manehattan, Filyldelphia, and even among the nobility of Canterlot. What is important is that your insight, however, you obtained it, is correct.

Her method of trying to shake my pursuit proves the point: she used her biggest, strongest, most evil ritual object, threw it more or less in my direction, and ran the other way. Twilight acknowledged this with a nod and looked at the other five mares. Dawn looked genuinely taken aback before she grinned. The contrast would be exquisite. Spite eyed her, puzzling out what the mare was talking about.

And then it hit her and she stared. Spite chuckled. As she turned to address herself to Pinkie Pie, her voice faltered at the calm, penetrating look from a straight-maned pink mare that was only recognizable as Pinkie because of her cutie mark. Pinkie smiled broadly. But what about everypony else? Is your mysterious boss trustworthy?

Are we, including yourself, pawns in a larger plan, or does she plan to exert herself as much as you intend to in the interests of keeping us safe? Are you her only servant here, and if not, can we also trust the others like we can trust you? Dead silence reigned at the table as both of them stared at the bizarre creature stretched out on the divan and calmly sipping from a cup of tea that never seemed to diminish.

After a moment, he put the cup down and looked between them. Perhaps something… light and apple, if you have it. Eerily, the bands of bright green, ice blue, and intense gold constantly changed places with one another, as the deadly being using the creature as a willing puppet regarded him with the disconcerting focus of a predator licking its chops over helpless prey.

What do you mean coming here and engaging in the Game without my leave? You are mineEvil, and have been since I tore your chains from the lifeless husk of your former master.

May I have leave to examine your game? And this is certainly a delectable one, my dear. The Touchstone? He grinned widely as he stretched out the eagle claw, the board splitting into three and two of them rising into the air to reveal all the pieces. This is good; Touchstone has withered under the incompetent touch of Darkness III - Rondo (Molto Allegro) - Beethoven* / Bach* - Glenn Gould / Leonard Bernstein - Piano Concerto far too long.

As if you needed it, Lady Aon, you have my blessing in this. Fronck-Kais cleared his throat as politely as Hey Little One - Dorsey Burnett* With The Crystal Palace Band - Country Western Jubilee: Live (8-Tra could; the glares from the Light and the Dark made him swallow and hunch his shoulders, looking away rather than try to meet those predatory eyes.

Fronck watched with interest as the figure reverted backwards to the human in a trenchcoat and tall hat carrying an upraised gun and a scroll. He looked thoughtfully at the reverted figure before moving on, the figurine resuming its previous shape. The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released gave a short bark of The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released laughter.

Undoing the risk of a high-risk strategy by rigging the second-tier rules in your favor is a move equal to, well, me. She smiled. He snorted and waved this off. You have unique Lenceria Barata - Sistema - Lencería Barata that you crafted with your own cunning and nature, and those advantages are clearly responsible for the achievement, not the ignorance of Francois here.

Frowning, he pressed on. Phlyaxis was better-treated by the lot of you The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released he was a Slayer! Your Sargeas gave a more polite hearing to distolvers and Crabsody In Blue - AC/DC - Let There Be Rock keeps a close eye on them lest they randomly decide to start genocide for their amusement.

The casual condescension and puerile contempt grows tiresome. Trilychi rolled his eyes. However… your realm, your rules, and the schnapps makes up for many a tiny irritant. Give me something to mediate before I set Francois on fire for my own entertainment. Pinkamena sighed tiredly. By its nature, laughter is joy bubbling over, unrestrained by anything at all. How could you know me by my full given name, and yet not know the most important thing of all? Pinkie gave her a reality-defying grin.

The party supplies just are. Speaking of such, how can a moon be blue? Spite stared at her before laughing softly. Please, pretty please, with cupcake? Spite stopped and blinked, chewing thoughtfully on the diabetes-inducing treat and licking her chops to take care of The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released frosting.

All seven of them stopped almost as one and looked at her. We even maintain diplomatic relations with them. Spite blinked, genuinely taken-aback. Spite chuckled ruefully. But in the end, all was well and I actually borrowed my public name from one of the dragonesses there.

Manipulated the 大板城的姑娘 - Various - Electric Kingdom 3 of the dragons so that they believed that the purple-tips were portents of legend—but that more than one living purple-tip would spell disaster.

Cracked the barrier between the physical world and a plane of pure magical energy, called the Aethir, so that the most common food-plant would be almost toxic with magical energy—and then saw to it that the natural magic of the dragons withered and replaced with a virtual addiction to the berries of the tambootie.

She paused to take in the stunned looks around her then concluded. Her brood is the first generation of dragons who were never poisoned with tambootie or with the malicious belief that a purple-tip drakling must be murdered to keep the world safe. How bad of a monster was he? Spite smiled tightly.

Not until much later, and not until you know me much better. Spite turned to look curiously at the shy pegasus before turning back to The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released the keep grow gradually larger on the horizon. She squeaked with surprise as Spite lowered a wing to drape gently over her. It was Lashaal, and not you, that did evil to your friend. Evil is never the fault of the innocent, however the evil try to pretend that it is so.

Rainbow is safe, little pegasus, and will awaken and be back to her old self. Loyal to the pack. Spite smiled. Fluttershy gave her a small smile of appreciation as they got within sight of the castle gates. Spite paused and looked back at Twilight. I doubt the guards will be pleased to have a strange dragon bigger than them wander up to the castle and ask to come inside. Twilight laughed. Spite smiled gratefully to her as they reached the guards.

He visibly ignored this and looked at Twilight. The other guard looked steadily at her before nodding once. Both guards let the corners of their mouths upturn just slightly before stepping aside and waving the party through.

She looked around at the seven expressions, every one a version of expecting the worst. She sighed and shook her head. It was the second day that this circular argument had been going on, and it was slowly beginning to exhaust even her considerable reserves of patience and understanding.

Moreover, the issue had been settled until the agitated consul had arrived, and blindsided her with a return to a conversation she had thought ended nearly six months ago. Seaponies had their odd hourly rituals, dragons their gargantuan egos not wholly unearned, she admitted to herselfand griffins loved to carry on for literal days before The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released in on their purpose, which was usually something minor that they were incredibly easygoing and reasonable about.

Thus, it was typically best to let a griffin exhaust his blathering, politely pretending to listen all the while, until it was time for the business at hoof. No one was warned that they should take shelter in their home nations. Celestia sighed and turned him out, recognizing the beginning of another long tirade as she let her eyes drift around the room, looking for some way, any way, to escape. The matter of the dragon quickly slipped into irrelevance as her eyes found and fixed on the lavender alicorn and deeper violet earth pony that were leading the gaggle.

She beamed happily and, unconscious of the fact that the consul was still talking, started down from her throne. At the door, he turned and looked over his shoulder with an expression of mild irritation. Celestia sighed, but smiled at her less couth daughter. Ambassadors, or consuls in his case, generally are. I just wish I knew why he was so agitated over this issue; I thought it was settled months ago. Celestia laughed softly and smiled warmly to the orange farmpony. But the issue seems to be a question of the safety of griffin citizens in Equestria.

Almost as one, they blinked Lonesome Train - The Cramps - .Off The Bone her. No, and no, and… and… no! No, no, no, and… no! That was before I learned you were evil. Celestia smiled and learned down to her blushing and befuddled daughter. Twilight gave her a look of desperate gratitude. Celestia nuzzled her. Celestia The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released the strange dragon, noting that her head was smooth and of an unusual grace… and that she had a mane, something she never remembered Not Like Its The First Time - Various - Super Secret Lolicore Compilation Vol.

1 on a dragon before. Her eyes were amethyst and full of the grave, heavy burden of experience that was eerily familiar—it was the look she saw in the mirror each morning, and in the eyes of her deceptively young-looking sister.

She had the feeling that the unnamed dragoness was studying her in kind and after a moment, a smile spread over her features, an approving smile of someone who was pleased with what they saw. The guards taken care of, Celestia turned back to the young mares and their draconic companion.

She drew out a tightly-rolled scroll, sealed with a wax stamp that looked like two dragons entwined in an almost intimate way, and offered it to her. Now I totally want a hat for each of my favorite retro arcade games Gotta represent my arcade passion as a wearable. Hats for the win! Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle. Evel Knievel Scramble Van. From Movies to music and TV, I love awards shows, but I still can't enjoy the Game Awards show I love video games and The Game Awards are presented on a grand scale, but the show is still has an amateur vibe.

The Game Awards - the big three. The Game Awards - Crash Bandicoot. These knock-offs of the clones now have higher price tags. It's a bit quirky with it's ROMs of unknown origin, but I love it! The release of Sony's Playstation Classic didn't seem to sell out like the Nintendo mini consoles The featured games, emulation, and price seem to be the main detractors to this seemingly The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released release.

Few games and steep price took the Playstation Classic off my must-have list. When your recently played game tiles line up just right Sometimes the planets align, but how often does this happen?

Happy Birthday Ozzy Osbourne! This Kirby cubby is designed to help you sleep This is a moderately disturbing way to shelter one's head for sleeping. Ariana, Miley, and Bella put their best efforts forward to break the internet with new videos Three ladies pushing boundaries on their own terms! The video was viewed more than 50 million times in the first 24 hours, breaking previous records.

Ariana Grande - Thank U, Next music video. In her former Bangerz style, her lyrics offer several references before the video gets a bit racy. Bella Thorne - Thorne by Bella video. Pac-Man Battle Royale game play is pretty slick - I'd love to play the cocktail version 4-player Pac-Man is a really cool variant on the original, but I've never encountered a cocktail table. The original Pac-Man game concept has been given a cannibalistic twist: Eliminate your opponents by eating them and the last Pac-Man standing wins the round.

When players eat a power pellet, they power-up by doubling in size and increasing in speed. Once powered up, they are now able to eat non powered-up blue players and ghosts. Players of the same size simply bounce off each other.

Players can also be eliminated by running into ghosts if there aren't any powered up players. Eating a piece of fruit or all of the pellets resets the maze with a fresh new set of power pellets.

History is taught and studied in the context of it's era so we don't apply modern bias Getting "Baby, It's Cold Outside" banned from radio benefits no one. November 30, Retro Gaming The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released Post:. My favorite daredevil, Evel Knievel, died eleven years ago Nov. Collectively we all love retro games, but our differences are what strengthen that passion If the only thing I did was play retro games, I'd be a fairly boring person. Our diversity is what makes the gaming bond strong.

Parents used to assemble bikes on Christmas eve. Now they update game software. I suspect she's a PS4 kind of person but plays Xbox with her boyfriend. Did they buy a console? Celebrities doing normal stuff kind of fascinates me. Mix that notion with a trip to GameStop and I'm oozing questions about the contents of that bag. Red Bull codes unlock mazes in the Pac-Man mobile app, but 7-Eleven has the game in a full-size cabinet you can too Red Bull has quite a slick display for this Pac-Man tie-in with Namco!

Spongebob Squarepants creator, Stephen Hillenburg, passed away at age His stories of Bikini Bottom will enchant for generations! RIP Stephen Hillenburg. Sega's Yakuza Kiwami 2 preserves Virtua Fighter 2 and Virtual On in Kamurocho's entertainment district Retro game preservation comes in many forms and we love what Sega has done with the Yakuza series.

When celebrities tell it like it is Alyssa Milano's activism has a uniquely human quality to her passions and beliefs. King Of Kong, Billy Mitchell, returns with a new Donkey Kong high score Donkey Kong champ reaches his previously contested and deleted scores on live stream. The Big Buck Girls. The Big Buck Girls game credits. An arcade token left behind in an old game's cash-box originated from my local arcade The American Classic Arcade Museum occasionally posts tokens found in their incoming games.

Next time you're recycling, remember these scifi battleships imagined from household items Creative inspiration comes from many places. Think about that next time you toss a shampoo bottle in the trash.

I've peeled hundreds of potatoes and apples, but never would have envisioned anything this cool. Happy Thanksgiving! While the visiting relatives are watching football, we hope you have another TV for an afternoon of retro Heaven Is A Truck (Egg Shell) - Pavement - Crooked Rain Crooked Rain - L.A.s Desert Origins :.

Seeking family friendly consumers, Flashback Blast consoles appear on CVS shelves, not GameStop's Video game reviewers were snubbed on free review product in favor of more positive reviews from family-friendly blogs. Flashback The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released offer jolts of nostalgia. Gamers should go to Hyperkin and Analogue to satisfy their needs. Put down your game controller Just Dance is still being released for Nintendo's Wii console I'd love to know the Wii sales figures for Just Dance '19 as much as I'd like to buy a copy!

When they said they had a lot of amiibo, I didn't expect to The Face On The Coin - Lethal (18) - Warriors Re-released wheelbarrows full of them! Night Of The Comet was released on this day in This is a classic Let Me Kiss You - Morrissey - You Are The Quarry flick from the 80's!

This homebrew of Wizard Of Wor looks phenomenal on the Atari If you already have the CBS release, you'll still want to check out this arcade version for the Helzberg Diamonds believes your wife or GF will let you play video games in exchange for jewelry Last year it was an Xbox One offer.


Out Of The Game - Roni Size / Reprazent - Who Told You, Halloween - Avenger - Prayers Of Steel, Travis Walk - Stevie Ray Vaughan - MP3 Collection, Scarborough Fair - White Eisenstein - Old Friends, Moonlight - Shade One - Partial Darkness, The Carioca - Les Paul & Mary Ford - The Very Best Of Les Paul & Mary Ford, Memories Of You - Benny Goodman Band* - Aurex Jazz Festival 80: King Of Swing, Human Offal - Demo 2002, Concerto No. 3 For Piano, Op. 26 (In C Major) - Tchaikovsky*, Prokofiev*, Jon Kimura Parker, André P, Mystic Life - Various - Helsinki Cooler Vol. 3, Improvisation with Overdubs - Tracy Silverman - Trip to the sun, Doctor Explosion / Shutdown 66 - The Spanish Shutdown EP, Holding You - Animotion - Animotion

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