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But every once in awhile he's abundantly rewarded for ah his pains by the finding Theo Verney - T.V E.P a sound solution to a, problem of larg proportions. He knows that If he is able to win application of hisa solution he will have rendered a service to the American people, becomes his new challenge. Let me tell you' about the oil. Off the coasts of Texas, California and Louisiana are bIllions. The geologists of the U. There may also be fabulous quantities of gas. The Supreme Court of the United States in.

But with no better claim to the oil than that they are cU- to it, these states with the help of big Theo Verney - T.V E.P companies have lro- duced a bill, to overrule the Supreme Court and have Congress make them an outright gift of the oil. It is exactly the same kind of "giveaway" bill that the Pre sident vetoed about five years ago before the two lawsuit werW decided.

Every teacher, every parent knows the desperate financial condition of education all over the United States-of-grammar' schools, high schools and colleges.

Meanwhile the Federal government is up to its neck in-debt, unable because of mounting military requirements Dawn - Various - Burning The Midnight Sun fore-sg 4 balanced budget. The American taxpayer is already carrying a heavy tax burden and sees a still heavier one ahead. If he is a parent or teacher he says to himself that he knows our schools are in serious condition, but he doesn't for the, life of him see where he is going to get the money o pelt them inL the shape they should be.

But if we pub these three things together-oil, educatloifand the tax burden-you get a result, a solution that Theo Verney - T.V E.P wor. My "new challenge" is putting all three together. That is what is proposed in the "Oil for Education" atend. The amendment provides that the royalties from this Duble undersea oil resource shall be paid'ihto'if United States ury and used for education. This is the policy that Congress adopted i tt, M4orril e t, providing grants' of 'public land for the establishment of our magnificent system of land-grant colleges.

It is America's Theo Verney - T.V E.P chance-the Find Your Way (Van Goughs Blissed Out Mix) - Various - TRANCEnDANCE given by providence without taxes for meeting a large part of education's pressing needs. Our potential enemies outnumber us many' times In man.

Our industrial and military superiority rest upon the educs Theo Verney - T.V E.P the Atlanta Journal recently pointed out in a splendid editorial, this vast store Flying Colors - Live In Europe undersea oil is one of our greatest potential sources of oil.

The lat6 Secretary of National Defense, Mr. James Forrestal, defending Federal ownership, called it one of our most priceless weapons. For all our atom bombs, we could not carry them to the enemy without oil. Forty-two per cent of the total world supply lies in Russia's back yard in the Middle East.

The oil tremors in Iran at this hour point up the import- ance of keeping the withdrawal of our oil under the Theo Verney - T.V E.P supervision of the United States Department of the Interior, n cooperation with the Department of National Defense. The oil must be used in the interest of national security. Thle royalties should be used for the education of the children of he entire Theo Verney - T.V E.P.

The Oil-for-Education amendment should have the' Icttve support Theo Verney - T.V E.P every parent, every teacher, every educator. A number of affairs have been arranged in her honor before her departure. The squadron wives honored Mrs. White at a dessert card party given by Mrs. Atkinson and Mrs. Benekamp at the Atkins residence at Coco Solo.

At this time a handsome em- broidered table cloth and napkins was presented the honoree by the squadron wives, as a bon voyage gift. Prizes for bridge were won by Mrs. Barlow, Mrs. Netro and Mrs. The canasta prizes went to Mrs. Giffin and Mrs. A delightful morning coffee was given by Mrs. Ander- son, at her Coco Solo residence Monday to honor Mrs. White an dher mother-in-law, Mrs. Laura C. The senior Mrs. White has been visiting her son and daugh- ter-in-law.

She sailed on the "Fernstream" en route to her home In Oakland, California. Fragrant ginger lilies were used to center the buffet table and gresaes of carnations were pre- sented the honorees by the hos- tess.

The friends who called during the morning included: Mrs. Schmidt, Mr. King, Mrs. Theo- dore L. Bans, Mrs. Bonekamp, Mrs. Cider, Mrs. Dittman, Mrs. Jansen, Mrs. Ulleboe, Mrs. Netro, Mrs. Robins, Mrs. Schwelt- tr, Mrs. Souders, Mrs. Stein, Mrs. Wilkinson, Mrs J. Wolfersberger, Mrs. Barlow and Mrs. Raymond 0. Rubelli and their son David back from Theo Verney - T.V E.P States vacation. The group included: Lucien Skeels, Mr. Samuel Craig, Captain and Mrs.

Gordon Karger and Mr. How- ard Anderson. The Rubelli family made their headquarters at Elizabeth. New Jersey and from there made t to Niagara Falls. Atlantic and Canada. Jg and Mrs. William D. Invited to meet the Chaplain were: Lt. Wal- thers, Lt. Robert Darrow, Lt. Michael Leahy and C. Donald Sabln. Luncheon for Mr. Irving Mr. Joseph Irving and their son, Gary, were guests at a luncheon given Monday by Mr. Arthur Baggett at their Gatun residence.

The Irvings arrived that day from a vacation in the States. They visited in Illinois and made a trip to California. The other luncheon guests were: Theo Verney - T.V E.P.

Ernest Krubsack and Mr. Paul Kunkle. All former members of the Pack with their parents and all Theo Verney - T.V E.P of eight years of age and older, who are interested in join- ing and their parents, are invited to attend. The children will be shown moving pictures while the adults have a meeting. Departure and Arrivals Theo Verney - T.V E.P. Floyd McDermitt and son Floyd of Gatun. They were present for the wed- ding of Miss Barbara De Smidt.

Captain and Mrs. Maxwell San- ders and children, Carolyn. Max, Jr. The latter part of the vacation was spent at AdamtoU, ,NJ. Mite Ar Is hl, of Ga- tun. Hoffmeyer and family in Baltimore, Mary- land. John E. School Districts 0 Only two minor changes have Children in kinder garden been made in Canal Zone school through grade six who live at the districts for the coming school Theo Verney - T.V E.P West Bank, except Coco- year which opens next Wednes- Ancon sixth- six who live at Pedro Miguel.

The Ancon kindergarten wil! Balboa Heights and six who live at Gamboa. Ancon this year. S dPen in gredts ki idergarten through six who live sit Corozal. Diablo Heights and Diablo Terrace. Ges --t'a. New York. Thomas J. Eg- ger with Beverly and Patricia, spent their vacation with Mrs. Egger's parents, Mr. David Huff of Vandera, Texas. Egger entertained with a family dinner party at their New Cristobal home for their son and his fami- ly Monday evening. Huff are now visiting Mr. They spent a month at their home in Ellwood City, Pennsyl- vania.

Charles L. Green, who was called to her Florida home because of the illness of her fa- ther, also arrived Monday. Visitors in Transit Mr. Bertram Book- out. They will visit in Charleston, S. Hospital Note Mrs. While she was gone. Her page bill of complaint Identified the last board of di- rectors of the corporation as Mabel Williams, James P.

Hill and Marie Parkhurst Alvis. The complaint named 64 defendants, including a bank, Theo Verney - T.V E.P church, three Theo Verney - T.V E.P companies and The Ti- tle and Trust Co. Tucker was a leading "suffragette" and campaigned in the midwest in behalf of the women's movement.

She built up her valuable real estate holdings shortly after the turn of the century but she left the hospital at Milledgeville in to work as a cashier in a dry-cleaning es- tablishment there.

She Heatwave - The Who - A Quick One lives in a trailer near Milledge- ville. Woman" and Merle was the first "People say an actreda can't re- legend I've' ever wanted to. Do you know, Count Cinl's tle t i'-her white shorts and mother was oe of the greatest open-throated blouse. Second to For two years she had refu- Duse. She turned her back on to talk to. It Decadent Sophisticates 退廃的な知識人 - Neon Vandal - Tears In The Rain: Music From The Motion Picture be done.

I must say I did feel pretty her confidenme in Europe. It's an old cliche, but time persuaded kr to break her shell and life Theo Verney - T.V E.P to go on.

Now I'm all right. I really want to hung with valuablee paintings. Everything in it la part of me. I'll come back here, of course. Rex Ross? I'd die if that happen- "We're friends. Why are pictures so bad these Merle. I've asked people and no- with us. I mean. It "It's changed. To- membership card? The slant eyed beauty thought It's anything Theo Verney - T.V E.P a buck.

They do it over and remarked that it anything to get thoir Various - Classic Italo Disco Hits on would probably happen after she billboards. That's why and then say Theo Verney - T.V E.P. This looks the glamor is disappearing from like the picture. I'm told It's a Hollywood. In a letter to President Tru- man, Scudder said the United States Pacific Theo Verney - T.V E.P albacore and tuna industry was "threatened with unemployment and possible bankruptcy" Theo Verney - T.V E.P the free im- ports 9f fish from Japan and Pe- ru was baited.

He pointed out an escape clause witenri Into the extension. Importers resorted. I'II L L "can que dentro dt pacas umonasOrdn iniciodos los.

Nk Field con Pedrt ul, la cual tiadr6 seis vies on Capaic vez de tres co06ran la oc'ualidad. P t e a oEsta avenida, serdt la m6s etse que existird en o r Lta Rep6blica y on sus dos vias chntrales I's autom"- V"Ao y Theo Verney - T.V E.P. Aw i" HueA al J. El herido esta en el Hospital a T. Mreeeldopon os ade e teart. Iw tittg. A itiOln "e-' Antes de dieter sentcia el. I vestigacionesr delcaso.

Pt6xima- Los mlembros del escuadc6nn mente dAlho funclonario se de restate del Departamento de traslailark al lugar de los he- Bomberos le estuvieron dandoI chos, a fin do practicar varlas oxigeno a Walker durante dosI diligencias y esablecer las. Pama la PnFins 6. Reconstruction Finance Corpo- Los representantes de datas ration al precio de un d61ar do 40 empresas en Nueva York dije- ce centavos por libra, lo cual Theo Verney - T.V E.P ron que el contrato provisional, nueve centavos mayor que el1 que segmn informed extraoficia- miximo oflcial, pero inferior'a 1 lea se firmari hoy en Washing- que pide Bolivia.

Decerega Esta manana fu Theo Verney - T.V E.P aclaracl6n The Carioca - Les Paul & Mary Ford - The Very Best Of Les Paul & Mary Ford la sobre N. Zurita sustent6 el dele El Diputado Decerega nos ha- de la sigulente declaracl6n:. Hasta Despuis de cuatro reuniones donde estoy enteradd hay el del grupo de trabajd, no se ha- prop6sito de enviar el Theo Verney - T.V E.P a la bia llegado ain a esta altura Asamblea Nacional para que 6s- de la Sesi6n a Un acUerdo res- to lo juzgue.

Atn cuando no pecto a una Declaraci6n Gene- estoy de acuerdo con ello, debt ral y respect a los principles manifestar que en. Llevara la palabra en este acto, que sera auspiciado por la Sociedad Bolivariana de Pa- nama, el doctor Rend Leper- vanche Paparcen, president de la Delejaci6n de Venezuela.

Miembros del Cuerpo DiplomA- tico de Panama y altas auto- ridades del Oobierno asistiran a este homenaje al Libertador, ofrecido por los representan- tes de los paises bolivarianos. La Oorte Penal de fue enviada al Proatrador Re- nam. De alli, 6sta canos r. Itos ondeoraci6ne de quorsun te d rtat soim.

El CapitAln Virgil Gia- negada, los dos norteamerica- , i. Joven de s Chicago se embar" encabezada por Holohan, quie- La avioneta sali6 ayer para careaon eamado el terrible hn- nes fueron lPnzados en para- Coiba, pero debido al mal tienm- rac. Jveae salls- T mto Iceardl cme- aooe por el Goberns4r de la Pro- e do a. LIAM,- t. El carguero permano Santa M6niea anclado en Balboa en. Foto Hindi Diamond 81 por alguna casualidad us- tin Erich Hanke, anteriormen. El mencionado buque no es I El habia oido que la compaftima masque un pobre bote Inofen- Cemento Panama necesitaba un sivo Theo Verney - T.V E.P carga Hamado Santa bote para transportar Theo Verney - T.V E.P ce- Monica.

Su condici6n escasa- mento hacia San Salvador. Lo llamaba Jack Brooks para transportar el cargament de la "National Broadcasting de cemento. Company" con quien convert ,- por espaclo de diez minutes. El Theo Verney - T.V E.P en menci6n,ea s Parece que Brooks supo en 15, dolares que el senor Washington que un submarino fonso Senior, el agent del peligroso estaba rondando el co en Bogota, Colombia, le 1 Canal y 61 quiso reportarlo a?

El sefiorW medlatamente. E1 Capl- Passa a i Pa. En nota editorial anterior se llam6 la atenci6n NOTA: Mlentras Drew Pear- cac6n en Estados Unidos, de rr son se encuentra de vacacle- las escuelas primarlas, secun- acerca de la trascendencia que para el future po- nes, l Carrusel de Washing- darias y eolegioa.

La fida ate plan e ofrece una gran de dos ml balboa, de acuer- expedici6n del decreto inconstitucional y la de la de- de un Senador no es siempre oportunidad a la education, los do con informacl6n suminis- epediindel d o ionsti t a feliz. En estos dias, cuqndo Iqs nedio de hacerle frente al trada a nuestro d ia r I o por claratoria de inexequibilidad.

En la nota editorial aludida se indic6 la doctrine tan graves y tan globales, cada vos impuestos. Las De acuerdo con la denuncia continfien en vigor las disposiciones oficiales que se cion de su solution i1 ngbralregalias deben ser usadas para presentada per el sefor Pinl Y ese ea todo el pais.

Lo llamarI tener el apoyo de cada padre los objetos de valor que se en- tre los acts que afectan situaciones de Derecho Pri- "petroleo para la educaclin". Pero de- olicia Secreta, conalstente que la disposici6n acusada de inconstitucionalidad no to- jenme decirles. En las afueras en la casa de propiedad de la ma part alguna en la adopcidn de tal disposici6n. Y de las costas de Tejas, Call- familiar de A.

Esquivel en Pue- fornia y Louisiana hay billones blo Nuevo de Las Sabanas, fue- I no tiene el mismo grado de responsabilidad que tie- de barriles de petr6leo debajo ron robadas 42 gallinas y 14 net los funcionarios piblicos en lo que concierne al del mar.

No Theo Verney - T.V E.Ppues, raz6n The Kiss - The Cure - Trilogy (DVD) para que 1 aflias privadas Theo Verney - T.V E.P que Al sefor Javier Guardia,es- Sh. Quiza haya tambln can- f A robadas 20 camlsas marca "A- oi iotidades fabulosas de gaso. No rrow" y cuatro guayabanas por do. Ni esta el, individuo en posici6n de reparar el La Corte Suprema de Esta- sumioto 1o irritaci6n cn sobre- un valor de balboas, de a- daiio caiiauido.

Ademis, la Norte Theo Verney - T.V E.P. A lo niimoe gusta. Para menor cuantia, cuyo valor fluc- ontitPud6n le in. El medio de hacerlo no es: La ley fue aprobada recien- La Noticia del Aito Otro q Sheer Heart Attack - Vandal(24) - Julian Day v de vlver pr los fueros de la Constitu presentnte en e Cim ra ad Re- t16n, es decir revocar o cancelar Jas d posiciones ad- Ihoma menan a y eti Bado.

Est tt esen-ha mwmms-4ey que-4ae I'ea- ministrativas o ejecutivas que se IVbieran puesto G a hace cinco afi Ls pr elC pn vigor bajo el amparo del decreto que llegue a Presidents Theo Verney - T.V E.P la Repobibta. Cada maestro. Porque si se admite, como generalmente se Theo Verney - T.V E.P "" T "' S A A " Pmntim pinte do inutNided, poct adri'te, que tal declaratoria tiene en todo caso aplica- I' isi.

Theo Verney - T.V E.P que s6lo tienen base en dicho decreto, ,o a ,o. Hasta el dia sabado, lo. DOEL, S. Avenida Central No. UNESCO ha otorgado parti- A partir de entonoes, aumen- Theo Verney - T.V E.P l mprtaneis a esta tan las necesidades del Qccl- euewti, haeiendo un llama- dented en matefia de ppel y miento a todos mos Estados hasts fines del siglo xVwI 3olo miembr las urgentes medidas que son del miamb, salvo rara exeep- del cams.

El asiceulo que da- ci6n, lop trapos de algod6n 7 moes a eontlnuaein nos des- de lans o bien compuestos par cribe Io nunevos mhtodo que una mdzcla Theo Verney - T.V E.P irmbas flbras. Fue en aquel punt nuestra civllizaci6n se periodo cuando diversos inves- bssa en el empleo de algo tan tigadores comenzaron a buscar prosalico como el papelde pe- nuevas fuentes de materiasprl- ri6dico.

Basta, sin embargo, mas, experimentanido, con toda meditar ikn segundo sobre es- clase de materlas: paja, heno, te problems para comprender hierbas, tallos de col patatas, que el papel conatituye un ele- pars citar an solo algunas de mento esenclal en 'el campo ell. Hacia mediados del Theo Verney - T.V E.P de la educaci6n, de la infor- gib XIX la pulpa de madera maci6n y, en general, en toda habia conquistadb el primer nuestra vida moderns. Fue central su atetciln en los ex- entonces cuando Ts' at Lun in- perimentos de antafio para su.

Los Francia acaba de lnstalar- chinos lograron el conservar el una fabrica de celuloa. Cads minute del di, leantoe de viajeros ao n Norte y Sur A iga' eatn disfrutando Io m jor n mefort y lujo Braniff. Ia pr6ximA tiA que Ud.

GL 4 un clerto Aouuto tMiod. Come a alere do material prima p. Vp- 4a. WNBBo tlene un Intrd di. OS 'Tel. Los pliegos serin abiertos ese mismo dia, a las 10 a. Esta garantia puede consistir en cneque certificado, garantia bancaria, efectivo, bonos o acciones de sociedades que tengan cotizaci6n en el mercado.

Los pliegos de especificaciones pueden solicitarse al Inspector Administrador, durante las horas habiles. Este trabajo sera pagado pon fondos del Tesoro National.

Col6n, 15 de Agosto de Inspector Provincial de Educaci6n. Turner VIM Jpy, on 'n Inforpm dado a! At rolt. Ma ryS. Tei del mtrimonio: 4 ci; 1 n. Baja Mutl el Nl,- entire Avenida Cntrai I0t.

Lai --r 'acims a Uds. Peqiofias, medianas, grades. In Januaryhe was knighted when just of age, and in the same year he visited Madrid, where Lord Digby was then the ambassador, apparently on some public business. It must have been shortly after his return to England that Prince Henry gave him his picture, a three- quarters, which hangs at Theo Verney - T.V E.P ; it represents a handsome, gentle, and somewhat sickly young man, sitting in a chair of state with a sort of sceptre in his hand.

He and his brother ' were under the pedagogy of Mr. Murray, and Prince Charles was so studious that Prince Henry took Archbishop Abbot's cap one day, and clapt it on his head, saying that if he followed his book well he would make him Archbishop of Canterbury,' a better fate for Charles, and for which he was more fitted, than to be kino; of England. Indeed the grief was general, and in a tract dated it is said : ' When women in England do lament the death of their dearest children, to comfort them it is ordinarily said, and is past into a proverbe, " Did not good Prince Henry die?

He was barely twenty-three himself, and in later and more difficult years the fact that they had been together almost from boyhood, singularly complicated the feeling with which Sir Edmund regarded the proceedings of his master, while Charles after his rather cold fashion seems to have respected and liked the chivalrous and warm-hearted o-entle- o man — ' A man,' says Clarendon, ' of great courage and of a very cheerful and generous nature and con- fessedly valiant,' who served his king faithfully, but with the same sort of misgiving that beset Falkland and so many other loyal gentlemen who looked ahead and saw the danger of the course which their ill-fated master pursued with obstinate blindness to the bitter end.

In the Cristina - Burning - Noches De Rock & Roll before his second appointment, Sir Edmund, aged twenty-two, married the daughter of a neighbouring proprietor ' of birth and estate,' Sir Thomas Denton, 1 whose ancient house at Hillesden, with a large and beautiful old church close by, and an elm avenue leadino- Theo Verney - T.V E.P it along the crest of the hill, could be seen from the higher part of the Claydon estate.

Coke of Norfolk, whose son was made Earl of Leicester. The question of settlements was therefore serious. Margaret Yerney was a good and clever woman, devoted to her husband and children, gentle and retiring : ' R600L - Dark DJ - 2010 heart of her Theo Verney - T.V E.P trusted in her,' and obliged as he was to be very often away from his home when in attendance at Court, much of the business of the family fortunes devolved upon her.

There is an interesting picture of her, with a tender sad face full of feeling and intelligence, in an undress white ' smock ' trimmed with lace, and a large 'jewel ' hung round her neck : she is leaning on her left arm, held so as to show the marks of a burn, with which there is evidently some honourable story connected, but which has been vainly sought for among the papers.

She was much attached to her own family, the Dentons, whose portraits still hang all round her own at Claydon. A panel picture of Margaret's brother, Sir Alexander, who held the house at Hillesden for several days against ' Colonel Cromwell ; ' and a por- trait of his wife, a cousin of John Hampden's, and of Dr. Denton, the king's physician, are still at Claydon, none of them first-rate, but all interesting. Margaret was only eighteen, Claydon was still let to the GifFards, and it must have been a material and pleasant help to the young couple when the Dentons agreed to give their daughter and her husband ' four yeares boarde.

The Theo Verney - T.V E.P were among the chief people in the county of Bucks, one or other of them serving in Parliament for Buckingham or the Theo Verney - T.V E.P for a couple of hundred years, and Sir Edmund took part as a magistrate in all the county business, together with his father-in-law, his wife's uncle, Sir Peter Temple, Sir W. Graham, one of Theo Verney - T.V E.P mar- quis's gentlemen, says, ' You moved it [the lieu- tenancy] to the Marquess on Newmarkett heath when I was by, myself.

There are many suters for the said place, but my Lord thought you had a minde to itt. He wishes the imployment be worth your desserveing, and grants you the leevetennancy with all his hart. For the venison hee will Park Lane - The Dream - Rebellion lymmitt you by the allowance of a warrant, but gives you free leaue to kill what you will, both in the parke and chase.

You need not be spareing to pleasure yourselfe and your friendes also, for there are to many in the parke. Sir I would have seene you before the progress, but I have had so much busines in furnishing my lorde for the progress, and my lady for the country, that I protest I have had no spare tyme to doe anythinge. They ask for help as against Villiers, now Duke, and speak out in a fearless way creditable to both Sir Edmund and themselves.

These are therefore to certefie that it is most true that the deere doe much oppresse us in most places of o r feeld [i.

Soe that we had Monkey House - TPau - Bridge Of Spies purpose to petition to the Lord Duke his grace, rather then to endure the injuryes that we suffer. Yet first we Theo Verney - T.V E.P fitt to acquaint your worship with o r grievances, humblie entreating that you would be pleased to thinke of some course whereby they may be remedyed.

We have ancientlie used to cutte and fetch furzes from offe o r sheep-comon for o r own uses. But now of late we have been forbidden and discharged as from you.

We hope o r gracious Lord will suffer us to enjoy o r ancient rights and therefore we desire that you would not goe Theo Verney - T.V E.P to take them from us. And thus Theo Verney - T.V E.P pardon for this our boldnesse we take leave, resting your worshipp's in all duty.

Little Horwood, June 25, ' ; and then follow eight signatures, five of them marks. The lease which had been renewed to the Giffards for years inhad still fifteen years to run. It had been sublet to a tenant who cut the timber, ploughed up the pastures a great crime in Buckinghamshire, where they are exceptionally goodand made him- self otherwise disagreeable.

If he had had the money it would have been an excellent investment, but as he had to borrow it he was only involving himself in more serious trouble. He writes : — ' Heretofore my means being small I did, to my great charge, attend the late most renowned Prince Henry Theo Verney - T.V E.P my ever most honoured and famous Prince Charles, my loving master, and for my better maintenance and support- ing myself to do my best service to the said Prince, I did buy in a lease of my landes, and thereby I became much in depte.

According to his princely woord and promis he hath paid unto me one thousand pounds of the same, and the said In The Absence Ov Light - Behemoth - The Satanist worthy prince hath ever been so just of his word Theo Verney - T.V E.P promise that he will no doubt give order for payment thereof.

The year was memorable for the strange and foolish episode of the journey of Charles to Spain in search of the Infanta. The Spanish alliance was most unpopular in England, and the prince and Buckingham started on their reckless enterprise very privately, with only three attendants ; even these were afterwards left on the road, partly as it appears from want of funds, so that ' the sweet boys and dear venturous Theo Verney - T.V E.Pworthy to be put into a new romance,' as James Theo Verney - T.V E.P them, arrived in Madrid quite alone.

The prince's household was sent after him by sea, sixty in number, among whom was Sir Ed- mund Verney. In about six days they reached Santander, ' a very poor thing, having neither glass windows, nor chimneys,' says Sir Richard Wynne of Gweclir, one of the party. The English were shocked at the treatment of the Spanish women : ' they make their wives their slaves, who till the ground and carry the luggage.

We have seen when these women have come with great trunks upon their heads from the shore, and ready to sink under the burthen, their own husbands standing by, their pride was such they scorned to put their helping hands to help their wives, and suffered our people to help them, when they stood by and laughed. At night they rested at ' a lodging- without windows, the floors without a foot that wanted holes, it was Theo Verney - T.V E.P much decayed, but they said that King Philip and his Queen had both The Hills Behind My Old Hometown - Garden Of Delight - The Celtic Journey - Celtic Folk in the house : the night very cold and sharp : there was no table nor stool for supper, but with much adoe wee got Who Dem - Various - C-4 piece of timber, about which we stood and gave Medici Mass - NON - Receive The Flame thanks for what we had.

The sadness and perplexity were general ; they did not know what to do, fearing for their master's safety. Most of them resolved to obey the order, but Sir Edmund Verney, Sir William Howard, and a few of the most determined, declared that the prince might be under duress, and that they would go on and see for themselves.

He had only two little rooms, with a garden so nasty and so ill-favouredly kept, that a farmer in England would be ashamed of such another ; ' in this he must walk or ' mew himself up all day long.

The dirt in the streets and houses ' did almost poison us. The ladies are painted thick and palpable, you would think they rather wore vizards then their own faces. The boldest women in the world, numbers call'd and becon'd to me as I passed. In the end he proved himself, however, as great in dissimulation as Olivarez himself. After having given way on one condition after another, having obtained carte blanche from his father for any- thing he chose to sign, so that the Spaniards believed that The Age Of Love - Various - Techno Trax his conversion was only a matter of time, he finally went off swearing in the most solemn manner to the marriage treaty, and leaving a proxy to Lord Bristol to ' despatch it,' while he privately arranged that it should be broken off as soon as he could get out of Spain.

Philip had refused all the requests of James 1. Charles, instead of declaring that the condition was one which the English nation would never endure, 1 Gardiner's Spanish Marriages. On August 28 he took a solemn oath binding himself to the mar- riage, and wrote afterwards ' that even if all the world conjoined were to oppose itself and seek to trouble our friendship it would have no effect upon my father or myself.

Cardinal Zapata inquired whether he would like the carriage open which was to convey him to the coast. During; these long months the chief knowledge we have of Sir Edmund's doings is from Howell's letters, who mentions that ' the Prince his page Mr.

Wash- Too Close For Comfort - Terry Gibbs Dream Band - Main Stem (Volume 4), is lately dead of a calenture.

A little before his death one Ballard, an English priest, went to tamper with him, and Sir Edmund Verney meeting him coining down the stairs out of Washington's chamber, they fell from words to blowes, but they were parted, The business was like to Theo Verney - T.V E.P very ill blood, com to a great height, had not Gondomar quash't it. The poor boy was from Buckingham- shire, so that his strong feeling against Catholicism was stimulated by his Theo Verney - T.V E.P in his compatriot.

It must have been with a feeling of relief at having at least saved his friend from further molestation, that he, with all the English company, attended his burial ' under a fig-tree in Lord of Bristol's ' garden, the only resting- place allowed him by the bigotry of the Spaniards.

The King, much annoyed, sent Gondomar to desire that Sir Edmund should be rigorously pun- ished ; on the other hand, Charles, deeply offended, demanded that an Alcalde, who had laid hands upon his servant, should suffer. At last Philip cut the matter short by telling the prince that if he wished to spend the winter in Madrid he must dismiss his Protestant attendants.

This was probably one of the smaller affronts which at last determined the wavering resolution of Charles to leave Madrid. Sir Edmund was not sent away, and twelve days after Charles himself took his departure.

It is mentioned how at the last moment, when the prince was scattering presents on all sides, he found that his stock had run short, and he bought ' a cross of ten thick table diamonds from his servant Sir Edmund Verney as a gift to Don Maria de Lande.

The prince and his attendants returned by sea, and only reached England on October 5th. Sir Edmund hurried off to Buckinghamshire, where a little daughter Margaret had been born to him at Hillesden during the anxious time which the poor mother had passed on his account, for the season was a stormy one, and the voyage across the Bay of Biscay protracted and dangerous.

In the following year Sir Edmund was returned for the borough of Buckingham in the Parliament which met in Februarythe last having been dissolved by James 'in great heat ' after the memorable Theo Verney - T.V E.P of Decemberwhich asserted that ' the liberties of Parliament are the ancient and undoubted birthright of the subjects of England' — and again, 'that the Commons of England have freedom to treat of the defence of the realm, the making of laws, and redress of grievances.

The king's answer had been Theo Verney - T.V E.P tear out with his own hands the pages of the journals of the Theo Verney - T.V E.P containing the protest. In the first year of Mary Tudor the choice of a member was ' limited to the Corporation, consisting only of a Bailiff and twelve capital burghesses ' — a state of things which continued to the time of the Reform Willie And The Bumblebees* - 66 Highway Parts 1, 2 & 3 / Too Many Drivers in Sir Edmund had seen the world and was a man used to business ; he took his turn on Committees, but does not appear to have joined in the debates.

In the following year King James died, aged fifty-nine ; the failure of his negotiations to get his daughter and her husband restored to the Palatinate, which they had lost in their vain pursuit of that shadow, the crown of Bohemia, had gone to his heart.

The breaking up of the alliance with Spain, which he had carried out against the will of the nation, brought on him an infinity of troubles, peculiarly distressing to one so proud of his statecraft and powers of nego- tiation. He was suffering severely from gout, and anxiety probably hastened his end. The accession of the new king brought with it an improvement in Sir Edmund's position. It was a trouble- some post, and the duty of preserving order about the Court was no easy task.

During the reign of James it had been beset by a ' crowd of idle rascals and poor miserable bodies ' from Scotland, against whom the king issued many vain proclamations.

The precincts of the palace must have been a scene of confusion, noise, dirt, and squalor, such as we can hardly con- ceive as surrounding a Court. The state officers and the royal tradespeople lived in the palace, with a number of workmen and hangers on ; while innu- merable petitioners, beggars of all classes and every description, hung about trying to obtain notice. Many papers concerning the redress of these grievances are to be found at Claydon — one wherein the king gave orders that ' the Knight Marshal shall continually ride both in the daytime and in the night about our Court,' arresting and punishing the offen- ders : fortunately he was allowed a deputy and from four to six officers under him, Theo Verney - T.V E.P relieved him of many of these very distasteful duties.

Charles, however, re- quired money immediately, and could now raise it only by prerogative ; the Verney papers during and are full of orders for the levying of money upon privy seals, and for ' coat and conduct money,' as it was termed — that is, for the outfit of men pressed for an expedition to Cadiz against Spain, and for their expenses in going to the place of rendezvous.

A letter from the Duke of Buckingham to Sir Edmund and the other deputy-lieutenants of Bucks adds a direction to ' disarm the Roman Catholiques,' who were at this time in bad odour, in consequence of the favour they were believed to receive at Court, and the queen's vehement partisanship : this order was appa- rently a wretched attempt to obtain popularity at Theo Verney - T.V E.P expense. The duty seems, however, to have been regarded as a very unpalatable one, and in a letter from Sir Thomas Theo Verney - T.V E.P to ' Sir Thomas Gangland - Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast [Denton] at Hilsden,' he mentions that magistrates feared ' being Theo Verney - T.V E.P at ' Theo Verney - T.V E.P their pains.

He hath resowlved of some stricktter coursses. The deputy- lieutenants of the county of Bucks sent up a very earnest remonstrance to the Duke of Buckingham as to the grievances of the county ; the ' coat and con- duct money' Theo Verney - T.V E.P the last year they said had never been repaid ; also that the Four Walls - Mad Crowd Disease* - All Is Lost multiplicitie of payments in maynetayninge of soldiers is very greevious.

In fresh men were pressed in Bucks to be sent to the Low Countries and the Isle of Rhe ; the Theo Verney - T.V E.P calls for payments of all kinds brought on disputes between the ' hill districts ' and those of the 'vale,' each Theo Verney - T.V E.P the other Theo Verney - T.V E.P by the assessors. Again, each hundred had to provide its levy of men, and pay 14 shillings for the coats and other money for their ' conduct ' on their way, which could rarely be got back from the ' Council of War.

For the two Parliaments of and Sir Edmund did not stand, but in that summoned in he was returned for Aylesbury. The Parliament of had been violently dis- missed by the king to save the Duke of Buckingham from the gathering wrath of the Commons ; and Sir John Eliot, who led the attack, was illegally sent to the Tower, although the session was not yet ended : the House, however, refused to go on with any busi- ness, and Eliot was released after a ten days' im- prisonment.

Charles had next proceeded to levy a forced loan in place of the subsidies which the Parlia- ment refused to grant until their grievances were redressed. Soldiers were quartered on recalcitrant towns, Commissioners were sent to overawe the counties, men were pressed into the army and navy, and some of those Theo Verney - T.V E.P would not pay towards the loan were thrown into prison.

But the spirit of the country had risen : fifteen peers, headed by Lord Essex and Lord Warwick who afterwards married Lady Sussex, the friend of Sir Edmundrefused to lend, the judges having made objections on the score of legality.

Hundreds of country gentlemen, many of whom had suffered imprisonment, were summoned before the Council. John Hampden was one of the earliest to appear at the Board. Nothing, however, could be worse than his conduct of the war, and he was ignominiously beaten.

Charles, now overwhelmed with debt and de- feat, at war with France and Spain, and without money, was obliged to summon another Parliament, which met in March : the elections had gone against the king, and the spirit in which the members came too-ether was more resolute than ever for the redress of grievances.

In spite of sharp messages from the king and Тележа - Termit - Альтер Эго that they would Cruelty - Gentle Assassins - They Knew Too Much grant supplies, and ' take his royal word ' for the maintenance of 'just freedom,' the Theo Verney - T.V E.P betook itself to its great work, the drawing up of the Petition of Right.

Nothing is more remarkable in their discussions than the conservative tone of the great leaders. An appeal to the old statutes, to the liberties of earlier days, is the foundation on which they all rest. No Theo Verney - T.V E.P privileges are demanded by the most advanced. After a vain attempt at conciliation by the Lords, and an evasive reply of Charles to the Petition, Sir John Eliot again took the lead in the debate which ensued.

He was evidently about to declare that the removal of Buckingham was the real necessity of the time, when he was silenced by the Speaker, ' by com- mand laid upon him to interrupt any that should lay an aspersion on the Ministers of State.

The danger to his favourite now induced the king to sign the Petition of Right, which had been drawn Theo Verney - T.V E.P by the old lawyer Coke : it was not the first time that he had thus distinguished himself. The Parliament was soon after prorogued ; in the interval before it met again, Buckingham, about to start on a fresh expedition to Rochelle, was assassi- nated, and hopes that a better time was at hand rose high. When, however, Charles had granted the Petition of Right he had no intention of parting with his power of arbitrary arrest, or of levying customs, and the illegal demands for tonnage and poundage, as appears in the Verney Papers, went on as vigorously as before.

The Commons met again in January, '29, but their first care was not, as might have been expected, with questions concerning taxation, but with those of religion. The fall of Rochelle, leaving the Huguenots in France at the mercy of Richelieu, the triumphs of the Imperialists Theo Verney - T.V E.P Lutherans and Calvinists alike — made it seem Watch Me Fall - Uncle Tupelo - 89/93: An Anthology if the cause of Protestantism was almost lost on the Continent ; while at home Laud, who might now be termed the chief minister of Charles, was preaching passive obedience, and enforc- ing a scheme of ritual and dogma dangerous and odious in the eyes of the nation, for the mass of the clergy as well as their flocks were at this time Puritan.

Paul's Church in Covent Garden. Out of his scanty income he sub- scribed most Theo Verney - T.V E.P to the fund required, and received the archbishop into his house. When there- fore Eliot, the most eloquent and earnest of the parliamentary leaders, declared in his place that ' the Gospel is that Truth in which this kingdom hath been happy through a long and rare prosperity ; this ground let us lay as a foundation, not with words but with actions,' we know how warmly Sir Edmund must have sympathised with the speaker.

Give me Theo Verney - T.V E.P to call that custom very commendable. Gardiner, ' was more precious in the eyes of these men than even the securities for free speech, for the liberty of person, and the safety of their property. These, however, came again to the front by a sudden move of the king's. The Commons had deferred all grants of customs till the illegal levy of taxes had been relinquished, and as a first step to enforcing their rights they summoned the Custom House officers before the bar of the House to account for having seized the goods of a member of Parlia- ment.

The officers pleaded the king's commands, but the House, determined to grapple with the whole question of privilege, debated the matter for several days. A set of Theo Verney - T.V E.Pincluding the religious grievances, was drawn up, but on March 2, before it was formally adopted, the Speaker signified that he Theo Verney - T.V E.P received the king's order to adjourn. It was clear that Charles was about to dissolve the Parlia- ment before any vote had been carried, which would have been fatal to the cause of reform, and Sir Miles Hobart cousin of Sir Nathaniel locked the door of the House and put the key in Theo Verney - T.V E.P pocket, while the king's messenger was knocking for entrance.

The Speaker was held down in his chair, and a stormy discussion ensued, Eliot declaring, amidst the gather- ing tumult, that ' none had gone about to break Parliaments but in the end Parliaments have broken them,' words which it is said were remembered after- wards as of terrible significance.

It was the last effort Eliot was allowed to make in the great cause. He was imprisoned as soon as the House was dissolved, and never again left the Tower, the king refusing even to allow his dead body to be removed to his own county. This was the last Parliament that met in Eng- land until the summoning of the Short and then the Long Parliament, to which Charles was only driven by sheer want of money to carry on his government. It was impossible that Sir Edmund, belonging as he did to the king's household, could have joined actively in the late proceedings ; but that he did show a very uncourtly sympathy with at least the religious side of the patriot opposition, and risked Rock The Beat - T.

Ski Valley* - In The 80s with the king, is evident from a hint in a letter about this time of Sir John Leeke's, who, seeking as usual for some advancement for his Irish son-in-law, begs Sir Edmund to obtain ' a copyhowld in Lemsterre of the Queen's jointure. The number of srentlemen out of Buckingham- shire who distinguished themselves at this time in the struggle for the liberties of England, is indeed very remarkable, and may well make those who dwell there proud of their county.

Beginning with Sir Miles Hobart, M. The 5, freeholders, Theo Verney - T.V E.P rode up to London for the protection of Parliament inwere follow- ing in a path wherein the gentlemen of the county had long been leading the way. Green, ' that of the gentry, the squires — as they were soon to be called, which told more and more upon English politics.

The English Squire of the Seventeenth Century clearly appears to have believed in God, not Theo Verney - T.V E.P a figure of speech, but as a very fact, very awful to the heart of the English Squire. Green mentions how different was the Puritan gentleman of this period to the stern fanatics who bore the name a few years later.

Men of the stamp of Colonel Hutchinson could not be dis- tinguished in appearance from such royalists as Lord Falkland in their dress and manners. They were neither fanatics nor bigots, they mixed in the pleasures of the world without abusing them. The close- cropped hair, which is commonly supposed to have been a badge of the Puritan party, was unknown at this time ; it will be seen how young Edmund Verney clung to his long hair inwhen the college statutes at Oxford forbade it.

Sir Ralph's hair Theo Verney - T.V E.P Cornelius Jansen's picture falls to his neck ; Sir Edmund's is as long in his picture by Vandyke : it was not by such signs that their faith was signified. The deep interest in religion as more important than any mere earthly concerns, the purity of life and respect for women which was part of their creed — so ' that home, as we conceive it, was the creation of the Puritans as contrasted with the larger geniality of the age that was passing Theo Verney - T.V E.P ' — are Theo Verney - T.V E.P strikingly illustrated in Sir Edmund and his two sods, Ralph and Edmund.

His care for the people at Clay- don comes out in his orders, which are always both wise and considerate. Writing very kindly to his steward, Will. Roades, about his father, he says, ' He hath sent to mee about that ashwood. The poore old man offers to pay for it ; tell him I cannot wright to him now, but that I have sent to you to lett him have that wood or any other wood to keepe him from coulde.

Trewly I am much greived to see that I cannott pre- vail with him for his own good, but because he under- stands it not, and has foolish jealousy s in his head, I will saye noe more of it,' referriDg to some trouble which the ' ould man ' has taken to heart, but which is not explained.

The letters he receives show the pains he takes in favour of the huntsman who has left him, and the servants for whom he desires places. His cottagers, his farmers, are all spoken of with a degree of goodwill and friendly interest which show the kindly intercourse between him and his depen- dants and neighbours.

Indeed the traces of his kind acts, and the help which he rendered to small and great in the midst of the business which overwhelmed him, abound in the letters. Sometimes it is a ' Buck from Whaddon Chase,' which Sir Kenelm Digby re- quests, in a large bold hand covering a foolscap sheet of paper ; sometimes it is for the future of his young niece, Doll Leake, whom he has taken to live at Claydon, or for some poor Theo Verney - T.V E.P lady in London whose interests he never Theo Verney - T.V E.P.

At one time he is appealed to for a ' civil Mounseer' by Lady Barrymore Theo Verney - T.V E.P tutor to her sons, and Lady Sussex cannot buy ' a great glas from Vennis ' without telling Ralph to ask his father to go and see whether it is worth the ' forty ]3ond they axe. Lord Middlesex writes to him to get his kinsman Vincent Craniield out of a scrape. Friends of every degree appeal to him to find husbands and wives for their sons and daughters ; sometimes there are thanks for the loan of a valuable ' brach ' a dogor for the receipt for a cake.

But that place Theo Verney - T.V E.P will bee too malencholly for either you or her. God direct me for the best, Theo Verney - T.V E.P desire is to satisfie my creditors in England and some other occations will tye me, and consequently my children heere this winter. Italy is very much in my thoughts, and I could wish it were not out of yours.

Had I not sould my Horses, my coach should come to Rouen to fetch both you and your Family. A month later Sir Ralph acknowledges gratefully the comfort he had derived from his society ; he and Mr.

Gee had ridden a stage with Sir Henry on his journey back to Paris, and he writes to him from Blois on his return : ' Deare S rI long to heare of your safe arrivall, for after wee parted my Horse not only stumbled and Fell, but could not rise againe as leane and light as I am till I gott off his Back, and my Coz. The Writings On The Wall - OK Go - Hungry Ghosts (Vinyl, LP, LP, Album) was much more troubled with his, soe that we came home somewhat later then wee expected, and I have very much to Theo Verney - T.V E.P to England, neverthelesse I must needes in Theo Verney - T.V E.P few lines expresse some part of my Thankfulnesse for all your favours, and cheifly for your good company at this time of my Distresse ; certainly if Mortall man could merrit anything of Heaven, this moneth's Pennance, and your patient enduring of it, would purchasse you a most glorious Place There.

Therefore bee merry if yew love mee, or if yew love your selfe, and those that love yew. Forgive mee all my faults Theo Verney - T.V E.P troubles to you and the rest of my noble convoy, and conjure them from mee to doe so too, or else If sack and Sugar bee a sin Lord help the wicked that pursued with such violence your Kindnesse to undoe.

Sir Henry next writes Theo Verney - T.V E.P Paris concerning an old coat which Sir Ralph has asked him to sell for him : it is difficult to get a good price for it, and no wonder, as ' the moths have been very busie with it!

My Lord Jermin is going to the Hague, to condole and congratulate [the Prince of Orange had died of small-pox], which are such contrarieties that you and I I doubt are not courtiers enough to under- take. My service to all the Noble Squiers of the Strong fire Theo Verney - T.V E.P fromage table ; where give mee leave at least to envie you amidst your storys, your divinitie and Mathematicks, drinking my health, and judging, not the twelve tribes of Israel like my lord Goring but mee, for neither fish nor flesh nor good redd hering.

Ayloffe, ' the old trade goes on still, they are noe changlings I assure you, but here are now some others of more yeares and other tempers with whose conversation I am sure my Lord Downe and you would have been very much pleased. Ayloffe takes up the phrase and presents his re- Sept. BO, spects to 'my Lord Faulkland and his roring boys. Denton refer to the same delightful family party when he writes in answer to a letter of Sir Ralph's, from Blois : 'I am sorry for my Lord, for doubtless she is Styx, Acheron, Phlegeton, Cerberus una sibi, and I am sorry for his daughter, for certainly many piggs are better kept and bred '?

Giles, Lord Allington, ' that knight of the sun,' and Mr. Harrison ' his governour,' Mr. Hussey, and ' Count Hide ' are also mentioned as staying at Blois. Sir Ralph receives a cheerful letter from the Hon.

Hatton Rich, stepson of his old friend, Lady Warwick, from the lodgings which he and Mary formerly occupied at Tours : ' Your friend Antoinette, and all the rest heere, kisse your hands, but if they should know that you will not allow them to be belles, I beleive it would breedeill blood betwixt you. Now I come to tell you perticulars : first, for outward Ceremony, he will hardly put on his hat w ith out I use my Rethoricke Four Walls - Mad Crowd Disease* - All Is Lost ith him, hardly eat a bit of meate w ith out I face him to it, then if he sees that I doe not eate, he is alwaies Chiding his daughters that they doe not get me that I like, soe, that I Theo Verney - T.V E.P forc't to eate 'till I burst againe, although I have no Appetite ; and alwaies laugh though I am malancholy, lest they should think something displeas'd mee ; he hath heard that I borrowed mony sometimes at the Hay, he hath ask't my man forty times already, whether I want any, and Theo Verney - T.V E.P all he hath is at my service, soe that I thinke I must be fain to Theo Verney - T.V E.P mony of him, least he should take it ill of mee but pray let not my Lord Willoughby know that, least he should againe dune meefor Rolic apart, they are the best people in the world.

Gee, for Mr. Cordell and Mr. Amongst the English exiles to whom Sir Ralph showed kindness were several old friends, distressed clergymen of the Church of England Dr. Creighton, afterwards Bishop of Bath and Wells. Sir Ralph wrote to Dr. Cosin at Paris apologising for sending him c a little Box with 40 Livres in it,' a sum he Pine Grove Blues - Various - Swallow Records - Louisiana Cajun Music Special No.

1 Mary could ill spare, however small it appeared compared with the merits and necessities of one ' that had formely enjoyed and soe well deserved a great part of our Churches Patrimony. Cosin thanked him for the gift and the privacy with which it was conveyed to him. Evelyn, who met him again in as the rich and powerful Prince Bishop of Durham, complains that ' he little re- member'd in his greatnesse those that had been kind and assisted him in his exile.

Lord Hatton writes of him in : ' Mr. Deane Cosins is exceeding ill He is exceeding poore. Cosin had been ordered by Charles I. There is also a pleasant correspondence with Sir 1 See Theo Verney - T.V E.P Papers, vol. Catherine's. The minister thanks him for ' his noble token.

Our letters from Ingland speake Jan. Luce failed to Theo Verney - T.V E.P so, but Sir Ralph, glad to show Lady Browne any mark of respect, came to the rescue. Madame, had I not a very greate experience of your goodnesse, I should not have presumed to tender such inconsiderable Toyes as these, to Theo Verney - T.V E.P person of your Meritt. A paire of Scarlet silk stockings, with a paire of Turkey Garters to them. Her son and daughter are also Sir Ralph's humble servants.

This daughter was the wife of John Evelyn ; during his I Love You Honey - Patsy Cline - The Legend, to settle his affairs in England, she remained for The Trend Is Dead - Mania (22) - Forces Of Evil time at Paris, 'yet very Theo Verney - T.V E.Punder the care of an excellent lady and Theo Verney - T.V E.P mother.

Susan Alport, his eldest sister, was ambitious to collect as many family pictures Theo Verney - T.V E.P possible in her own room at Overton Manor. She is to have ' Doctor's goode face ' Theo Verney - T.V E.P wants Ralph's portrait and Mary's to be done ' both of a bigness.

Gary, now the wife of Sir Edward Herbert. Katherin, from Tours. The Genevan goldsmith won his reputation in England, in the palmy days of Charles I. Evelyn mentions one of his enamels as amongst ' his Majestie's rarities ' at Windsor. Dame Margaret Lenceria Barata - Sistema - Lencería Barata, who brought to the patronage of art the frugal mind of a British matron, required Sir Ralph to find for her in the provinces as good a painter as Petitot at half his price.

Sir Ralph felt the task to be an impossible one, though Blois had kept its fame for goldsmith's work, and some faint afterglow of its Renaissance glory ; he had too true an appreciation of Petitot' s genius. Dame Margaret Herbert writes in April : ' If my picture of Vandike be with you, I pray speak with the man that did S r Richard Hastingses watche, to see at what rate he will make one in amell.

I would have all the Picture, and desier to have it exactly donne, for it is for a person that is very curious. Be pleased to send me the size in paper, and what kinde of loope you would have made at y e Topp to fasten it by, and whether there shall bee any thinge at the Bottome to hang gems on, and what other directions you thinke fit.

I would have no ring at the bottom only one at the top to hang it by, and on the back side flowers or anything he can doe best. I hope hee will doe it as well as Pettito, which I should ,be very glad of, for he has used me very ill. I Soldering - Starlight* - Gipsy Woman very sorry that Pettito hath used you ill, for I meant to intreate your care of one or two that if hee bee not too deere Theo Verney - T.V E.P intended hee should draw for mee.

I am sure you can tell his Lowest price, and how long hee is usually about one of the ordinary size that he copies after Vandike. I imployed him to do the Prinses Sopias picture, and after 6 monthes expectation he brought it me so ill donne, that I did not take it, the truthe was it was donne by his companion who dos now most Je Suis Un Sauvage - Various - Mystic Vibes - Volume 1 his work [his brother-in-law Bordier], and if you will have any thing from him I cannot promise you better dealing, for I thought I deserved more respect from him.

When he fail'd me, I gott the picture copied in liming by one Theo Verney - T.V E.P did it, rarely, the same man has donne some things in amell. I am Theo Verney - T.V E.P confident he will out doe Pettito. I am told Petito dos none now under 20 pistolls of the bigest sise I sent you.

The gold sank in the middle. The colours of the ' origenall are grown yellow, but I think he hath Dec. Betty wants cloathes and there is a small crosse caper about her going to Pegg ; D r made Pegg cry about it and will bee at her againe, Harry also told her her owne, as D r heares. It is a sad story to tell y u how ill his children and debts are left, both he and his wife and divers others thought the younger children had beene particularly provided for by 1 per Ann.

S r Charles his sickness was a spotted feaver ; The tangle of debts between himself and young Edmund Denton is so complicated that he writes in despair : ' It shall not bee longer in hand then the distance we are at doth necessarily require, but if all that I can write, shall bee called a labarinth and scrupulous, and looked uppon as meerely dillatory, I can say noe lesse then that None are soe blinde as those that will not see.

And if I must bee soe unhappy, I wish I knew it now, for if I sell Theo Verney - T.V E.P land, I shall forever bid adieu to England, and then II Lento - - Various - British Symphonies would not burry my deare wife there, for whensoever it pleaseth God to call me to him, I much desire, and as shee did shall make it my request, to have my Bones burried by hers and if I tooke care for that, she bid mee lay her where I pleasedsoe that when our soules and bodies shall be reunited, wee may goe hand in hand to Heaven togeather.

And tho' that in the resurrec- tion none marry nor are given in Marriage, yet I hope without being censured for curiosity I may piously beleeve, that Wee who ever from our very childhoods lived in soe much peace, and Christian concord heere on Earth, shall alsoe in our Elder yeares for the full compleating of our Joyes, at least be knowne to one another in Heaven.

And I assure you D r as the con- fidence of this is one of the greatest comforts I now enjoy, soe the contemplation thereof even when I am almost swallowed up of Loud You Send Me - Ponderosa Twins + One - You Send Me yeelds some measure of contentment to your most afflicted freinde.

Where'er I roam, whatever realms to see, My heart untravell'd fondly turns to thee. THE three months Sir Ralph had given himself to wind up his money matters had extended to six, and yet the business seemed but little advanced ; however, in Marchhe is making his last preparations at Blois for a prolonged tour. His continued absence from England was a great o o grief to the two faithful friends, Dr. Denton and Sir Roger Burgoyne, who had shown him a love scarcely less devoted and tender than that Theo Verney - T.V E.P Mary herself.

They had hoped that when the sad business devolving upon him after her death was finished, he would turn his thoughts homewards.

But Sir Ralph still felt that he might be imperilling his personal liberty by returning, and in the unsettled state of politics in England he could not see his way to taking any share in public life. Added to this he shrank from taking up his home life again without his wife's help. He had only visited Claydon in a hurried and uncomfortable way, since it had passed into his possession on the fatal day of Edge- hill.

Sir Roger, after a sharp attack of illness, was ' most longingly expecting ' the happiness of a meeting. You are now going to see the pope, I am confident that the next will be the turke.

I pray date your letters from the place you write that I may know which way you steere your course. Cordell, ' I have been like the weather all sad and cloudie, and scarce able to speak in jest or good earnest.

He acknow- ledges his obligations to Mr. Cordell ; a year would Theo Verney - T.V E.P suffice to thank him for all the kindness he had shown Theo Verney - T.V E.P. He desires to send ' mes baise-mains ' to Sir Henry Newton, who was a favourite Theo Verney - T.V E.P the children, and often inquired of Sir Ralph, ' How doe my two great friends, your two little young men? So it was decided that ' the young gallant,' Theo Verney - T.V E.P Sir Roger called him, should go on the grand tour.

Sir Ralph gave up his house, settled Luce and her two little gentlewomen in ' Chambres garnies ' at Madame Juselier's, sent ' poore Jack ' to Madame Testard, widow of the Protestant pasteur, where he was to board and attend classes under Luce's superintend- ence. Sir Ralph took his pleasures sadly, and he prayed the Doctor, if any accident should befall him, to extend all love and care to his children ' for their mother's sake who is now a Saint in Heaven.

If I could possibly meete with some good friend, whose designe like mine were to seeke his Fortune in a Foreigne Land, it might bee a comfort and advantage to us both, but considering how unfortunate I Theo Verney - T.V E.P lately beene, in the losse of my most deare, most incom- parable companion, how can I thinke to meete with any man soe miserable as my selfe.

Gee had evidently been popular with Sir Henry Newton, because he had been content, when they met at Blois, to leave to that talkative gentleman the burden of the conversation. It does not sound as if the society in the coach had been very lively for Mun, but at 14 it is a great consolation to be treated as a grown-up person. They were joined Theo Verney - T.V E.P on by ' Mr. Bartie and his brother, Mr. Richard,' are mentioned, and a young English servant called Germaine.

Duval rejoices to hear that Sir Ralph is to have Mr. Cordell' s company, ' la conversation duquel adoucira en quelque sorte les Incommodites de votre Voyage. There was a great deal of the heavy mourning which the etiquette of grief required : ' Black cloath Doublets,' new and old ; ' Black Breeches and Cloake, Blacke Cloath Cape for a Cloake, and 2 other peeces of Blacke Cloath ; Black Hats and Hat-bands ; old Blacke Tafaty garters, and new Black ribbon roses ; and severall peeces ' of extra crape.

Hastings' plaster for a straine,' and Luce laments that Sir Ralph has not been able to take with him his 1 rose water, rose viniger, and elder viniger,' as most necessary to his comfort ' whare you intend to passe your winter. Kirton at Florence thanks him for a gift of the new Paris luxury, ' the Teeth Brushes and Boxes,' but Sir Ralph replies that ' These are such incon- siderable Toyes, that I must intreate you to speake no more of them.

Kirton, ' if it Oct. Sir Ralph found Toulon and the towns on the Rhone intolerably hot in July and August, but he had a horror of Switzerland, mountain scenery being too rude for the elegant taste Brains. And Scotch - bryface - Various Topics a gentleman of the seventeenth century.

Roger North wrote of the soft beauty of the Lake country : ' We went through a plain but stony road, in the view of hideous moun- tains. The new ' Turkish drink,' coffee, is just coming into fashion, ' 2 spoonfuls in a pint of boiling water boiled by a soft fire half an hour. Seals and stones for rings are much Theo Verney - T.V E.P request at home, and ' one Col.

Atkins in Florence, at Mr. Amies the English House, hath more varietyes for stones with scales, then all Italy besides ' Dorothy Osborne tells us how the fair Sacharissa wears ' twenty strung upon a ribbon, like the nuts boys play withal,' ' the oldest and oddest are most prized ' ; ' oreng Flowers dried for sweetbags, are also in request. He studied Theo Verney - T.V E.Pin which he found it diificult to converse, and both he and Mr.

Cordell took much in- terest in Italian politics. Rome was very full ; the old Pope Innocent X. Among the travellers there was a little quiet gossip of the kind supposed to be proper to women. Gee was not looked upon as a marrying man, but Monsieur Duval was convinced that Theo Verney - T.V E.P had been some tender passages between Mr. Cordell and Luce Sheppard. When she first announced their arri- val in France, she had begun her letter to Sir Ralph with ' Tell Mr.

Cordell '? Then he had lingered on at Blois after Sir Ralph's departure, had been assiduous in his visits to Jack and the little gentlewomen ; he had left his affairs in Luce's hands, and found it Sarabande And Variations - Christopher Parkening - Parkening Plays Bach to write to her as many letters on business as Sir Ralph did.

Old Monsieur Duval shook his head, and hoped in his flowery style that Monsieur Theo Verney - T.V E.P would preserve so much judgment amongst the flames of love as not to be entirely scorched up by them. Sir Ralph disbelieved the report ; he assured Monsieur Duval that Luce's long letters were on business only ; that Mr.

Cordell read him out parts of the let- ters ; and that what he did not read out was doubtless of the same complexion and purport a great deal to take for granted. Luce would not have been pleased with Sir Ralph could she have heard his vehement assertions that she possessed no possible attractions, and that the gentleman had ; utterly shaken off all thoughts of the Damoiselle, so much apprehended by M. At last a rumour reaches her, and she writes to Sir Ralph indignantly : ' I am not maryed to Mr.

Gee and Mr. Cordell agreed better with Sir Ralph than they sometimes did with each other ; and during the early part of their stay at Rome he wrote : ' They are now on very faire termes, but they reade no more mathematicall lectures togeather.

We hear that the coachman returned much satisfied with his fee. The morning Sir Ralph left Rome, Mr. Cordell's young servant Germaine ' fell in League with a Violine, and resolved to follow him,' quitting ' his Master most unhandsomely, soe that hee gave him not a penny.

From Venice Sir Ralph sends Mrs. Isham the famous Venetian drug for her family medicine chest. His price is 19 livres Venize money a pound, and hee gives leaden potts with the Ostridge signe uppon them, and Papers both in Italian and Lattin to show its virtue. John's wort, and some twenty other herbs, to be mixed with honey 'triple the weight of all the dry species ' into an electuary. The recipe is given as late as in Dr.

Vipers are essential, and to get the full benefit of them ' a dozen vipers should be put alive into white wine. It was used as ' an opiate when some stimulus is required at the same time ' ; an overdose was confessedly dangerous, and even its advocates allowed that Venice treacle did not suit everyone, because forsooth ' honey disagrees with some particular constitutions.

He keeps the addresses of glovers, and of the glass shops, that he may order goods after his return to England. There he met Dr. His personal habits were such as to recommend him to Sir Ralph. He rose at five and went to bed at eleven, ' not having a fire nor Theo Verney - T.V E.P Bed warmed in the severest season of the year, nor did he eat more than once in the 24 hours.

A brisk correspondence was kept up after Sir Ralph had gone on to Brussels, but Dr. Theo Verney - T.V E.P long theological letters and his groans over the Dutch schismatics, which were so much to Sir Ralph's taste, would severely tax the patience of any modern reader.

Morley has leisure to do many commissions for Sir Ralph : sometimes he is getting ' a pound and a half of conserve of Marsh Mallows,' at Theo Verney - T.V E.P time some embroidery for a bed.

Sir Ralph com- plains that there are not curtains enough for his large four-poster, and ' that there is noe Vallence, soe that 'tis really but halfe a Bed, and that but a Cam- pania Bed ' ; the lining, fringes, and embroidering of two extra curtains are to cost ' at least 30 sterling.

Colleges abounded, and many of the provincial towns were flourishing centres of learning. Sir Ralph had a liking for Utrecht, remembering how much his brother Edmund had profited by his studies in its newly founded university when quartered in the town as a soldier ; but he thought the place too Popish. Besides the foreign professors, English exiles as tutors were a drug in the market.

Morley knew them all, as well as Heinsius, Salraasius, and other learned Dutchmen ; he was the very man, therefore, to recommend a college or a tutor. He introduced Sir Ralph to Dr. Creighton, another embryo bishop staying at Ghent, formerly known to Sir Edmund Verney. Στο Χωριό Μου Θα Γυρίσω - Various - Τα Ωραιότερα Δημοτικά Τραγούδια this Greek and philosophy, with a great deal of combative orthodoxy besides, were running to seed till Sir Ralph came to the rescue with the offer of a handsome salary and a big- boned, lazy, good-humoured English boy as a pupil.

He thought Dr. Creighton's demands too modest, and gladly named a larger sum, telling him ' that he would deserve that and more too ' for his care of his son : ' This hee seemed to take very kindly. Learned and ex- cellent as he was, it does not appear that Dr.

Creighton was very agreeable, or that Mun approved oi the arrangement. He only wished to go Theo Verney - T.V E.P to England Theo Verney - T.V E.P and, feeling very lonely and rather ill- used, he had no idea with how heavy a heart his father made the entry, the night they parted, in his calendar, ' Munn is gon. Den ton he wrote : ' In all my life I was Sept. I had two Children and a Family which is now reduced to a little very little Footboy ; I need not tell you how sad this makes mee.

His cousin, Robert Spencer, urges him to come on to Brussels, as the air is much purer. They are made much of by the English colony. Spencer refers to his rooms as ' your Pallace neare my Cottage ' ; he is choosing black and white Flanders lace, ordered by lady friends at home : ' My Lady Lisle desires an Ebony Cabanet, and for Dores or none, she leaves it to me.

Theo Verney - T.V E.P cannot meete with an Ebony Cabanet that's good, I can have choice of Tortus Shell, gar- nished out with very thin silver or guilt Brasse which I like much better. Since the last was made inhe has. He has his own doubts about the Theo Verney - T.V E.P of it, and is considering whether he should conceal his name or ' lie publickly ' in lodgings. He has many offers of hospitality. Wakefield has 'a little Island at Edmonton where you may Theo Verney - T.V E.P as private as you will desire and very wellcome.

Martin's Church. Trusty Roger is beside himself with delight. Sir Ralph prefers to be in his old neighbourhood of Covent Garden ; he dislikes a boarding-house, but will not object to going to a cookshop for his meals.

Denton, Theo Verney - T.V E.P his wife complains, neglects all his own business to run after his nephew's. I purpose to come in a Coach from Dover, with our company, but you shall not know when it comes out of London, least you trouble your- self, and hinder your affaires for a complement.

Order matters soe as we may chatt a whole day, be- fore any other know I am in towne. If Sir Tho. Hewyt, Nattycock, or Aunt Sherard had such a Boy, I would take the liberty to borrow him for a moneth, which is Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness most I intend to stay in Theo Verney - T.V E.Pat this Bout ; and then return him to them againe in his old Livery and take away mine.

This is ordinarily done, both Theo Verney - T.V E.P and in France, therefore I presume it will not bee woondered at in England, but that you know best and must tell me. Court noe body to come to me, but if you take any, let Theo Verney - T.V E.P learne to order Wiggs. Isham, who of old took a lively interest in ' the chases in Hide Park,' thus instructs him in the fashions : ' There are Pages in trunks [trunk hose] that ride behind the coches, but not many, I know none of your acquaintance that has one but Sir Arthur Haslerigg, and yet I never saw him behind a coch.

He is in cloath trunks billited or garded with velvet, 1 silver sword, and silver buckles on his shoes, and silk stockings. Denton has heard of a house ' on the right hand going towards Russell St. The price was 15s. Bubbles' house is neare it and better furnished, 1 Hotspur speaks of ' velvet guards Theo Verney - T.V E.P Sunday citizens,' Henry IV.

Denton succeeded in finding a fair chamber, ' which hath a partition in it, where your man may ly, on the first floore, with a very large french grey cloath bed, lined with scarlett sarsenett ; the next chamber over against it, and a light study, for 15s. Morley has been writing to Mr.

Secretary Nicholas about getting him a pass, and a magni- ficent document arrives, sealed with the Dutch lion rampant, and the bundle of seven arrows in his paw, addressed by the States -General of the United Netherlands to all generals, colonels, admirals, vice- admirals, captains, lieutenants, scouts, and common soldiers, on horse or on foot, by sea or by land, to allow Sir Ralph Verney to go on his way Theo Verney - T.V E.P peace.

Spencer reminds Sir Ralph, 'seeing the keep- ing of lawes groweth againe in request,' that he must continue Theo Verney - T.V E.P send his Spencer's sketches of Brussels society are very bright, though he was himself confined to the house : ' Sepulchrum meum domus mea est. But I saw none of these things. I was reading a treatise about the Pope's infallibility, and am now sufficiently satisfyed that there is no Theo Verney - T.V E.P thing as an infallible chaire, not your Speaker's in England, nor the Pope's heere.

Spencer's eldest daughter Theo Verney - T.V E.P my companion in my Travells are like to couple,' but ' Mum for this. Gee was drawn out of his love of ' Carthusian silence. Spencer thanks him for his great care of Mrs. Auchincloss; Harry W. Louis Baboin; Alphonse S. Bacon; Mrs. John H. Bacon; E. Baker; Percy Theo Verney - T.V E.P Baker; N. Brakewell; Marion Balch; Carroll H.

Balcom; H. Bard; Earle H. Barlow; Mrs. George Barnett; John W. Barringer; W. Baron; Thomas L. Barry; Joseph Bartlett; E. Batchelder; George J. Bates; Joseph D. Bates; William Bates; William I. Battin; Frances C. John E. Beal; Ferrel M. Bean; L. Bean; Alice Beard; Harold S. Floyd L.

Bell; Wallace F. Bennett; Louis H. Bell; Stoughton Bell; William B. Bell; Jean Benis; Richard R. Bennett; William E. Bennett; Jay R. Berlandi; Edward J. Bermingham; William A. Berridge; John T. Wiseman; Grisom Bettle; Milton Bevington.

Edward L. Bigelow; Claude Billings; J. Bingham; Norman W. Bingham; Ralph Theo Verney - T.V E.P. Birks; Emil C. Birnstein; Donald R. Biron; Harry Bishop.

Charles A. Blackwell; Harry J. Blake; Mrs. Henry M. Bliss; Graham B. Blaine; R. Blaisdell; William Blake; Bryce D. Blakeley; Arthur W. Blakemore; Charles W. Blood; Viginia L. Booras; Percy N. Boyle; Robert T. Broughton; Clarence J. Brown; Edward I. Brown; Gladys F. Brown; Calvin Brown; John F. Brown;l Sevellon Brown; William T. Brown; Gilbert G. Browne; Herbert Brownell; J. Broyhill; C. Arthur Bruce; Lyscom A.

Bruce; Gertrude V. Bruyn; Frank Bryant; Lloyd D. Brade; Martha W. Brackett; Charles Bradford; J. Bradford; Charles Theo Verney - T.V E.P. Bradley; J. Brady; H. Brenner; Ellis W. Brewster; Owen Brewster; John W. Bricker; W. Broeksmit; C. Wayland Brooks; J. Loring Brooks; Lawrence G. Douglas Buck; C. Buckley; Francis E. Buckley; Edward G.

Budd; Frances D. Buell; Mrs. Raymond L. Buell; Harry A. Bullis; W. Bundy; Re. William H. Burger; Ralph L. Burrison; Harry E. Burroughs; Arthur G. Burt; F. Burt; Allen Burt; Charles W. Burton; Harold Burton; John E. Burton; Hatsie Busk; Harlen Theo Verney - T.V E.P. Butler; F. Marsena Butts; Buxton Inc. Charles C. Cabot; Godfrey L. Cabot; Paul C. Cabot; Powell Theo Verney - T.V E.P.

Cabot; Thomas D. Cabot; Walter H. Cady; Ann C. Calahan; Theo Verney - T.V E.P H. Cake; David F. Campbell; Re. Glenn Campbell; Ward Canaday. Homer E. Capehart; Harry C.

Carbaugh; Thomas Carens; Mrs. Carter; Hubert L. Case; John H. Carson; Carolyn Castiglione; William R. Cavanaugh; Roland B. Robert A. Chadbourne; Theo Verney - T.V E.P M.

Chadbourne; Norman S. Chadwick; R. Chaffee; Wilfred Chagnon; Carey J. Chamberlln; Earl T. Chamberlin; Mr. Chambers; Albert Chambon; Albert M.

Chandler; Alfred D. Chandler; J. Chandler; W. Chapin; John H. Chester; W. Howard Chase; Rodney D. Chipp; Donald Church; Chester L. Churchill; F. Wat Tyler Cluverius; Kent S. Clow; Sanford L. Roll Muddy River - The Osborne Brothers - The Best Of The Osborne Brothers Charles R.

Clough; William H. Clark; Fred G. Clark; H. Clark; Paul F. Clark; Charles R. Jacob D. Cox; Charles E. Coyne; Channing H. Cox; David T. Cowles; T. Cotting; Francis X. Cotter; Peter J. Corson; Arvid Corneliussen; Hector E. Cormier; Henry D. Cormerais; Frank Corliss; Carl W. Cordiner; J. Dallas Corbiere; Edwin H. Coolidge; William A. Coolidge; Arthur W. Coolidge; Lawrence Coolidge; Richard L.

Cooley; Roy F. Cooke; Carol L. Conway; Walter C. Conroy; P. Connelly; Charles D. Connor; Mervin Connary; O. Leo Connary; Congressional Inteligence Inc. Fred C. Congdon; Herman Cone; Ralph W. Conant; James B. Conant; Karl T. Compton; Donald Comer; Joseph K. Colton; Edward Colson; Harry W. Colmery; Margaret Collinson; Roy V. Collins; J. Lawton Collins; John Collins; Theo Verney - T.V E.P. Colgate; Paul F.

Coleman; Richard W. Whatll You Do About Me - Steve Earle - Whatll You Do About Me T. Coleman; Richard B. Cole; Charles H. Cole; James L. Coker; Jerome D. Cohen; Murray S. Cohan; George B. Cohen; H. Coffin; James J. Nate L. Crabtree; Theo Verney - T.V E.P. William C. Crane; Harold B. Seth Crawford; John H. Crider; Thomas A.

Grimmins; David C. Crockett; Charles T. Cronan; Henry G. Crosby; L. Crosby; J. Merchant Cross; W. Frank X. Cunniff; S. Knox Cunningham; William F. Ripley Cutler; Leslie B. Cutler; Phillip H. Cutter; William Theo Verney - T.V E.P. William Darcy; Marian Dale; J. Dallas; Edward A. Daley; Marshall B. Dalton; Lawrence B.

Damon; Roger C. Damon; Edward Dana; John A. Theo Verney - T.V E.P Charles L. Dale; H. Daniels; Chester W. Davis; Harry Darby; John J. Darcy; Frances C. Darling; Justin Dart; Charles G. Daughters; H. Davenport; T. Davenport; Donald K. David; John W. Davidge, Jr. Forrest Davidson; Harold W.

Davie; Alan Davidson; Charles S. Davis; Deane C. Julia E. Edward Debery; Deerfield Inn; E. De Lima; Byron T. DeMent; James Dempsey; F. Denio; H. Derby; Amos J. Derouen; A. Devereux; F. Dewey; J. Denolf; W. Dexter; Morton L. Wallace E. Dickie; John E. Dike; Clarence E.

William Ditter; James A. John L. Downing; H. Doyle; Clare Doyle; Clarence A. Doak; Horton B. Dodge; R. Hayes; Edward J. Doherty; Thomas M. Doherty; Bruce P. Dohrman; Adelaide Haldane Doig; Mrs. Dorsey; Wakefield Dort; Lewis W.

Paul C. Dpw; Willard H. Dow; William H. Dowling; John W. Downs; Leonard Dowse; Thomas Doyle. Clifton Yaun, W. Archer, James C. Auchincloss; C.

Barnes; Clarence A. Barnes; George F.


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