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Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP


Download Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP

Delsin 2. Elle P. Destination Out Vol. Echocord Jubilee Compilation Pt. X Ed Banger 10 Years Compilation lim. The Expression Of Emotions. The Mission Continues Vol. Edition With Poster Emotion V. Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP Session Vol. Derek Carr, Reedale Rise Persian, Ever Vivid Revolution Pt. Llorca Manipulation FU F Soul Sessions Vol.

Nilmmns, M. Sagnia, Pezzner. Basic Soul Unit, Vincenzo. Shady Operations Vol. Heavy Rotation 2 FR Future Classic. EdditMeemMike Parker, S. Full Body Workout Vol. Labelcompilation 12" Vol. Compilation Vol. Deepbass, Giorgio Gigli Insoul Session Vol. Jura Soundsystem Pres. Okai, Yakine Love Sessions Vol. Back Yard Impressions Vol. Tokyo Impressions Vol. Fiasco, Slater Hogan.

The Neck Snapper Sessions Vol. Love Les Editions Potines Vol. King Street's Accapella Collection Vol. Vapauteen This Coercion Pt. Laws Of Motion Vol. Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP Pt.

Metalbar Sessions Vol. Metal Bar Session Vol. Lerosa, Mark Du Mosch Urban Excursions Vol. Interstellar Groove Addictions Vol.

Xdb, Jitterbug Xdb, Atheus, A. ART Mg. ARTW Mg. Dubfire, Plastikman Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP Portions Vol. Modeselektion Vol. Mr Pc Versions Vol. Rhythm Is Rhythm, C. Damier, M. Nite Grooves Drumz Collection Vol. France Jobin Intrication NO.

Early Reflections 2 NO. Matthias Heilbronn Pres. Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP Trax. Cafe Style 12". Silver Network France. Don't Cry 12" promo. Spilt Over 12". Turn On Tune In Filter Flow. Guidance US. Moving On EP 12".

Weekend World EP 12". Ornate Music. Ego Trip 12". Say Hi EP 12". Amenti Music US. Treat Me Right EP 12". Things get even better on side B, check out "Actions" which blends that typical Nottingham sound with some cool West Coast flavours.

Also on the B side "Feeling This Way" is a masterpiece of deep and infectious house to close out this essential package. Pure quality that'll appeal to the Inland Knights, Heather and Littlemen heads.

Toe 2 Toe EP 12". Borrowed US. Robsoul Recordings France. The a-side's "Gotta Go" is pure bumping funk with wicked shuffling beats, choppy bits of vocal snippets and a wicked vibe that sounds one part Derrick Carter and one part Inland Knights.

On the flip "People" is another nasty slab of bumpity house that would easily sit on Tango, Bambino or Drop. Chasing Shadows EP 12". Crazy Times EP 12". Da Crazy Beat 12". My filters. Stock: Show Out Of Stock. Type See all. Music See all. Timo makes music totally without reference to genre pigeonholes and that's what helps make him great. And you finish listening to the album feeling like you've been well and truly fucked. Fancy a cigarette?

The 1 5 tracks on offer dip Into film themery of the best kind, but also Pandoras Box - Various - Dub In France - 31 Pure Dubs for milkmen. If kooky Eurodisco with dark edges is your thing, check it out.

Just say no to 'Drukqs' and buy this instead. Still, damn their eyes if it doesn't work a treat. Ninja Tune may just have found another rare talent. Subtle but funky with it. Would you Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP a man who thanks Italian pom star Rocco Siffredi for 'continuous inspiration'?

Hopefully it won't get lost in Adamo - Adamo scrum, because it's one of the best of the bunch.

On the likes of 'Phostographt' Infest - Infest 'Extensive Care'the duo mine a Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP seam of the kind of reference points, like Devo.

Beats banging on about computers and urban alienation, doesn't it? To add stylistic insult to duration-related injury, the production recalls such mid-Nineties horrors as Garbage and official Worst Band Of All Time, Republica. A great shame, as it was one of the best albums of last year. Even worse, its relative failure has prompted Virgin to release this dodgy remix album. A truly underground classic for your collection. For Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP live version of the same, check out the launch party at The End Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP London.

Available from February in all good record stores. Distributed by Intergroove UK. A at Fabric, London, Inspired or just plain stoopid? The idea is this: cook up some cool beats - preferably ones that could be described as horizontal - rope In class A rappers for some tracks and breathy chanteuses for others, release It and wait for it to be overlooked in favour of the next Tim Westwood compilation.

And it all hangs together beautifully. Is like an edgy hip hop lullaby. There's no doubt Deckwrecka will produce a perfect UK hip hop album one day soon - this isn 't it though. Or both? Then there's her band. No Doubt. Stefani should ditch this sorry bunch at once and Answer Me My Love - Petula Clark - The Other Mans Grass Is Always Greener / Colour My World successful solo career working with Jay-Z and Ja Rule.

But spread over an entire album of semi-acoustic, reflective material, she struggles to muster the same enthusiasm. Must try harder. Even if there were a shred of truth in these cynical accusations, who care when his soulful delights still sound so enchanting?

And for a certain section of our readership those dribbly 'erection section' slow dances will be recreated in all their adolescent finery. Are we turning into Mojo, you ask? Well, no. Rock The Beat - T. Ski Valley* - In The 80s as lead 'Chop Kurt Wagner's given up hss floor- sanding day job, there's even a little bit of glamour involved.

The lachrymose troubadour sounds more m,agisterial than ever on 'Is A Woman'while the sound around him has barely changed. So despite sporting a slightly bruised soul, this is Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP thoroughly love y album that Will soon edge its way into the same headspace as Minotaur Shock and Gemma Hayes.

It barely matters that the subject flatter speaks of cobwebs, caterpillars and vicars. So why not exhibit your taste for Umbchop nght now? Repetition still plays a major role of course, but the loops are much funkier, the sounds more varied and the delivery much smoother.

Vocal hoo'KS, tribal chants and Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP instruments all feature heavily and some of the rhythms have an almost housey vibe. The biggest step forward though is the accessibility. You get the impression that Ho has grown tired of just wanting to impress his peers and is casting his ret rather further. Not at all bad fora man who uses a pudding bowl to achieve his haircut.

Certainly, but then so is Craig David, apparently. And a trio of marks to complete the set! BIG PROPS are due to the Papa Washington Trio, for not only having a splendid name and a witty Sbum title, but also for appropriating aThomas Bangaller disco sensibility, filtering it through Glaswegian dancefloors and tying the whole thing up in a deep house bow.

Great at 2am in the communal insanity of Basicsbut not quite so successful elsevdiere. The Bongolian does not make this type of music. In his Willesden home, with his mate Nick Terry, Nasser Bousida has concocted a merrily tuneful kitsch jam which sounds like the James Taylor Quarter scoffing Prozac as if there were no tomorrow. Whether It be their work a. Wo're pantng a picture. Wo want you see tho tracks and the sounds. Skynet UK, Ksig Spin, ftmy and many rivn?.

Starting with Whoop! The award winning Euko team have oome up with a double CD to really kick start With one CD dedicated to each label featuring previously unreteased tracks and classics from the catalogue, Tech House takas on Tochno. Sound Assocates, Tony Thomas. Marco Lenzi, Tobias Von Hofsten amongst many others A truly underground classic lor your coltecticin.

For a live version of thesame, check oul ttio launch party at The End in London On the second, ho turns the funk iador up to 1 1. Any cop than? Spectaculafly diverse In places, with a mountain of peak-time, trouser- troubling tunes, this is even bettor tlian label boss Dick MooHo's 'Sessions Volume 1'. What's on it? Any cop then? Yes sirree Bob. No'way is now of course tne new brown. Which was previously France. And do-wntempo elcdron ca s the new ironic mulct.

It could have done with lighter qua ly control Elektrorische Geist's arrb ent fug isunforgfvabe. Goa, darl ng. Is it time for the psychedelic trance revival? Nosta'giafor some. For the rest it's a cue to get some bongos out ditch that charte. Muzik cover star David Holmes shooting from the hip. With anolhe' saKo of dark, Hammond-driven instrumentals and a selection of up-anc-eem ng guest stars.

Holmes chucks in some of his back catalogue, as well as some cool few moves. And those new hopefuls? Aspiring producer Quincy Jones, p. He coula go far. Okay, we're exaggerating a bit but you get the point. Scatte'-shot leftfield lovel ress from one of the most consistently entertaining abels in Br. Julesy-a DJ who puts up with a lot of shit, and only rarely turns nasty-oontinues to bait Craig Richatos by putting out mix CDs w, th neon on the cover.

But the zen-iike Judge knows that for every yin, there must be a yang and so maintans cosmic balance by mixing in some utter shite as well. A big bonkers beanfeast of lounge lunacy courtesy of Lo.

Names is for tombstones, oabyl Oh goer, then. You've got old-sty e ojnge iizard 7 courtesy of easycore poneei-EsquYe!

Only the grineniest Scrooge this side of Victor Meldrew could truly hate Ih s choice of cool cuts, so brazenly does it thrust its Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP in its cheek and dance. The church of Quent n has an outdoor meeting, n which the Rev Norman invites a selea few to the beacn. And Jonnny Ball explains the science of it all h an easy-to-grasp way. It's rot gonna cause any road to Damascus convers ons. Open r. A must fo' anyone with an interest in the increasingly aJjri''gvA:rld of tech-house.

Records have been pioneers of the Progressive House scene for many years, with Whoopi artists helping shape the recent, more eclectic. Progressive sound. Renaissance resident Nigel Dawson seamlessly blends tracks and remixes by some of the most respected names in Progressive House including.

What's on It? A truly impressive round-up of the great and the good. It's all as deep as you like, but stays acknirably dear of the head-nod noodie-iam zone. The f resh'n'kerrayzee sounds of Bugge Wesseltoft's ground breaking Jazzland label. Sounds I ke an antidote to insomnia, you say? You're so, SO wrong. Soundtrack to a distinctly average UK- clubbers-in-peril horror film of whch the most terrifying aspect is the gargoyle-like visage of ex- EastEnderJoeAbsolom. Not a bad selection but sorely lacking in shocks.

Deep house people delving into Ihe land of samba, football and death-squads. They and be r i k are the heirs to the likes of Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and Kraftwerk - ground-breaking artists making works of complexity and technical innovation that also have the power to move minds AND booties. Gotta be worth a listen, but not quite the m. The latest instalment in Fabric's endless array of good taste, with more to come next nxjnth. Tech-house -no, no, bat's not right.

Late night shuffling grooves for goalee- stroking urbanites to check their Pa'm Riots to. Not very red- blooded, but nice in a very hip London kinda way. MWA de. Any cop ben? Reggae, dub and their various e'ectronic descendants, com. Aaall rude bwoy dem dere?

Iration tings? The perfect lowest common denominator dance music marketing concept. If Distinctive are lucky, a shamefully unambitious cash-creating device. If not, another yawnsome addition to the European compilation CD mountain. Jim O'Rourke. And very snug it is too. As cosy as that stripy scarf you wore when you were seven, this album perfectly encapsulates everything that makes Zero 7 so charming.

The best 'Late N ght' so fa. But we prefer the amyl rush of be. Pure dance mus c, bis is as hard as nails, as camp as the boys on Pop Idols, and really does captu. Quite why you would wish to recreate that experierKe in your flat in Catford is beyond us, mi. A mix compilation wiihadilfetence.

Instead of picking a load of near- identical tunes to make life easy and us bored, Sefway shows Uiat moving between styles is possible too. The mixing is wicked, Ihe tunes are great and there's a real sense that Selway is actually trying to say something. DM Crydamoure Presents Waves l. Still hazy?

More Easy To Love - The Rat Pack - 50 Original Recordings than a French stick from Grenoble, this is a reminder that Crydamoure sill operate at the smart end of Sneak-style house. Turd-po ishing remixes of Robbie Williams vvny? Plus the odd bit of turd-pol shing in reverse Can, Meal Beat Manife.

Nice in small doses, but ove. Trade and Kiss FM legend Pete Wardman delivers a stomiing hard dance anthem that fuses the best of hard house and trance in his own unique style.

The sound of the future. DSP is back with yet another floor filling hard groover, this time with three pump action tracks. To be featured on the forthcoming Thumpers II album. Ai What's Wrong? In 'Lose Control' that moment is the top-of-the-night, floor-packed point where things go off! This is what a house track should sound like: tension and release. Having gained the support of Tong, Fergie and Tall Paul amongst others for their last two releases, tribal housers Ca-Lo return with their finest release yet!

Andwhynot, as Bazza Norman used to say. Tom Stephan; "i didn't like it at all. Nothing new Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP all. Ilikethewaythebass Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP kicks in halfway through the record.

They deserve better than this though. At a wake. The original mix is a really interesting place between house and rock. I don't understand where records like this go. By no means. Tobias Von Hofsten.

Thomas Krome's really good. I liked Reck, but I never heard of him before. I Sometimes they gel Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP absolutely bang on.

Tom Stephan: That wasn't what I expected at alt. It sounds odd, something seems weird about It. I got rules, man, and this breaks my 'dum. I totally approve. Loaded is a genius label, one of the biggest of last year for me. It was less upsetting to me. Even the other side, arm, it was pretty mad - 1 can really imagine it working at Body d Soul.

I don't really know what its relevance is Inthough. I don't think I coukf dance to it any more. He's from Scotland, uDJ at Area 5 1and tie's knocked out two tiroody sides of progres-Sive tech-house.

He does soured a bit loo rnuch like Seal, Ihough. Tom Stephan: The vocal Kinda reminds me of Seal. I'm not mad on it. I was excited to hear It, but I Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP say I was too excited by what I heard. A really late night thing for me, it's kinda out there and doesn't necessarily go anywhere too fast. It worVt need much because It's a hook-laden, sIrghUy pofil-party. I don't Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP It at all.

I really don't. Beat II you Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP miag. Luckily I can't hear the lyrics so I'm not offended. KldBadidor mawia lewd sexual darns over jagged electro-house that bleeps petulantly. A classic, basically. I love this record. This is my prediction for the future: that house music is gonna slow down. When you listen to a slow record like this it ail seems quite exciting.

The Bedrock mix is too wishy-washy and far out in space for me. I'm also kinda confused cos I didn't hear any vocals on the vocal mix. This vinyl, however, doesn't really serve as a very good advert for it.

Itremlndsmeof Trade a long time ago, but I'm too old for that now. Yeuchl I like the Tomcraft mix the most as I made it halfway through the track befora I realised where It was going. It's not the kind of thing that makes me wanna dance inany direction except towards the door. The Riva mix is a bit over-the-top upbeat, a bit forced, but Chab's effort Is spartan, echoing, pre-dawn cod. It's kind of a summer sunset record and I'm not really about sunset records. I don't like rock house - 1 like house because it's NOT rock.

Rul's mix, on the other hand, is genius. He gave me a CD of it a couple of months back and I've been playing it ever since. It's at the deeper end of what I play. Remember - the best beer isn't full of fizz. Cobra is specially brewed to be smoother, so it gives you a body that's worth getting your hands on.

To learn more visit www. I'm not saying I made them great, but I managed to bring something to those records that I personally felt was lacking to start off with.

I like a challenge that I need to work hard at. The Keepers turn in two energy-packed workouts that wJI keep Cnicago-style floors happy, but the real star is Braddock.

Turn off the lights. His 'Ghetto Style Dub' IS a tough, dubby rhythm journey that many have tried but few have really mastered since the West Coast explosion. Gentle Beings are actually a real band and provide a real jazz-cum-Balearic joint that reminds of Izit Balearic legends ana is already a biggie for Patrick Forge, Phil Asher and Dave Pearce possibly.

TF Miss Bombay Mahatmatronic Mantis If you are Descarga Atomica - Sabu* - Sabu In Orbit of Sandy Rivera's rhythm workouts and looking for some more h gh-octare fuel for your turntable, look no further than the latest release on Mantis.

Hakan Libdo is the architect of the drumscape on offer here and dancefloor mayhem is the likely' result.

Aroma have quite a release on their hands. Deep and soulful. We love it. The sort of tune that if g. Total quality. A simple yet effective rhythm sits perfectly under the jazz flavours and soulful stirrings of Ms Shelly Nelson. USA Masters At Wcrk have stepped in to remix this candy-coated vxxtal cut that reminds me of Kim English back in the day - and that's no bad thing.

One fo. It's inspired by the Candi Staton classic of course, but designed for dark, smoky dancefloors. It's Frederic Chopin* - The Complete Works Of Frederic Chopin Volume 14 a cut and paste job Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP it sounds differe.

He has an old Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EPhe feels what he does. Jamie took one of my vocals and just worked Various - Televisions Greatest Hits (65 TV Themes!

From The 50s And The 60s) magic all over the tune. What can we expect? It's still kind of hush-hush. It's got collaborations with Simon Law on it. Anyway, ths was recently on bootleg and now sees the light of day officially. Tough enough for the garage heads yet also commerdally viable. The vocal's good - and it's great to hear it again, but as my mum used to say.

A good remix package containing something for everyone, I can see th. Nice to see tnat songs aren't deac yeti HMP Reelin' Independiente A classy, soulful number vzhich deserves to be all over the radio in the coming months. Until the dub mix kicks in that is! One word sums this up; smooth. Moezar Featuring Morpheus Ordinary Life M3 Music This makes a nice change from the usual love songsl Fresh lyrics, good vocal, great four-to-the-flcor beats roll on the revivall.

Singles Quartz Raslc Heat Ascend. Canada Darcefloor-wise tNs is sum to do we! Ho sampled this lave recenlly arid now, only a Kamienny Krzyż - Ewa Braun - Pierwsza Cobieta weeks later, it's out again.

Here we get a typically strong Silcon Scaly mix alongside Fyramd Transmissions' deeply rrxxjmfu' electronic stylings and a mae abstract mix by Maladies Of Man.

A great recad that gets better wiln each Isten. DM become an anthem. Using the vocals and Spanish g. Like listening to UR on a state of the ai CD player.

Digital Soul is an imprint that believes techno has more to offer than fundiona party music. I see it as a sort of golden age for this music. The man is a genius drummer. Japan and David Sylvian were also a huge influence. Evc 7 couple cf weeks he puts out another killer record and th s is yet another. Once again it's all about deep driving grooves with catchy hooks, funky percussive touches and Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP bass licks.

Proper sound system music fa EXJs wno like to get in there. His sound is fun'xy, driving and percussive without being too hard a over the top.

Think Wiggle hosting a party on the West Coast, a Siesta. Minus the big drops, of course. For best results though, go straight to the Asad RSzvi mix on the flip. Deep, tight and rolling, it's RIzvi at his minimal best. Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP out for Ns forthccmiing album as part of Reverberalbns on The End.

DM Tommy Gillard Blessing In Disguise Rogue Beat Reeling off into a deeper and mae hypnotic realm than on his Continual output, Gillard blesses us with subtle and shifting house, mutant discoid funk a.

With Alter Ego's dynam c duo. Vain ajmbles the bassline up to 1 1d'ops a few breaks, wobbles a vocal and adds a bii of musde for a subtie re-wo'k, wNIe the origiratas tbrnw in a mae jacked up version for good measure. File under 'bang but good'. A limited release right new, ths vvorxierfu! So Who The Hell Is He's the highly influential label manager at Tidy Trax, and he's just about to unleash his debut single.

This 26 year-old got into DJing ininfluenced by his hero Tony De Vit, who he went to see at Sundissential every other week. Lee "had gone into hospital for an operation and wasn't allowed to leave the house for a month.

So I decided to buy some decks and I got hooked. Two years ago I was made label manager, which Is where I am today. We have so many big things on the horizon, I'm really excited by it all. Kick ng off with nu-teenno beats n typical BK style, a bg riff raises the mcmentum, before soar ng strings lake it higher and even more rillerama lifts Hie roof off. Its experimenlal companion, 'Jungize', wil have its fans too. Two big releases from one ta'ented man! This fun-loving fusion of hard fiouse and trance would do the tnck e-iren without the roof-rasing Del rium vocal sample, a vocal I must admit lo haling - although I do seem to be in the mhonty on lhal front!

The former do then pounding German trance thang, tne latter mject a spine-tingling breakdown. Diss-troy' galops along nicely with weird vocal FX Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP di. An awesome release! Liverpool, Li 4AQ.

Simple - start a new label. Hence Black. It does, ha. It's interesling, different and refreshing during the earfy build, moving on to a massive synlh-layered melody that oozes arms- aloft appeal. Hmmm, lovely. Set your thermostats to high - it's going to get very hot. Dark and gritty with a fantastically simple groove, this is one that will creep up and grab you on the dancefloor.

Watch out! Still in one piece? The kick drum Jingalay (Markus Schulz Remix) - Rouge - Jingalay Remixes is sure to cause brain damage in most clubbers. Perhaps I should see a doctor very soon. Take a different approach and go back lo the sound of your earlier years.

Tribal rhyth. Jade, however, remix in a more tuff and full-on manner, giving the Rain - Angela Aki - Home something for everyone. Oh, hew thal sandpaper burnsi Winging its way from the Netherlarrds.

Ike a huge winged thing, a new style of progressive house is touching down in the UK: funk progressive. Damn those producers Ural could make this bloody track so damn catchy - you just can't resist the thick, funky, yet glaringly progressive vibe. Mike Moriday's remix is off the map. Before long I'd traded up to a Casio synth, got hold of an Atari ST and borrowed a drum machine from school. It was years before I could make a living from production though, so I've had my fair share of shit jobs along the way.

I hope to have it completed for summer. Now if that didn't faze you, rxithing will! Two skies of sonic wizardry will have you in the padded cell for sure. The fad thal Ihe latter tune can be played almost 10 years later speaks volumes. Here, Push supplies an updated trance version, while Elektrochemie LK pitdies a darker inteqjretation.

Cracking stuff. Ray it loud - unless your mum disagrees. The effects units have been on overtime for this one. Phat 'n' chunky house with a Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP class all of its own.

The standard spoken vocal adds some depth during Ihe break before rompirrg off inlo the distance with some fantastic growf ng BT-style add. Funk'fuefled enough for the. Stantons with a tedvedge to appeal to the Rumps on Térébentine - Jofroi - JAi Le Moral evidence.

Tel; Dublin store; Tel: 0 -1 Jem Panufk and Justin Rushmore get back to the studio - and how. Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EPbut as part of a label which really did help kick things off, remixes have been g'ven to those who can do it svth care.

This EP :s taken from his m x album of the same name. The three tracks of trancey eiedro by the I kes of Anashca and Jan B hghbght their euphohe souno, though their iove of the breakdown might not be to every taste.

Jef Dam Fat! Repetitive breakbeats ahoyl ' 1 94'! What a sound. And what a label this is proving to be. The best B2 track you' I hear this month. And they were do ng so well. Festivals will like tHs more than we do. One member of the PFN duo sounds very fresh on this energet'C and drum-heavy cut. The awesome breakbeat track that Orange just had to have. This man can surely do no wrong. Future Funk Squad on form is someth rg to be reckoned with. Yep, that 'Write Lines', pushed up to 1 30 and unashamed Only A Year - Lick The Tins - Blind Man On A Flying Horse becomi ng one for the parly people.

The beats are fat and the source matena is rather a good base to work from. Folowrg the flavour of h s wn recent procuctions, Rlgrem enlists Chris Carter. DBX throws up exorc,'st- style chi'ler two-step but the long-lost Raw Deal demonstrates what a talent he is with the awesome Harold Budd-meets-lls souna of 'Dark Horse'.

His best shosving for a long while. If anythhg. It's 'ouder and more laid back than the first version, a light-hearted coda to a work O' utter brilliance. Or is that birdsong?

It's like viewing the original through a refracting crystal, Byrd's sounds and vocals being relocated to unexpected and far more interesting places. Typ caJly for CaJibre, a stripped-down approach builds to hypnotic effect. Roll on 'Plastic Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP 3'. Pieter K Somna Metaformal As h ghiy strung as a paranoiac on strong amphetamines, 'Somna' announces its presence with a b'eep riff that continues throughout.

The similarly nerv'ous 'Stop On A Dime' is threaded through by bleeps that ripple like suni ght on Martian water. It blerKfs with theatrical horns, carnivorous boss-tones and the occasional bongo-flicker to build a sense of depth and menace.


Decadent Sophisticates 退廃的な知識人 - Neon Vandal - Tears In The Rain: Music From The Motion Picture, Trendy Trousers - Dataura - Alternate Frequency, Andante - Felix Mendelssohn* / Joachim Raff* - Octets, John Huisman En Zijn Wonderaccordeon* - Wonderaccordeon, The V.I.P. (Cut The Bitchin Mix) - Natalia Data - The V.I.P., Little Ethiopia - Just A Few (File), Stardust - The Gene Krupa Trio* - The Gene Krupa Trio Collates, You Send Me - Ponderosa Twins + One - You Send Me, Camino De La Vida - Sergent Garcia - Un Poquito Quemao, Outside Woman Blues - Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze, Dawn - Various - Burning The Midnight Sun, My Brand New Nikes Made Me Do It - One Morning Left - Panda <3 Penguin Vol. 2, The Busch Quartet, Antonín Dvořák - Quartet No. 3 In E Flat Major (Shellac)

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  1. Feb Franck Roger With Chris Wonder and Mselem--Reason-(STUP)-WEBdh Feb Bleep District--Bleep Of Faith-(ROADX)-WEBdh Sep VA-School Of Aci.
  2. Review: Toka Project drop this next biggie on the red hot Robsoul alternative.adrierdredironcrusherkeswyn.infoinfo a-side's "Gotta Go" is pure bumping funk with wicked shuffling beats, choppy bits of vocal snippets and a wicked vibe that sounds one part Derrick Carter and one part Inland Knights.
  3. American Libraries Canadian Libraries Universal Library Community Texts Project Gutenberg Biodiversity Heritage Library Children's Library. Open Library. Books by Language Additional Collections. Featured movies All video latest This Just In Prelinger Archives Democracy Now! Full text of "muzik .
  4. TOKA PROJECT. Buy TOKA PROJECT on vinyl & CD at Juno Records, the worlds largest dance music store. TOKA PROJECT. % Secure Shopping. Studio equipment. Our full range of studio equipment from all the leading equipment and software brands. Guaranteed fast delivery and low prices.
  5. What ION’s each new project expects from you is the inalienable human right of not having to explain. And without any trace of attitude, yet exceeding in soul testimony, he succeeds in turning into sound that sentiment of that first time: when you look somebody in the eyes and you realize -even if it’s only for a second- that you are not alone.
  6. triad dragons julie zorrilla-chasing shadows feat. julie zorrilla (joman remix)-you tribeat-wanna be with you (original mix)-you niko de luka presents the deep project one--relaxed mind-dh niko jimenez-adventures niko marks-real funk dont die (hha vox)-you ( and ones lo motion funk mix) renato fasano-rise my sky.
  7. Explore releases from Toka Project at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Toka Project at the Discogs Marketplace. Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion: Toka Project Presents Lo-Motion - Chasing Shadows EP.

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