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They are relaxed in the manner of people who are comfortable in their lives. This is Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness the comfort of possessions or material gain, but of knowing that there is going to Pandoras Box - Various - Dub In France - 31 Pure Dubs something there for them that has been there before.

It is something that sustains their lives. We see off the predator. How do I know a bird is happy or contented? The opposite of that is perky, alert, aware. Very like humans. Yes, happiness is fleeting, but contentedness only lasts as long as there is no interruption from outside ourselves.

The earthquake disturbed you, you had no control over it. There are so many things in our lives over which we have no control. Our brains are not simple enough, not basic enough, to obtain it. Thankyou very much indeed, Val, for your interest and for your acute observations; both are greatly appreciated. Still, I am always happy to Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness from visitors here, and your experience and the intimacy you clearly share with birds doubtless exceeds mine by some margin.

I do live in an area renowned for bird life — a rural part of the Somerset Levels — and provide both food and water for the birds. In my conception, it is still possible to be content during an earthquake, during unfortunate events, during illness, and perhaps controversially during grieving.

And I say these things not as some aloof intellectual posturing, but as a result of my own lived Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness of those circumstances. There again, I would venture to suggest that equanimity need not be devoid of physical responses of the nervous system — indeed, they are unavoidable given the nature of our bodies, of course.

So again, there could equanimity, which is a mental quality, when undergoing feelings of stress within the body. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Menu Skip to content. Welcome home What is this site about? Who runs this site? What is selfhood? What is contentedness? On the global measure, people start out at age 18 feeling pretty good about themselves, and then, apparently, life begins to throw curve balls.

They feel worse and worse until they hit At that point, there is a sharp reversal, and people keep getting happier as they age. By the time they are 85, they are even more satisfied with themselves than they were at Worry stays fairly steady until 50, then sharply drops off. Today most women are Feminists, and Feminism is much worse than cancer today that is caused by these very pathetic women altogether. Your Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness address will not be published.

Share on Facebook Tweet. Jack on October 6, at am. David on October 6, at am. Thanks Jack! And good recommendations, I still need to read his books.

Sukant on October Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happinessat pm. David on October 6, at pm. R600L - Dark DJ - 2010 Sukant — keep at it brother! Sergie on October 6, at pm. Great article. Regards, Sergie Reply. David on October 7, at am. Leon on October 6, at pm. Fantastic article! Well done David. It really does hit home. Thanks Leon, I appreciate it man!

Hamad on October 6, at pm. I don't intend to say," looking round upon us with his powerful arms akimbo and his Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness eyebrows raised, "that I am more partial to being hanged than another man. What I say is, I must come off clear and full or not at all.

Therefore, when I hear stated against me what is true, I say it's true; and when they tell me, 'whatever you say will be used,' I tell them I don't mind that; I mean it to be used. If they can't make me innocent out of the whole truth, they are not likely to do it out of anything less, Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness anything else. And if they are, it's worth nothing to me.

Bagnet, who had been unpacking her basket, in which there was a piece of cold pickled pork, a little tea and sugar, and a brown Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness"you ought to know it don't. You ought to know it's enough to drive a person wild to hear you. You won't be got off this way, and you won't be got off that way--what do you mean Black Lace - Superman such picking and choosing?

It's stuff and nonsense, George. This is a really great philosophical discussion hidden in very character-driven dialog. George and Mrs. Bagnet are debating whether it's better to stick to principles no matter what, or to be practical and make choices based on the situation at hand. This is still a pretty relevant debate. Check out, for instance, the two different types of Supreme Court judge: conservatives, who believe in "originalism" basically that there is just one interpretation of the US Constitution and liberals, who argue that the Constitution is a living document that needs to be reinterpreted according to the times.

This might be as good a summary as we ever get of Dickens's opinions about foreign aid: domestic charity should always trump foreign philanthropy. All this and a great deal more he told us, not only with the utmost brilliancy and enjoyment, but with a certain vivacious candour-- speaking of himself as if he were not at all his own affair, as if Skimpole were a third person, as if he knew that Skimpole had his singularities but still had his claims too, which were the general business of the community and must not be slighted.

He was quite enchanting. Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness I felt at all confused at that early time in endeavouring to reconcile anything he said with anything I had thought about Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness duties and accountabilities of life which I am far from sure ofI was confused by not exactly understanding why he was free of them.

That he WAS free of them, I scarcely doubted; he was so very clear about it himself. One of the many things that prove how big a liar Skimpole is is the fact that he knows there are duties he's shirking. Just ask any five-year-old. It was not for me to The Killers - Miklós Rózsa - Immortal Film Music Of Miklos Rozsa over bygones, but to act with a cheerful spirit and a grateful heart.

So I said to myself, "Esther, Esther, Esther! Duty, my dear! For the first time but not the lastEsther concentrates on duty as a way to avoid unpleasant emotions.

Bells are a nice sonic image there, with many connotations — for example church bells, but also the bells that cows wear. Anything else come up for you when you think about a bell sound? He gave it its present name [Bleak House] and lived here shut up, day and night poring over the wicked heaps of papers in the suit and hoping against hope to disentangle it from its mystification and bring it to a close. In the meantime, the place became dilapidated [ So wait, does the Jarndyce lawsuit secretly deal with the property we know as Tom-all-Alone's?

Are those slums so horrible because they don't belong to anyone, so no one is responsible for their upkeep? Jellyby's] young family are excluded from participation in the objects to which she is devoted. She may be right, she may be wrong; but, right or wrong, this is not my course with MY [Mrs.

Pardiggle's] young family. I take them everywhere. Pardiggle rapidly, "and they are with me during the revolving duties of the day. I am a School lady, I am a Visiting lady, I am a Reading lady, I am a Distributing lady; I am on the local Linen Box Committee and many general committees; and my canvassing alone is very extensive--perhaps no one's more so.

But they are my companions everywhere; and by these means they acquire that knowledge of the poor, and that capacity of doing charitable business in general--in short, that taste for the sort of thing--which will render them in after life a service to their neighbours and a satisfaction to themselves. My young family are not frivolous; they expend the entire amount of their allowance in subscriptions, under my direction; and they have attended as many public meetings and listened to as many lectures, orations, and discussions as generally fall to the lot of few grown people.

Alfred fivewho, as I mentioned, has of Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness own election joined the Infant Bonds of Joy, was one of the very few children who manifested consciousness on that occasion after a fervid address of two hours from the chairman of the evening.

Usually the idea of duty is a positive and life-affirming one in the novel. People who see to their duties — like Jo's sweeping the steps to Nemo's cemetery — tend to be emotionally and morally superior to those who shirk them.

But here we've got duty used as a weapon and borderline child abuse. Or if it was partly, was it wholly and entirely? No, my friends, no! He spits them out with a remorseful air, for he feels that it is in his Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness to be an unimprovable reprobate and that it's no good HIS trying to keep awake, for HE won't never know nothink. Its compilers and the Reverend Chadband are all one to him, except that he knows the Reverend Chadband and Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness rather run away from him for an hour than hear him talk for five minutes.

Snagsby an't a-going to say nothink to me to-night. But downstairs is the charitable Guster, holding by the handrail of the kitchen stairs and warding off a fit, as yet doubtfully, the same having been induced by Mrs. Snagsby's screaming. She has Alex Bau - Shakin EP own supper of bread and cheese to hand to Jo, with whom she Razzle Dazzle - Various - 60 Golden Rockers to interchange a word or so for the first time.

First of all, when Chadband says "Terewth," we're meant to sound it out — it's his totally obnoxious Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness of the word "truth. There is a bit of a contradiction here, though, because what Guster does is not enough. I Want It.

I Need It - Wallis Bird - Home does need to know about Jesus and the Bible, according to the narrator, and it's someone's duty to teach him. So Chadband apparently has the America (I Love America) - Various - 538 Dance Smash Hits 96 - Volume 2 idea — the problem is that he's a pompous jerk.

Tulkinghorn comes and goes pretty often, there being estate business to do, leases to be renewed, and so on. He sees my Lady pretty often, too; and he and she are as composed, and as indifferent, and take as little heed of one another, as ever.

Yet it may be that my Lady fears this Mr. Tulkinghorn and that he knows it. It may be that he pursues her doggedly and Foot Tapper - The Nightriders - A Tribute To The Shadows Riding In The Sky, with no touch of compunction, remorse, or pity.

It may be Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness her beauty and all the state and brilliancy surrounding her only gives him the greater zest for what he is set upon and makes him the more inflexible in it. Whether he be cold and cruel, whether immovable in what he has made his duty, whether absorbed in love of power, whether determined to have nothing hidden from him in ground where he has burrowed among secrets all his life, whether he in his heart despises the splendour of which he is a distant beam, whether he is always treasuring up slights Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness offences in the affability of his gorgeous clients--whether he be any of this, or all of this, it may be that my Lady had better have five thousand pairs of fashionable eyes upon her, in distrustful vigilance, than the two eyes of this rusty lawyer with his wisp of neckcloth and his Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness black breeches tied with ribbons at Rain - Angela Aki - Home knees.

Finally we get some answers about Tulkinghorn. Here is a EINFACHE BEWEGUNGEN - Vojenská Nemocnice - Be Up To Mischief bunch of possible explanations for why he does what he does — and apparently feels he is duty-bound to do.

It might be for all these reasons or just for some of them, but the narrator pretty strongly argues that it's at least one thing from this list. What's interesting is that as soon as he has understandable motivations, Tulkinghorn is immediately made more human.

Now he has "zeal" and gets offended by insults rather than just being some kind of evil machine. Carstone has laid down the principle of watching his own interests," said Mr. Vholes, "and when a client lays down his own principle, and it is not immoral, it devolves upon me to carry it out. I wish in business to be exact and open. I am a widower with three daughters--Emma, Jane, and Caroline--and my desire is so to discharge the duties of life as to leave them a good name.

This appears to be a pleasant spot, miss. My health is not good my digestion being much impairedand if I had only myself to consider, I should take refuge in rural habits, especially as the cares of business have prevented me from ever coming much into contact with general society, and particularly with ladies' society, which I have most wished to mix in. But with my three daughters, Emma, Jane, and Caroline--and my aged father--I cannot afford to be selfish.

It is true I have no longer to maintain a dear grandmother who died in her hundred and second year, but enough remains Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness render it indispensable that the mill should Do You Ever Think Of Me? - Wayne King And His Orchestra - The Waltz King always going. What's great about Dickens is that nothing is ever totally, completely cut and dry.

So all along we've been told that you have to take care of your family and your house before you even start thinking about anything else — your primary duty is deal with your domestic situation.

So what do we make of Vholes, here, who is clearly Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness negative, weird, vampiric character but is totally devoted to his kids and his dad? Dead, your Majesty.

Dead, my lords and gentlemen. Dead, right reverends and wrong reverends of every order. Dead, men and women, born with heavenly compassion in your hearts. And dying thus around us every day. Dickens has a message for us here: Yeah, you lazy, good-for-nothing readers.

Now get off your butts and do something to make things better! Bucket, "duty is duty, and friendship Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness friendship. I never want the two to clash if I can help it. I have endeavoured to make things pleasant to-night, and I put it to you whether Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness have done it or not.

You must consider yourself in custody, George. Bucket, urging a sensible view of the case upon him with his fat forefinger, "duty, as you know very well, is one thing, and conversation is another.

It's my duty to inform you that any observations you may make will be liable to be used against you. Therefore, George, be careful Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness you say. You don't happen to have heard of a murder? Bucket adjusts them in a moment. Are they comfortable? If not, say so, for I wish to make things as pleasant as is consistent with my duty, and I've got another pair in my pocket.

There's an interesting clash here. Bucket is fixated on telling George the difference between content and manner. He sounds like a "friend" and is talking like this is a "conversation," but in reality he's Groovin - Pilita - This Is Pilita totally out of his duty as a cop. Meanwhile, the narrator is coming at this from a different angle, comparing Bucket to an "upholsterer" or a "tradesman" trying to please a customer rather than someone with legal power over George.

Is this difference in style and substance what makes us like Bucket? Skimpole stretched upon the bed or prostrate on the floor, I found him standing before the fire smiling at Richard, while Richard, with a face of great Im So Sorry. - Spearmint - A Different Lifetime (Vinyl, Album), looked at a Only You - The Bohicas - The Making Of on Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness sofa, in a white great-coat, with smooth hair upon his head and not much of it, Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra - Golden Saxophones he was wiping smoother and making less of with a pocket-handkerchief.

Skimpole," said Richard to me, "has a delicacy in applying to my cousin Jarndyce because he has lately--I think, sir, I understood you that you had lately--" [ It was a most singular thing that the arrest was our embarrassment and not Mr.

He observed us with a genial interest, but there seemed, if I may venture on such a contradiction, nothing selfish in Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness. He had entirely washed his hands of the difficulty, and it had Magik Markers - Boss ours.

Wow, that's some powerful social conditioning right there. Someone clearly has to feel ashamed in this situation, and if Skimpole isn't going to do it then Richard and Esther will step right up. I sat down and said after a little effort to be as calm as I ought to be, "One of my earliest remembrances, guardian, is of these words: 'Your mother, Esther, is your disgrace, and you were hers.

The time will come, and soon enough, when you will understand this better, and will feel it too, as no one save a woman can. Miss Barbary is a master of psychological abuse. She inflicts Esther with guilt for having been born, guilt for intruding into her godmother's life, guilt for whatever nameless thing happened to her mother, sexual guilt before the fact since this horrible thing is only known by womenand the anticipation of more guilt "soon enough".

If it was never to wake no more, you'd think me mad, I should take on so. I know that very well. I was with Jenny when she lost hers--warn't I, Jenny?

But look around you at this place. Look at them," glancing at the sleepers on the ground. Think of the children that your business lays with often and often, and that YOU see grow up! My master will be against it, and he'll be beat, and see me beat, and made to fear his home, and perhaps Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness stray wild.

If I work for him ever so much, and ever so hard, there's no one to help me; and if he should be turned bad 'spite of all I could do, and the time should come when I should sit by him in his sleep, made hard and changed, an't it likely I should think of him as he lies in my lap now and wish he had died as Jenny's child died!

Shmoop dares you not to tear up a little at this one. Liz feels so prematurely guilty about the horrible life her child will lead that she wishes him dead, despite how insane with grief this would leave her. Then, of course, she feels horrible for even thinking such a thing. Not easy to be a mom in the slums of Victorian London! We were in a solitary place, and he put his hands before his eyes and sobbed as he said the words.

You have a noble nature, and Ada's love may make you worthier every day. You mustn't mind my being a Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness soft now, for I have had all this upon my mind for a long time, and have often meant to speak to you, and have sometimes wanted opportunity and sometimes courage.

I know what the thought of Ada ought to do for me, but it doesn't do it. I am Dayz - The Odd Numbers - The Oddyssey unsettled even for that.

I love her most devotedly, and yet I do her wrong, in doing myself wrong, every day and hour. Many of the characters in the novel have opportunities to figure out key things about themselves.

Richard is totally self-aware and knows what an idiotic and useless life he is leading, but he still can't stop. Why are characters who understand their problem still not able to solve it? Woodcourt] would say to me with stately triumph, "this, you see, is the fortune inherited by my son. Wherever my son goes, he can claim kindred with Ap-Kerrig. He may not have money, but he always has what is much better--family, my dear.

Esther is frequently being made to feel bad about various aspects of herself — here because of her questionable birth and parents. Is this a way to tone down how totally and unrealistically perfect her character is? Snagsby, with his cough of meekness, Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness"Wouldn't Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness really, my dear? Then coughs his cough of trouble and says, "This is a dreadful mystery, my love! I beg and entreat of you not to do it.

Good Lord, you don't suppose that I would go spontaneously combusting any person, my dear? On a hasty review of his unfortunate position, Mr. Snagsby "can't say" either. He is not prepared positively to deny that he may have had something to do with it. He has had something--he don't know what--to do with so much in this connexion that is mysterious that it is possible he may even be implicated, without knowing it, in the present transaction. Snagsby casts his eye forlornly round the bar, gives Messrs.

Weevle and Guppy good morning, assures them of the satisfaction with which he sees them uninjured, and accompanies Mrs. Snagsby from the Sol's Arms. Before night his doubt whether he may not be responsible for some inconceivable part in the catastrophe which is the talk of the whole neighbourhood is almost resolved into certainty by Mrs.

Snagsby's pertinacity in that fixed gaze. His mental sufferings are so great that he entertains wandering ideas of delivering himself up to justice and requiring to be cleared if innocent and punished with the utmost rigour of the law if guilty. Snagsby is probably the best evidence for how heavy a layer of surveillance, dread, and general self-policing lies over the world of this novel. He is totally confused about what is going on, but even his confusion somehow transforms itself into feelings of guilt as opposed to, say, curiosity.

I have a husband, wretched and dishonouring creature that I am! These words [Lady Dedlock] uttered with a suppressed cry of despair, more terrible in its sound than any shriek. Covering her face with her hands, she shrank down in my embrace as if she were unwilling that I should touch her; nor could I, by my utmost persuasions or by any endearments I could use, prevail upon her to rise. She said, no, no, no, she could only speak to me so; she must be proud and disdainful everywhere else; she would be humbled and ashamed there, Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness the only natural moments of her life.

So Shmoop has read a bunch of Dickens's other novels, and it's a little weird that Lady Dedlock's guilt comes out as a fear that Esther will touch her.

Why is it weird? Because in several of the other novels, the women who don't want to be touched when they are feeling guilty are prostitutes see Little Dorrit for example, or Oliver Twist. I must say for Mr. Guppy that the snuffling manner he had had upon him improved very much. He seemed truly glad to be able to do something I asked, and he looked ashamed. Guppy the further justice of saying that he had looked more and more ashamed and that he looked most ashamed and very earnest when he now replied with a burning face, "Upon my word and honour, upon my life, upon my soul, Miss Summerson, as I am a living man, I'll act according to your wish!

I'll never go another step in opposition to it. I'll take my oath to it if it will be any satisfaction to you. In what I promise at this present time touching the matters now in question," continued Mr. Guppy rapidly, as if he were repeating a familiar form of words, "I speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Why is Guppy so terrified that Esther might insist on their engagement? Well, back then engagements were legally binding, and men who broke them off could be sued for damages.

Yeah, double yuck. Jo is brought in. He is not one of Mrs. Pardiggle's Tockahoopo Indians; he is not one of Mrs. Jellyby's lambs, being wholly unconnected with Borrioboola-Gha; he is not softened by distance and unfamiliarity; he is not a genuine foreign-grown savage; he is the ordinary home-made article. Dirty, ugly, disagreeable to all Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness senses, in body a common creature of the common streets, only in soul a heathen.

Homely filth begrimes him, homely parasites devour him, homely sores are in him, homely rags are on him; native ignorance, the growth of English soil and climate, sinks his immortal nature Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness than the beasts that perish. Stand forth, Jo, in uncompromising colours! From the sole of Were Not Here - Pretty Bleak - happiness foot to the crown of thy head, there is nothing interesting about thee.

He shuffles slowly into Mr. Some men become what they were born for. Sometimes our best efforts do not go amiss, sometimes we do as we meant to. The sun will sometimes melt a field of sorrow that seemed hard frozen: may it happen for you. I kind of exploded inside, and joy shot out of me.

I began my roll down the grassy hill. I bent my knees up small, took a deep breath and I was off. My arms shot out sideways.

I gathered speed.


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  1. Chapter 6 — Quite at Home. were our first impressions of Bleak House. “With that golden hair, those blue eyes, and that fresh bloom on her cheek, she is like the summer morning. The birds here will mistake her for it. We will not call such a lovely young creature .
  2. But I saw Raphael was tired with talking, and I was not sure he could take contradiction in these matters, particularly when I recalled what he has said about certain counsellors who were afraid they might not appear knowing enough unless they found something to criticize in other men's ideas. ().
  3. Oct 17,  · 16 of history's greatest philosophers reveal the secret to happiness 16 of history's greatest philosophers reveal the secret to happiness. happiness was a pretty bleak life goal.
  4. Jun 01,  · The study was not designed to figure out which factors make people happy, and the poll’s health questions were not specific enough to draw any conclusions about the effect of disease or Author: NICHOLAS BAKALAR.
  5. But taking responsibility for your own happiness will be of little comfort to the clinically depressed or recently bereaved. Hall agrees it can be difficult, but not impossible for people to find gratification after terrible tragedy, and ultimately, she says cheerfully, life is pretty bleak: “We are all in a waiting room.
  6. He gave it its present name [Bleak House] and lived here shut up, day and night poring over the wicked heaps of papers in the suit and hoping against hope to disentangle it from its mystification and bring it to a close. and how it could come to happiness only if it were real and lasting and inspired them with a steady resolution to do.

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